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Lost Weekend – New Religion

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New Religion
Lost Weekend

LW have released a competent album in NR; alas, it is just competent, and there are very few “stand-out” tracks that really grab you the first time. This is defintely a grower, with the first plays resulting in the album not really making an impression. The title track is a great rocker with a catchy chorus that rises above the rest, as is ‘Dead in the Water’. These guys play extremely well but don’t really produce anything that special; it is a bit “bog standard”. I suspect that these guys are much better live, and I will seek them out. They need to attempt to get the rush of their live show on CD. It might be the recording, but everything comes out as a bit flat, most notably on the ballad ‘I’m not the only One’. I suspect that I will like this more that I listen to it, because, despite its faults, it’s a decent melodic rock album.

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