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Lost – Third Season Spoilers, Rumors, And Speculation

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I've done it. I've searched the web looking for all the spoilers, rumors, and pure speculation regarding the upcoming season of Lost. The season premieres this Wednesday, October 4, at 9 PM ET/PT in most viewing areas. Check your local listings so you don't miss it!

And, if you don't want to know spoilers for season three, then quietly close the article and move along. There's nothing to see here, nothing at all. Ah, but if you do want to know, read on…

From Kristin at E! Online, I gathered these gems (the commentary, of course, is my own):

Executive Producer Bryan Burk said, "We're opening a whole new world for you in season three." Yikes! Have we even explored the worlds already opened unto us? He promises the show will spiral into new and unexpected directions. Hmm, now I'm a show fan, but I think I'd like to have some more answers before more spirals take place. Burk said the show will delve deeper into the Others; we'll learn more about them as the storylines focus on them.
LOST cast © ABCThere is also a new Brazilian "hot" male character to be introduced this season — Rodrigo Santoro and his new friend (or is it?) Kiele Sanchez. Lots of on-screen chemistry is promised. Oh, hot and heavy stuff, eh?

Burk also said the hatch is gone, done, and over with. This season will feature entirely new sets. Eep! But… but… I still have unsolved mysteries about the hatch!

Amongst the teasers Kristin shared for the show, we have the fact (rumor, speculation) that two people close to Sun die. She said they're close to her in very different ways. Hmm… I hope it's not Jin. Or Hurley! Could it be Michael? At least we have a ray of hope with dead characters on this show. Sometimes the dead come back. No, not like in a Stephen King novel… in flashbacks.

The kiss we see in the promos isn't what it seems, according to Kristin. But, there will be another kiss. Is this a Judas Kiss? I don't know. I'm just conveying the information here. Uh-oh. There will be sex in Jack's bed. Will Jack be a part of this? I'm not thinking so. Change those sheets, at least! Sawyer will be shown as a "bonafide wuss". How could that be? Supposedly, he'll have good reason for his wussiness. I guess we'll be the judge of that!

Terry Quinn (John Locke character) said he's been told the show will reveal why he was in a wheelchair, but he can't tell when or how or anything else about it. Heck, these actors don't even really know the skinny on this show.

I found the Spoilerfix site interesting. They mention that while some spoilers are indeed spoilers, the producers and cast often put forth what they call "foilers" — deliberate false spoilers to foil the attempts of the spoilers crowd. That could be a show on its own, it seems. But, it all goes into why I characterized this article with "rumors" and "speculation" in its title. I can't guarantee any of this will happen. We'll have to watch to see what's a spoiler and what's a foiler.

Here's what I gleaned from their site, foilers and spoilers, along with my reactions:

The first episode entitled "A Tale of Two Cities" will concentrate on Jack (Matthew Fox) with flashback sequences about his drinking father and possible infidelity on the part of his wife, Sarah. Desmond will turn up at the hatch naked. Wait! I thought the hatch was done and over with according to the other spoilers! Perhaps the hatch will cringe at the sight of a dirty naked Desmond and implode. Or something. And, no, that's not a spoiler. That's just my odd mind. The premiere also focuses on Jack, Sawyer, and Kate as prisoners of the Others.

The second episode is "The Glass Ballerina" and it will mainly focus on Sun and Jin. Sayid puts Sun and Jin in danger with his plan to locate the 'captured by the Others' bunch — Jack, Sawyer, and Kate. Henry will make a proposition to Jack that Jack may find hard to turn down. A new character named Colleen is set to appear in the third episode. She's tough and seems to have military training of some sort. She distrusts most people and is only emotional when with her "significant other." Not to be confused with her significant Other. Or maybe, I don't know. Is she herself an Other? Where did she come from? Was she on the plane? I don't know.

The third episode entitled "Further Instructions" focuses on John Locke. There is supposed to be a "trippy airport set dream sequence" according to TV Guide. Hurley is the flight attendant, Desmond is the pilot, and Claire and Charlie are married. But it's all a dream. Or is it? (Cue organ music here.) In this episode, it's also predicted that a dead character will return. Boone (Ian Somerhalder) must be at his sister's side… or something. I'm sure death hasn't hurt his good looks any. Wait, this isn't a flashback or part of the dream. Supposedly, Boone hooks up with John Locke on a "kung fu"-like journey to expose an island mystery. Locke is also supposed to revert to his previous mysterious and knowing ways, Grasshopper. Good. I like that character better. I've always predicted that Locke is the Key to the island and he could very well be if he goes back to that persona.

The episode also reveals the fate of Eko, Desmond, and Locke after the hatch's implosion. (See! I said the hatch would implode after experiencing a naked Desmond!) Oh, no… it's the new characters Nikki and Paulo who have sex in Jack's bed! Already? Some introduction to the characters, eh?

Okay, there are the spoilers for the first three episodes. Once those are digested, I'll write about more down the road. Remember, some are spoilers, some may be foilers. But this Wednesday we'll all be watching the season premiere!

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  • And the best part is that being on the East Coast, we get to see the premiere first!

  • If my memory of time zones isn’t faulty, in Hawaii where it’s filmed, they’ll see it six hours after us. 😉

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  • I absolutely can’t wait for Wednesday! So much to see and explore on that very mysterious island.

  • I haven’t anticipated a TV show like this in….well ever.

  • Hawaii got (or is getting) an advance sneak preview of the season premiere, several days early.

    Wendesday, please hurry!

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