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Lost in Translation: The Soundtrack

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Sophia Coppla’s dreamy film about two Americans trying to make sense of their foreign enviroment and brainstorming what makes life worth it all – has an excellent soundtrack to accompany those musings. The album is woven with the introspective melodies of shoegazer pop – and several notable artists make their mark on the film’s landscape. Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine – added several tracks of daydreaming – like “City Girl” and “Are you Awake?” These tracks ease you into the surreal world Coppla has laid out for Charlotte and Bob Harris – as they navigate through the jarring billboard lights, the unfamiliar words, and through uncharted territories in their life experiences.

Squarepusher – provides some great electronic plinking to higlight the otherworldy quality of this film. The Jesus & Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine also have some wonderfully rich tunes in this album.

If you’re looking for some music to chill to and to reflect upon – the soundtrack to Lost in Translation is a good place to start

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  • Darin

    There’s a track playing when Bill is under water in the pool of the hotel and there are ladies doing water aerobics… You see their legs from Bill’s underwater perspective. It sounds good, but is muffled due to the submersion factor, I just can’t make it out… sounds vintage funk maybe…?

  • Sarah

    Can anyone tell me the name of the song that plays when Scarlett visits the monastery?

  • Josh

    anyone know the song where she’s walking round tokyo with an umbrella? its played pretty briefly and background..

  • I’m looking for the name and artist of a song i can’t find information about. From my childhood. It’s the scene where charlie brown is on the train, is Bon Voyage Charlie brown.
    Anyone got any ideas.

  • Dick M

    Thanks to Andy H. I have been looking for the identity of the track called Girls by Death in Vegas for years. Just found it on Spotify.

  • apachey

    what song on 1:27:30
    like “ooh when you walking to the room”
    Bill Murray and Scarlett sitting in bar
    silencly with smiles and stearing at each other?

  • Maud

    and Mike, the song played at the bar after the fire alarm is “So Into You”, written by the Atlanta Rhythm Section and performed in the film by Mark Willms

  • Maud

    Hello, does anywone know where I can find the lyrics of “Feeling I get” (Mary Butterworth Group, first song playing at Charlie’s)? Thanks allready

  • Jack

    It’d be nice if someone ripped the audio straight from the dvd for the songs that are impossible to find including the actors’ versions of the karoke songs and then upload everything in order onto the internet.

  • anyone know the song played by a jazz band at the hotel where Bill and Scarlett stayed… the song that played when bill and Scarlett got together at the bar after the fire alarm. Thanks.

  • lauren

    *duh. Flight of the feathered serpent*

  • lauren

    the song on the big balloons, is flight of the serpent, by fuck buttons. check it out.

  • 22s

    just scroll up the damn page!

  • pinky

    whats the name of the song playing when John leaves charlotte and she’s sitting on the windowsill looking out into tokyo – it finishes when she dives into the pool..


  • Patrick

    No, it’s by Phoenix. The songs called Too Young.

  • Patrick

    Can anyone agree with me that it’s a fantastic soundtrack?

  • dave

    I know this is a few years to late but if someone else is looking for it, the opening song or melody in “Lost in Translation” is called “Girls” by “Death in Vegas”

  • DK

    Thank you Frank. Finally I got the name of the great song in the club.

  • Frank

    The Pretty song in the club with the fireworks and the weather balloon IS the chemcial bros song. Its just that clip from the song your thinking of starts at 4:25 in the song.

  • CAM

    Can SOMEBODY please tell me the name of the song playing when they are in the club with the big balloons and firework lights? I don’t think It’s the Chem bros song, but the other one. The really pretty one.

  • Caramon

    Hmpf – got it. ^^

  • dustin

    what is the name of the song that the pianist sings at the piano bar, i think its before he has sex with the redhead

  • Hi… does someone know the song, which starts at the city scene when the dinosaur is walking across the bigscreen? (Its starting at roughly minute 18:25) I searched alot already, but only found a Drum’n’Bass version called “Eden” from Future Engineers (see my url) but I dont guess, that this is the “original”
    Thanks in advance ^^

  • Mona

    Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine off of the 1991 album ‘Loveless’. It’s on the soundtrack

  • Kelsorama

    Does anyone know the name of the song played when Charlotte is in the cab, just after the karaoke scene?

  • joe

    whats the name of the songs when charlotte is watching the kid play video games at the arcade?

  • carlos

    What is the name of the song in extra dvd when Charlotte meet with robot?

  • Andy H

    The opening song is “Girls” by Death In Vegas. Guaranteed. The Air Track comes later when Charlotte visits Kyoto. : )

  • Chuck

    Who sings that song that is like:
    Suckin on my titty like you wantin me callin me all the time…. i thnk they play a little of it in jackass 2?

  • Juanes

    The very opening song of the film (when Bill Murry is driven by taxi to the hotel) is not by Air, as sydney said, the correct title is ‘Girls’ (by Death In Vegas) and it is on the soundtrack CD.

    The song ‘Alone in Kyoto’ (by Air) is played while Charlotte is going to Kyoto by train and while she’s walking through the park in Kyoto.

    The song during the end titles after ‘Just like honey’ is called ‘City girl’ (by Kevin Shields). The video can be found in the extras on the DVD.

  • pater

    What is the song that plays during the ending titles right after “just like honey”? I haven’t found it anywhere!!!

  • Paul

    The ” Strip Club Song ” is called F*ck The Pain Away. On ” The Teaches Of Peaches ” album

  • gabriel

    hi , like to know the name of the song in the dance club where the fireworks appears on the ballom screen its a dance song, thanks

  • sydney

    the song, some of you were asking for (“suckin on my titties like you..” –the stripper scene) is by Peaches; not “The peaches” as someone suggested. not a big deal but might make a difference.

    She’s a canadian chick who’s truely bizzare. Told maddonna to “go fuck herself” when maddona requested that she remix some tunes for Madonnas latest album. I love that story.

    The opening song is by Air.. its either called “tokyo” or “alone in kyoto”.

    actualyl heres the track listing:

    . Intro/Tokyo
    2. City Girl – Kevin Shields
    3. Fantino – Sebastian Tellier
    4. Tommib – Squarepusher
    5. Girls – Death In Vegas
    6. Goodbye – Kevin Shields
    7. Too Young – Phoenix
    8. Kaze Wo Atsumete – Happy End
    9. On The Subway – Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr
    10. Ikebana – Kevin Shields
    11. Sometimes – My Bloody Valentine
    12. Alone In Kyoto – Air
    13. Shibuya – Brian Reitzell & Roger J Manning Jr
    14. Are You Awake? – Kevin Shields
    15. Just Like Honey – The Jesus & Mary Chain

  • daniel

    its starting to bother me, can someone please tell me which song opens the movie, while Bill is staring out of the cab.

  • Clare

    What is the name of the “suckin’ on my titty like you want it” song? I downloaded that Chemical Brothers song because I thought that that’s what you were saying it was, but it was the wrong song. I can’t find it anywhere!

  • john

    anyone know what song is playing when bob is talking to that guy in the club? not the chemical bros. song, the one after.

  • john

    yeah, thanks for the website. I was reading it, it said the band only gave copies of its music to friends and family, and then split up and never performed again. That’s why it so hard to find (not even places like amazon or barnes and noble have it) i wonder how brian reitzell (the movie’s music producer) found it….great movie

  • billnoir

    The Mary Butterworth album is now
    available on CD at marybutterworth.com…

    Also — I bought the “Lost In Translation”
    soundtrack — Bill Murray singing “More
    Than This” is on there, but hidden (about
    5 minutes after the end of “Just Like Honey”, but in the same track). A cool
    surprise (I didn’t even realize the CD
    was still playing).

  • john

    There are two songs at the apartment. The one when the guy is taking the pictures of Charlotte is called “Feeling i get” by The Mary Butterworth Group. It’s extremely hard to find, i’ve been looking myself. The second song, the one they all dance to is “Too Young” by Phoenix.

  • Kirri

    What is the name of the song that is played when Bill and Charlotte’s characters arrive at the apartment, before the karaoke sequence?

  • cjm

    The last song in the movie.. ‘just like honey’ (which is on the soundtrack) is by
    The Jesus and Mary Chain

  • cjm

    The song that Scarlett sings @ the karaoke party is by the pretenders. ‘Brass in Pocket’

  • scmrr

    What is the very last song of the movie called and who is it by? It’s something like “Just Like Honey”.

  • The song that is played during the weather balloon club scene is “The State We’re In” by The Chemical Brothers; it is track 7 on their album ‘Come With Us’. The woman singing is Beth Orton. It’s a great album; everyone should give it a listen.

  • AJ

    What is the name of the song where the girl is talking about “sucking on my titties”? Who sings it and where can I find it?

  • daveeee

    Anyone know the song played in the club where they meet up with charlie brown ( & rico etc) with the big white balloons ?

  • curious

    What is the song that Scarlette Johansson sings at the karaoke?

  • M2K

    It’s called “Fuck the Pain Away” by a band called the Peaches

  • Red

    What’s the name of the song/author when they are at the strip club???

  • the song is “more than this” by roxy music

    great performance by bill murray

  • wendy

    What is the name of the song Bill Murray sings last during the Karaokee scene?????