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Lost (ABC) Poses Questions That Need Answering

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Questions, questions, questions.

“Questions that need answering,” Gandalf tells us grimly near the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring.

And, indeed, Lost is doling out its own number to put it at least in the same ballpark as Frodo and the G-man and their epic quest.

The back story takes us back to Kate once again this week, and we find out just how dark the path of our heroine-come-fugitive has been. We also see another connection form between Kate and Sawyer: the spilling of innocent blood is on both of their hands.

Why did Kate’s mom, hospital-ridden and apparently dying, cry out for help! help! when her daughter risked life and freedom to visit her? Was it because she was sickened and frightened at the site of her bank robbing offspring, or is there something more sinister at play?

Speaking of sinister, our cute little Walt continues to creep me out with his innocent asides of evil! evil! don’t touch! on the island. The two things to watch at present are the raft and the hatch. And evil seems to linger around the fringes of each.

Ah, the hatch. What’s going on down there, and why is Walt seriously scared witless by it?

By the way, there’s simply dynamite chemistry every time the brilliant Terry O’Quinn (John Locke) is on screen with our little Walt, played by Malcolm David Kelley.

It was a fascinating moment when Walt confessed to his father that he had been the one responsible for sabotaging the first raft. Now though, we’re told, he’s convinced it’s time to get the hell off the island.

And just what the hell is under that hatch? What the hell awaits the raft at sea (if it ever reaches water)? And why might the island or some other mystical force want (need?) everyone to stay put?

Next week looks to be an action-packed episode, what with hints of the return of the French woman and allusions to the “others.”

You know I’m gonna be up on it.

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  • Was it because she was sickened and frightened at the site of her bank robbing offspring, or is there something more sinister at play?

    My money’s on Kate having killed her father. Family trouble is hinted at in the tape she listened to in the car with her friend/ex-boyfriend, and would perfectly explain her mother’s reaction.

  • Also, it just occurred to me that at least the bank robbing we’re aware of occurs after the incidents in last night’s episode (she retrieves the little airplane from a safe-deposit box in her episode earlier this season, putting that event later than what we saw last night.)

  • Great point Tom, thanks! I assumed she was on the lam from the bank robbing… but it must have been from some other activity. Thus, the dyed hair… of course!

    Damn, we could be in for any number of Kate back-story eps!

    By the way — it was interesting to see the emergence of a new character of sorts early on: the science teacher dude who warns everyone about the tides and winds and seasons and so forth.

    I’m thinking that future seasons will see more and more “extras” emerge and therefore open the way to new back story storylines, so to speak.

  • Good guess on her original crime, Tom. I’m betting that’s it, too.

    Is it just me or is it becoming a bad idea to get into a vehicle with Kate and talk about her being turned in to the cops. Men who do that meet with bad ends. Good thing there are no cars on the island.

    And as for next week’s episode, there’s no “hint” about it. The preview has the French “Babylon 5” Babe doing everything but yelling at them to “GRAB YOUR SH*T AND GO!”. 🙂

  • Just thought of something: it’s interesting that the nominal leaders on the island — Locke, Jack, Sayid — are in no way involved with the building of the raft. I don’t know if that’s significant or not… but it’s interesting.

    A strange possibility struck me as well: what if the people on the raft make it back to the mainland… but the island cannot be found again to rescue the others? This would allow for storylines to extend to the “real world” in the present, as opposed to just the back stories.

    Maybe the island would come calling again?

    In any event, I can barely wait to see next week’s ep.

  • The emergence of other extras, could signal the end of a current character to be replaced by the newcomer.

    I have read that there will be a Boone appearance by the end of the season, and that he will be in eps in season 2. I wonder if he may be the baby?

    ANyway, I doubt the raft is going to get far, but that’s me.

  • Do you have a link to that Boone-citing link, Chris?

    I remember hearing a rumor (I think) that he may reappear again in backstory eps.

    Yeah — you’re probably right about the raft, I realize my theory was kind of Out There… and as evidenced by Alias, Abrams has a way of returning things to the status quo again and again.

    However, Lost is so far outside the norm that it forces you to keep a step ahead (read = all the purgatory theories and so on) to figure out what up.

  • Charlie12


    Exactly chris. I had the same thought. I think that the current characters will die off and new ones will come on.

  • I do think that new characters will emerge that will give the story more room to breathe, more back stories will come into play, etc.