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Los Angeles Kings Ice Girls? Give Me A Break

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Last Thursday, I attended the L.A. Kings/Pittsburgh Penguins game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Kings play all of their home games. I don’t go to Kings games much. My father grew up a Penguins fan, so I root for the Penguins.

Anyway, I was enjoying myself at the game. I got to see my favorite player, Sidney Crosby. (Yes, I have his jersey.) Marc-Andre Fleury, the Penguins goalie, was playing well. (Well, in the first two periods.) And I somehow got put in the Penguins section, so I got to cheer the Penguins on with all of these other Penguin fans. How fun. Then the ice girls came out.

The Los Angeles Kings — as I’m sure maybe other hockey teams have — have ice girls. What are ice girls? Hot girls! And they skate! Every male hockey fan’s dream! They go around scraping the ice in skimpy little tops during TV commercials. They are there to rile the fans up, I suppose.

Ugh, I hate the ice girls.

Hockey should be about the players. When I go to a hockey game, I go for hockey. I go to see Crosby, Fleury, Jordan Staal and all the other Penguins. I don’t go to see stupid girls prance around the ice. It’s a distraction really.

I’m sure it’s not surprising that I’m a Steelers fan just like I’m a Penguins fan. The Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have cheerleaders and the ice girls are kind of like cheerleaders in a way. Most football teams have cheerleaders, but the Rooney family (they own the Steelers) decided not to have them, because like the ice girls, the cheerleaders are unnecessary.

When they showed highlights, they showed the ice girls in addition to the actual hockey highlights. How the hell are the damn ice girls so important they make it onto the stupid highlight reel? The Penguins (and the Kings) have real talent. They spend years practicing their craft only to be upstaged by some stupid girls in a revealing outfit.

It’s sexist, really. Here we have some pretty girl in a slutty (yes, I said it.) outfit. Are there any guys with no shirts cleaning the ice? No, it caters to guys’ hormones. I’m not sure why girls would be willing to subject their bodies like that.

I wonder if these girls realize what they are doing. There are young girls out there who will see these girls and strive to be ice girls instead of something useful to society that might mean something. These girls could be lawyers, doctors or even president. Nope, they want to be ice girls instead. Women fought for centuries for women’s rights to do something great and then there are some dumb girls like this that just ruin it. Oh, look at me, and my body and I can skate. Yay me!

Some might argue that these ice girls are not as dumb as I’m saying. In fact, one of them, Kortney, actually goes to the same college as me, California State University Northridge. No, I don’t know her, nor is it a personal grudge I have against her. I didn’t even realize she went to my school until I was reading the ice girls' profiles. I don’t care if these girls are going college. They still make the rest of us girls look bad and it distracts from the hockey game. Ridiculous.

While I was watching the game on Thursday, I went on one of my rants about how bad the ice girls were. The woman sitting in front of me agreed, saying that she wouldn’t be very proud if her daughter was an ice girl. There is no way I would ever let my daughter become one of the ice girls. They are offensive really.

Did the ice girls ruin my night? No, despite the Penguins losing 5-2. Really, I feel bad for the ice girls. It’s embarrassing, really. There was over 18,000 people at Thursday’s game watching them skate around like buffoons.

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  • Laura

    Someone has issues..go to the gym ..lose some weight and grow some self confidence. Also, concentrate on the important parts of hockey “the game”.

  • Jordan Richardson

    The NHL and the league owners are incompetent when it comes to selling the game in the United States, which is why you get all sorts of weird ideas like the ice girls.

    Other franchises have them, but from what I know most of them don’t. I don’t know if any Canadian team does, save for maybe Calgary.

    The whole “clearing the ice” job usually goes to building/arena maintenance people or linesmen.

    Does this mean I need to lose some weight and grow some self confidence, Laura?

  • ……

    I agree With Jordan and umm Laura I think you need to read the….Personal attacks are NOT allowed… before making one to the Article Author I think your out of line there. It has nothing to do with the Ice Girls body the point she was making is that it is taking away from the “HOCKEY GAME” and I agree on that point it does Hockey is Hockey no matter if a male or Female plays the game good looking or not makes no difference it should be about the game it self and not the Ice Girls cleaning the Ice.

  • DJ IceBerg

    Ice Girls? Ok, I guess it could be a nice diversion from the Lame as F*c% commercials that help pay for the TV broadcast. I agree they have NO place in the highlight reel, and they aren’t as cool as a Zamboni, but they might be better looking. You never know, it might be an easy way to capitalize on gifts from the fairy godmother in the way of good looks, and it can at least pay for college. It might also be fun for the girls that want to do it. The point of any game is to have FUN, Right? So Keep yer Stick on the Ice, and protect yer goal. If they want to Have Ice Girls, that’s nice I guess, I use that time to get food or more Beer. Girls are just window dressing, not the main event.

  • “I don’t go to see stupid girls prance around the ice.”

    Unless you have can quote, no one goes to see the girls. Bit of a mountain out of a molehill here.

    And I would ask what’s dumber, being an ice girl or your generalization that they all must be dumb because of their looks?

  • BD

    Who cares? Who are these girls hurting? And don’t give me the BS that they are hurting women’s rights. Nothing that they are doing is taking away the rights (vote, drive, hold important positions in the workplace, etc) from the American woman. The majority of them are probably using their god given gifts to help them through college. Plenty of people do that. I highly doubt than any of these girls are planning on making this their career. If they have hopes of being “lawyers, doctors or even president,” I don’t think that being an Ice Girl during college is really change their minds about their aspirations. If I was a good looking female (neither of which I am), I would capitalize on my good looks and make as much money as I could off of them for as long as I could.

    I attend 10-12 Kings games a year. I’ll admit when I first saw the Ice Girls last season I thought it was a little cheesy. But I soon realized that the NHL is simply playing to their core audience. As a male in my late 20’s, I fall into that core audience. If I could make a comparison: I understand I’m not the WNBA’s core audience. I’ve never been to or watched a WNBA game in my life and probably never will, but if I did I would understand that the WNBA had a different demographic to play to. If they had men with no shirts mopping the floor, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ***. Good for those men. Make that money. I’m a fat, greasy Italian… nobody would ever hire me to do that, but I wouldn’t call it sexist or call those men dumb because they look better than me.

    I would just get over it. It’s really not that big of a deal. The Kings and the NHL are doing nothing that the Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Cowboy and a number of other sports franchises and leagues have been doing for decades. The only criticism I have of the NHL is what took them so long to figure this out.

  • blah

    I love that personal attacks are not allowed in the comment section but the article writer can personally attack these young women working as “Ice Girls” all she wants.

  • Some feminist women seem to have problems with women who decide to pursue their own goals instead of pursuing goals deemed worthy by feminists. (Your statement concerning your daughter is a good example, as if you should have the right to dictate her life and tell her what she should value in her own life.)

    Moreover, you’re referring to a bunch of more “useful” occupations as if individuals are supposed to set their goals according to how they’re valued by society.

    The only thing that should be considered offensive here is suggesting that a woman owes something to her gender and therefore must act in way as not to disappoint the collective.

  • These girls, quite simply, are cheerleaders
    i see nothing wrong with that

  • IceGirl

    Your blog didn’t bother me because I realize girls will always be bitter out there, but i just wanted to fill you in…
    I graduated from California State University Northridge with the same degree you’re attempting to get now. I’m currently working in the journalism field and pursuing my career while being a part-time ice girl on the side. My ice crew consists of girls in medical school, graduates of Penn State, ASU, USC and many universities around America. They’re pursuing dreams in Los Angeles, just like I am, while working for the Los Angeles Kings because we love the game of hockey too. To say that hockey players are the only ones that spent years practicing their craft is ignorant… I’ve been a figure skater for 18 years and I know how much hard work goes into sports on the ice. We’re not cheerleaders, although some consider us to be, but our job is more necessary than any NFL or NBA squad due to the fact that we clean the ice three times a period so the game can continue. We also do a lot of charity work around the city and raise money for the Kings Care Foundation. I can see how someone like you would say things about our job and that’s fine with me, but don’t feel bad for us… you’re the one in the stands. GO KINGS!

  • Kings Fan

    “Ice Girls” are not necessary to the game, an 8 y/o kid could clean the ice just the same and look cuter doing it. I don’t say “ice girls are stupid, they are very smart to the fact that sex sells, and if they dont mind nasty middle aged men doing very bad things to their picture in a calendar, then they can manipulate and ice skate their way to the kings game. Very smart, not very moral or decent, but smart.

    And no, they do NOT deserve to be in the highlights, Kings fans go to see Kings play, not to see a girl with implants in a low cut shirt clean ice. Sure, some guys like that and might cheer, but most just go get beer and a hot dog while these (maybe smart) bimbos clean the ice.

  • Madera Jim

    Ice Girls are GREAT.
    They are smart, hard working, and do a lot of charity work. Go KINGS, AND GO Girls!

  • 4ndr3y

    What lead to this article:

    1st: You are ugly and feel sorry for yourself
    2nd: The Pens got their asses beaten by the Kings.
    3rd:Crosby and MA Fleury both sucked ass.
    4th:The Kings fans booed the crap out of you.
    5th:All of the above.

    As a Kings fan I got to:
    1.Cheer the win
    2.Look at beautifull girls skate
    3.BOO your pens crybabies.
    4.Enjoy my team scoring a few highlight goals.

    BTW: Where you a Pens fan during the starting 2000’s??? You know, the time where they sucked ass and had the most pathetic attendance in the league?

    Kings/Flyers fan.

  • Phillip Fry

    You’re a women. No wonder you decided to publish this stupid blog.

  • Nick

    im sorry but, id rather watch ice girls than sidney crosby any day…im sure they would whine less about getting checked or losing a game.

  • When the Ducks first trotted out their “Power Player” girls, I groaned at the seemingly misogynistic idea. But then I thought, no one is forcing these women to do this, the job is only part time and the pay pretty much sucks ($13 per hr is the last I heard). So why do they do it? They love hockey, they love the attention and they’re having fun.

    I’ve met girls who work for the Kings, Ducks, Devils, Sharks, Stars (cutest outfits ever) and a few others and I have to say that the majority of them are “girl nextdoor” sweet and not dim bulbs. They’re just using their natural born beauty and talent on blades to make a few bucks and have some fun. Heck, if I could skate and looked like them, I’d do it too! A little objectfication never hurt anyone!

  • Cheerleader

    I didn’t even read this whole article or the comments. The fact is, I’m a pro cheerleader and a college educated Capitol Hill employee. What makes me the saddest is for another woman to judge the choice I make to do something I love. Women hating women is one of the worst forms of discrimination. I don’t wear a small outfit and heck, who cares if I did. We love what we are doing so if you don’t like it ignore us or move to Canada.

  • Canuckchick

    It’s funny that the author is dissing the L.A Kings out for having “Ice Girls” when the team she cheers for, Pittsburgh Penguins, have the same thing. They’re called the “Ice Crew” and even though it’s open to both males and females to join, it’s mostly females in skimpy outfits. Before that they had the “Pen Patrol”, which again was girls that threw stuff into the audience, organized on-ice activities during breaks and stuff like that all while wearing revealing clothing. It’s the girls choices to do be an Ice Girl and make a bit of extra money so I don’t she what the big deal is.

  • Bert2204

    The ice girls represent puck bunnies. They are pretty girls that serve no real purpose and the do hurt women. Young girls go to hockey games to enjoy the hockey and are lead to believe that the only way you can be part of the experience is to be one of those pretty girls wearing half a shirt and prancing around the ice. The puck bunnies are a step back for all women. And they have never been an acceptable part of hockey culture till they came to the US. In Canada, if you show up at the rink wearing half a shirt you were trying to bang a player and were nothing more than trash. Now they are role models. It is so sad.

  • Angela

    I don’t see what the problem is with having ice girls for hockey. I’m a private suites manager with a hockey team and I started out as an ice girl as a part time gig to make a little extra money and get to watch the hockey game for free. This then turned into a full time job with the team. And before you think it was because I “pranced around in skimpy outfits”, this is not the case. We wear team jerseys and yoga pants. I was also hired on full time by our president at the time who was a woman. I had a lot of fun helping to get the crowd fired up and don’t regret my time as an ice girl. My family was supportive of my choice and still is. Without the ice girls I probably wouldn’t have the position that I have now.

  • Nicole2068

    I stumbled across this article and had to laugh at some of the accusations made. I personally have grown up watching the kings and practically living at ice rinks. My brother is one of the highest rated defenseman in the country for his age bracket and is now playing Tier 1 for the Jr. Kings. I recently was given an audition form for the ice crew by one of the members of the Kings management and I plan on trying out for the Ice Crew this coming season. I have never been the type of girl that you described through this article. I have been skating for 15 years. Watched every hockey game i possibly could from Pro to Amateur level. Have discussed the game with some of the greatest hockey coaches around. I’m a Pre Med college student working a dead end part time job trying to save and put myself through school. I have been a top level athlete playing soccer at national levels. And i was also the first girl in my district to ever play Varsity football in High School. I am excited to try out for the Ice Girls so I can be rink side cheering on the team I grew up passionately cheering for in the stands. Being paid to be on the ice at the Staples Center is a dream come true. It will be nice earning some money for Med school at a part time job that I would actually enjoy. I’ll be working hard to be ice crew ready for next year.

    do you have any useful tips to help me in my goal?
    Everything you and Ice girl said makes me more excited to hopefully make the cut. You all seem like genuinely great people and I love everything this organization is doing for the community. Keep doing a great job! Go Kings Go!

    Where do you get your facts? Do you know any of these girls personally? Puck Bunnies from what i have seen are the girls that walk around the rink who don’t know icing from offsides and spend all their time checking out the cutest guy on the ice. Last i checked all the girls on the ice crew go through several interviews and in order to make it through the interviews you have to be passionate about the sport and the Kings organization. I have never heard of these girls sleeping with any of the players. Their uniforms are their uniforms there is nothing wrong with using their beauty to make a few extra bucks.

  • JJ

    If it wasn’t for the skimpy outfits, I would have no problem with ice girls. I just don’t think it’s necessary. And don’t they get cold? I understand it’s a business and they’re trying to sell tickets but I can’t help but find it ridiculous.

  • Jason

    This guy that wrote this article was definitely gay not enjoying hot girls skating around the ice when the real hockey wasn’t going on anyway. Just because he is gay doesn’t mean he should try and ruin it for the straight guys so they can watch the cute cheerleader skate.

  • Tempest

    All right, if you’re going to have ice girls, why not get some Ice Guys out there too? I’m sure most straight women would prefer to see guys in skimpy costumes rather than females. If it’s such a great idea, why is it completely one-sided? Oh, because it’s catering only to the male fans. Which is, in fact, sexist.

  • PING

    Just took a look at Maddy’s profile pic, I can now see why she’s a hater.

  • Vanessa Guadiana

    Hey I totally agree. I love hockey and I think it’s fucking stupid and trashy as hell to have a bunch of girls dancing during a game. I go to watch hockey not a bunch of slutty ass girls. It’s sad how many girls try to defend this gig. Come on!! You are dancing in a swimsuit on ice! Tell me that isn’t stupid. I like how everyone is calling you ugly as if you have to be ugly to hate this “profession.” It’s an insult to the sport of hockey for people like you and I who want to watch the game and not have it dumbed down to this level. I’m from Detroit and they don’t practice this lame idea, instead they let local high schoolers both male and female clean the ice. The Red Wings are a little more about hockey and a little less about letting bimbos dance around for attention.

    And before you guys start calling me ugly: I’m a thin 27 year old and I would never use my body to earn money. Pretty fucking shallow. You wanna dance? Throw on leotards and don’t dance on ice unless you are a figure skater.