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Lorex Technology Aims To Improve Home and Office Security

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Lorex Technology has a few interesting new products they're hoping will lend their users some peace of mind, whether they're just curious about what's happening in the next room, or need to keep an eye on things while traveling abroad.

Easy Connect Network IP Camera

This is perhaps the most impressive piece of hardware in their arsenal, as it allows you to spy on your home or office from anywhere in the world where you have access to a wireless Internet connection. Your connection to the camera is password protected to keep out snoopers, and requires no networking know-how. Simply attach the camera to your router at home, run the installation CD, and you're done.

The camera has some nice features as well, like a 10x digital zoom, high-resolution viewing, and two-way audio. The MPEG4 video compression routine the camera(s) uses makes for efficient video streaming, enabling smooth real-time monitoring. Night vision LEDs provide support for use in low-light environments, and motion sensors can detect and alert you of anything moving in the house via e-mail, attaching a JPEG snapshot of what's going on, as well.

The included software allows you to view and record from up to six cameras, as well as play back pre-recorded footage. What's more, you can access your cameras via any 3G-enabled device, such as Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch. To use this specific feature, you have to first create an account at Yoics.com

Portable Digital Wireless Monitoring System (LW2002)

Similar to the previous gadget, but this is an already paired system where the cameras and monitoring device cooperate without any extra equipment. However, it's designed for in-home security, and doesn't have the same long-distance accessibility as the Easy Connect. Still, as the video here demonstrates, it's very easy to set up, and the hardware components automatically recognize and communicate with one another. The output monitor can be connected to any TV, monitor, or DVD recorder. Handy for keeping an eye on the kids in the next room. Ideal for indoor use.

Digitial Wireless Surveillance System (LW2101)

However, if you need to know what's happening in the back yard, driveway, or other exterior area, this weatherproof alternative is the way to go. These also have night vision for keeping watch around the clock. These cameras work much like the LW2002, but can handle the rigors of the great outdoors. It can accommodate four cameras and can be tilted, zoomed, panned, and more from the central monitoring device. Digital wireless connectivity in both of these products means a clear picture and little to no interference from other analog wireless appliances running nearby.

Use of a digital signal should mean clearer pictures, and being able to monitor up to 450ft on the standard models, or from virtually anywhere on the IP Connect device make these cameras hard to pass up for personal home or office security. The relative ease of setup should make them user-friendly to even the least tech savvy among us.

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