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“Looking Back” On The 2007 NFL Draft: Adrian Peterson The Star

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Quick! We need more buildup to the NFL Draft! The top prospects do not have enough pressure on them. Will they bust or become perennial Pro Bowlers? Matt Sussman and Tuffy examine both sides of each coin, writing articles from the year 2011 “looking back” on the top 2007 draft picks. Just another reason to own a flux capacitor.

Adrian Peterson The Star

MINNEAPOLIS — Fantasy owners need no introduction. Just a simple acknowledgment that he’s healthy.

And he’s healthy. Draft away, managers.

Adrian Peterson, the sensational running back for the Minnesota Vikings, aims to go for his fourth straight 1,000 yard season in hopes of putting his team back in the playoffs. Peterson, who ran for a career-high 1,354 yards last year, will be the focal point of the Vikings hard-nosed offense as the Men In Purple endure a hotly contested quarterback controversy.

Peterson was believed by many to be the top running back to come out of the 2007 draft, even though he was snagged in the seventh overall slot. Going six picks without a back seems lengthy, but not when you consider Stephen Jackson as the first back taken in the ’04 draft by the Rams in the No. 24 slot. So no matter how long it took, the Vikings got the most talented back in the draft that year.

His first season he was the secondary running back to Chester Taylor. Peterson ran for 663 yards and 7 touchdowns. The following year, Minnesota had one of the top rushing attacks in football as Taylor ran for 987 yards while Peterson finished with 1,034. As injuries began to poke away at Taylor’s legs, Peterson shone brighter in 2009 when he finished with 1,213 yards and 16 touchdowns.

But Taylor’s success has not always correlated with team success. In 2008 the team finished 11-5, their best season under the Adrian Peterson Era. Coming off a 9-7 year, the Vikings have most of their core talent returning and should be the favored team coming out of the NFC North.

Of course, Viking wins mean nothing to fantasy owners. So let’s just say a 1,400-yard season is not out of the question.

Now read Tuffy’s “Adrian Peterson The Bust.”

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