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“Looking Back” On The 2007 NFL Draft: Brady Quinn The Bust

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Quick! We need more buildup to the NFL Draft! The top prospects do not have enough pressure on them. Will they bust or become perennial Pro Bowlers? Matt Sussman and Tuffy examine both sides of each coin, writing articles from the year 2011 "looking back" on the top 2007 draft picks. Just another reason to own a flux capacitor.

Brady Quinn The Bust

CLEVELAND — The Brady Quinn Era looks just about done in Cleveland. The Browns' new head coach Brian Kelly unabashedly named Dan LeFevour his starting quarterback for the 2011 season. And yet another highly touted quarterback has fallen by the wayside.

Quinn, the Notre Dame graduate and No. 3 overall pick in the 2007 draft, tried to make the Browns a success in the 3½ years he started for them. And like Tim Couch and Charlie Frye before him, Quinn is now on the short list of failed quarterbacks.

He began his rookie year starting midseason, replacing the aforementioned Frye. In 10 games he threw for 1,991 yards, 10 touchdowns and 12 interceptions and a 3-7 record. Injuries to his safety valve, running back Jamal Lewis, and the offensive line didn't help Quinn's sophomore season at all as he and the Browns finished 6-10. His third year was a promising 9-7, but the season ended in a disappointing loss to the Jets. And last year, Quinn hit the low point of his young career, finishing 5-11 and chucking 16 touchdowns to 23 interceptions.

What also cursed the Quinn Era was James Filiaggi, a convicted murderer who was put to death four years ago, whose final words were that he'd work his magic in heaven to get the Browns to the Super Bowl. That, uh, didn't happen.

Quinn will serve as the backup for the highly touted LeFevour — in his second year out of Central Michigan — but he is considered to be on the trading block and could be dealt to the Panthers or Giants in the next couple of weeks.

Browns fans hope the LeFevour/Kelly combo works this year as well as it did in 2006, when Kelly coached LeFevour at Central Michigan University to win a Mid-American Conference championship. But the Filiaggi Curse is still in effect for one more year.

Now read Tuffy’s “Brady Quinn The Star.”

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  • God help us all if the 2012 Browns ever play a Saturday night game.

  • RJ


    “But Quinn’s career as an NFL quarterback suffered perhaps its most devastating blow when deranged fan and fellow ND-alum Rick Mirer stormed the field and homicide-bombed the entire Browns offensive line during the third quarter of a pre-season game against the Seahawks.”

    I dunno. It’s possible.

  • It’s possible, but it seems more likely Mirer would cough up the gun as he fell out of the stands.

  • I love this piece forever because of the rampant CMU namedropping.

    Fire Up Chips indeed

  • RJ

    “Quinn began his professional career with the Cleveland Browns…”


    “…as the 22nd overall selection in the 2007 NFL Draft.”

    And double-ouch.

    (Cite: wiki)