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Looking at the 2007 Wednesday Network Upfronts

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Last week, the networks all announced their initial schedules for next season. Beginning September 2007, this is what the Wednesday grid is going to look like, at least tentatively. There is always the chance of reshuffling and other various changes to be made before the schedules actually go live.

Now rather than take a look at each of the networks, I thought it would be better to take a look at the daily grids. Better to see how the networks stack up against one another. Today is Wednesday, so let's see how it looks.

Bold= New Show | Italics= What I plan to watch

Wed 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30
ABC Pushing Daisies Private Practice Dirty Sexy Money
CBS Kid Nation Criminal Minds CSI: New York
NBC Deal or No Deal Bionic Woman Life
FOX Back to You Til Death Bones Local Programming
CW America's Next Top Model Gossip Girl Local Programming

ABC features an entirely new lineup for Wednesday nights. The evening kicks off with Pushing Daisies, an interesting high concept crime/fantasy/romance series. It is about a man, a baker, who can bring people back to life for a short period of time, enough for them to name their killers, although if he touches them again, they are gone for good. That is followed up with Private Practice, the spin-off to their hit Grey's Anatomy. My interest in Anatomy has waned, so I have not that much interest in this, although it does look like a good cast with Kate Walsh joined by Paul Adelstein (Prison Break), Amy Brenneman, Tim Daly, and Taye Diggs. The night is anchored by Dirty Sexy Money, a show whose synopsis reads like that of Arrested Development, only without the clever humor and wit. It is about Nick (Peter Krause) who had a falling out with his family and now may be the only one that can keep it going. It is about a wealthy family that always seems to be getting into trouble, clips look a little dull to me.

CBS is replacing Jericho with a reality series called Kid Nation. This new show has 40 kids spending 40 days on their own in an abandoned mining town in New Mexico, where they have to build a new society. Sounds lame to me. I would much rather have Jericho back, it was really picking up in the second half of the season.

NBC is moving Deal or No Deal to Wednesday nights, although this show seems to be a good fill-in across the board. It is followed by a pair of new series. The first new show is a re-imagining of The Bionic Woman being championed by Battlestar Galactica mastermind Ronald D. Moore. I have seen some clips of the show and it looks quite promising. Anchoring the evening is Life (at least until Lost returns in January), yet another new crime drama, but this one looks pretty interesting. It is about Detective Charlie Crews who has spent a long time in prison for a crime he did not commit. Now he is free and back on the force, looking to reclaim his life.

FOX has revamped Wednesday nights, adding a new sitcom, bringing in the surviving Til Death and moving Bones to the 9:00 hole. The new show is called Back to You; it brings together a pair of stars from other long-running comedies, Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton as co-anchors of the Pittsburgh news. May be funny, but I am not holding my breath. However, I will be there for Bones, returning for its third season.

The CW's offering is Gossip Girl. This just sounds awful. The show takes people's penchant for gossip and the popularity of blogging and combines them into a teen soap. I am clearly not the target for this, but there you have it. Another good reason for the cancellation of Veronica Mars…

Lots of new shows, but the evening doesn't seem to offer up much for this TV addict. I am glad to see that Bones has lasted this long, it is not exactly a deep show, but it has good characters with good chemistry. I am also very interested to see if The Bionic Woman lives up to the hopes I have for it.

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  • Lynda

    David Eick rather than Ron Moore is heading up the Bionic Woman remake.

  • I saw “Back to You” and loved it!!1

  • jessica

    You say that you would much rather watch Jerich, well so would a million or more other fans. Google Save Jericho and just see how many other people are out there that would rather watch Jericho than kid nation. CBS has received over 5000 pounds of nuts, yes that’s right over 5000, with still more to come. If you watched the last episode you would understand why nuts, if you haven’t check it out. Fans of Jericho have ordered over 14000 POUNDS of nuts all to be sent to the LA and New York offices of CBS. Talk bout crazy fans, but interesting story, especially since CBS is starting to fall to the fans!!