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Long Live Sanjaya, The American Idol Underdog

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Hey, I don't mind admitting it, I watch American Idol. Frankly, I find the show uplifting. What could be better than watching young people reach for their dream — the American Dream. If nothing else you need to admire them for having the courage to go for it. It beats sitting on your butt dreaming about what you want.

And I'll tell ya what. I am a big fan of Sanjaya. That's right. The kid has a voice like Stevie Wonder. We can only hope that he shows it this week.

The thing that interests me the most is the fact that every single person I know hates the kid and doesn't believe he deserves to be in the top twelve. Well guess what? Most of them have been paying off their weekly bets to me as the kid moves on.

They continually ask me what I see in Sanjaya? I honestly believe he has a "fantastic" voice. No, he isn't a showman, nor does he have a big act. He looks like a deer in the headlights. But let's face it, I am not the only one that sees something in the kid. America, or a slice of America, believes in him.

Do I think he will make it much further? No, I don't. On the other hand, it won't surprise me in the least if he goes another couple of weeks. One thing for sure, he is going to need to knock the cover off the ball if he intends to move on this week. Can he deliver the big big performance when he needs it? Well, I for one am rooting for him.

I was sorry to see Sundance go. He is really terrific. But, sometimes they just don't seem to learn you gotta sing something popular. A tremendous rendition of a song none of us ever heard of insures one thing — back you go to your day job. Right Constantino?

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  • Sanjaya definitely has the look. A unique look to be sure –kinda like Micheal Jackson meets Jessica Alba–but he does have the look. Now as to whether he can actually sing? Well he aint no Sundance Head, thats for sure. Besides, there was just something so perversely great about the idea of an American Idol named “Sundance Head” doncha think? Too bad we wont be seeing it.


  • Oh and one more thing Robert. This story has just been submitted for BC News Promotions to Digg, Netscape, and Reddit. Now go vote.

  • Robert- I don’t know if Ken’s told you, but you’ll need to significantly cut down your bio to one small paragraph.

  • I am surprised that more people did not note the fact that after the first week of voting Sanjay came in fourth among the men.

  • Amy

    I don’t want to attack, but this is just my opinion. Sanjaya has a very soft voice. There is really no power in his voice, unlike other contestants, Chris Sligh and Blake Lewis (I’m not saying that they have great power, but atleast they don’t sound like they’re whispering the whole song) So that’s just my opinion. I really hope someone with real power like Melinda or Lakisha wins.

  • Dawn

    Your post was totally cool, Sanjaya – not so much. He is not American Idol material. Most of them aren’t. The two best voices Lakisha and Melinda need to start showing more charisma, but I have my money on them. Sanjaya just really boring. His voice is fine, but really one dimensional.

  • Alisha Prathash

    Robert- i think you are absoloutely right. Sanjaya has a wonderful voice and i believe the people who dont like him are somewhat racist. Thank you for your wonderful support to him..we need it! I am very grateful

  • Tom

    Sanjaya Malakar is not marketable, at “most” he’s another Elliot Yamin, except Elliot could sing… oh and Elliot knew pain and had a personality..

    When I first saw Sanjaya’s audition, I thought “what a nice kid, and he has a voice!”
    but now… what the hell? I mean WHAT THE HELL! lol, he sucks.. he’s horrible, he’s shy, everyone i know who watches american idol doesn’t understand how anyone could vote for such a girly-boy who.. has no charisma.. has no performing skills, and whispers through his songs..

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of his fan base is either.. Indians living in small caves who are ATTACKING!! the pop culture by advancing Sanjaya through the american idol competition by hacking the phone lines..

    There are many girls who look at him as a harmless, nice, teen age guy who they’d love to go on a date with, play kissy-kissy with, etc etc..

    You wouldn’t really buy a sanjaya malakar cd based off his past 3 performances.. would you?
    Apparently a few of you would, I mean you keep advancing him…

  • Alisha- Are you kidding me? I don’t like Sanjaya because he isn’t a very good singer. I could care less what his race is. And no, I’m not white or black so I’m not just rooting for one of “my people” to win.

  • There are many girls who look at him as a harmless, nice, teen age guy who they’d love to go on a date with, play kissy-kissy with, etc etc..

    The sad thing is that these teenage girls don’t realize that he’s as gay as a Liza Minelli concert.

  • Sikacowmuahow

    Sanjaya Malakar is by far the best contestant in American Idol ever!
    Me and my Indian brothers vote about 2500 times each every voting night.
    Sure we live in caves, and are extremely descriminitive towards the white man, we still put all our money towards their competition.
    Becuase one day our race will rise agian, our plan is to destroy pop culture by having our #1 man steal the hearts of the white girl, and show pop culture for what it really is. Fake. (which is also the majority of history we learn in grade school, ei. paul rivere “the british are coming!”)

    So yes, my name is Sikacowmuahow and Sanjaya will win, with my 2500 votes, my brother’s 2500 votes, and with our cave-dwelling civilization averaging 20 votes a citizen, We will win and the glory will reign down upon us, The Indians- The race of Sanjaya

  • That’s very funny Sikacowmuahow! I needed a good laugh.

  • anne

    lol, i love Sanjaya too! and i’m not sure why but I do?

  • How nice I’m not alone in the fact that I see something in this boy. The fact too that he continues on in the face of adversity floats my boat. The faces of the judges every week – how they look at him, priceless and entertaining.

    Granted he’s not a “belter” lord knows we’re seeing enough of that; he’s different and I’d love nothing more than to see him come out next week and knock the hide off that ball! The looks on the panel’s faces would make my Idol season. Too, Cowell saying he’d quit should Sanjaya win, well that’s just …. amazing. Something about this kid seems to have the American Idol audience up in arms. So much ado about the kid, such fuss with folks hating him or backing him, not much in the middle. Controversy theories about the phone lines being tampered and it – his staying in the running being just a racial issue – wild and ridiculous. What happened to the initial premise of this show? Few may remember. I was glad to see him go top 12, I hope he continues. Young Sanjaya, he has ‘something’.

    I was listening to some Donavan on a road trip this past week. He was not a ‘belter’ not a powerful singer, nor was Michael Franks but each had fans and success. Sanjaya fits more in that type of niche. Folks today seem to think Idol has to be all about the BIG voices. I don’t.

    Motown I believe is the theme this week; I’d like to hear him do “Ben”. (It was approved, and would fit him well.)

  • just to inform all those brothers and sisters who are making negative comments about sanjaya,he is just another kid with will power to be a star ..nothing is wrong with attempting to make your dream come true..in life it is better to try and fail than not to try at all… if you should cut your skin and and sanjaya’s skin the same blood will flow.so those racists out there be careful*** you do not have the gut to reach for heights ….god will turn all of you to snake**

  • Good grief, it’s really stupid and immature to assume that people who don’t like Sanjaya are racists. Grow up.

  • Indonesia

    GO SANJAYA !!! I really enjoy your singing…singing with too much power is just damn boring.

  • mary lynn

    I think that Sanjaya can sing – he needs to get over his stage fright and really belt out a song and show his talent. He’s so shy and quiet on stage. He needs a coach that can help him, remember the movie “Sister Act” ha that’s what he needs…..confidence. He has a voice ——come on Sanjaya —-lets hear it!!

  • GS

    What’s this “singing with power” bullshit?
    Singing with power equates with screaming. For some reason us folks over here in the US seem to love chimps like the one in the White Haause.

    Sanjaya you don’t rock – you sing. And that is what its all about. Don’t let the racist jobless bastards in this country get ya down.

  • KK

    Ok, I personally love Sanjaya Malakar. I think his look is unique (cute too) and he can sing really well. I think alot of people just dont like him because of his race… Well thats their biased opinion… learn to look past race people

  • No, singing with power does not equal to screaming. There’s a difference. Does an opera singer like Pavarotti scream when he sings? Of course not. But is he a powerful singer? Hell, yes.

    The trick is that they have to control their voices, which is why Melinda is a professional, while Gina and Stephanie (and sometimes Jordin) are often warned not to scream their lyrics.

  • And for the last time, IT IS NOT ABOUT RACE. Are you people deaf? I don’t care if Sanjaya is purple with polka dots. I don’t care if he was born on Mars. I don’t care if he was the same race as me. I still think he’s a poor singer.

  • How incredibly unfortunate that people refer to this as a race issue. What a BUNCH OF GARBAGE. Not to mention insulting. Yeah, he’s going for it and he deserves it (he’s only 17) since people are voting to keep him on but can we ever critique someone without some babbling about race and turning us into snakes? With some lessons Sanjaya can eventually be a decent singer but for now he is out of pitch and has some decent tone – BUT HE IS NOT AMERICAN IDOL material. Personally, the judges should never have sent him through. They completely missed this one. Is Randy Jackson a racist since he is not a fan? Look, the guy is nowhere near any of the other singers. END OF STORY. What are you all tone deaf? Robert; how ’bout a playful bet? The bet is that once Sanjaya is sent packing (as he should be) I bet you that we will never hear of him again like Kevin Covais or John Stevens. William Hung will have lasting power. Great post by the way.

  • Sanjaya Malakar, “The Little Engine That Could” makes it one more week, Robert. Now he’s got Howard Stern siding with VFTW, perhaps that will help him stay around a while longer. Folks still want to think that this is all talent show, this season is proving even more solidly that it is not.

    Regarding commentary above #23, that the judges completely missed ‘this one’ by letting the boy through, check out the rest of the pack, man, not too much this year to really cheer about. Sanjaya at least represents what Idol once was promoted to be, a show about a relative unknown, non-pro seeking to make their dream in music a reality. He embodies the innocence of the first season.

    To Sanjaya, “think you can, think you can” – worked for Oprah.

  • Jewels…

    That was a good comment.

    So far, it appears to me in five years people will remember two things about this year’s contest: Sanjaya and Antonella.

    The big question? Will they remember the winner?


  • terrie


  • Terrie…

    Thanks for putting in that comment. You give a very good reason why people are attracted to Sanjaya. It is clear that he is like a “deer in the headlights” with 30 million people watching him. But he is doing a very good job of overcoming his shyness.

    I guess you could say the young man is a role model to many. Good enough.

    I hope taking the time to write to all of us here on the Internet gives you a sense that we are interested in what you have to say.

    I am sure the same is true in the real world.


  • mathew berga

    Dictionary meaning “idol” any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion. Sanjaya YOU ARE AN IDOL! There is so much negativity I just don’t understand why? I think Sanjaya fits the meaning of an idol. He has sang on pitch in key and on beat, and his voice has a wonderful texture. I admit he is not “in your face” personality, but his sweetness and million dallar smile and abilities out ways many current American celeberties. You have my vote!

  • Diane Francis

    I think that Sanjaya is great.I agree that Melinda and Lakisha may have stronger voices but I would nevr buy their CDs . Sanjayas voice is nice and soothing . As for the judjes, they just want people to shout. I feel that they dont like Sanjaya for some reason other than his singing.(even Paula dosn’t take up for him)
    To Sanjaya, just win and show those judjes what you can do(and if Simon quits….you’ll just be making the world a much happier place)

  • Tammy

    Come on America, get real!!!!

    This is not a pity contest or a pretty hair contest. The boy can’t sing. He does not deserve to even be in the top twelve. Grow up and realize what kind of competion this is and vote for who deserves it!!!!

  • Narutorawks

    I just wanted to add that I don’t know why people are hating on him either. I enjoy Mariah Carey, but I remember hearing all kinds of people hate on her for whatever reason about her voice they didn’t like. I know you can’t compare Sanjaya to her, but the point is that he can still achieve his dream despite the negativity! I’m going to vote for the big hair boy because he represents purity.

  • Shanice Fernandes

    I think that Sanjaya Can Really Sing Well. I don’t Know why some people don’t like his singing.The judges Should not talk about his hair coz it’s a singing competition and his hair has nothing to do with his singing. He sings great!!!!!!! And Don’t listen to the judges their of no use now.

  • Diane

    After all these weeks the judges have finally said something reasonably nice about him (of course they did not have a choice), but people are still writing negative things about him. To all of you who keep asking ‘Why is Sanjaya still there;nobody likes him’,please remember that if nobody liked him, he wouldn’t get any votes. And don’t get jealous just becoz he has better hair than you.

  • does it really matter

    sure he sucks. he sucks bigtime.i can’t even sit there and watch him flounder it’s so bad.he should take himself out of the competion but he thinks he sings good.him and all the 11 and 12 year old girls. geeeeeeeeeeezz this is embarrasing.

  • Silly show

    “How incredibly unfortunate that people refer to this as a race issue. What a BUNCH OF GARBAGE. Not to mention insulting.”

    Yes, just because someone doesn’t like Sanjaya doesn’t mean they are racist.

    However, it is also true that those who say stupid things like the only reason he is still alive in the show is that Indians are voting en masse for him, or that call centers are voting en masse for him are at best, stupid, and at worst, bigoted. That is also very insulting. They are the ones turning it into a race issue, because they seem to have conveniently forgot that Sanjaya’s mother is of european descent. Maybe her half is voting en masse for him??

  • bubba

    not liking sanjaya has nothing to do with racism. what a crock of BS!! the kid can’t sing,and has a very weak stage presence. better singers were voted off before him and there is no doubt about that. the only reason he is still there is because of vftw and howard stern. i was surprised to see the latino kid voted off before sanjaya and the others after that. its not a singing contest, its more of a popularity contest.i guess the young girls like the long hair and harmless personality of sanjaya and he gets a lot of votes from them too.i actually feel sorry for the kid still being there. he trys but he ain’t going nowhere.

  • Grace

    Sanjaha has a very good voice; somewhat like Stevie Wonder, but he has no experience. After reading these blogs, no one is really basing their decisions on the fact that he has no experience while a lot of the other singers are/were backup singers for professionals. Give the kid a break. I love the sound and tone of his voice; he’s also unique from the others. And I’m in my late twenties; not twelve.

  • thekidcantsing

    pardon? good voice? nahhhhhhhh. you’re feeling sorry for him. he has a very weak voice and sounds nothing like stevie wonder. besides…one stevie wonder is enough!! his talking voice reminds me of wacko jacko and so do his mannerisms.i think thats a better comparison.(although jackson could sing).its a joke that he’s still on there at all. the best performance last night was jordan sparks and to say he could even compete against her is ludicrous. there are so many better singers than him that he doesn’t have a snowball in hells chance of winning anything. he should do the right thing and resign from american idol and spare his family and the viewing audience the embarrasment of watching him “trying” to sing.

  • thekidcantsing

    does fingernails raked across a chalkboard remind anyone of sanjaya’s attempt at singing?

  • Just so you all know I published a new article. American Idol Prediction: Teenyboppers Will Send Sanjaya Soaring Into the Top Ten


  • i was just playing around with the comments..all fun and games…i give everyone on american idol credit! :O) have a good night watchin sanjaya…LONG LIVE SANJAYAAA…VOTE VOTE VOTE

  • for real how is he still on the show?just wondering

  • thekidcantsing

    don’t know…maybe i’m having a bad dream


    they is something special and loving about him its not his voice or his hair its him as a person.sanjaya is still young he will grow and realize his own dreams.

    i feel sorry for him that they are so many people who dont like him because he is still around.its no like he is voting for himself.

    i am in the uk and i am white i totally adore him
    a lot.although i cant vote but i am still a big fan..

  • adam

    Dude are you kidding me? Stop posting crap on the net you know is not true and that you do not believe. He cannot sing period. He is terrible. And as for you comment that at least a slice of America likes him…people vote for him because of how bad he is. Web sites like votefortheworst.com endorse him like crazy because of how terrible he is. People do not vote for him because they think he is good. Perhaps you should have done some research before you posted this.

  • Alabamachickie

    I wonder if the other contestants are angry about Sanjaya’s advantage? He has so many people voting for him, and they don’t have that.
    What do you think?

  • thekidcantsing

    i think it ruins the show but it’s a free country. so above the insignificance of american idol were are gifted to be able to do things like mess with a tv show.

  • You have to be kidding me if you think this kid can sing. He is absolutely horrible. He sounded a little like Stevie in his initial tryouts, but his later attempts are hard to listen to. He survives on the show due to his looks (primarily the hair) and his boyish charm (after all, he IS just a boy). That little girl who was crying her eyes out in the audience is only about 4 years younger than Sanjaya. Think about it. He needs to pursue a modeling career. Leave the singing to the pros.

  • Jim

    Are you serious? The kid has no voice. He should have been booted off the show weeks ago.

  • i personally wish there was a line that you could call in to WHO YOU WANT voted OFF the show…bc then i would vote for him

  • i hate sanjaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thekidcantsing

    isn’t it funny that the only one that thinks his singing is good is sanGAYa himself? even the judges don’t want to make eye contact with him once he’s done ruining a song. paula doesn’t even have much to say which is unusual. i pity america for having to put up with him for a year on the idol tour.HOW EXCRUCIATING!!!

  • I really like Sanjaya. His voice is GREAT. SO DON’T EVER ASK WHY HE IS STILL AROUND. HE DESERVES IT, YOU KNOW!??

  • thekidcantsing

    thats nice that you like him but he can’t sing. he’s actually terrible but as long as you like him……geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz.

  • lallie

    I really like Sanjaya — I think he has a really nice voice — and I’ve listened to his songs (and those sung by the other contestants) over and over again. I just don’t get the haters. Hate is for losers — and in my book, Sanjaya is already a winner.

  • thekidcantsing

    WTF? sangaya looks like a total IDIOT!!!! if his performance and his hairdo don’t get him voted off all is lost. what a total moronic performance that was. this little quiff has no appeal at all.

  • I think the fact that some people would even insinuate that others don’t like Sanjaya because of his race is proof enough that they’re reaching far and wide for any excuse other than the fact that he’s simply not that good. It’s both naive and insulting. The reality is, he’s not even close to the same talent pool as the other contestants. Is he a horrific singer? No. But he’s not good, either. Certainly not “great” or “the best American Idol contestant ever”. I guarantee if not for his sweet and innocent look and biography–if people only ever heard voice–he wouldn’t last a month in any media format. No one would buy his cds or listen to him on the radio because his voice is forgettable, uninspiring and lacking any real power.

    I think Tom hit it on the head. And to add more to that, I think if Sanjaya were some goofy looking 300lb non-charismatic white kid, he’d have been the first voted off. Why? Because he wouldn’t have his looks and charm to offset that crappy voice. Unfortunately, he’s got “cutie appeal” and that is the ONLY reason he’s lasted. Well, that and the Indian cave dwelling hackers. *wink*

  • Everyone needs to go to sanjaya-idol.com. Love him or hate him, go there and post your thought! You can vote, comment, and read all about Sanjaya…. doooo itttt!!

  • amanda

    i hope that he wins american idol and shows all those people that want him voted off what hes made of! He is the best singer on American Idol because he doesnt over power and always seems so !! SANJAYA IS THE BEST!

  • lou

    i can tell you one thing i sure as hell would not be able to withstand all that publicity. He has gone through way more than any other american idol and yet he is still in it to win it. He is so cute and looks so all the time. He is the best person on american idol and i pray every night that he wins and doesnt get voted off.

  • thekidcantsing


  • thekidcantsing

    the only reason the little sissy is still there is because of vftw and howard stern. if it were not for them this no talent little girly man would have been gone long ago.he is the anti american idol. haha

  • Robert, you and I have one thing definitely in common an ability to spot a hero. What you say?

  • Jewels…

    Well I don’t feel like I am spotting a hero. I do feel like I am able to accept things the way they are rather than “griping” about Sanjaya like a lot of people are doing.

    I prefer to look for the positive. And, I see a lot of positive in this situation.

    Jewels, why don’t you be my hero and go read the American Idol article I wrote today on BlogCritics. I would be interested to hear your comments on that one.

    Also, did you know? I have correctly predicted who is going to get sent home for 3 straight weeks here on BC.


  • its-me

    Sanjaya has the weakest voice ever. Maybe in a few years, he will develop into a singer. But for now, the sooner he (or probably she) gets voted off, the better.

  • Christine

    I can’t understand why so many people are outraged that Sanjaya is doing so well on Idol. I mean, let’s face it…you don’t have to sing all that great to make it in the music business! Look at all the mediocre vocal talents putting out CD’s now! i.e. Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, even Madonna!! (sorry to offend, but Madonna can’t really sing that well).

    Personally I do not watch the show, but I DO watch cable news…and for some sad reason, Sanjaya’s story is ALL OVER the major news networks!!! Pop culture is ruining our society. Go figure…

  • bumbutty

    i love icecream and noses and toes;
    how about you?