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Long Distance Relationship – Capricorn With Venus in the 12th House: Astrology-Based Advice

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venusDear Elsa,

I’m in an online long-distance relationship with a Taurus I want, but he’s dragging his feet.

He’s TOTALLY yummy as far as his conversations go, but he’s so hesitant about meeting. Elsa, I even took the bull by the horns (no pun intended) and bought a ticket to go see him a couple months ago… and he canceled on me. He tells me one thing, but his actions say another. Are we destined to ever meet?

We are almost six months into this, and have been mutually exclusive until we see how this plays out. How long is long enough to get that first contact??? I don’t want to push (yes, I do!!!) but I want to see if the chemistry is as much there in person as it has been over the phone and online. We come from entirely different backgrounds and cultures, but have similar interests, likes, dislikes, and tastes.

So do you see things working between this long-distance hottie and me?


Dear Frustrated,

Well it already “works”. You guys have been amusing each other for six months. But do I think you’re going to meet, move in together, marry, etc.? Not likely. Sorry!

Look, what you’ve got on the other end of the line there, is a flirt. And there is nothing wrong with that. But when he canceled your trip… well he sent you a clear message he is not interested in any more than what he’s got with you. For reason, who knows! He may have a wife. He may have four wives. Get it?

So I think when he rejected you like that, it hurt. It hurt your Capricorn, for sure – so your dreamy Venus in the 12th took over and fogged this all up for you. That was nice. But now you’re writing me for a reality check, and this is it.

He’s a flirt and you actually like a fair amount of space. If you doubt this, compare this to me. Six months? ::laughs:: If I were to meet a man online, there better be hands on me within a couple few days or I am going to fish another line.

So what I am saying is, the idea you are going to bring this man into an earthly relationship is probably fantasy. The fact he amuses you greatly is real. What you want to do about this is up to you.

Good luck.

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pictured – Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Venus Verticordia, 1864-68, Oil on canvas

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