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“London Booted” is the remixed, remashed, rebooted version of the only band that matters, The Clash, and their best album “London Calling”, argueably one of the best rock albums – ever.

This is the sort of project which the record industry should be doing, but can’t and won’t. Money from this goes to various charities as listed on the web site, at least until it gets shut down down by the rekkid industry, I expect.

So, nearly 2 months later it’s all finally here. But, enough of this fine talk – you’re here to get your copy of the CD, yeah? Excellent. But first, please click on one of the charity ads at the top of the page. Your conscience and financial status will dictate how much you donate, but please give what you can. If you’re feeling especially generous you can dedicate a sapling in Joe Strummer’s Rebel Woods – a future forests project on the Isle of Skye. This will cost £17.50 and for that you will receive your own scroll, personalised with your own message. Joe Strummer was a big supporter of Future Forests and its a pleasure to put a link on this page.

I’m only half way through listening to this, but the Peaches – Clash mashup has made me laugh my ass off. And what I’ve heard so far rocks and rolls. This is an outstanding arguement for opening up copyright for more creativity.

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  • And I don’t know which of the bonus tracks is better, “Street Profile” or “Super Sharp Card Shark”.

    Both are awesome.

  • Wow – thanks for your nice comment about Super Sharp Card Shark. Richie Deluxe kicked me off the CD when he got Jimmi Jammes track – although I must admit his is feckin’ stompin!