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London Being Awakened Like Israel

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When things are good no one takes the time to ask questions. It is usually only in our darkest hours, when disaster strikes, that we stop and turn inwards to that deep point inside of us. That is because we were programmed to ignore the big picture and just concentrate on our own needs, our own circle that concerns us. So suffering is essentially the only means the universe has of waking us up and letting us know that we’ve strayed off track, but only highly developed people are aware of this. Most people just attribute tough times to things like fate or luck, without realizing that they have been singled out for special treatment from above. It is only by going through and overcoming tremendous suffering that we reach into that dark source inside of us and draw some type of super-human strength that we didn’t even know we possess.

Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, Kabbalah teaches us to do this on a regular basis. For some people that would mean reaching into that innermost part of our being once a month, for others once a week, while the advanced students do this on a daily and even minute by minute basis. The material somehow causes us to go through emotional highs and lows that we barely even knew we were capable of, which accelerate our inner processes. In a nutshell, if a person normally goes through external situations over a number of years that advance their soul such as breaking up with a soul mate, getting fired, fighting with someone close, getting married and having kids etc., people who study Kabbalah are on a constant roller coaster of feelings and sensations that cannot be seen from the outside. That is why Kabbalah is called the hidden wisdom – because whatever someone is going through is hidden from all except the person going through it. The moment we come to the understanding how much this internal frenzy we work our souls into is advancing us in the spiritual world (while we’re still living in this world) we want to get as much of it as we can.

The time has come for us to realize that our individual and collective fates are bound to one another and that there is no escaping from our natural progression to the next phase of our development: spirituality. We can either get there through suffering or under much more pleasant circumstances. The way things are going it looks like we prefer to ignore all the signs for the moment and just continue watching TV, going out to dinner and movies, clubbing, partying, playing games, and whatever else we do to try to fill our lives with meaning.

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  • Thanks Josia, It seems many people are asking the question of ‘why…’ It is common for people to talk about how we are all connected, as well, people seem to be noticing that the illisions that have ‘stood’ for ‘our’ reality and have been accepted as foundations by our societies are, in fact, crumbling. I’m going to pick up this book.

  • I read the title and expected a sensible post about how the people of London were going to start taking a hard-line anti-terrorist position like Israelis and remain strong in their opposition to murderous muslim mullahs.

    Much to my disappointment I discover a mealymouthed advertisement for one more religious cop-out which encourages us to let someone else do our thinking for us and give up free will for spirituality. No thanks.


  • As the 2nd female sniper instructor in the IDF, I can talk to you about shooting terrorists between the eyes (not that they ever let me!)if you think it will make you feel better BB.

    The only thing that will change the reality around us at this point in our development are changes we make on the inside – and it’s a totally independent thing that you do to yourself – and the only genuine act of free you will ever do in this world.


  • Josia,

    Your review and posts are, like your “faith”, completely incompetent gibberish.

    Please stop making a fool of yourself in public.

    If you want to post here, get with the programme, don’t try and turn this site into something it is not.

  • That’s pretty funny alienboy – I am with the program – THE program – that many of the top scientists in the world are discovering at the moment – my condolences if it scares the crap out of you.

    Keep writing about picking flowers with your mate – I’ll stick to the important stuff.


  • Josia, thanks for proving my point; the only thing that scares me is the thought that there are some people who may be taken in by this trash…

  • Yup – award winning scientists – and a bunch of other high-profile people that you admire – but it will take a while until that information is released …

  • The fact that high-profile people are taken in by it doesn’t make it any more credible.

  • Oh, I’ve already done that, Josia. Not my cup of tea, thanks.

  • Debbie

    It is definitely my cup of tea. Thank you Josia!!


  • Hannah

    Alien Boy

    You are only repulsed and afraid of this hidden wisdom because for years you’ve covered up the question of the MEANING OF YOUR LIFE with superficial material stuff-we all have. But the world is at a point now where we cannot ignore why suffering comes to us and say “oh well’ it’s just the way it is”. That is the way of your so called definition of ‘faith’, it is for the religious. Well that’s not my ‘cup of tea’ Lisa.
    Kabbalah is for those who want answers, who want to develop so they can live here in the physical world and be truly happy. Sound impossible? Well it aint! (But hey, there’s no coercion in the spiritual and no dogma so you’ll wake up when you’re ready).

  • Kabbalah is definitely better than worshipping a golden cow or letting rats crawl over your naked body infront of a statue of Ganesha. It’s probably better than Scientology. But just barely.

    Like Yahweh says – there’s a sucker born every minute.


  • Debbie

    I agree Dave. Worshiping an object such as a cow or whatever is wrong, but we live in a world that has many forms of idolatry. Many people in this world worship money, but the biggest sin of all is believing that human beings are independent from G-d. Only G-d rules the world, and whenever He decides to give someone a spiritual awakening, that is when a person will begin to open his/her eyes and see. Until then, one is forced to suffer in darkness believing that nothing else exists but what I can feel through my 5 senses. There is a lot more out there than what we choose to see, but it is okay to laugh. History shows that human beings always do that when someone explains a new concept that is radical and different. There is no coercion in spirituality and each person is given his/her own lot in life. Good luck on your journey.


  • It’s wrong because you say so,hmmm? You demonstrate merely a weak understanding of the uses of idols and symbols.

    As Gonzo might say, ‘Nuff said

  • Debbie

    “The Ba�al Shem Tov said, that he who says that there is another power in the world. Namely shells, is in a state of �serving other gods�, that it is not necessarily the thought of heresy that is the sin, but if he thinks that there is another authority and force apart from the Creator, by that he is committing a sin.”


  • Debbie

    Oops sorry. It was a cut and paste, but it seemed to have copied with errors. Here:

    “The Baal Shem Tov said, that he who says that there is another power in the world, namely shells, is in a state of serving other gods. That it is not necessarily the thought of heresy that is the sin, but if he thinks that there is another authority and force apart from the Creator, by that he is committing a sin.”

  • Again, he says so, so it’s right, hmmm?

  • Judaism, and ergo Christianity is more accurately henotheistic than monotheistic, IMHO, and Max Mueller’s.

  • Aaman, while I’m certainly not a defender of Kabbalah, I should point out that Judaism and Christanity don’t recognize other gods as real, they just recognize the fact that people believe in other gods.

    They are definitely monotheistic, in that they recognize only one “true” or “real” God.

  • This discussion isn’t going anywhere so let’s drop it.

    I got some very good and helpful advice from some *nice* Blogcritics editors for future posts.

    Have a great day …


  • Drop what? You’ve raised an interesting idea: That the response to Jew-hating terrorists should be to embrace a splinter sect of Judaism. It’s so insane it’s almost interesting!

  • Wait a sec, I just re-read the post.

    There’s no reference to London other than the title?

    And the title’s implication is what? That the London bombins which killed more than 50 people have cause people to ask questions, as if they weren’t asking them before?

    Maybe you’re right. Maybe this discussion hasn’t been going anywhere since this article was posted.

  • Debbie

    Wow!! Max Mueller is one scary man. None of the references to Judaism is correct. I do not know enough about the other religions, but in Judaism there is only ONE G-D. There is no one else but Him. He is the only supreme power. He may have some other names like Hashem for example, but that is only because many Jews believe it to be a sin to use His name when it is not in a prayer. Moses and many of those referred to as Baal were Kabbalists or Sages, not gods! Ask any rabbi not someone who makes things up.

  • Baal just means ‘lord’, btw. It doesn’t mean god.

    As for your G-D, I believe in Santa Claus. Doesn’t mean he’s real.


  • Christina

    So this is what Americans think! How sad! Looks like you’re a nation of banana-eating, incoherent George Bushes.