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Logitech T650 TouchPad Review: Magic TrackPad For Windows Users

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The new Logitech T650 allows users to have the touch screen aspects through a touchpad made of glass. This has a very smooth feeling providing the perfect surface for all the different movements. The color of the touchpad blends well with the grays of most computers on the market today.

Mac users have had these features for some time, but now Windows 8 users can enjoy many of the same features. The T650 has many of the Windows 8 shortcuts built into it for ease of use. The touchpad works great with the gestures. However, the only problem I have encountered was not being able to drag and drop objects. This was a simple gesture and very important and used by most users. Swiping the right edge of the touchpad will open the charms bar and swiping the left edge allows users to scroll through the different applications open in the background.

The Logitech T650 connects to the PC through USB. This improves the battery life of the touchpad as opposed to using bluetooth connections. This was one of the only negative aspects I considered this device to have. It needed one of the computers USB ports for a connection.

The logitech T650 offers users customizable controls through the Logitech SetPoint software. These features are only available in Windows 8.
One of the great features of the Logitech T650 is it allows users to incorporate the Windows 8 touch controls without upgrading to a touch screen system. Windows users who have envied the Magic Trackpad by Mac users may now use a Windows alternative with the Logitech T650 Trackpad. The device retails for $79.99 and comes with a three year warranty. Meanwhile, the Apple Magic Trackpad sells for $65 and up. Each of these devices offers great touch features. Users can purchase the Logitech T650 at www.logitech.com for $79.99.

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