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Logitech BroadCaster Webcam 720p HD Video Recording

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Logitech recently released the 720p HD Wi-Fi “Broadcaster” Webcam which transmits video wirelessly to any iOS device.  It works great with many different Mac programs for editing video such as QuickTime, iMovie, Facetime, iChart, Skype, Ustream, and many more.  As you can see, this webcam may be used almost anyone wishing to use it.  It also comes with a plastic hardshell case which doubles as the stand for shooting video hands free.  The BroadCaster truly is a vloggers dream.  It makes broadcasting live over Ustream very simple with awesome 720p HD video quality.  


The Broadcaster has a physical size a little smaller than the iPhone 5.  It has a lens and lamp on the front side with the buttons on the side for power and micro-USB port for charging.  The bottom or underside of the camera has a magnet which can be attached to the magnet on the stand/case for videoing hands free.  It also has a tripod screw input on the bottom for attaching it to a tripod for any position desired.  The Broadcaster just isn’t your typical webcam.  Logitech has truly gone the extra mile by adding all the extra features for recording and using the BroadCaster Webcam.


Users should download the Broadcaster app for best performance and ease of use for setting up different cameras.  One of the greatest features of the Broadcaster is its ability to stream video to any iOS device.  This makes having a monitor extremely simple to set up.  Personally, I have always preferred to shoot video with a monitor display.  This allows users to see what they are recording.  How many times have you shot a clip or video with the camera too high or too low?  This has happened to me more times than I care to mention.

The Broadcaster webcam may be used in conjunction with a computer webcam for recording different points of view shooting.  Maybe users wish to do a close up of something but show themselves speaking in the same window together.  This can be accomplished using both the Broadcaster webcam and your computer webcam.  It may also be set up using the iSight camera on any iOS device.  There are many different configurations users may set up for great video recording.  The Broadcaster can be used to shoot still photos as well as video recording.

Users may easily transport this camera for recording at conferences such as CES.  It makes getting great video quality much easier and faster.  Users should be aware of the lighting in order to get the best video.  While using and testing the Broadcaster I noticed lighting played a huge factor in how well the video turned out.


The Broadcaster webcam can be purchased at www.Logitech.com for $199.  This may seem a bit higher when compared to other webcams.  However, this isn’t your typical webcam.  It offers many features other webcams can’t offer not to mention the video quality.  The only negative thing about the Broadcaster was audio recording.  Although it recorded voices and other sounds in the video with with no problems or distortions, users such as musicians may wish to add a different audio recording method.  The sound quality of the Broadcaster is fine for vloggers and normal recordings.  It comes with a built-in mono microphone in the camera.

Overall, the Broadcaster offers the best video quality around when considering its portability.  It’s also one of the simplest cameras on the market to operate.  The Broadcaster and the app together make using the camera very simple for the beginner.  While simple enough for the beginner to operate, it offers performance well enough for professional users.

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