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Logitech 750e Master Camera Security System Review

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The Logitech 750e Outdoor Master System can be equipped with up to six add-on cameras. This allows the user expandability to cover all different angles of what’s important. The Logitech 750e security camera can be set up to watch on iOS devices and Android devices. It’s a complete security system in a box. It comes with everything needed to help protect what’s important to the user. The Logitech 750e Master system can be set up with cameras for outdoor use or indoor viewing. They can run simultaneously on the same network without any problems.

The Logitech 750e Master Camera System is weather-proof, night vision equipped, and comes with powerful PC software for easy set up. You can add additional cameras, and allow for remote viewing. Users have access to one remote account online for viewing cameras from anywhere in the world for free. The remote capabilities was one of the selling points for myself. I needed to be able to see my home while away. Now, thanks to the Logitech 750e I can set alerts for movement and I know when I have received a package or someone has tried to come to my home. This can be used to both protect you from burglars and keeping track of what’s happening while you are away. In my personal opinion, the best part about owning the Logitech 750e camera is the remote capabilities it offers and seeing what’s happening in real time.

The Logitech 750e Camera Master System includes a DVR for recording even when the PC is turned off. The camera records to a micro SD card for storing up to two weeks of record time while you’re away. The recordings are backed up to the PC. However, if the PC is turned off while the recordings are made they will be backed up once the PC has been turned on. The user may also set up motion alerts to be sent in the event of motion being detected. The alerts can be sent to iOS devices or Android device users.

Set Up:
Set up really could not be much simpler for this security camera. Simply position the camera in the desired location and plugin the adapter outside to an outdoor electrical outlet. The camera uses the existing wiring for recording and viewing connections. Connect the other network adapter to the router in order to complete the network and begin setup. Install the software provided for using the Logitech 750e on the PC and you are ready to set up your network. Users will receive one free remote account for viewing cameras online. Please note that a Windows-based PC is needed for set-up and control of the Logitech 750e Camera Master System. Unfortunately, Mac users cannot use this software. This could a perfect time to invest in Mac software such as Parallels or Bootcamp which allow Mac users to run Windows software on a Mac.

Overall, if you need a security system which can be expanded or used remotely, I suggest trying the Logitech 750e. If you need more cameras the 700e will work as an add on camera with no problem. The Logitech 750e retails on www.logitech.com for $349. However, I have seen it on Amazon for as low as $314 plus shipping. The Logitech 700e add-on camera can be purchased for $279 retail and $251 on Amazon. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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