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Local swingers refers to local area couples that lead an unconventional lifestyle by which both partners engage in sexual activities with the members of another couple. This type of non-monogamous behavior is typically viewed as any other social activity by individuals who practice it, with interested couples usually meeting at local swingers’ clubs and Internet communities (such as the North American Swing Club Association).

Swinging couples are usually male-female pairs that exchange their regular partners with members of another couple. Swinging can only occur with the full consent of both partners, and swinging couples claim that it is founded on ideas such as sincerity and open-mindedness about the natural human inclination for variety. Moreover, swinging is said to eliminate secrecy and guilt, and consolidate honest emotional bonds between committed partners.

Couples who participate in swinging stress on this importance of emotional commitment and believe that non-possessive love and tolerance are crucial in maintaining a solid relationship over the years. Other couples state that curiosity is what drives them to experiment with swinging. The idea of exchanging sexual partners did not first arise in the modern era, but has only recently been acknowledged as a genuine way of living. In certain parts of the world, similar activities bear a cultural importance.

Statistical research conducted in the United States has revealed that the majority of couples who have engaged in swinging believe that this choice has improved their relationship and has had a positive impact on their self-esteem. Moreover, they stress that swinging discourages betrayal and dishonesty, while encouraging truthfulness among partners.

Criticism of this lifestyle usually appeals to the moral aspect, pointing out that any intimate relations outside the boundaries of marriage are inherently wrong, and that swinging can lead to a mechanical experience of intimacy that essentially devalues the relationship with the spouse. However, the most common responses to such criticism maintain that human beings are naturally attracted to variety, and that divorce rates among traditional couples are high, with infidelity being one of the influencing factors. In support of this claim, a study has revealed that as much as 39% of married men and 29% of married women admit to have had at least one extramarital affair.

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