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Liz Phair Sells Her Soul

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Liz Phair has sold out.

I guess she got tired of not getting the recognition she deserved. Let’s face it, most of her songs were unplayable on the radio. You’d have to bleep out all the lyrics. For example the lyrics to Flower.

Everytime I see your face I get all wet between my legs
Everytime you pass me by, I heave a sigh of pain

Everytime I see your face I think of things unpure, unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it
Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of
Is everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you and your minions, too
Your face reminds me of a flower
Kind of like you’re underwater
Hair’s too long and in your eyes
Your lips a perfect “suck me” size
You act like you’re fourteen years old
Everything you say is so obnoxious, funny, true and mean
I want to be your blowjob queen
You’re probably shy and introspective
That’s not part of my objective
I just want your fresh, young jimmy
Jamming, slamming, ramming in me
Everytime I see your face I think of things unpure, unchaste
I want to fuck you like a dog
I’ll take you home and make you like it
Everything you ever wanted
Everything you ever thought of
Is everything I’ll do to you
I’ll fuck you till your dick is blue

Clear Channel would never play that.

So, after years of getting passed over by chicks hired from modeling agencies and taught to sing bland songs she finally goes and does it. Liz sells out. She writes a song, “Why Can’t I?” that if you handed it to Britney or Christina it would fit right in their repetoire. It’s just a formula. Sure, Liz can do the standard love song formula. Anyone can. It’s easy. Here’s a sample,

“Holding hands with you, and we’re out at night
Got a girlfriend, you say it isn’t right
And I’ve got someone waiting too”

That’s off Britney’s last cd, isn’t it? No. It’s Liz. Sounds like it was written by a focus group.

In the 90’s there were a lot of women who wrote their own songs and didn’t take shit from anyone. Ani DiFranco, Kristen Hersh, Juliana Hatfield, PJ Harvey, for example. But they either didn’t have the supermodel good looks of Natalie Imbruglia or wouldn’t sell their souls to the media giants like Avril Lavigne or Pink. So, their labels drop them and they’re back to the indies, where they belonged all along. But not Liz, she sells out. She writes an album full of horrid treacle that, sure enough, is moving up the charts. The single is number 13 on billboard this week.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard the rest of the cd. I had heard the critics say that the cd wasn’t as good as her old stuff but I withheld judgement. I thought I’d pick it up, maybe, or download a couple of tracks from the interweb first. But, I didn’t have to. A song from it started getting played on top 40 stations. I still love her voice. I want to like the song, but there is absolutely nothing redeeming about it.

Let’s all light a candle for Liz and hope she gets her soul back, one day.

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  • isn’t this old news? i thought she sold out a long time ago. then again, i don’t follow her or her music.

    pj harvey rocks. rid of me still sounds new and fresh despite its 11 years of age. steve albini knows how to make an album rock.

  • Perhaps, but this latest LP is such an egregious, obvious sellout. I have heard it, and there isn’t much on it I find interesting. Then again, perhaps her sensibilities have changed. It happens. At the same time, she has said in print that she wanted a hit and, by god, she was gonna have one this time. I’ll give this much to her; the song is catchy and her voice sounds great. And credit where it is due: Lots of people use the formula and achieve diddly.

    But yeah, I want the Liz of old.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Is this not just typical. Why should Liz Phair continue to sing sexually explicit songs so that some of you can approve and bcos it is anti-establishment it is automatically credible music in your opinions and dare that artist change tact he/she(in this instance) is called a sell out? The commercial success of an Album does not mean it is bad music for Christssake. If so, then the Beatles and Elvis sang crap songs. So now, Liz is enjoying success and that irks some of you because you much prefer she roam around clubs playing venues singing sexually explicit tracks? Then, you can feel cool because you like music from someone who has no mass appeal? there is something to be said for mass appeal you know? Dont knock Brit and Xtina, they sing music that lots of people like, that should not be a knock on them. Its a credit to them. Let every Artist do what they are comfortable doing. Who cares about radio? Radio plays nothing but hip-hop/rap these days so radio has lost its relevance to me. I have not listened to music on the radio in years.

    Liz has not sold out to anybody. Artists are allowed to explore different types of music and if this is where Liz is at in her evolution then so be it. If the masses have suddenly discovered her and she is selling more than usual..good for her. This does not make the music or lyrics on the Album any less credible than her previous work. You happen to not like this Album and there it ends. I think, Why Can’t I is a wonderful song. As for PJ Harvey I cannot think of one song of hers that I like. I do not like her music at all. I do not care how many guitars she can play at a go, even with my love for all music that any string strumming is done, PJ Harvey just does not do it for me.

    Liz Phair’s music is by far better than anything Polly Jean has come up with in all her career in my opinion.

  • Eric Olsen

    Sandra, you seem to take offense with anyone who doesn’t agree with your aesthetic judgment. “Critics” express their opinions and try to explain why they have those opinions, that’s what critics do – you can disagree with a given opinion, but why take offense?

  • Sandra Smallson

    I think the real question Eric, is why you think I have taken offense? I am expressing my own opinion. It differs from the opinion which I am disputing obviously. So, it ought to appear different. Where does offense come into it? Am I not allowed to criticise the “critics”?

  • Sandra Smallson

    oh..and aesthetic judgment? And yours is supposedly????….

  • Sandra, it is possible to disagree with people without casting aspersion on their characters or assigning them negative motivations. You like Liz Phair’s latest product. That’s great. Vive le difference.

  • Eric Olsen

    Your last question/comment confuses me. If you are asking my opinion on this particular matter, I don’t have one. I haven’t heard the new one and I wasn’t the maniacal fan of her earlier work that many, including my wife, were. I agree that artists are allowed to change, including sell out, but I am not sure why you become personally offended by criticism of your favorite artists.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Liz Phair is not even in my top 50 fav Artists, Eric. Just for future reference, I am not personally offended by anything discussed on this board. Do not look upon any of my posts with that in mind. Same thing Natalie..I am expressing my opinion and no one should be personally offended. If negative aspersions on xter is implied in the posts, except I specifically refer to that person, I ask that you read it in general terms and in context.

  • Sandra, upon first read, your initial post does come off as a defensive act, partially because of its condescending tone. Maybe it’s not how you intended it, but it most certainly has that feeling, as Eric noted.

  • Nyx

    So I shouldn’t knock Brit and Ho-tina because lots of people like them? So something is good when lots of people like it?

    Lots of people liked Hitler…..

  • Excellent point. Majority is no proof of correctness. A lot of trash is popular. And a lot of magnificent and wonderful art is ignored by the masses.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Your post implies that Liz Phair has sold out because she sang a song that has so much mass appeal it could have been any of Britney’s or Xtina’s. You said it like it was a bad thing. Therefore, I pointed out that because something is popular does not mean it is any less credible than a song from the underground that hasn’t been successful. You can knock Brit and Xtina all you like but to knock them BECAUSE they sing popular songs makes no sense at all.

  • Nyx

    It’s not their songs that are popular, it’s their tits and asses. People buy the cds because they want to fantasize about fucking them or being them. The music doesn’t matter at all.

    Even Britney admits that she’s a better dancer than a singer.

  • Sandra, you are right that you can’t cross something off a list of “good artists” simply because they got popular. But you also can’t assume that because they are popular they are good. Much of what is popular is so because of the publicity machine behind it. And what’s big in pop generally is the result of a big marketing push to get it that way. The more people talking about something the more people are curious about checking it out. The industry manufactures this talk – they get their stars out in interviews, in front of cameras, they feed stories to the media, and they help controversies stay out there. This is because the industry absolutely positively has to have some sure-thing items in their catalog. They survive on the saleability of people like Britney Spears, and if that starts waning they have to get the publicity going again to pump up the sales once again. What the majority of those on Blogcritics are making fun of is the emphasis more on Spears’ life than her music. It may be an interesting facet for the devoted fan to explore, but when it becomes the primary focus of the media, it’s no longer about music at all.

    Regardless of all this, Liz Phair has definitely sold out. I’m not a fan, I’ve never liked her music, and even I can still see that she’s clearly sold out. She has basically said as much in interviews – she wanted a hit song and was willing to do whatever it took to get one. Okay, fine, most artists want a hit, too, but they want to do so with their own music, as is. Liz Phair has forsaken everything about what made her music unique and different in order to do so. What she has crafted, with a huge helping hand from production/writing team The Matrix, could have been done by practically anyone and sounded the same. It’s not genuine, it’s not really her music. That, Sandra, is a perfect example of what “selling out” means. Most artist would have been happy reaching the status she had – she was quite successful as an indie-darling of sorts, but she wanted more. I can’t blame her necessarily, but what made her a “sell out” is that she felt so little about her art that she could just drop what she was doing and go for the easy sell. There’s no integrity in doing that, and there’s no heart in that, either. That’s what is upsetting people about Phair. It’s disingenuous, and it makes me wonder if her older music really meant anything either, or was she simply jumping on the indie-rock bandwagon of the time, too. That’s selling out – the public kiss-up that forsakes the past in an effort to gain fame and fortune. It stops being about the balance of art vs. money and starts being only about money.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Nyx: Your response deserves no sensible riposte because it is not a sensible comment. Tom: This is an ongoing issue because of the advent of these reality shows such as fame academy and pop idols/pop stars. Due to this, all sorts of artists have taken pleasure in recent years in dissing thier more popular colleagues all in the name of trying to distance themselves and appear credible. It does not wash with me. I know which side of the debate I fall on. We agree that popularity should not be the judge for or against the credibility of Art.
    However, we surely differ on Liz phair. Rather than seeing it as selling out,her new Album is simply proof that she is not one dimensional. There are only so many angst ridden, emotional bashing, distressful, dirge sounding songs these indy/alternative artists can sing. At some point they all began to sound the same. She wants a hit record. She is now doing the pop thing because pop is what people buy. Whatever she said before making the record is neither here nor there. Is it a good record? It damn well is, in my opinion. That’s all I care about. Is it a good record! I could care less about the machinations behind it or the mutterings of the Artist explaining why and so on.

    If the likes of Britney want to go on ABC, NBC, MTV etc and dance and sing away, well done I say. How else are we supposed to hear the music and decide whether or not we like it enough to go out and buy it? Not everybody has the time to be moonlighting dungeons called clubs where these so called indy stars play so as to discover them. If they stuck thier heads out of thier asses long enough instead of spending time bemoaning the machinations of the record companies and their publicity campaigns, they would see that a sure fire way to get your music heard is by going on these shows and putting your Art out there and if people like it they will buy it. Its now the in thing for Artists who are not commercially successful to moan about the corporate business and how the likes of Britney are all about marketing..eh..I suggest they think again and stop with the sour grapes. If they did not spend so much time telling us how its all about the “music” for them, then perhaps they would think again and stop being anti-establishment to the detriment of themselves and maybe get a few spots on shows and we can see how good this music is.

    Its all part of the business and its part of thier job, these Artists, to publicise thier work. We cannot go to their homes and hear thier music. If I switch on my TV screen and see Britney singing a song. Change channels, there is Britney singing a song…change channels, there is Britney giving an interview and after that, singing a song. Thats her job. How does anyone work out that it is because of this reason that the song eventually becomes successfu?! Thats like saying Beatles fans under the age of 30 only bought/buy Beatles records because they are sick of thier parents going on and on about the Beatles and how great they were so they just bought the Albums so they can say they own a Beatles Album. Oh, they say Elvis was the King and they keep going on and on about him, I might as well go buy an Elvis Album, heaven forbid I not own an Album by the King..Its all publicity.

  • Sandra Smallson

    At the end of the day its the music that sells the records and its either your type of music or it is not. My tastes range from pop to dance to classical music. I’m all over the board. If it is pleasing to my ears and makes me happy or sad, makes me think, makes me feel something then I will buy it. I dare say thats what a majority of people look for when buying a record. All this talk of publicity machines versus the so called ones that get no publicity all originated from miserable musicians who were for whatever reason upset with their record companies. I am sure some of them are even justified to be aggrieved that maybe they are not getting the attention/help they need from record companies but that is no reason to take away the results of the hardwork these hard publicising Artists put in to get thier music heard. It is hard work you know? The publicity train! I’m sorry but I see nothing wrong in getting publicity for yourself so that people can go out there and see your work. In the long run its the music. Like, I have said before, show me a person who picked up Britneys new Album because she kissed Madonna or who bought 50 cents’s Album because he spent all the months before telling us he was shot 9 times and is such a tough dude, or Ja Rule’s Album cos he is fighting with 50 or Eminem;s Album because he ihas lyrics in it insulting Britney/xtina, then I will show you a person who needs to go to a retreat. I think the world may be closing in on that person. It is more likely they bought teh Album because they saw any of the above mentioned stars singing the song on some show somewhere..THAT is publicity but it is still performing your work. It goes hand in hand and if the indy stars have a problem with not selling at much cos they dont get enough publiity, perhaps they should go about trying to get some and lets see how they do. Heaven forbid it could just be that it’s just not muisc of mass appeal..it may be great music, but its just not stuff lots of people buy.

    Look at Norah Jones. Her Album just langusihing away..then she got a break and sang “Dont know why” in a public forum and everybody thought hmm..lets check out the rest of the Album. Now its sold millions. If the alternative Artists get it in thier heads that publicising your work is part and parcel of making music today, this discussion would be irrelevant.

    Some Artists/Actors/actresses wish they could just sit at home and we go see the movie after seeing the preview or go but the record after seeing the ad..but it does not work like that. Part of the job is to go out there and sell your music or your movie. Especially in teh case of music, you more often than not have to perform what it is you are selling..surely, there is nothing wrong there.

  • I udnerstand the starmaker machinery and the need for publicity. Problem is, all too often, the marketing sells music that isn’t as good as the publicity promises. People buy an image or buy into a trend. Of course, mass tastes aren’t terribly discriminating, much of the time. But they have the right to buy what they want.

    IMO, Liz Phair’s music was better earlier in her career than it is right now. Others feel differently. C’est la vie.

  • Really Natalie, “it is possible to disagree with people without casting aspersion on their characters or assigning them negative motivations.”

    That may be possible, but not here. I mean, look at the frickin’ title of this post. “Liz Phair sells her soul” That’s pretty much a BIG aspersion on her character. It would be difficult for a defender to be more aspersion-ing back than that.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Thank you very much Al Barger. I have been saying the same thing fgr a while now. It is okay to come on here and say whatever about these public people we are discussing, but heaven forbid someone defends them as violently as you have disparaged them, you are now accused of taking things personally or being unable to disagree without negative aspersions on the xter of the person you are disagreeing with. If you can dish it out, then please have no problems with taking it. Neither of us know these people personally so we judge from what we read or hear or see. Its the same thing on here. If you can judge Liz Phair or MJ or Madonna or Prince or whoever on what you read, see or hear. Don’t start preaching something else when someone here “judges” you with those very founding bases in which you have used to judge others. That’s all I’ve got to say about how I express my opinion.

    I was listening to a Phil Collin’s interview this morning and I thought it represented part of what I am saying. He is going on tour next year. He was asked if he was going to play his more recent stuff which have not gone down as well as his previous stuff. He basically said the sort of music he makes now which is very “jazz” is where he is at but that on tour he will play his HITS and the songs he knows the People WANT to HEAR because to do otherwise will not work. With what some of you have said, this could be Phil selling his soul:) But, its not. He is just being a sensible musician. Most Artists with long careers always have the ones that are hits and the ones that are probably as good but not hits..but it takes nothing away from either thier souls or thier body of work if they choose to please the masses by doing something that they know the public would find much easier to swallow. Phair could have gone on singing what she did before but she chose not to and decided to make a darn good record but different from her previous work. It has proven to be more successful because it is more mainstream and at this time this is the sort of music a higher percentage of the public like to purchase. I do not know why instead of applauding an Artist for showing that she can make different types of music some are accusing her of selling her soul because she now has a “hit” record.

  • Nyx

    “If you can dish it out, then please have no problems with taking it.”

    Oh, I have no problem with the posts or any aspersions you cast. I mean, I think you’re a silly little bitch with no taste in music, bad spelling and grammar. You jump all over anyone you disagree with, but to each his own, right?

    Also, anyone with the email address Hester Prynne obviously has some sort of sexual problem. But that’s just my opinion, what do I know?

  • Jeez, Nyx, it’s not necessary to be such an utter jackass. I find the Hester Prynne name charming. Why would you think that it indicates sexual dysfunction, anyway? The Hawthorne character was actually pretty well adjusted. It was the whole society around her that was messed up.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Moi? Poor grammar and bad spelling? surely, u jest?! But then again, what do you know! Bad taste in music? What do you know? Silly little bitch? Is being a bitch supposed to be a bad thing? Then again, what do you know? Sexual problem? Ha! But then again, what do you know? There in lies the root of all this Nyx..You know nothing. Zilch. You are what we call..A fool. Retard. Dimwit. Just plain dumb. You are blessed with excess stupidity. An ignoramus if you will. An empty vessel as u yourself have admitted. You needn’t have admitted a thing. Your posts are scribblings of a person in advanced stages of dementia. Who else can write such crapulence?!I thank the Lord everyday for imbecilic morons like you, but for people like you with the intellect God gave a chicken the rest of us would have nobody to look down on and no guinea pigs to use in the analysis of inferiority complexes.

    By the way, Eric, if u pass by here, I thought our email addresses were supposed to be scrambled and not on display? I am not interested in having this village idiot afflicted with psychosis contaminating my inbox seeing as he has a perverse attraction to my email name.

  • Dawn

    Wow, I really miss the witty repartee and thoughtful debate of Blogcritics comments.

    The nasty jabs are fun too!!

    Since I was mentioned as being a maniacal fan of Liz Phair (like so many women) it is important to mention that I have heard some of her latest album, and while it’s no Exile in Guyville it’s not fair to expect it to be.

    Liz is a woman approaching middle age and is a mom. People change. Hell I used to dream about marrying Trent Reznor and being his sex slave. Now I am just an over-worked housewife who makes cupcakes for school functions.

    Can you sing to it? Can you dance to it? Does it sound well done? If so, then hey it’s better than death metal and for that, it gets a thumbs up from me.


  • All artists who make money from their work are selling their souls. You can buy hunks of Bob Dylan’s soul at Best Buy for $10. I’d recommend starting with “Bringing It All Back Home.” That’s where he supposedly “sold out” his folk integrity- and aren’t we all now glad that he did? [“Judas!” a silly concert goer famously shouted at him.]

    So you’re arguing that Liz Phair has given up some supposed great artistic integrity because she’s made an album that is not x-rated, and has actual HOOKS? Oh, please.

    Some years ago, some clueless writer for Trouser Press (I think) was grousing about a new Police album in which Sting had “sold out the new wave.” That has been a punchline for hip jokes amongst my people ever since. As if “new wave” or “punk rock” were ever more than marketing catch phrases for musicians looking to sell some product.

    Generally, the best way to sell is to make your best effort. Sometimes crap sells, and sometimes good stuff doesn’t, but purposely making crap rarely does.

    I’ve never seen what was such a big deal about Liz Phair, other than that she’s obviously pretty cute. None of her records are going to make me forget the Stones.

    Good for her if she’s finally managed to hone her craft to the point of making a salable record.

  • duane

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Sandra, even though they do sometimes tend to smack of excessive nastiness. Just a couple of comments: the word “their” is spelled “t-h-e-i-r,” not “t-h-i-e-r,” for godsakes. Also, the expression “could care less” (post #16) should be “couldn’t care less.” Think about it. Just some suggestions that you might find helpful in your taunting..

    Finally, when people knock popular music, it may not be so much the artist that’s being knocked, but rather the masses of ignoramuses (to use your pet term) that make crappy artists popular. It truly takes millions of neocortically deficient, musically deprived shitwhistles to make a millionaire out of Britney and most other media darlings. Because of the media drenching to which the credulous music-buying public is subjected, Liz Phair finds that to have a hit she must pander to these cretins. That might be why people are pissed. You can bet that she’s pissed, too.

  • Sandra Smallson

    Duane how many times have I told you not to correct me? Everytime you put yourself to shame and show me that you know little or nothing when you correct me. It does you no favours so you are better off shutting up or just commenting on the topic at hand. Either that or check properly before you correct me. I do not know everything but I know what I know and though we are not being marked by professors on here which allows for “loose” speak, I can assure you that I write as I speak. If its disdain you see in my posts when responding to the likes of you and Nyx, rest assured the words hold nothing compared to the look on my gorgeous face were you to see it:) Now, regarding thier/their, forget it, many have tried. I am aware what the correct spelling is. However, I seem to have a prob spelling it correctly when typing ..it fails to register. Do you see me taunting anyone’s SPELLING? This is the net. I give room for abbrevs and all sorts of short forms(example..forms=4ms) get it? Though my thier problem is no short form, just one of my few typing faults. Along with unnecessary punctuation that would not happen were this a formal forum.

    As far as the idiom “could care less”..My poor boy Duane. You cannot teach me anything about the English Language. I can assure you. You can not teach a ten year old anything looking at the feeble attempts you’ve made to correct me twice since I joined this board and each time you’ve been wrong.

    I have a few clippings for you below..remember now dear, knowledge is power. Let it never be said that you learned nothing from browsing Blogcritics..let everything you do in life be a learning experience. I have learned that you exist and I thank you for the amusement you provide especially at this time of the morning:)

    For your pleasure, Duane;…”I could care less! you might say sometime in disgust. You might just as easily have said I couldn’t care less and meant the same thing! How can this be? When taken literally, the phrase I could care less means “I care more than I might,” rather than “I don’t care at all.” But the beauty of sarcasm is that it can turn meanings on their head, thus allowing could care less to work as an equivalent for couldn’t care less. Because of its sarcasm, could care less is more informal than its negative counterpart and may be open to misinterpretation when used in writing. Indeed. Duane has misinterpreted my meaning but this will show you, that they CAN and ARE used as equivalents ofcourse only by people smart enough in the English language to understand negative polarity and not need every thing spelled out in as simple a term as possible before they know if it is correct or not.

    It’s a case of a positive and a negative meaning the same thing. . A negative polarity is an item, a phrase that is ordinarily used only within the scope of semantic negation of some kind (not, never, only, rarely, few, etc.). Hence the perceived strangeness of They could give a damn, which has no overt negative, but means the same thing as the same phrase with a negative. I.e, the business manager was saying that his members couldn’t give a damn.

    These are clips from different books/authors and ofcourse, I have added my comments in b/w. I think class is over. Let this be the last time. If you so love sarcasm and would love to apply it, be sure that what you are saying is right. If you had mentioned this innocently I would have kindly pointed out the error of your ways. You tried for sarcasm and there is nothing more pitiful than sarcasm from a person who ends up at the end of it being the laughing stock because his sarcasm was based on wrong grounds.

  • Sandra Smallson

    With regards to your comments on Britney and other media darlings, they are your opinion. Opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one. Clearly from our interaction since I joined Blog, we are in no doubt that your opinion is not one I hold highly. Hence, I shan’t even try to debate the Britney/media darlings matter further. Enjoy!

  • duane

    Very nice, Sandra. You never fail to not disappoint. I would love to see the clippings. How do I access them? Your theory that “I could care less” is a sarcastic form of “I couldn’t care less” is quite amusing. Nice try!

    Regarding your post #28, well, of course I’m stating my opinion, as are you. But when you use the old “opinions are like ass holes” (sic), then you’re attempting to undermine the main purpose of Blogcritics. You know, Sandra, it wouldn’t hurt you if you were to concede a point once in awhile. We’ll still hold you in high esteem. You should care less if you lose an argument once in awhile. Besides, life is for learning.

  • Eric Olsen

    “Shitwhistle”: I like that. Conceding minor points is an old debate trick that everyone should try. No matter how you look at it, “their” is spelled “their.”

    That said, Sandra’s strange combination of erudition, populist taste, indignation, voluminous explication and willful solecism CAN make for compelling reading!

  • May I step up and nominate Sandra for becoming a Blogcritic herself? I can’t say I agree with her all the time, or even much of it, as is made obvious by the above, but she’s got a strong will and a very strong opinion. I can’t think of someone else besides BRICKLAYER who really needs to be a part of Blogcritics. I sincerely mean that. She’s certainly made things interesting and intriguing and discussions have been much more lively for her presence since stopping by here recently. Sandra, you should really get in touch with Eric about making your status here official. Anyone else with me on this?

  • Eric Olsen

    Clearly, but she seems to come sans-blog.