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Living on a Treadmill

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When getting ready to leave work one day, I walked into a hallway that was filled with white smoke. There were two administrators in the hallway, talking to each other about the smoke, visibly tense. They were engaged in an idle conversation about the smoke in the air, while doing nothing about it!
Their conversation can be summed up as the following:

  • There is smoke everywhere! Do you think its a fire?
  • I don’t know, but there is a lot of smoke. Maybe it is a fire.
  • I don’t know… maybe it is not a fire.
  • But there is smoke everywhere! Do you think its a fire?

A few more people entered ran into the hallway: janitors and other administrators. They all joined in the same conversation which lasted a few minutes. They did nothing but talk about the “fire” instead of acting on it. Thankfully, it turned out to dust caused by a brick entering the vent shaft and being crushed. However, this does illustrate what happens in many of our lives.

When we have a problem, many of us tend to do the same thing mentally. We constantly express dissatisfaction with our lives, others or our country. We spend hours complaining, telling others and worrying. We think we have achieved something, when in reality, we a like a hamster in its cage, running on its wheel, thinking we are getting somewhere. We spend hours thinking about problems, and our thoughts have done nothing but travel in circles. We talk with friends about our dissatisfaction with the government, and we achieve nothing. These conversations may even repeatedly go in a circle for hours, with each person just paraphrasing the previous phrase! We hold committees and create commissions, and still achieved nothing!

We need to do something. We must get of this treadmill of life, jump off and go somewhere. We need to stop complaining that there is no one good to vote for and run for the office! We must stop taking polls about what we think and put it into action. Polls are too often skewed in order to push an idea. By taking a poll, we will have achieved nothing of value. We have to realize that we are the government and take responsibility and control already. If the people who founded our country spent their time whining instead of fighting, or taking polls about how evil colonist thought Britain was, the US would not be here right now.

Vote! It is our duty to vote for someone to represent us. If we believe there are no good candidates, we need to run for that office. It is our duty. These are our rights; they are our responsibilities. The only reason we have these rights is because we govern ourselves. We whine about leaders taking our rights away, but fail to realize, if we did what we were supposed to, he can’t.

We need to call our representatives. We need to tell them what to do! They exist to represent us, not push their agenda on us.

We need to take action. We need to stop running in circles, hugging safety blankies, and fight.

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