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Livestrong bracelet – now being sold on eBay for serious profit

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Last week’s Wall Street Journal article by Jessica Mintz noted that over 8 million yellow bracelets have been sold, each contributing $1 for cancer research.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation is facing a million back orders.

And now there’s eBay, as always, to sell you what you want when you can’t get it anywhere else.

Over 1,000 bracelets have been sold thus far on eBay, at prices ranging up to $10 apiece.

There’s no rule against reselling bracelets for a profit.

However, the foundation is dismayed that its suddenly chic wares have cropped up on eBay.

A spokeswoman said some of the sales are “just pure capitalism.”

OK. And her point?

I mean, so what?

$1 went to cancer research – by default – when the bracelet was originally sold.

Getting bent out of shape because somebody does something you don’t like with what they’ve bought is ridiculous.

The best definition of ownership I’ve ever seen is, “You own something only when you’re free to sell it.”

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  • paul

    Bravo Matt DeCanio, about the only person on this entire thing that isnt blinded by the lies that are Live Strong.

  • $1 does not go to cancer research! Only 4.5% of the $325,000,000 raised has gone to research in fact. Then split again into “the issues of survivorship” and “the basic clinical science of testicular cancer”. Lance Armstrong is not curing cancer, he is fighting cancer. Odd considering he is a warrior for cancer. Then it is important to understand that his sponsors in the past have been the drug companies that sell cancer medicines! If there is a cure they do not make any money. Some argue LAF is for survivorship programs and not to cure cancer. That is for the American Cancer Society. Well I researched them and they only give 26% to finding a cure or %90M. LAF has the ability to give $150M to a cure, $150 to survivorship, and $14 to their “issues of survivorship”, and still have $10M to give to another future program.

    I think we deserve and answer from Lance why only 4.5% goes to cancer research for a cure if you can even call it that?

    LIVESTRONG and the cancer community are being used to sell Nike, clothing, Giro, Oakley, and Trek bicycles etc. I think the cancer community needs to know why with all of that funding why 4.5% goes to cancer research?

    It is outrageous

  • Anon


  • by bilal ashraf

  • its brougth you by bilal ashraf

  • vistor

    where do youu get the bracelet I really want 0ne

  • Visitor

    This is what the LAF says about resale:

    Q: Can I resell LIVESTRONG™ yellow wristbands?

    A: LIVESTRONG™ wristbands may NOT be resold. They are not packaged for resale. There are significant state fundraising registration laws and tax and non-profit accounting issues that prevent their legal re-sell.

    Q: I have seen them priced from $1 on up – how much are they?

    A: LIVESTRONG™ wristbands sell for $1 plus sales tax. Sales tax must be charged and collected by local governments because the wristband is classified as merchandise. Official retailers of Live Strong™ wristbands may sell wristbands for $1 ONLY and not in combination with any other store promotion or policy. Abuse of this policy should be reported to the LAF.

    It is NOT legal to resell the bracelets, so those who do so prove they are only looking for a quick way to make money, just like drug dealers or politicians.

  • Kathleen

    Okay… I am 15 years old and I have been looking everywhere for a liveSTRONG bracelet and when i looked online it sent me to the eBAY website and i was thinking about having my mom get one there for me because I wanted to support the cause, but i just wanted to say thank you to all for posting these comments to make me aware that the sellers are NOT helping the LAF, but themselves. Also if u know of anywhere that I can get a LiveSTRONG bracelet sooner than taking weeks please let me know.

  • weird al

    Has anyone been to ebay lately? There are a lot more disturbing things going on than this. How about people selling themselves off for marriage? Not to mention a lot of “adult” selections. Ebay has always been known for oddities. Now if you’re upset with the way things are going. Do something about it!!!! Buy a bunch of bracelets and sell them on ebay and donate all your profits to cancer research. Get back at all those people that are using it to make money. If it bothers you than go out there and make a difference. You can sell it for cheaper than the others and drive them out of business.

  • Fan

    it’s simple econ 101

    simply put: law of supply and demand
    The demand is high and supply is short so price goes up. That’s all it is. If the cancer foundation don’t like seeing individual sellers profit by selling on ebay, there are two options. Increase production or increase price. Wouldn’t it be great if $2 from every bracelet gets donated? I think people should quit complaining because it is just a law of economics at play. Just like any other law of the universe. I don’t see anyone complaining about the 1st law of thermodynamics. When was the last time you saw a person being frustrated at matter that wouldn’t go away? There’s conservation of matter just like there’s the law of supply and demand so just live with it.

  • Brooks

    The purpose of these bracelets is to raise money for people that are dying from a disease not to make a profit. Why would you want to make a profit on something that is trying to help people anyway? Is this really what people are like now adays? its wrong

  • Jon

    Anyone reselling a bracelet will incur additional cost of processing and shipping.
    This is an old law of economics being applied. Supply and Demand, besides if LAF had them all in stock they never would have wound up on ebay and generated the buzz that they did. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and I guess a Livestrong on the hand is worth 10 bucks on ebay, or a buck in 6 months.
    Either way the LAF is getting the dollar that they originally wanted for Cancer research.
    I guess our own Kellam High here in Virginia Beach wanted to create even more buzz by disqualifying cross country runners for wearing them. That is as ridiculous as the NFL telling Jake Plummer he cannot wear Pat Tillman’s number on his helmet after they made everyone wear it the first week.

  • I don’t see what the problem is with people selling on eBay, if it’s legal. LAF still gets their $1 and the message is sent farther and wider. I blame the people buying them off eBay more than the sellers. If people are too lazy to google “livestrong” and see that they can get them for $1 from LAF, that’s their ignorance.

    I am a supporter of ACS and Relay For Life and have used eBay to raise money for my cause. Any of these sellers could say they are giving $5 or 50% or something to LAF for each sale, but then it is left to their conscience. If I sell something on eBay to raise money for ACS, I have them make a check out to ACS and send me a separate one for shipping costs. And not $5.99 when it costs under $2 to ship. eBay is not unlike a big flea market. No one has to bid. They make that choice. The sellers know that if they don’t offer what’s hot, someone else will.

  • Here are the names and addresses of two of the worst offenders (Bestdeals123 and laurenaephi). I guess if there is nothing morally or legally wrong with selling these bracelets, then they will not mind their information being published here.

    Sorial, Ehab
    102 -10 66 Rd
    FOREST HILLS, NY 11375
    email: esorial@bofasecurities.com

    Kowitt, Lauren
    3705 SW 27 St

  • jason langston

    Do Not buy LiveSTRONG Bracelet off Ebay

    Please, please, please, read the letter below and forward it to everyone you know.

    My name is Jason Langston and I am a proud supporter of the LAF (Lance Armstrong Foundation) but I am not affiliated with them. I truly believe in what Lance Armstrong is doing and tried to support the best I could. Months ago before the explosion of the LiveSTRONG bracelet took off I purchased my ten pack. I gave a couple to family members and friends, kept a couple for myself in case mine broke and then sold the remaining to members of The Hammerhead Racing Team (Triathlon) here in Jacksonville Florida for the purchased price of one dollar each. Then the money was donated to a local charity we (our Tri team) supports. Needless to say when I found out what I am going to share with you later on in this letter I was very disturbed.

    I was just searching on AOL’s search engine for a copy of the LiveSTRONG commercial (I try to collect commercials that are inspiring) that Nike produced and I ran across a Link to e-bay. Of course I was curious so I went further. I Came to find out people are selling the LiveSTRONG bracelets for an exaggerated amount and none of the funds are going to the LAF. (Just go and see for yourself, I am not giving the link out though) This is very disturbing since the whole premise was not to sell the bracelets but as I see it was more of a gift from the foundation for you as the supporter in donating what ever funds you did to the LAF. Maybe I am looking at it wrong but that is how I see it. I know everyone wants the bracelet and wants to support the foundation but please wait till you can buy them from your local bike shop or off of the LAF web site, which I add a link to below. They might be backordered but just be patient. There is no need to line someone else’s pockets with money when the LAF really needs the money more.

    What I am asking is that you please forward this, like so many other forwards, to as many people as you may. Maybe we can get the word out that Charity should not be profited off of.

    Feel free to add what ever you may, (your stories, how the foundation helped you, how the LiveSTRONG motto has pushed you to new heights) to the bottom of this forward. Maybe the greedy ones will listen if it is not just me asking them to stop the sell of charity items.

    Thank you so very much,

    Jason Langston


    I am a supporter also:

  • MJR

    I think the resale is horrible. The point of the bracelets is twofold. 1) raise money; 2) raise awareness.

    Mission 1 is accomplished with the original sale. However, buying them in bulk to resell them frustrates mission 2.

    Additionally, the resellers are not obeying the law. These are licensed products that may only be sold retail by those authorized to do so. So, if you bought one and sold one, yes, that would be legal. Buying in bulk and becoming a retailer is NOT legal.

    On an ethical level, those reselling are the lowest form of life. The LAF could sell these for $10, $100 each. I would have paid that if I knew every dollar was going to cancer research, and not to some lowlife profiteering from the campaign. The reason they are only a buck is to get them distributed far and wide.

    I have already called Ebay and Paypal to complain, and encourage anyone who reads this to do the same. These items should be taken off Ebay, and Paypal shouldnt be making a cut from these illegal and unethical sales.

  • Z-fense

    It is fantastic that the bracelets are selling on ebay, no matter what the price. My only regret is that I did not buy a hundred of them earlier this summer. Maybe they should make the bracelets a bit different this time around, that way people could donate again in order to get a different bracelet.

  • zatar

    A dollar bill doesn’t lose it’s value because it’s been in one transaction. Since the “value” of the bracelets has become inflated, perhaps Livestrong can make lemonaide from the lemons? Band “resellers” could voluntarially donate ANOTHER dollar (or 5!) to Livestrong for the extra transaction. They could advertise that they are donating MORE money to Livestrong (and make a couple bucks for themselves, why not?). Maybe you could even have a bracelet “pedigree” where the first wearer was a celebrity, the next a cancer survivor, the next a family member… Too bad the things aren’t numbered. Each transaction could generate funds for LiveStrong. Just an idea… BTW, I’m a cancer survivor and am wearing my bracelet right now. It is a great program/fundraiser.

  • Beverly

    I lost my father to cancer and I am waiting for my bracelets (10 pack for family & friends) that I ordered directly from LAF. In the meantime, I am wearing one a friend lent me that he got at a cancer charity event. I am disappointed that people are selling them on Ebay. No, I’m not against free enterprise, but I feel that there are fine lines that people should not cross and this is one of them. Shame on the sellers AND the buyers. They have forgotten what the bracelet stands for in the first place.

  • ted

    dugco, actually the final purchaser is the donor. $1 of their payment went to cancer research and the rest went to the transfer cost (shipping, advertising, vendor profit).

    The fact that these things were being sold on e-bay generated additional press, this actually helped the charity reach it’s goal.

  • dugco

    bookofjoe, you could not have missed the point further if you tried. “$1 went to cancer research – by default – when the bracelet was originally sold.” Sure, but Timmy who purchased his bracelet at e-bay has done nothing to forward the intended cause – cancer research, while Sally who purchased at LAF has the satisfaction of knowing she is contributing to a worthy cause. It is just another window into the symbolism over substance lifestyle that we all love so dearly. I look forward to receiving my livestrong bracelets in…. 6-8 months 🙂

  • I couldn’t find one of these wristbands otherwise, and purchased one myself on eBay. I guess the Livestrong foundation can’t be blamed–who knew there’d be such incredible demand for a piece of stamped rubber?