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Live: Tom Vek

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Newcastle Global
Tuesday February 15

From Gay Day to Bloc Party a band’s name and their coolness are intrinsically linked. Things don’t bode well then for Newcastle’s Greenspace, owners of possibly the dullest name in showbiz. Thankfully the theory goes out the window immediately. Rather than the lumpen indie plod you might have expected, Greenspace deliver a jaw dropping amalgam of lush My Bloody Valentine instrumentation, Godspeed! intensity and husky PJ meets Mazzy Star vocals. Call Deed Poll quick.

Fans Of Kate buoy our confidence by being just as badly thought out as their name. They play stale glam-tinged rock, knocked out by a bunch of Channel 4 haircuts. Some sections of the audience dutifully headnodding but they’re either drunk or clinically insane. Fans Of Kate: more Hudson than Hepburn then lads?

The floppy foppish fringe and baggy pants might suggest Loser-era Hansen but Tom Vek determinedly sounds like The Fall covering Talking Heads. In a good way. ‘C-C (You Set The Fire In Me)’ is a prime slab of swaggering drone rock, while ‘If You Want’ is deliciously hypnotic and atonal. Despite the name, Tom Vek is neither the new Beck or a Polish folk singer. Luckily he’s cooler than both.

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