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Live Review: The Black Crowes at Madison Square Garden

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Black Crowes

Lickin’ Lyrics

Your eyes they look like two bullet holes
And you don’t ever say “maybe”
You knock me out with the way you talk
I like the way you say “baby”
You want a mouthful of scorpio
Yeah, but my poison be tasty
You bite my finger and say “control”
You won’t let me be lazy

Night and day like a mule I’m kickin’

Girl you gonna catch a lickin’ yeah
(catch a lickin’)
Night and day like a mule I’m kickin’
Girl you gonna catch a lickin’ yeah

Imagine this, spending New Year’s Eve in Madison Square Garden with 10,000 of your closest friends. On stage is the band that was once thought to be the modern Led Zeppelin and they are rocking up a storm.You are enjoying an open bar all night with roving champagne and beer waiters. There is dancing but it is somewhat limited your own personal space and the space of the person next to you should they care to join in.

Does that sound like a fantasy? Maybe but that was how it was last night when I went to see the Black Crowes. The Crowes rocked the Garden plain and simple. The Robinson Brothers and the rest of the band have lost nothing during their breakup as a band. If anything I thought they were more focused and enjoying their performance more than they used to in the height of their glory days.

Image Source blackcrowes.net

The picture above is a good representation of what last night’s performance looked like. The many lighted candelabras were there, etc.. They performed all their classics flawlessly and the audience reacted. Nearly everyone was on their feet for the whole concert swaying in place or dancing in the limited space alotted to them between the rows of chairs or in the aisles.

Image Source ticketvision.com

The beer and champagne was flowing and it was a really, really great way to welcome in a New Year. At midnight the band invited their two opening acts on stage along with some fans. They turned up the lights and sang; “May the Circle Be Unbroken”. The entire audience joined in. It was the best New Years’ party that I have been to in a long time. I made some new friends and found the magic of the Black Crowes all over again.

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About Mike Johnston

  • uao

    Heya enki, sweet review. I’ve always dug Black Crowes back in the day, and regretted their split.

    I never thought of them as the modern Led Zeppelin though; more like the Gen-X Allman Brothers, or the southern jamband version of grunge.

    But hell, I’m happy to hear they rocked Madison Square, of all places. Some people don’t dig their personalities (I separate all that from the music anyway), some call them “major label indie” and mean it in a nasty way.

    They gave me a lot of happy times in the 90’s. Glad to see them back.

  • Some people made the Led Zep comparison when Jimmy Page played with them and they were real popular and doing thir own thing sorta with music. If you click on the led zep link above it takes you to a story on page playing with The Crowes.

  • uao

    But you’d have to admit, they’re also largely a Southern hard rock jamband, in tradition and style. But OK, there’s some Zep in them too.

    Anyway, glad the show was a success.

  • oh no doubt, I was just elaborating on where my zep reference came from not disputing your other statements