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Live review: Suffrajets

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The Underworld
30 September 2005

Having seen the ladies before at their storming gig opening for the piss-poor Towers of London, I was interested in seeing The Suffrajets headline a gig. My conclusion after seeing the gig was that they are really not ready to headline. Their set, though admittedly fairly well received by the hammered, mostly male, audience, was lackluster and lacked the edginess of their previous visit. There was something missing from the night; they might have been tired from their tour, or frustrated with the frankly piss-poor sound. It did not help that the bands that opened for the Suffrajets were poor over all and made the evening seem longer than necessary. My companion for the evening commented they sounded like a band on the verge of a break-up (he had never seen them before). However, that said, the band can deliver live, so I will give ’em the benefit of the doubt. Check out their latest single and thank your lucky stars you weren’t at this gig. I think you chalk this one down to shit happens.

Rating: 2.5/5

NB: There was a mix-up on the guest-list and I didn’t get in free; so I paid for the gig. In an impressive move their record company re-imbursed me for the cotst of out two tickets.

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