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Live Review: Josh T Pearson

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Newcastle Cumberland Arms

Josh T Pearson, gangly ZZ Top-bearded Texan and former Lift To Experience frontman, sits hunched contemplatively over his electro-acoustic guitar. Boasting no more props than a large scotch at his side and a slew of cheap drummer jokes delivered in a cynical laboured drawl, Pearson stomps his way through a set of dark brooding songs with religious undertones. That Josh had a notoriously difficult relationship with his straight-edge preacher man father explains much – it’s little coincidence that he twists it through a whisky glass darkly into a hard drinking Nick Cave-esque sin and redemption trip. It’s all set to a glorious hybrid country racket that bleeds into cacophonic post-rock noise, Pearson stamping out the beat with the heal of his cowboy boot as if riven with convulsions. A near religious experience, just don’t tell Josh.

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  • If his beard is too long it would get tangled in the strings of the electroacoustic guitar. He would be unable to play Time Cube songs.

  • Thanks for the kind words Jonathan. And, you’re right, that beard is of ridiculous proportions!

  • I saw Josh in Manchester back last September, and your review describes the experience perfectly. Has he still not had a trim on that beard though?! It was enormous when I saw him – to such an extent that some chavs who where there (presumably for the post-gig naff disco) took to singing “Gillette, the best a man can get” in between every song. 😉