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Live Review: Be Your Own Pet

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Newcastle Academy 2
Saturday 22nd October

It all goes wrong right from the start. Before they even play a note Nashville’s new hope, Be Your Own Pet, have already lost their bassist somewhere in the venue. He may be flogging T-shirts, but the rest of the band are onstage baying for his blood. Then, just as they’re revving up, bassist located, crowd salivating, their guitar blows up and a painful five to ten minutes follows, during which they search for a spare fuse. By this time some heckling wanker in the audience has decided to take the opportunity to piss the band off using ill-conceived and barely comprehensible insults. Only one and a half songs in and Newcastle can already feel the hottest ticket right now slipping through their fingers in a shambles of amateurism, bad temper and recriminations.

Luckily, guitar fixed, the rest of the gig goes relatively smoothly. Bristling with youthful exuberance (if BYOP were a porn mag, they’d be Barely Legal), anger and teenage stroppiness BYOP are a dynamo of reheated Stooges rawk and Riot Grrl vitriol, intent on aping, if not bettering, their idols. Drummer Jamin wants to be Mo Tucker, Jonas (guitar) some lank haired cock rocker, Nathan on bass is the school geek doing his best gonzoid Strokes impression, while singer Jemina is an obvious mix of Parallel Lines-era Debbie Harry’s gawky sexual allure and Courtney Love’s tousled bile.

Possibly a little short on songs – most follow the same loud, brash but eminently loveable shouty punk vein – but big on attitood, BYOP are here to stay. Next time, though, they might want to Bring Their Own Parts.

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  • trevor

    You got a picture of one EP, the Rough Trade release. They’ve got about 5 other things, including vinyl, for sale at http://www.infinitycat.com. They kick ass.