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Live Review: Albert Cummings

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Artist: Albert Cummings
Venue: Midnight Blues, Auburn, Maine
When: 25-Apr-05

Quick! Hand me a fire extinguisher that Fender is on fire! Or at least it was smoldering after a 20-minute cover of Voodoo Chile! But, that is closer to the end of a three-hour blistering show.

Albert Cummings was recommended by many other blues fans as a must see, hard rockin’ blues jammer. They were not kidding! Due to scheduling conflicts (mine) I was not able to get to a show closer to home, and there were many. I had to drive to Auburn, ME to see this power trio.

ACB performed a great mix from his three albums. “Where Did I Go Wrong?” and the title track from his first album, The Long Way. “Tell It Like It is”, “I’ve Got Feelings, Too” and the encore, “Regular Man” all from his second album, From the Heart. From his third release, True To Yourself they performed “Man On Your Mind” and with audience participation, “Blues Makes Me Feel So Good.” Albert’s vocals are bold and throaty to at times being lightly gritty. A great addition to some serious axe grinding. Albert started his music career late, following the family trade of construction instead. I noticed that ACB tour schedule has been getting an abounding amount of dates this year.

Albert Cummings swaps between two Fender Stratocasters. Albert uses a Fender Vibro King Amp. A Vox Wah-Wah, an Ibanez Tube Screamer, TS9 model. Holy Grail reverb pedal, a Boss Delay and a Klon Centaur. Dunlop signature picks. Albert currently endorses GHS Strings and Double Trouble Guitar Straps.

Dan Broad uses Fender Precision Basses. Ampeg Amps, Bag End speakers: 15” and two 10”. Dan also endorses GHS Strings and Double Trouble Guitar Straps.

Josh Bloomfield uses PDP drums, a 22” kick, 5-1/2” x 14” snare, 12” high top and a 14” low top. Remo Ambassador coated skins. Josh uses Zildjian cymbals, an 18” Light Jazz Ride, 14” high and two 16” A Custom Crash. DW Hardware and Zildjian Vibe-less sticks.

Midnight Blues is a very easy find at the corner of Court and Main Streets. Parking can be found about half a block away. If you go to the front door, Jake and Elwood Blues will greet you. Well, statue replica’s of them! Very cool! Entering through the side door, the bar will be on the left side with approximately twelve stools. On the right and towards the front, tall bar tables and stools border the perimeter of the room in front of large windows, with curtains on the lower half. Blue rope lights trim the rim of the windows. The stage is in the front left, kiddy corner, dubbed the “Albert Cummings stage.” (Inside carpenter joke) A small dance floor in front of the stage, with approx. ten standard sized tables between that and the bar tables. Total seating is about 80-100.
Randomly placed wind instruments and autographed guitars are above the windows. One large screen TV at the end of the bar and a projection TV near the stage. Great food with great prices and all items in the menu are named after a blues legend! In the basement, there is also a club called The Cellar Door with a capacity of 100.

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