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Live Chat: House, M.D. – Monday, January 23 at 9:00 PM ET

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It’s great to have House, M.D. back on the air after such a long hiatus. It will be wonderful to see the cranky doc (Hugh Laurie) and the rest of the gang back in Princeton-Plainsboro working their diagnostic derring-do. Remember, House is now on at a new time: 8:00 p.m. ET on FOX, so make sure you don’t miss Monday’s episode by tuning in an hour late!

In honor of the show’s return to new episodes, Blogcritics is hosting a Live Chat following the East Coast airing. All you have to do is stop by right here after the show airs Monday night and join in on the conversation. It’s possible that we may be joined by a special guest, so you don’t want to miss a minute!

In “Better Half” an Alzheimer’s patient begins to exhibit unusual symptoms that lead them to explore the patient’s marital situation. The case raises some interesting moral issues about the nature of relationships in the face of serious illness, causing conflict between Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Adams (Odette Annable). The episode also provides for some interesting moments between House (Laurie) and Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), according to writer Kath Lingenfelter, with whom I spoke earlier this week.

Here’s a little tease of, so close your eyes, spoilerphobes!

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  • Anonymous

    If i put any serious value to the messages House delivers i would have stopped watching the show with this episode, but luckily enough the program runs on a network which is well known to propagate absurd propaganda to all who want to listen. I am more ashamed that the writer/actors would stand for this.
    Asexuals are at the same point homosexuals were for x amount of years. There is alot of stigma attached to telling your closest that you will never start a family with children. Luckliy enough we live in a time where others groups have broken the barriers, though they have all done it within the category of sexuality, the category of asexuality has never reached any recognition as “it is” in human nature to reproduce. Idealogical its easy to defend why you wont reproduce. As a physical person its harder, maybe its natures response to the world being overpopulated, maybe its a weak set of chromosomes, maybe its something that has occured in all times, though that 1% never has gotten the recognition because of how small group it is and how not reproducing effects the bonding social capital of a the group. Either way alot of people doubt even the notion that asexuality exists – and an episode of a popular tv-show conclusively supporting that is not good.

    On the other hand it’s made by a network who is connected to the power elite and thus they most likely want their little cattle breeding, cant have people reason over if its actually bad to reproduce – it could effect the system!

    I am an (fully healthy attractive to those who might shelter ignorant ideas) asexual who used to enjoy the battle between Wilson and House with the underlying concept of the empathic & nihilistic perspective of the world.
    The philosophical reason for watching the show is however now all but gone. This was an excellent and quite clear opportunity to create such a battle and by doing so create more material for the show in a way that was in accordance to previously aired seasons (not doing so would mean neglecting to create profit for the benefit of the message). By stepping over the tipping point by making the choice to program people over the alternative to maximize the shows profit (gaining public attention by unconventional and raw opinions, all exposure is good exposure) they’ve signed the end date of the show in the not to far future.

    With this it lost alot of its appeal (obv.) to me, how are they supposed to upkeep the depth of the show if they remove layers of the struggle between the characters on behalf of sending messages.

    Are they all going to sing christmas carols at xmas or celebrate hanukkah together to give us a clear picture of what religion we shouldnt believe in?
    Or maybe they should debate the deathpenalty without actually going into the problem with the government deciding life and death and with the ease someone can get framed today.

    I hope I’ve illustrated how this had a negative effect on my relation towards the show in two ways, not just one.

  • Action Kate

    Sarah: Wilson does accept that Aces have a perfectly valid orientation, and defended it to House with exactly your comment: it’s like telling a gay person he’s actually straight.

    House’s issue is not sexuality, but lying to oneself about it. If he had a patient who was trying desperately to satisfy his partner but was miserable about it, and discovered that the patient was actually asexual, he’d probably be fine with it.

    House is about truth. In this case, the couple were not Aces. He was genuinely ailing, and she was pretending. House gave them the truth.

  • rjw

    Missed the chat,but not the episode.Nice writing by Kath Lingenfelter.My oldest brother passed away from an Alzheimer’s type illness,and I really felt for his wife.It was physically difficult,and I’m sure that it was even worse psychologically.I could truly relate to the story.Really enjoyed the Portuguese translation scene,as well as the scene with House/Wilson and the man who came to remove the ankle monitor.

  • Igor

    Pretty ordinary.

    What stands out for me is that once again a patient had been poisoned by his environment. I wonder why doctors don’t examine a patients environment more closely (I suppose that it’s too time consuming), and I’m alarmed that we permit so many poisons into our lives. It seems to me that we need tighter government control over household poisons, and we need greater awareness among citizens.

  • housefriend

    I have to rewatch episode,But I did feel something missing in the House-Wilson scenes.Since Spin its been obvious to me that Wilsons “someone” was House and the entire series pointed to a more than friends relationship.Its the real love story on the show,Too much evidence to list here but did not get that same feeling last night and writer said the episode would tug at heartstrings?

  • Sarah Sinnaeve

    This episode was the most disappointing episode I had ever seen out of this series. I felt like crying. I was so excited to see the asexual community get some visibility IT hurt to see the way this was handled. This was like telling Gays that they’re just confused or people who believe in god that they have an imaginary friend in the sky. What kind of message is this going to send to all the questioning Aces out there in the world?

  • Thanks everyone for stopping by. We had more than 100 fans participate in this evening’s festivities

  • Visitkarte

    To the “asexual comunity”:

    House cured one guy who thought he was asexual, but in fact he had a medical condition suppressing his libido. It’s like curing high blood pressure caused by bad blood vessels leading to the kidneys. It happens, and it’s the minority of the cases. BTW, what did you expect him to think? He has such a sexual fixation, he can’t possibly think this was healthy lifestyle. Everyone has his own bias.

  • Enjoyable episode and a great chat after!

  • Visitkarte

    I feel somehow sad. It was beautiful, but it left me sad behind. Sentimental.

    Thank you, Kath Lingenfelter, for this piece of beauty. To say something essential I’ll need more time.

  • sara

    Your favorite line was the birds=butt=banner
    Right? Stathies

  • I’ll be with you and other devoted fans of this wonderful, strange and always surprising show. Eager to find out what is in store. Hate the way we have to wait and wait for more shows after Xmas. I wish they’d do an Xmas/Chanukah show… Anyway, I’m eager to find out all I can! Thanks,Barbara, for caring about House freaks.

  • J

    Can’t wait!!!!