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Live Baseball Game Played On X-Box Rejected

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About a week ago, the Independent Northern League decided that as a promotion, one of the league’s games would be played by two video game players on an X-Box to determine the first two innings of the game. The Kansas City T-Bones and Schamburg Flyers would face the first two innings of the July 16 game on the park’s 16 by 24-foot video screen. Original news here.

Well, the league decided that this was dumb, and no kidding. I’m surprised this was even offered as an idea for a real game to be played in some part on a video game console.

Although, baseball and other sports have lost popularity in favor of video game consoles like the X-Box, PS2, Gamecube and Gameboy, it doesn’t do professional sports any favors to highlight the video games’ popularity as a REAL substitute.

“The idea originally came from the 6-year-old niece of Bryan Williams, director of community relations for the T-Bones.” I can’t knock off a little girl’s imagination, but this is stupid.

The promotion instead changes to having the 9th inning replayed after the real game has finished. It’s something, but who’s going to watch two kids play video game baseball when the men have already finished played professional baseball?

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  • The only suspect part about this was that the two players would both be fans of Kansas City. I don’t think the other team would be akin to a 30-0 walloping come the 3rd inning.

    In general, this was really a great idea. Independent baseball is known for amazing promotional stunts, and this was going to be a home run had it gone through.

  • Granted the Independent League does do unique stuff. I think that if pro sports want to promote itself more, it should be promoting sports games not as substitutes but compliments to them.

  • Independent pro sports can’t match up against MLB with talent. Free beach towels and bobbleheads aren’t enough.

    July 16 is an away game for the Royals. It’s a Saturday night. It’ll be a unique experience. Even if it goes horribly awry a la Disco Demolition Night people can say “I was there.”

    Tan, if you’re worried, video games replacing baseball probably won’t be a regular thing. Eddie Gaedel only happened once. That altered the game, but it’s funny as hell.

  • While it is great to listen to kids’ opinions, since parents with kids are the primary demographic of independent baseball, it would be wise of the teams to go to an elementary school before the season and have the kids suggest promotions which would be cool to them. The winning kid(s) would receive some special prize (most likely from a sponsor) and then tickets to the game + special autographs from the players.

    What do you think?