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Live: Adam Green

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[Newcastle, England] If Adam Green wants to be taken seriously as an artist, he’s got a strange way of showing it. Once better known as the Robin Hood costumed half of the sporadically brilliant but often puerile anti-folk The Moldy Peaches, Adam has been recast as an alt-loungecore crooner. Think Tony Bennett with more songs about crackhouses and cock.

Adam exudes a louche charm throughout, mic swinging and high kicking like Jim Morrison at his most Lizard King, as he judders from the deceptively poppy likes of jaunty singalong ‘Emily’ to the upbeat Dubya baiting ‘Choke On A Cock’. But it’s not all entendre, ‘Jessica’, a lush but pithy rejoinder to Ms Simpson and the vacuousness of modern celebrity, is precisely the kind of achingly bittersweet ballad you might not have expected.

He may not have left the playground shock tactics behind entirely but Adam has a sharp wit and studied tuneful knack that make him the very antithesis of the usual band of bland Cullums and Grays. For that alone Adam Green deserves your devotion.

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