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Live 8 Tickets on eBay and The Daily Music and Tech News

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Geldof speaks up against “sick profiteering” of selling Live 8 tickets on eBay. The tickets, given out to winners of a text lottery, have found their way to eBay and are selling for hundreds of pounds. In a statement Geldof said, “The People who are selling it are wretches. But far worse is the corporate culture which capitalizes on people’s misery.”

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  • on ebay.co.uk, there are tickets for live 8 currently going for more than 3 million quid. that’s 3 million quid. holy shit.

  • just slightly less than a pair of used kirsten dunst undies.

  • If I had any idea how much a quid was, I too would be outraged, Duke.

  • i think you take a dollar, multiply by 5/9 and then add 32 cents.

    or something like that.

  • I think that is how you switch Fareinheit to Celsius too! It’s a conversion chart that really keeps on giving.

  • hahah Lono, you crack me up man. an Mark, money can’t pay for such garments. only a lifetime or pious suffering and charity. both of which will probably be covered at Live 8.

  • perhaps you should convert to catholicism…and perhaps be ‘rewarded’ for your efforts.

    or something.

  • Why should the record companies be the only ones making a dime on this charity rackett (not sure how many dimes it takes to make a quid… probably a whole lot)? I know it’s to help starving kids in Africa and you got your money. What these folks do with their ducats after that is fuckall of Geldoff’s business.

  • Here is the deal, they were up to $2000 US at the time when Ebay pulled the auction down this morning. I think eBay did the right thing. I mean, hell, if the tickets are going to fetch $2000 each… lets at least get that money to the charities in question.

  • All right, so you make a good point Lono. I am only half serious in what I posted in #8. If I give the folks in question the agreed upon price I still think I should have the right to pass it on to somebody else who is willing to pay more. Live 8 got their money regardless of whether ‘I’ make more. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I just don’t like Bob Geldoff.

  • DJ Radiohead, I wasn’t posting in rebuttal to you at all. I was just trying to get better data than that Irish bastard Duke was giving us.

    it’s pretty easy to have an aversion to Geldoff… I mean, he effectively killed off Mike Hutchence didn’t he.

    But hell, if we just auctioned off soccer stadium seats (100,000 person venue, which is more common than you think) to a full Pink Floyd show… we could end third world debt right there.

    Where is Bill Graham when we need him.

  • Lono… it’s OK even if you were (but yeah, I have an inflated opinion of myself sometimes). He totally killed Michael Hutchence.

    And seriously good call on Pink Floyd and Bill Graham. A 3-hr Pink Floyd show would make enough money to have us all on easy street.

  • but the thing is, aren’t the live 8 tickets free? once you won them, wasn’t that it? or did you just win the chance to BUY them? how did this all work, anyhow?

  • The tickets were free if you won the lottery and the UK shows are the only ones you need tickets for. Given the lineup in London, I understand the desire for a little crowd contol.

    I’m right there with you on the just auctioning off tickets to Pink Floyd. It might not end poverty, but it would certainly go a long way towards building infrstructure and generating the things one needs to grow and maintain a food supply.

  • Well,

    Now you get into scalping, and the fact that Duke shoplifts and sets fires randomly. There is a way to stop scalping… the Smashing Pumpkins ran with it, Pearl Jam uses it for fan club seating, and even the benevolent Bruce Springsteen used it for prime seats on his last tour (which was about the most scalped event in history). The problem is, it is terribly laborious and cumbersome. The answer is this:

    strictly will call seating. Meaning, nobody has a ticket in hand. You show up to the show with a hard copy paper receipt of your purchase (with your name on it, most importantly) and a photo ID.

    As for the Duke, I want him hung. Ah just kidding… I am just too lazy to head over to Duke’s personal site to harass him properly.

  • bob (not Geldoff!)

    How much more hipocracy can spill from Bob Geldoff’s mouth? He filled his car at a BP garage on the way home from a “busy day capagning for the poor” & then the following day he gave the reciept to one of the charity’s accountants & told him that he wants “His” money ASAP!….Everybody else gave their time for nothing & was told that even expenses wouldn’t be refunded “as that’s another way you can contribute”..Everyone of course except him..Two Faced just doesn’t cover it !