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Liturgy is a public rite, or ritual, of worship. The Internet, now a resource for the devout as well as the spiritual seeker, offers background information on the general history of liturgy as well as the specific liturgies practiced by various religious bodies. In common usage, "liturgy" refers to an historical, traditional form of Christian worship, although other religions have liturgical practices, too.

Bosco Peters, an Anglican priest in New Zealand, offers this liturgy Web site, which has dozens of links on historical worship. Taylor Marshall, a former Episcopal priest and convert to Roman Catholicism, often addresses liturgical worship on his blog.

The editors of LiturgicalCredo.com have often argued in favor of liturgical worship on its blog and in its main articles on liturgy and the creeds.

Some works of classical music have been based on liturgical worship, including Rachmaninov's Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

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