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Listmaking: Worst Band Ever!

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Andrew has asked his readers for their nominations for Worst Band Ever.

I just know you guys and gals can come up with a definitive list.

No rules, either. Any era, any genre, even solo musicians allowed.

Feel free to rant about your choices as well.

For starters, here’s my winners:

AC/DC (Yea, they rock out. I even like a lot of their songs. But they were completely talentless. Every song has the same. )
The Eagles (sorry, I just find them insipid, bland and dull)
Fleetwood Mac (see above)
Creed (Maybe if Stapp didn’t have the Jesus Christ Pose all the time, I wouldn’t care so much as to put them on the list)
King Diamond (No presents for Christmas and One Down, One to Go notwithstanding)
Dream Theater (talented musicians? Hell, yes? Boring and pretentious? Hell, yes)
Aerosmith (I loathe Aerosmith. That is all)
Kiss (Hey, I was a member of the Kiss army. They were my first live band. I still enjoy them once in a while. But they SUCK)

I’ll probably add to this as the day goes on. All I ask is that if you nominate a band, you give a short (or long) reason why.

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  • First, my nominations:


    My Defense of some of your nominees (and I am not hardcore in these, they are more just observations):
    1 – DREAM THEATER: boring and pretentious describes a lot of bands who have ZERO musical chops.

    2 – I think it is interesting you chose some bands who have been incredibly commerically and at times critically successful over long periods of time. I am not arguing with your right to hold those opinions. I just find it interesting.

  • I can’t believe I forgot Limp Bizkit.

    And the reason there’s som many commercially successful bands on my list is it would be too easy to cop out and list bands that sucked to EVERYONE.


    AC/DC as worst band ever?

    *assuming book of comic book guy on Simpsons* WORST. POST. EVER.

    By making this assertation you have blatantly exposed yourself as someone to be shunned for their lack of taste. By using your criteria that “Every song has the same” (I think you meant every song sounds the same), you must also think the Ramones, Slayer, & Motorhead stink also. But riddle me this: Of all the countless amount of lesser bands who feebly attempt to mimic these ARTISTS, how many times have any of them been able to capture the essence? I’ll tell you: NONE!!!! People NEVER say “Hey, that band sounds exactly like AC/DC (or the Ramones. Or Motorhead. Or Slayer”! Oftene imitated, never duplicated! They are unique, and they rock, and even if you are sick of hearing their popular songs on the radio and at weddings, they are by no means anywere near the worst band ever. Besides everyone in the know knows that Insane Clown Posse is the worst band ever. Bon Scott died for your sins, and this is the thanks he gets. I have to now go and wash my eyes out with bleach to get this stench off of my retinas. Shameful.

  • Barenaked Ladies

    That is all.

  • Bob – I love Slayer. And I don’t think all their songs sound the same.

    I swear, the most humorless people in the world hang around this place.


    I apologize for all of the typos. The acidic vitriol spilling out of my fingers caused body shakes and tremors. For those about to rock, we salute you!


    I assume you were referring to me regarding the lack of humor. Pah. If this is your attempt at “humor”, I would surmise that your weekends are filled with Golden Girl marathons and Rosie O’Donnell tribute nights at your local Improv. Yeah, this was a real hoot, carrot top. And no way do you like Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • “I would surmise that your weekends are filled with Golden Girl marathons and Rosie O’Donnell tribute nights at your local Improv.”

    You have a problem with Bea Arthur??

    “And no way do you like Slayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Whatever, buddy.


    Prove it then:

    Quick, without Googling it, name your top 5 Slayer songs, your favorite Slayer song, and the name of the guitar player-not the bald one, the other guy.

    If it takes more than 60 seconds for you to respond to this, you will expose yourself as a complete fraud and poser!

    And Bea Arthur is hideous. Simply hideous. A cackling nag!!!!!!

  • JR


  • JR

    michele: I swear, the most humorless people in the world hang around this place.

    Maybe. But BRICKLAYER sure as hell isn’t one of ’em.


    Dant it! I meant favorite 5 songs, and favorite album! But it doesn’t matter, cause time has elapsed! You don’t love metal! You don’t even really like metal! You and all of your pretty little friends, running around with your fake vintage rock band t-shirts and flip flops!

  • The Knack. Period. ‘Nuff Said.

  • You can find a few of my favorite Slayer songs here.

    Other than that, I don’t have to prove myself to some jackass who thinks he’s superior to me because he likes bands I don’t. Go find another playground to kick sand in, babe.

    I could choke you with what I know about music and you don’t.



  • And yea, Bricklayer may be trying to be funny or cute or ironic or facetious or what have you, but he’s just annoying, reminds me of a 14 year old kid in a chat room.

  • HAHAHA! That’s how much YOU know. My hair smells like STRAWBERRY. LOSER!!11!!

  • Picking on the old bands when so many new ones deserve to be on this list:

    Papa Roach
    Linkin Park
    Blink 182
    Good Charlotte
    Puddle of Mudd
    etc. etc.

    All completely unoriginal rip-offs that could never attain the quality of the bands they are copying.



  • “Bon Scott died for your sins, and this is the thanks he gets.”

    Maybe the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a comment…ever.

  • And he did it without a crucifix!

  • brick!!! settle!!! breathe!!!!….

    sit back, close your eyes and think of…

    yes, that’s it….

    you knew it was coming…


    …ms. tek’s back ink



    I gotta go now, my mom needs the computer to find some vegan recipes for dinner tonight. She says I need to apologize to you…so I’m sorry. She says Metallica from the black album onwards should be on your list, but she’s a poser too! Woops, I’m sorry again.

  • Aww and just when I was starting to get attached to you.


    This is Bricklayer’s mother. I feel that you owe my son an apology. Just because he cannot spell very well and is too easily excitable, that’s no reason for you and your friends to tease him with your strawberry smelling hair, painted toe nails, and too tight vintage Motley Crue t-shirts. Surely, you know what this can do to the mind of a 14 year old boy! Other than his periodic dabblings in occultism, he is a good boy! He made a good point about the uniqueness of the band sounds that he mentioned. Even if you disagree with him, that was no reason to physically threaten him with choking! Have you ever been choked? Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you it is not a pleasurable experience. Unless you are some sicko and into that stuff! Anyway, he was a bit rude, and for this I apologize to YOU on his behalf. I have grounded him and forbid him from going to tonight’s Megadeth concert. By coincidence, Dream Theater is also on the bill. You may have been right about them. And try to take it easy on these young bucks, they are quite full of themselves at this age, and as we both know, it is oh so easy to pull the puppet strings!

  • Comment #25 deserves an Editor’s Pick recognition:)

  • I think Bricklayer needs a blog.

  • I wasn’t the one who mentioned Slayer.

    AC/DC does not suck. That’s the only band I object to in that list.

    The Doors must top this list.

    For the bands of my generation (the 90s), I’ve been thinking about this before and here’s the list I’ve come up with previously: Dave Matthews Band, OAR, Crash Test Dummies, Smashmouth, Marcy Playground, New Radicals, 311, Matchbox 20, Third Eye Blind, Hootie and the Blowfish, Better Than Ezra, Phish, Fuel, Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, Dishwalla, Candlebox, Seven Mary Three, Sponge, Toadies, Ass Ponys, Nixons, Buck Cherry and Silverchair as well. Catching a theme here? I hate wussy yuppie rock.

    If artists who are accompanied by a band are allowed, John Mayer, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Jack Johnson, Duncan Sheik, and a few others come to mind.

    If you’re talking classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Pink Floyd, Rush, ELO, Journey, Yes, REO Speedwagon, Chicago, any of that crap. Throw in the entire classic rock genre and 80s hair metal too while you’re at it.

    I thought about adding some of the rip-off poseur 4th wave punk bands that are popular now (Good Charlotte, Newfound Glory, Simple Plan, Sum 41), but they’re way, way more listenable than most of the other crap on this list. At least they’ll steal a decent riff from a far better band now and then. Really bad pop-punk is like candy that’s too sweet and lacks any flavor besides pure sugar — it’s still not as bad as rancid meat or spoiled milk.

    Close calls: Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray, Train, and Incubus. Primus and Ween are unlistenable, but at least they’re trying to be weird.

    That is all.

  • Hey, now. Leave the Toadies out of this!

    Incubus was great on the first EP and first album. Major suckage after that.

    I have never found Good Charlotte listenable at ALL. Same for New Found Glory. And it’s not that I hate the genre, I do like a lot of the pop punkish/emo bands (All American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, for example). But those guys, and Simple Plan make my skin crawl.

  • Michele, it’s hot that you’d do this list. This deserves become the most commented topic ever on BlogCritics and just might, I predict.

    I think people are so much more knowledgeable and fun when they talk about what music they hate than what music they like. The first step to being a good critic of art is to figure out what you abhor and don’t consider art in the first place.

    The only cool thing about the Toadies ever was that they did a pretty good cover version of “Where Is My Mind?” by the Pixies. Their own music wasn’t nearly as good as the records they listen to, apparently. I suppose they’re not the WORST BAND EVER if they covered a Pixies song. So on that alone, I will take them off my list, evne though “Possum Kingdom” is one truly horrendous song.

    All the poseur punk bands make my skin crawl too, especially those that dress like goth gangstas and rap in between bad riffs. But the genre of pop-punk itself limits the inherent suckiness of those bands, if that makes any sense. They have to at least find a melody here or there and the song’s over in 3 minutes tops.

    That is all.

  • Jesus, I must have bad taste, because a few of these are my favorite bands. I wont say which ones though.

  • franlyspeaking

    Sorry, the punk/emo stuff is really terrible. No bass and lots of whining voices. Half of them sound like they had a speech impediment. Really now… C’mon. Taking Back Sunday are probably the biggest whiners out there. YUK

  • Bob, stuff it. You don’t like the thread, don’t comment in it. I’ve done plenty of posts on what I LIKE. It’s somehow wrong of me to post on what I DON’T like?

    Chill out, people.

  • JR

    Bob A. Booey: I think people are so much more knowledgeable and fun when they talk about what music they hate than what music they like.

    I disagree. I think people tend to be more critical of what they don’t understand; so when they are talking about music they hate, they are probably speaking from ignorance. And ignorance isn’t fun.

    The first step to being a good critic of art is to figure out what you abhor and don’t consider art in the first place.

    But is it being a good critic of art a worthwhile achievement?

  • Being a good cultural critic is one of the highest achievements of intellect, JR. This site is called BlogCRITICS, after all.

    What, Michele? I said I like it. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I think you’re still mad at me about The Toadies.

    That is all.

  • Eric Olsen

    and here we face the age-old critical dilemma: goring oxen is a noble and worthwhile pursuit until someone gores MY FUCKING OX

    Let’s lay off and chill

  • I’m lost. Who’s angry here exactly and why? Who needs to chill besides Bricklayer’s mom?

    I think this is the most fun topic I’ve seen on here in a while.

    That is all.

  • “If you’re talking classic rock, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Pink Floyd, Rush, ELO, Journey, Yes, REO Speedwagon, Chicago, any of that crap.”

    I can’t even fathom how you could put Zeppelin and Pink Floyd in that list. I agree with alot of your other choices, but man…those two would be on my Top 10 bands of all time list.

  • Ok, ok. I’m cranky from dental work/pain. I’m not mad at anyone.

    Except the Toadies guy. He sucks.


  • Well, ideas about these things evolve. although Menudo will always be the horrid scourge of the human race, the membership is another thing that evolves, and I’m not getting paid to do this comment so I’ve no incentive to sift through their entire history and decide which individual lineup constitutes the specific worst band ever.

    HOWEVER!!!! The worst performer, band or solo, to ever walk the Earth is Michael Bolton. He is God Awful to the zillionth degree. Everything evil and ugly and soul-sucking is him. He is made of poop. Every day that I read the newspaper and his obituary isn’t in it is a disappointment.

  • janine

    I remember the first thing I ever hated was Fine Young Cannibals. I think is was in 4th grade.

    You definitiely, DEFINITIELY have to include the Doors.

    I would peorsonally say Rush, but that’s a personal thing. I can’t really listen to more than 30-45 seconds of it, but acknowledge that many smart people (no one I know, interestingly, like them).

    I too have to disagree with the anti-AC/DC comments. You’re of course entitled to your opinion, but people (both pro- and anti-AC/DC) tend to ignore how much tension they could build into a song using very few elements. There’s a certain air of expectation in the silence between the power cords that’s hard to imitate. Some sort of tautness. It can’t be notated, and I’m not sure another band made up of the most amazing musicians in the world could replicate it.

  • janine

    …and is it just me or does Derrick Whibley sound like a made up name straight out of Spinal Tap?

  • uao


    Please don’t think this is an attack on you michelle, it isn’t personal. But since you put the list up for comment, I’m gonna comment.

    I’m gonna stick up for AC/DC for the same reasons Bricklayer did: often imitated, but nobody comes close. All their songs do not sound the same. Aside from having two distinct eras with two fairly dissimilar frontmen, Angus Young’s riffs on any of their greatest hits are instantly identifiable, like a great hard rock band’s riffs should be.

    Fleetwood Mac? Come on. I assume uou mean the “pop” era Fleetwood Mac; in the Peter Green era they were one of the best blues-rock bands ever. And as a pop band, they were an excellent pop band at their peak. How many pop bands manage to incorporate the textures and nuance Fleetwood Mac did at their peak?

    Aerosmith, The Eagles, and Kiss aren’t favorites of mine, but worst ever??? Each of them have songs I’ve gotten lasting pleasure from, and each inspired other bands in their wake.

    When I think worst band, I think of stuff like Starland Vocal Band, Freddy and The Dreamers, Boyzone, Neon Philharmonic, a-ha, Bush, Staind, Good Charlotte, maybe even Black Oak Arkansas.

    Most of the ones on your list may be overrated or overplayed, or not-as-great-as-people-think. But they are more of your personal dislike list than any unobjective selection of aesthetically bad bands.

    Like I said, nothing personal. But from experience, I know that if you post a worst of list here or any other well-traveled forum, you’ll have to pack a lot of ammo to back up your picks, more than just calling some major rock acts “insipid and dull”.

  • I nominate any group that ever did a “disco” era song. Beyond the Bee Gees,I don’t think anyone remembers who they were which speaks to their talent.


  • The boy “bands” and Michael Bolton almost don’t count as bands. Too easy a target. They’re not rock bands, that’s for sure.

    Janine, you’re hot. Wanna make some babies? It’d be lots of fun. They could have great taste in music. Even the name Janine is hot 🙂

    James Avery, I include those bands gladly. How can your list of indie bands you like be so hip when you like such horrible, overrated classic dinosaur rock?

    Hope your medical/dental thing is OK, Michele.

    That is all.

  • uao

    Yer right Bob A. Booey, Bolton ond Boyzone don’t belong. I threw in Boyzone as an act of tokenism, to implicate a whole genre. But since I don’t think they actually play instruments (or do/did they? I’m so out of the Boyzone loop), I guess I can’t call them a “band”.

    Okay, replace Boyzone with any of the following:

    Orleans, Player, Buck’s Fizz, The Cowsills, Lon & Derrick Van Eaton, post-Peter Gabriel post-Tony Banks post Phil Collins Genesis, Dead Or Alive, Motley Crue, Black Widow, Bow Wow Wow, Ratt, Firefall (that is a far better pick than the Eagles), the re-formed Monkees, INXS will be once their new lead singer is elected, Stryper, and almost every hair metal band, except one or two who managed some mindlessly catchy metalgum.

    I’ll hold off on adding any more 90’s-00’s stuff because I didn’t hear enough of the really crappy stuff; I try to stay away from major-label “punk”, post-post-Grunge, CCM and CCM-crossovers, side-project indie supergroups, anything heavily promoted in mainstream media, overly foppish British stuff, anything played on a radio station beginning with Z-, and whatever is #1 on NPR.

  • Hey, Dead or Alive was good 🙂

    You Spin Me Right Round is an 80s classic. Sex Drive was an OK song too.

    That is all.

  • Joe, it would have been too easy to sit here and write a list that include Starland Vocal Band, Celine Dione, Stryper, etc.

    I find that posts are much more interesting around here if you go after sacred cows 🙂

  • uao

    Fair enough. And you can call me Joe. Just don’t call me late for supper…


  • I’m torn about bands like Bush and Staind. Bush were huge poseurs who broke in with the lyrically horrid single “Everything’s Zen” aping Nirvana the way Oasis did the Beatles. Then they aped the Pixies with “Swallowed” on their next album. Gavin is a pretty boy without much art or thought in his head, but they did stumble upon a couple of decent, if not exactly original, songs like “Glycerine” and “Swallowed.” They’re not the worst band in the world because at least they chose good influences to rip off. They’re pretty bad, though. I still remeber that bald guitarist guy.

    Staind is tough too, because while they were discovered by uber-idiot Fred Durst and associated with all the horrible rap-rock nu metal bands you list above, they’ve always struck me as somewhat better musically than those other bands. Yes, I think they need to lighten up and stop writing the same dirgey, melancholy alternative rock song over and over. But I honestly don’t think that one song is so horrible. The lead singer can really kind of sing and they play their guitars well and have some decent melodies. They’re clearly not a very smart band, but they’re an OK one.

    That is all.

  • Shark

    Shark’s Nominees:



    John Mayer

    Foghat (…uh, who?)

    Bob Dylan

  • Shark, you somehow make me love and hate your opinions at the same time 🙂

    Nirvana is one of the best and most important bands ever.

    But I’m totally with you on Dylan. Now THAT’s a sacred cow to go after.

    That is all.

  • Shark

    Booey baby: “…Nirvana is one of the best and most important bands ever…”

    …For young impressionable kids who have no other culturally significant milestones in their meaningless, short, historical knowledge-challenged, MTV-laden lives.


  • What Shark said 🙂

    I was having a discussion over at my blog this week about Seattle bands – it started out as Pearl Jam v. Nirvana, but ended up with AIC, Soundgarden, etc. involved.

    It was good to see some people agreeing with me on Nirvana just not being that great. Important? I’ll give you that. But there’s a big distinction between important and GREAT.

    Bob, I know what you mean about Bush and Staind. They are two bands I like, but I know enough to realize that they aren’t GREAT bands; Bush’s lyrics are ridiculously idiotic and Staind tends to go into whining terroritory too often, but I wouldn’t put either of them on a WORST BANDS list.

  • Surely the worst bands aren’t the sometimes overrated megastars, but the also-rans who never made it.

    Typically the barrel-scrapings of any genre that got signed just as their scene tanked and fashion moved on to something else. Think of Menswear or Warrant.

    There were some truly dire bands at the tail end of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in the early 80s. People forget that the genre which gave us Iron Maiden also produced the laughably bad Angelwitch, and the worst of the lot, Sledgehammer.

    God they were awful. Somehow this lot managed to get a record deal and release an album. It went straight into the cut-out bins.

  • Rob

    I’m reaching back a bit here on some of these, but I am getting older:

    Air Supply – Paved the way for crap like Kenny G, Whitney Houston, Celine, etc….

    Nickleback – They’ve been recycling the same song for years now and still get massive radio play (in Canada anyway). There’s also a bunch of crappy clones out there that sound the same as them.

    Poison – Boring

    Bananarama – Weak vocals and music.

    Rod Stewart(post Faces/Beck) – Good voice, s#$t music.

    Elton John – Bland.

    Phil Collins – See Elton.

  • For anyone who grew up in my generation, Nirvana changed the face of corporate rock and media in the 1990s. They were also the last great band before rock died as a genre, and Cobain’s suicide had a lot to do with speeding along its demise. I do notice that it’s hard for me to explain to anyone older than 35 or so why Nirvana was great — they tend to get distracted by the loud, grating guitars and screaming without hearing the great hooks, aggressive melodies, in-your-face lyrics, and attitude of the punk underground giving major label rock and roll its biggest, best “F.U.” ever recorded.

    I wavered about whether Nickelback was bad enough to be on here and it was close, but now that I think about it, they’re equally as bad a band as 3 Doors Down or Seven Mary Three. All those wuss rock, slightly Southern-fried bands are largely indistinguishable.

    That is all.

  • I do notice that it’s hard for me to explain to anyone older than 35 or so why Nirvana was great

    Some of us old fogies over 35 grew up on punk rock and old school heavy metal. Do you think we all listened to nothing but Starland Vocal Band and the Monkees?

  • Wow, this is a tough one to comment on. I mean, alot of stuff sux, but I can’t get around to being vengeful or hating a band or anything.

    Actually, one criteria I use is ‘are the performers cool people?’ For instance when I am promoting a band sometimes the musicianship is good and they could be rockin’, but say they are all a bunch of fucking assholes. That vibe comes across and makes them a shitty band in my book.

    If a band is giving their all from the soul, no matter if it is technically good or not, I’ll give them some merit.

    I remember here in Seattle during the pre-grunge years their was a band called Solger (occasionally Duff McKagan will wear a Solger T-shirt on TV or something). Their whole trip was to be the shittiest (sp?) band around. In their attempts to be shitty they ended up being alright.

    Anyway, such a subjective question with such a vengeful outlook. I can’t get into that. I mean, there are bands I can’t really get in to. But I just hit the delete button on my memory…


  • Do you think we all listened to nothing but Starland Vocal Band and the Monkees?

    of course we didn’t.

    sometimes we switched off to Exile or maybe even Paper Lace.

  • “And there was no sound at all, except the clock upon the wall…”

  • tell the truth michele….did you have to google those lyrics?

  • Oh hell no. “The Night Chicago Died” was a favorite. My cousins and I acted out the song (along with Billy, Don’t Be a Hero and Run, Joey, Run) on holidays to entertain the family.

  • Here Michele, I’ll take some of the heat off of you, not that you need help: I don’t hate Nickelback (nor Puddle of Mudd, except for the spelling). Agree on AC/DC, and totally understand about Dream Theater, though I happen to like them.

    Bands that make me change the radio station:
    –Pearl Jam
    –Papa Roach
    –Limp Bizkit
    –Motley Crue

  • Shark

    Booey describing SHARK’S Prehistoric Generation’s BOREDOM with Nirvana:

    “…they tend to get distracted by the loud, grating guitars and screaming without hearing the great hooks, aggressive melodies, in-your-face lyrics, and attitude of the punk underground…”




    Booey, I know this is hard to believe, but about 25 years before you had yer first orgasm dreamin’ of Kurt Cobain, I was listenin’ to LIVE AT LEEDS while on acid in the back of a 68 VW Microbus that had speakers the size of a Marshall 100 watt amp.

    Pigs were outside with billy clubs and tear gas.

    …Plainclothes FBI agents were takin’ pictures of us for their secret files.

    Seriously, man, that shit was for real.

    Our heroes wore upside-down American flags and killed themselves with massive drug overdoses.

    …Curt wore women’s sunglasses and shot himself with a fuckin’ popgun.

    …There’s no comparison.



  • Shark

    And if yall are goin’ WAY BACK, throw in:

    AMERICA (“Horse with No Name”, also a nominee for the WORST LYRICS in HISTORY)


    BLOODROCK (DOA = no shit!)

  • “Our heroes wore upside-down American flags and killed themselves with massive drug overdoses.
    …Curt wore women’s sunglasses and shot himself with a fuckin’ popgun.”

    /Copy, paste, save for future arguments

  • Eric Olsen

    I always thought that having no name wasn’t nearly as bad for a horse as having, say, no legs

  • LOL

  • You know, I see the Monkees mentioned on occasion. Actually, even though they were a prefab band, I thought they were quite good. I saw them once in about ’67 with the Spencer Davis Group, 1910 Fruitgum Co., The BoxTops, then the Monkees came out. Screaming, crying girls in mini skirts, I was 10 years old. Far out.

    Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart wrote alot of their songs. Those guys penned some nice tunes.

    But I like some of the schmaltzy lyrics people are finding. Someone left the cake out in the horse with no name…

  • Neil Diamond himself wrote a bunch of Monkees tunes, didn’t he? They’ve got some great stuff, no matter how they came together or who played their instruments.

  • Then again, mundane can be the best. Take the Statler Bros. for instance:

    Smokin’ cigarettes
    and watchin’
    Captain Kangaroo…

    Now don’t tell me
    I’ve got nothing to do

  • Sam Boogliodemus

    Yikes! Bloodrock! The DOA sirens I haven’t heard in 30 years are now stuck on continuous replay in my head. Thanks.

  • Jay Z
    Kid Rock
    Sugar Ray

    Those three top my list.

  • jason

    i love primus i can understand why you dont like them because its more of a cult following and it takes getting used too, i think bob dylan is respectable as a music although i dont really enjoy his music, also i do think nirvana is overrated while i dont hate their music, and all hair metal was not bad like van halen and spawned some excellent musicians like shawn lane who is in my opinion one of the best guitarist of all time

    but for the worst music i have to say

    -limp bisciut
    -Papa roach
    -good charlotte
    -50 cent (any rap really)
    -from first to last
    -armor for sleep
    -bassically any of this stupid emo or pop punk shit

  • jason


  • Tiger

    I disagree with Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Bob Dylan being on the worst band list. Nirvana was overrated yes, but they did came out with some great music…plus they totally changed the music industry.The band literally contribute to the death of the hair band era and changed the fashions and attitude of rockstars. Whether that is bad or good, it’s a matter of opinion. Personably, I’m glad the hair band era died off (Ironically Guns N’ Roses is my favorite band of all time haha). Anyway, how can a band that caused so much change in the music direction be cast down as one of the worst bands. As for Bob Dylan, there’s just no way(i’m not really a big fan of Bob).His lyrics and depth pretty much put him as one of the greatest artist ever. Lastly I will have to disagree with Pearl Jam being on the list because after PJ took of alot of singers imitate Eddie Vedder’s voice.If that’s not influencial I don’t know what is. I would however agree that Eddie Vedder’s voice is an acquire tasted and I will admit that it took me a long time to like Pearl Jam.Finally, my worst bands list:
    (1)Limp Bizkit
    (2)Good Charlotte (this band is just horrible!!!I’m suprise it’s not on everyone’s list)
    (3)Linkin Park (I hate rap… so sorry)
    (4)The Doors(I understand if u want to argue with this)
    (5)Puddle of Mud (Puddle of shit)
    (6) Blink 182
    (8)King Diamond
    (9) John Mayer (this guy kills me)

    I assume that when u say worst bands ever, it exclude boy bands otherwise backstreet boys and N’sync would have been on top of my worst list.

  • pappion

    Shark’s Nominees:



    John Mayer

    Foghat (…uh, who?)

    Bob Dylan

    who is this idiot, shark person, you singular have chose two of the most important musicians ever to exist. I would even go as far as to say two of the maybe 5 elite figures within music ever, cobain (nirvana) and bob dylan, shame on you and everyone in your surrounding social circle. whoever said ‘sugar ray’ well done, they are truly awful, but hands down kenny G is the most horrific person ever to arise from music, him and the infamously awful bing crosby!!!!!!

  • good charlotte is the best band in the world and your music sucks and i also listen to mest, rancid and all of the rest so this is my opinion to this crappy web site

  • i need a alarm system in my house so i know when people creepin about these people are freking me out it’s getting hectic every where that i go they wont leave me alone ther things the all want to know i’m parinoied of all the people i meet why can’t any one see I JUST WANNA LIVE DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT THE THING THEY SAY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO ME I JUST WANNA LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THERE IS THIS GOOD ENOUGH FOR U STUPID PEOPLE

  • GoHah

    it just might be any band or performer that starts with a ‘C’–I’ll have to ponder this

  • allyson

    I’m sure this goes without saying, but all of that computerized shit, ie, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, etc, makes me sick. It’s a real shame that people with zero talent can be more successful that bands with much more talent.
    Hawthorne Heights and Greely Estates, definitely top my list as well.

  • Hall and Oates
    Dave Matthews Band
    A Flock of Seagulls

  • eeek

    simple plan, and 100% of all metal core bands (when will being fake tuff stop being cool?)

  • eeek

    oh yeah, i forgot about R Kelly. seroiusly, who the fuck does he think he is with this whole “hip hopera” bull.

  • Unknown

    Anybody who says AC/DC is a choice for worst band ever, is an idiot. No worth even reading your post after that, don’t ever say AC/DC sucks, you stupid bitch.

  • diss

    i hate simple plan they are stupid little pop fads that in the end will fade in the past i also hate 30 seconds to mars that lead singer thinks hes so great since he dated lindsay slowhands i also cant stand assless simpleton (ashlee simpson)pop stars burn in your 1 hit single hell forever

  • serpico145


    REASON #1 of 666: they rhymed “up” with “up”…

  • serpico145

    good charlotte? best?, LMAO

  • bobvila=tehm4n

    Um…personally, worst ever in my opinion would have to be…

    The Doors
    Swingers of the Apocalypse (Swedish, look ’em up)
    William Hung (at least he is funny, though…)
    Motley Crue
    Microsoft Sam Band (look at acidplanet.com’s Emo charts…it is horrific 😀 )

    I also dislike Dave Matthews Band, Jack Johnson, O.A.R., and much of Led Zeppelin’s stuff.

  • andy c.

    some of you are way off.. not all though. theres alot of crap floating around here.. but the worst has got to be emo and whiny punk gothic B.S. whiney ‘kill myself’ music who dress in all black and look the same.. can’t play real music.. anyone want to argue my point??
    also.. the whole nu-metal scene is crappy too.. im also going to have to say NIRVANA sucks.. im sorry.. they may have be artistic but that still doesnt change the fact Curt Cobain couldnt play good at all… at least the dude from foo fighters could play a damn good drum set ..well.. im ready for your hate mail bring it on

  • Nirvana was a legend. In fact it got best album out of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Please, even the experts agree.

    AC/DC was an excellent band also. Yes, some of their songs did sound the same, but they were energized.

    Shark: You said you were on acid? Perhaps it’s permanently damaged your brain, because anybody who’s got a strand of sanity knows that AC/DC and Nirvana were one of the greatest bands that shaped the way we look at Grundge and Rock and Roll.
    End of story.

  • Niky

    Andy C. What music do you listen too, exactly? Teddy Bear theme song?-It seems it would fit your music taste.

  • Niky

    Bobvila: Some of Motley Crue’s songs were pretty catchy. Like “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” and “Girls, Girls, Girls”

  • Mohjho

    Hey Niky, quit messin with Teddy Bears’ Picknick.
    Prolly the best teddy bear song ever.

  • Guppusmaximus

    Top 5 ALL-TIME Hated Bands(for me)*:

    1.Dave Matthews
    2.Lynyrd Skynyrd
    3.Cold Play
    4.Allman Brothers

    *Guppusmaximus has the right to change said list without prior notice!

  • zingzing

    1)led zep, mostly for being vastly overrated and pretentious.
    2)dave matthews (and his ilk), mostly for being a softy bit of boring wasted sperm.
    3)creed, mostly for being christians who can’t make a good album cover (and for sucking).
    4)nickelback, for being totally warmed over, once refridgerated, refried hackneyed crap fish-smelling total wastes of time.
    5)about a million other bands, mostly canadian (they make some great music, but also a shit-load of horrible music) or australian (name me one great aussie band, excepting nick cave, etc. one!)

  • I’ve seen GREAT bands like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pearl Jam and Nirvana being pushed around. These are GREAT BANDS! I’d like to know what you find you so bad about these bands. And some of you (#79) say overproduced power-pop/rock in better than the musicians that created that kind of music.

    But I’m surprised no one’s listed crappy producer-driven boy bands like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. They don’t write their own musoc or play instruments! They got their reputation because naiive 8 year old girls like their music. My list:
    -Backstreet Boys (just crap)
    -Good Charlotte (more listenable to than the others)
    -Simple Plan (ditto)
    -Spice Grils
    -The Doors

  • I don’t know

    I’ve heard a lot of people slagging off the Doors. Lay off ’em, Jim Morrison was a poet, and Ray Manzarek was a f******g good keyboardist.

    IMHO the worst bands are: Van Halen, Slade, Roxy Music, and every other band linked with glam rock/metal, with the exceptions of T. Rex and Alice Cooper.

  • Michael HOYOS frm the MIA :)

    Who ever posted Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and The Eagles needs to go into a corner and just stay there. You are shunned. You are gay. LED ZEPPELIN IS THE GREATEST BAND OF ALL TIME!! Metallica is pretty cool too. I’m a 90’s kid and i live in Miami, im not some loser emo kid and i think this music is raw as hell. Furthermore, whoever said classic rock sucks is shunned too. Classic rock is awesome.


  • CESAR topeka ks

    linkin park does not suck!


    1 the white stripes
    2 Taking back sunday
    3 KISS
    4 5O CENT



  • Adam

    Rush and Black Sabbath are among my favorite bands, and I am more than willing to admit that many of their tracks sound alike. Even though Rush has experimented with many odd time-signatures and Sabbath did have a period where they were testing out synthesizers and other bizzare instruments.
    On the over all, none of you know what the Hell you are talking about. Bob Dylan was lyrically brilliant and all bands have a certain sound that you can pick up on and learn something from. Only the likes of Limp Bizkit and some very poorly done Death metal, nu metal and rap have nothing to teach us.
    When you condemn entire bands or genres, you are closing your doors, burning bridges and making your already tiny minds shrink even further.
    God I hate all of you.

  • stunned

    for commet #66

    Horse With No Name did not have the worst lyrics ever. listen to some of the new crap, Horse With no Name was a metaphor and a lt deeper than many people may think.

  • Grunge


  • no1

    comment #96- here are a couple of good australian bands like silverchair, savage garden, crowded house, grinspoon etc…well they are okay at least

    worst bands
    hawthorne heights
    spice girls
    justin timberlake
    that stupid chix group-the ones that sung don’t cha
    wow there are heaps more…i’ll leave it with those…no wait…worst band of all time BLACK EYED PEAS they piss me off so much

  • Jon

    Electric Light Orchestra. Strings in a rock band?! What an abysmal idea. I hated, hated, HATED this group. Terrible songs sung by a terrible vocalist (Jeff Lynne).

    Two groups mentioned by others:

    Kiss is a bunch of no-talents. (Note to Gene Simmons: Keep the makeup on. You’re more hideous WITHOUT it.)

    Styx songs, especially those written by Dennis DeYoung, give me ulcers. And he’s even worse(!) as a solo artist.

  • some guy

    duuuuuuuuuuu i like kiss but they suk i joined their army but i hate them. thats some of the most stupidist crap ive ever herd

  • Bo

    by far the worst band ever is…
    if you choose any other band as worse than these all stars you suck

  • fanofthefab4

    I have always totally *HATED* Led Zeppelin they are truly one of the worst bands or any “music” I have ever had the misfortune of hearing! They along with Queen and Pink Floyd are the only 3 groups that I have to get up off of my chair and turn off immediately! It’s truly mindboggling how anyone can find their mostly horrible screaming screaching noise remotely good much less great!!!!

    The Who,The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix are all a *MILLION* times better!!!! And The Beatles Are a *ZILLION* times Better!!!! Hell even Van Halen sounds much better and I’m not even a fan of theirs! And I’m not alone either I have found many people who hate Led Zeppelin and also feel they are one of the worst bands ever even some people on heavy metal sites!

  • fanofthefab4

    I didn’t meant to get more than one post on here,the screen kept telling me that ny post hadn’t posted yet! There really should be a delete button on here!

  • travis


  • bigkahuna

    I don’t think people take the time to step back and look at what music they’re criticizing. Most of the opinions I’ve read are based on A) a generation gap (see arguments for/against Nirvana and R.E.M., for/against the Doors and Bob Dylan), B) regional/social differences (I see a lot of rap and Emo bashing here, which is probably based on the style of the performers more than the music), and C) people who just want to piss other people off (see argument for Good Charlotte as “best band ever”).

    If I had to pick, I’d say that Insane Clown Posse is the worst band ever, mainly because they keep selling records despite their music sounds like, well, crap…to me, anyway. But I mean, Nirvana is the worst band ever? The Doors? Bob Dylan? No, I don’t think so. The problem is people are too closed-minded these days about the music they listen to; they listen to one kind of music, and then bash anything that isn’t like it. Broaden your horizons, people! Who says you can’t have Kurt Cobain, 50 Cent and Bob Dylan? Not to mention that taste in things like movies, music and TV are all based on your personal opinion; I think it’s impossible to truly decide who the worst band ever really is.

  • Joe

    Grateful Dead.

    Zero musical talent and equally bad songwriting/vocals. The Dead are no-talent hacks that couldn’t win a junior high school battle of the bands.

  • mizzle

    All things that unquestionably suck: any band that has a number in its name (Sum 41, Blink 182, 3 Doors Down, Maroon 5, etc.)…any band that is a geographic location…Nickelback, Creed, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue and any other corporate pop rock that pretended to be something it wasn’t.

    If you include Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Nirvana on the worst bands ever…you need to go away. Seriously, ignorance is bliss, go be happy.

  • Bub

    Any ’80s hair band. There’s a reason they looked like they did…to take your mind off their lousy musicianship. The visual spectacle was the perfect distraction from their simplistic three chord songs.

  • wheeeeeeeeeee

    Anyone who thinks that AC/DC is the worst band ever should hang themselves. I’ll buy the rope.

  • unknown

    Acdc worst band ever? who ever wrote this is an idiot. They are in like the top five best bands ever.

  • M:M:M

    worst bands:
    Mötley Crüe
    Limp Bizkit
    System of A Down
    Disturbed(all the nu-metal shit)
    Rise Against
    Nirvana(most overrated band with Led Zeppelin, but zeppelin is good)
    Burzum(and the rest of the black metal)

  • me

    Rise Against,worst band?
    it doesn’t mean that their vegans that their the worst,they actually sound good if you just listen to them and not just one song,but,I’ll agree with the rest.(Especially Limp Bizkit)

  • peter griffen

    My reasoning for worst band ever:
    In the beginning there were the beatles. We can all agree they are the greatest band ever right?
    Then there came the 2 way split. On one side Led Zeppelin, on the other the Rolling Stones.

    Led Zeppelin-Unbelievable melodies, comp[letely original, beautiful pieces. Those of you who cant stand Robert Plant, there is a scientific explanation. He along with Paul McCartney are probably the only 2 singers who could sing in microtones, and for those of you who hate the way Plant’s voice sounds, theres nothing you can do, you just have a complete lack of musical hearing thats all. I feel bad for you.

    Now take the Rolling Stones-Crapolla (Big Time), #1 not one song of thiers can be considered rock, only a strange combination of wierd sounds and a vaguely audible blues rythem. ALl their songs sound absolutely the same, them playing the weird alternative crapolla that makes absolutely no musical sense to me. Maybe it is because im classicaly trained? Secret to their sucess: the Rolling Stones crowd simply took in all the groupies who were even higher in the 70’s then the Led Zeppelin fans. Once again, anyone can hear beauty almost like Bach or Mozart in The Beatles or Led Zeppelin but face it, if you like the Rolling Stones you probably are one of the people who likes rap, hip-hop, and weird offshoot punk pands. Sorry to break it to you.

  • Josh

    I’ve got to agree with AC/DC. Probably the worst band I’ve ever heard (except maybe AC/DC rip-off band, Airbourne). Obnoxious vocals, boring over-used guitar riffs, and no quality lyrics at all.

    Other bands I’d put among the worsts: The Locust (I take back what I said earlier, The Locust is the worst band I’ve ever heard), The Ramones, Radiohead, hair-metal in general (except GnR), Blink 182, Greatful Dead/Pink Floyd, pop/boy-bands, and Relient K

    If I haven’t offended you, I’ll try harder next time 🙂

  • Chris

    Papa Roach
    Linkin Park
    Blink 182
    Good Charlotte
    Puddle of Mudd
    Limp Bizkit
    Three Days Grace
    All Suck

  • beef

    rise agianst rocks!

  • Overon

    The 95% of the comments here are the Worst Comments Ever.
    Eagles? Nirvana? AC/DC? Rolling Stones??? Pink Floyd???
    Who wants to say The Beatles???!!! ¬¬

    What is good music for you guys???

    Someone of you have ears???!!!

  • simon pegg

    i hate u all

  • Luke Jones

    Michele, I mostly agree with your list up there, except for AC/DC (I can see what you mean, but come on!). Whoever said it’s more fun when people bash sacred cows like Zeppelin (awesome but overrated) and Bob Dylan (better as a songwriter than as an actual musician in my opinion) is right, this is really fun to read!

    One of my least favourite bands is probably Radiohead. Twiddle beep squonk click. There, I have just described the average Radiohead song to you. In fact I don’t like most electronic music (except for a few like Daft Punk).

    Some other artists I don’t like are:
    Limp Bizkit
    System of a Down
    Blink 182
    Most of the same overplayed teenybopper crap on the radio today (Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers et al)

  • Trish

    My list:

    Number 1: EV-A-NESC-ENCE (hurl, THE most pretentious emo try hard goth), tied for first place with The Beatles/Wings/John Lennon)

    Number 2: Bob Dylan

    Number 3: Led Zeppellin

    Number 4: Aerosmith

    Number 5: Kiss (way overrrated)

    Number 6: Limp Bizkit (criminal rap/metal combination)

    Number 7: Nickelback

    Number 8: Korn

    Number 9: Any pussy-baring, skimpy-dressed booty-shaking whore, eg Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Britney Spears,

    Number 10: Any emo/whining/copying/pretentious rock/punk or nu-metal groups, eg My Chemical Romance, Creed, Blink 182, Sum 41, Papa Roach, THREE DAYS GRACE (I could kill those whining pussies, they seem to want to die anyway)

    Number 11: America (Horse with no Name truly awful)

    Number 12: Metallica (sellouts)

    Number 13: Motley Crue

    Number 14: Motorhead

    Number 15: Guns N Roses

    Number 16: Van Halen/ Bon Jovi

    Number 17: Those are the ones that immediately spring to mind. Oh I could go on, but those I particularly hate (the ones in the top 10 I didn’t know who to put first, maybe America and Bon Jovi should have been up there)…

  • Trish

    OMG, I FORGOT: THE WORST INSULT TO AUSTRALIAN MUSIC I’VE EVER HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO HEAR- MISSY ******* HIGGINS. THANKYOU. Prime slit-your-wrists music that is, and it all sounds the same.

  • Trish

    Grrr, plus Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and The Spice Girls, grrrr, grrrr….

  • Trish

    While we’re on Australia, how about Powderfinger and Josh Pyke, both one trick ponies. I’m not too scared to add Silverchair and AC/DC either…

  • Is there any music you do like, Trish?

  • Trish

    You did read the title of the blog, didn’t you? This site is about making lists of bands and musical acts you DONT like. Stay on the topic if you can…

  • My curiosity was piqued by the all-encompassing nature of your dislikes.

  • Trish

    All encompassing.. you gotta be kidding. my list includes only a tiny handful of the thousands of music artists that exist, and the new ones that keep cropping up all the time, mind you. you score 10/10 for stupidity, honestly. all one can do is give one’s opinion.

  • metal fan

    OMFG! u noob! there are millions of bands worse, and AD/DC is NOT a bad band. if u want a bad band look up “deerhoof”

    just a hint: if your going to make a list like that write the bad bands up. not the good ones R’tard

  • Thunderfingers

    DJRadiohead, I don’t care if you posted that comment about Dream Theater four years ago, and that may have been true then, but they have SERIOUS CHOPS. And this is proof.

    The definitive worst band ever is Half Japanese. The reason being is that they have absolutely no talent, and they acknowledge this themselves. They have great hearts and their documentary definitely shows that, but good LORD do they suck balls at music.

  • the voice of rock

    Im gonna bet DJ dumbass a million dollars (that i have form playing rock songs that he couldnt play 4 measures of any dream theater song on any instrument and I will also bet no oen he knows cn do it either. They are real WORLD class virtuosos anad are all much better tha nmozart beethoven and tchiacovsky could have ever imagined being . I am readily accessible if you are ever willing to take the bet dumbass. You probably like the band s rolling stone champions which are ALWAYSthe most talentless suck ass waste of oxygen bands ever eg nirvan grateful dead u2libertines yeah yea yeahs white stripes etc. go hte fuck home and practice whe nyou can get on stage with dt yngwie or me and not get laughed the fuck out of the venue then you can speak

  • Anon

    Guns n’ Roses is the worst band ever, they suck.
    Guns n’ Roses are even worse than Nickelback.

  • Yserod

    Motley Crue sucks, Whitesnake has always been superior

  • UpTheIrons

    ^ Agreed with THIS, Guns n’ Roses sucks balls too.



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    Nomination: this article.

    That is all.

  • j.d. norton

    trish, your list is all over the place. it makes no sense. first off, bob dylan and justin timberlake don’t belong on the same list. the fact that you cluster them, shows you know little about music. however, i totally agree with you on papa roach, limp biscuit and all of the other bad rap/metal/emo crap you listed. led zeppelin??? are you f*cking kidding me?

  • Sam Q !!!!

    Dream theater : worst band ever really !!!!!!!!!!!!!! man you need to see a doctor because either you dont know what music is or your tast of music has affected by atomic radiations because simply dream theater is one of the best bands of ALL TIME 😀