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List of the Moment: Volume No. 19

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It has just been too long, I have been too busy, the world spins too quickly, and I spin with it, but I always have a playlist while I work regardless, so it's absurd that I haven't just typed it up here. Other projects have me absurdly busy (one, a book about Lewis Carroll that I've been slaving over lately, not to mention another that I just finished). More, I'm trying to prepare a syllabus for spring semester (graduate level book editing, so this is no small feat this time).

Overbooked, dizzying amounts of work, but doing the list is actually a pleasure and not a chore, and I must thank Steve for the kick in the pants to get me back to it.

So thanks for that!

Enough said – the list of the moment.

Thanks for listening, as ever.

"La Cienega Just Smiled" by Ryan Adams: Of all the songs on Gold, I think this is the best cut. "Answering Bell" is also a great cut, but this one strikes me as the more profound. The lyrics seem more real here… “I’m too scared to know how I feel about you now…” This much rings true. God knows I’ve been there. There are times when it is scary to admit how just how much one cares because those intense feelings can be absolutely terrifying, especially if uninvited or inconvenient or unexpected. To guess, I think that’s what Adams means here – how we feel about another can, under the wrong circumstances, be scary as hell, especially if we know we ought not feel that way, or if it is inconvenient in some way (bad timing, other relationships, the impossibility of it all, and so on… or perhaps the feelings are unreturned or the relationship is unworkable for some reason).

Whatever the matter is in this case, Adams keeps coming back to the refrain, “I’m too scared to know how I feel about you now…” and this, I think, almost all of us can relate to. Perhaps if not in the present, then in the past, and if you haven’t yet been there, trust me, you will, and it will hurt like hell. If any song captures the feeling and the wistfulness of such relationships, it's this one by Ryan Adams, who seems to be particularly good at capturing relationships (“Come Pick Me Up” is another classic, but that has more to do with being in the relationship or just ending it and a fucked up relationship at that — about getting fucked, and then getting fucked, if you follow).

If you’re not yet familiar with Adams, he’s worth the time to get to know. While this particular cut is on Gold, overall Heartbreaker is a better album in this reviewer’s opinion. The best option may be to download this song, and if you are to buy one of Adams’ albums then make it Heartbreaker, which is more folky and reminds me in some ways of Nick Drake, not in voice, but in tone and subject matter. No, Adams is no Nick Drake (I’m partial to Drake, I admit), but there are some similarities and I’d be surprised if Adams had not been somewhat influenced by Drake.

"Tell It Like It Is" by Aaron Neville or The Neville Brothers: If you don’t know this one, then you probably should. Or perhaps you should if you have been toyed with, as most of us have, in any relationship (see lyrics below). None of us want to be toyed with, but nobody puts it as well as Aaron Neville does here. The live version, which you can find on the Big Easy soundtrack, is a better version, though honestly, any version of this song by Neville is excellent. It’s the sort of thing you want to burn and put on a disc as a message perhaps. Here, a taste of the song:

    If you want something to play with
    Go and find yourself a toy
    Baby my time is too expensive
    And Im not a little boy

    If you are serious
    Don’t play with my heart
    It makes me furious
    But if you want me to love you
    Then baby I will, girl you know that I will

"3:00 A.M" by Tabitha’s Secret: I hadn’t listened to this in ages when it made my playlist the other day, this and “Imonlyhappywhenitrains” by The Jesus and Mary Chain, which seem like natural back-to-back songs. “3:00 A.M.” sounds to me as though it's about a girl who sounds sweet, but perhaps is down as hell: “It’s 3:00 a.m. I must be lonely… but I can’t help be scared of it all sometimes…” I haven’t heard this song in ages, but this grows on you.

The first line, “She says it’s cold outside and she hands me a raincoat…” rings true; as in creating a work of fiction, the lyricist here sets a scene and helps create a sympathetic character, which many songwriters do not do well or even take the time to do. He succeeds well, because the character becomes someone we care about and so we follow the song and the lyrics to hear about this girl who is “scared of it all sometimes…” Worth a shot. The rest of the album I can’t say I care for, and maybe they are a one-hit wonder since I didn’t really care for much else, but this song – this one hits the note. A short story in a song.

    she say it’s cold outside and she hands me my raincoat
    she’s always worried about things like that
    she says it’s all gonna end and it might as well be my fault
    and she only sleeps when it’s raining
    and she screams and her voice is straining
    she says baby
    it’s 3 am I must be lonely
    when she says baby
    well I can’t help but be scared of it all sometimes
    says the rain’s gonna wash away I believe it
    she’s got a little bit of something, God it’s better than nothing
    and in her color portrait world she believes that she’s got it all
    she swears the moon don’t hang quite as high as it used to
    and she only sleeps when it’s raining
    and she screams and her voice is straining
    she believes that life is made up of all that you’re used to
    and the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days, and days
    she thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway
    but outside it’s stopped raining

"The Sign" by The Ace of Base: I really should hate this song, since it doesn’t jibe with the rest of my musical taste so much and is almost too poppy for me, but it’s a ‘sticky’ song. I know too many people who hate it – likely because it was over-played (which I cannot disagree with), but we all like the message inherent in the same way that many of us liked Alanis Morrisette and her song “You Oughta Know” (or almost any other cut on Bitter Little Pill) in that we could relate, either at that moment or at some point in the past.

"The Sign" is just one of those songs that tapped into the collective experience of being screwed over so no matter that it was set to this upbeat, poppy tune, we all understood the lyrics well-enough and sang along happily about being screwed over. This won’t stay on the Playlist long because I can only stand it in small doses, but it’s fun for a while.

"I Will Survive" covered by Cake: Sure, Gloria Gaynor did a great version of this and it was fun at the time, but it really needed to be brought forward to the Now for it to really have any staying power. Cake did an excellent job of covering this song, which could not have been an easy cover. Here, it’s the pacing that is everything and a few extra words thrown in here and there. Note that the song here is not so much sung as it is spoken in a sarcastic, somewhat angry (but more pissy) tone of voice and one that says, as does Gaynor’s “I ain’t takin’ no more shit” which is great… but this line “I should’ve changed my fuckin’ lock, I should’ve made you leave your key…”

I know, the language should not make a difference and maybe we are supposed to like the clean version but I have to tell you, that the addition of the word “fuckin’” actually does make a difference and makes the song more believable. Here, as in Gaynor’s, the song is sung proudly, this guy (in this rendition) will not be knocked down and he will no longer be tolerating any crap as he obviously was before. Again, the best things in this version are the timing, pacing, and a few words peppered here and there that make all the difference. You really need to hear him sing/say “Oh no go walk out the door…” It’s one of the most sarcastic and successful covers I have ever heard. While you’re at it, listen to “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” on the same album.

"Baby, I Love Your Way" by Peter Frampton: Still holds up after all this time. I think the live version is best. (Or is it that I’ve only heard this one? Now I can’t recall; in any event, this is the version I have on my playlist.) It’s the song everyone wants to hear from their lover, with lyrics that seem to count, the sort of thing you hope that your new boyfriend or girlfriend puts on a CD for you if they make one at all. Peter Frampton I’ve always liked anyway, but this song in particular is one that resonates. Perhaps an obvious choice, but it’s what is on my playlist. I cannot tell a lie. To note, it would be remiss to mention Frampton without noting that I also have on my current playlist “I’m in You,” which is running parallel to “Baby, I Love Your Way.” The song for The List could have been either one, so feel free: “Baby, I Love Your Way” or “I’m in You.”

"Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates: Hard to believe I haven’t had this on my playlist up until recently. Rather a classic, and I rather think everyone knows this song, though I’m probably wrong about this. Hall and Oates had a sound that was uniquely of the time (the seventies and early eighties). This and “Sara Smile” were the two that stuck most in my head.

What I always found funny about “Rich Girl” is how many rich girls that I knew who used to sing this song as if it were some sort of tribute or good thing. I wondered what part of the lyrics they had missed. It doesn’t sound particularly complimentary to me, but then, maybe they just liked the idea of being a rich bitch. Not being a rich bitch myself (maybe the bitch part, but not the rich), I never felt the song was about me. Sure, I could point to any number of people that it could be about, but I was always puzzled as to why they would a) like the song as it would apply to them and b) how they could not recognize that the song is perhaps not so complimentary at the end of the day.

The true test of a song’s success is how well it holds up through time. Like a book, the question we ask of any song (as I asked of any book as a publisher) is will it be as relevant twenty years from now as it is today? "Rich Girl" does hold up. It may have a sound of the time, but it holds up regardless. “Sara Smile,” while a sweet song, and another song I wouldn’t mind hearing on a compilation CD made for me, sounds more of its time. “Rich Girl” less so in that it is more timeless, and therein lies the song’s success.

    You’re a rich girl, and you’ve gone too far
    cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    You can rely on the old mans money
    You can rely on the old mans money
    It's a bitch girl but its gone too far
    cause you know it don’t matter anyway
    Say money but it wont get you too far,
    Get you too far

    And don’t you know, don’t you know
    That its wrong to take what is given you

    So far gone, on your own
    You can get along if you try to be strong
    But you’ll never be strong

Is this complimentary? What am I missing here? Well, if it makes you happy to sing along as you cruise in your Mercedes well hey, who am I to say not to?

More, what’s wrong with being rich? Not a thing, baby, but I’m not sure I’d want to be the subject of this song, being saved by my daddy’s money and hurting others because I can’t feel any pain and am utterly lacking in empathy. Frankly, she does sound like a rich bitch and a soul dead one at that. Again, why you’d want this to apply to you at all still puzzles me. Sort of like why anybody would want to be the subject of Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” Why, oh why would you want that song to be written about you? Even if she did take the time to do it – which I suppose you could say, “Well, she thought about me enough to do that,” it still makes the subject out to be a pretty ugly person. Most say it’s Warren Beatty – I have no idea. All I know is that I don’t want to meet this guy, or I have met guys like this guy and said ciao, baby, have a great life, go to hell and this time stay there, as soon as I could.

"Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order: Ages since I really broke out the New Order and I’m so glad that I did. "Bizarre Love Triangle" still has some of the lyrics that I like best of any New Order song (well, this and “Blue Monday” which I think is among their best). As a poet, a critic, and general non-fiction writer, I think that "Bizarre Love Triangle" could easily hold up as a poem, not only for the general theme but for the lyrics and the vivid imagery in the lyrics. The refrain is especially good: “Every time I see you falling…” and “… You say the words that I can’t say…” Yes, how easily we get lost in our aphasias when it comes to matters of the heart.

But it’s more than simple aphasia – our loss of language that leaves us tongue-tied – it’s that perhaps we know that we ought not to be feeling what we are feeling, so then we wait for the other person to say it first. If they say it first, then we’re sort of off the hook. If you’re shy (and I am) then this is a very relatable song – you may have felt “shot right through with a bolt of blue” when thinking of ____ (fill in name here), but no matter all of your own feelings, maybe the situation, as it does here, leaves you confused (“everyday my confusion grows.”) If you haven’t broken out the New Order in a while, it may well be time. I was also listening to Joy Division (and thinking of Ian Curtis the other day, as I prepare to interview D.A. Pennebaker, who shot some footage of Curtis while he performed), bu I digress. Back to “Bizarre Love Triangle:” I do see a poem here – much more so than most songs. It’s vivid and it says, somewhat ironically, all the “words that I can’t say.”

    Every time I think of you
    I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue
    Its no problem of mine
    But its a problem I find
    Living a life that I cant leave behind
    But there’s no sense in telling me
    The wisdom of the fool wont set you free
    But that’s the way that it goes
    And its what nobody knows
    Well every day my confusion grows

    Every time I see you falling
    I get down on my knees and pray
    I’m waiting for that final moment
    You say the words that I cant say

"Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band: This I had not heard in yonks, so it was about time to go back to this (this and Duran Duran sort of go hand-in-hand for some reason on my playlist, along with Echo and the Bunnymen, which is also there right now, but we’ll get to that next time). Nothing profound going on here, but a helluva lot of fun. “My blood runs cold…” The song belongs back in junior high school and in the realm of all things teenage boy-like but that doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally take a trip back in time and have fun. It’s sort of like listening to The Tubes every once in a while. You just need to do it to remind yourself that once you were a goofy teenager. This, along with other songs (like songs by The Tubes for example and Duran Duran) used to be blasted at rides at the end of the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland where I used to go with my brother. What I remember most is going on these really fast rides that went in circles (sort of wavy circles with these bench-like seats into which you were strapped). The ride would just spin really, really fast over the wavy circumference first forward, until the guy in the booth (in the middle, the same guy who was spinning the music, like “Centerfold”) would say, usually in a sort of Maryland semi-Southern accent, “Do you wanna gewwww fasssterrrrr…..” I remember how he pronounced the “go;” not “go” but “gewwww.” Does anybody else have this experience or is this unique to my world? Surely I can’t be the only one to experience such boardwalk rides and music, no?

"It’s All Over Now Baby Blue" by Bob Dylan: The best version I have ever heard of this is the live version from 1966 from The Royal Albert Hall. It’s by far the most sincere version I have ever heard and it cuts right to the bone.

Of course, "It’s All Over Now Baby Blue" is by no means an “easy” song. I was surprised when a close friend, a real Dylanologist like me, said that he didn’t like the song. It was, he said, “too heavy.” Sure, but do we only like the ‘light’ Dylan? Should we just also forget about “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding”)? Or what about “Shelter from the Storm?”

If all you want is Dylan lite, then I think you’re missing the best of Dylan. That’s my opinion. “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” is one of the best songs Dylan ever wrote, in my view. Less obvious than “Like a Rolling Stone” (another song that if you dig deeper than the surface interpretation, is also at least in part self-referential), “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” is, yes, about the end of a relationship (likely his relationship with Joan Baez at that time), but more than this, Dylan is talking mostly to himself (“the vagabond who’s rapping at your door, is standing in the clothes that you once wore…”).

As for Baez and Dylan’s relationship with her, it’s easy to see how she could easily be considered by him as one of those “stepping stones” he speaks of here (though no doubt, not the only stepping stone by any stretch. Dylan did whatever he had to do to get to that point, and I’m not judging him for that. It’s just a simple fact.) Dylan knew damn well what he was doing by hooking up with Baez, which is not to say that he didn’t like her – because I’m sure he genuinely did, but she also played a very instrumental role in making him famous by taking him under her wing and letting him share her stage and in doing so, her fan base, who immediately took to Dylan as another “folk singer.”

But what was Dylan mourning the end of in “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue?” Yes, as I said, on the surface, no doubt this relationship, but in a much more profound sense, his leaving behind a large chunk of his musical career thus far and his (still young) life as he segued from the ‘folk’ singer he had been (a role he gladly played, so long as it helped him move up) and was now moving or had moved into his harder and leaner electric era with the backing of The Band – the fact of which many of his more folkie fans didn’t like. It was the '66 tour, after all, that saw Dylan make the biggest change of all. (See the film Eat the Document for more on this because it’s interesting to see the reaction of even the biggest Dylan fans at the time).

Watch Don’t Look Back and Eat the Document (the two excellent Dylan documentaries) back-to-back and you’ll see what a difference a year makes. It was the ’66 tour that for the first half of the set, Dylan played his usual and expected acoustic self, and in the second half, came back onstage with The Band and was suddenly plugged in. He was, as one fan let him know, “Judas!” – a traitor to the folk movement – but Dylan had never claimed to be a part of it. Had he used it as a “stepping stone?” No doubt – but Dylan never did like labels and besides this, just when you think you have him pegged, he changes and morphs. He did then and he still does.

As for my friend who doesn’t care for this song – or many others that are perhaps “too heavy” I believe was what he said – I’m still rather speechless. Yes, sure, I think “One More Weekend” is a great song. I think “Oh, Sister” is a great song, but do I think any of them pack the emotional wallop of this? Not in a million years.

    You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.
    But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast.
    Yonder stands your orphan with his gun,
    Crying like a fire in the sun.
    Look out the saints are comin' through
    And it's all over now, Baby Blue.

    The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense.
    Take what you have gathered from coincidence.
    The empty-handed painter from your streets
    Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets.
    This sky, too, is folding under you
    And it's all over now, Baby Blue.

*Note, anything you feel you need a quick listen to, this as ever can be arranged. Simply note so in the comments and I'll redirect you to Tant Mieux where you can take a listen, though of most of these are on Amazon.

Thanks for listening.

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    If only you liked various versions of Dylan (as in this version life at Sheffield versus the one at Albert Hall etc etc then we could really talk, which would be great, but alas… ) but hey, not a problem!~

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    yes, every test pegs me as an introvert, tho people always think because of my writings that i’m an extrovert, which is interesting. i think it’s easy to say things in writing and also, i think that we reveal certain things as a defense mechanism as a way of keeping people at a safe distance. if you think about it, if it “seems” like you’re revealing a lot of information, then people do not question you very much (so then you can keep being an introvert and nobody questions it because they assume you an extrovert… do you follow?)

    This has worked for me my whole life. But yes, every psych test has me pegged for an INTJ or something like that. I can’t remember exactly but it’s an INJ something or other… interesting… you can take the tests at similar minds

    maybe you want to check it out. It’s interesting.

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    You sound like an introvert, when you say being around people tires you. I’m the same way, though I enjoy company some of the time, it can be tiring if you have too much of it!

    Hope you enjoyed your movie. Weather’s not bad here right now, however, snow is due beginning of Dec.

    Looking forward to the next List, whenever you’re ready.

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    Does your version have icons? If so, then maybe you do not need to upgrade. The versions with icons are better i find. Also, my other version was somehow corrupted and wouldn’t open normally for some reason…. i couldn’t get it to open without playing or opening a video clip everytime before it would play a song. Weird. Inexplicable behavior like that, so i downloaded.

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    I actually downloaded the latest version of Windows Media Player, which believe it or not, makes a real difference in what i can see that i want to add to the Playlist since it’s all done in icons and i can easily see the albums and not just the songs – sounds totally stupid, i realize, but it does for some reason make it easier.

    I think this list will be easier to do. I already have two songs, which is a good sign. If you don’t have the most recent version of Windows Media Player (if you use it that is), the lastest (and in my view, best) can be found at

    windows media player download>

    cheers, let me know if you use WMP and if you like the download… it’s not as intuitive at first since it’s so different from the older version, but i like it much better actually, now that i’m getting used to it…

    love as ever


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    probably after the holiday here (Thanksgiving). I should have some time after that. Right now i’m preparing my syllabus for next semester and researching for book and blah blah blah blah blah just overwhelmed a bit but not so bad. The List is actually welcome in some ways…. So prob. after the holiday.

    sound okay?

    cool cool



  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, thanks for that. Any idea when your next List will be?

  • (ugh, my computer crashed on me just as i finished this, but here you go again… i hope i didn’t forget anything… how frustrating!)

    Oh, Dylan never got all the credit he deserved… he’s huge, but not as huge as he by rights should have been in my view, even tho he’s still pretty big.

    He actually did wear a kind of make-up but not like Bowie’s ‘vamp’ make-up, as in proper make-up.

    For the “Rolling Thunder” tour, Dylan painted his entire face white and wore black around his eyes. It was a smart move actually because it really made him stand out on stage… you should see a photo of it… It’s odd, but it was a neat trick and it worked. He was recognizable from all of the other faces on stage (there were many ohter musicians playing, or enough that you could lose Dylan tho i’m not sure that’s why he wore the make-up, but it helped anyway). Also, he wore it in a film he made called “Renaldo & Clara” which you would only watch if you are a die-hard Dylan fan like me because it’s really really long and strange. You can see the review on my site.

    For Dylan in the make go Bob, Rolling Thunder Revue on Tant Mieux

    He’s in ‘white face’, which could also be a statement – if anyone else knows more, do tell… i’m sure there’s more to this story than I know right now. To me, it just seemed like an excellent way to really stand out on stage.

    AS to the other part tho, yes, Dylan has always reinvented himself, pretty much from album to album. I don’t think he sounds the same from any album to the next – seriously – they all have a different sound. And then there’s the whole gospel period, the Nashville Skyline period, his John Wesley Harding period, his lean, mean, NYC period (that’s what i call it anyway) etc… He also looks quite different I think as each album goes along. He is, as he always said, “a song and dance man.” He really never claimed to be much more and always hated definitions anyway…

    always… so i try not to define him because he would hate that. There’s a great quote by him on that. If i find it, i’ll look for it, i’ll post it.

    See what i mean about the make-up being not at all like Bowie’s? totally different concept.

    Still, i like it – while you’re on my site, you can check out some other Bob pics as well… why not, you’re there, hey!

    as ever, cheers –


  • Steve

    Yes, it’s been winterish here too, though no snow really to speak of yet thank goodness.

    Totally agree with you about Aztec Camera.

    You know, I had no idea Dylan had different personas, you make him sound like David Bowie, how come Bowie got more press about it over the years?? Is it because Dylan has never worn make-up or something?? Or perhaps because he was a cowboy at heart??

    I guess being Canadian and growing up mostly in the UK, I’ve always found Country to be rather foreign sounding, like Asian Indian music, I could never really relate to it, all that honky tonk stuff, cowboy boots etc…

  • hey Steve —

    I thought you’d like Suede – they seem right up your alley. I like them a lot as well. Or that song a lot anyway.

    Oblivious by Aztec Camera is just fun to hear again, isn’t it?

    Lover’s Spit – yes, maybe unfortunate, but great song. I really like it anyway. It rather grows on you…

    Cake – yes, ‘indie rock’ – i don’t believe there is swearing in the original. that is their interpretation (big quotes) of the song, but i rather like it actually. i find it a great cover and enjoy it a lot. Their other one, “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps” is also pretty great.

    The Dylan – yes, it’s more country. He has this thing about country, apparently always did – even dresses like a cowboy these days with a bolo tie and all – he’s all contrified. Gone is the Mod Bob we used to know. I think that was maybe either ‘of the time’ or maybe Albert Grossman’s influence but i’m not sure. Maybe it was Bob. Who knows. Bob has adopted so many different personas but underneath them all he’s always been a cowboy. It’s a central theme he has kept coming back to in his music etc, so it makes sense… I rather like that song a lot. Find it touching to say the least and sincere, which is key.

    Lots of favorite BD songs – too many to list.

    Anyway – back to fun research…


    and what a day…. not so great. cold here. winter dark branches against a ruling white sky. it’s rather bleak and cold. how fitting. eeks.

    be well,


  • Steve

    ‘Lover’s Spit’ I also listened to before, it was ok too, I suppose, pity about the band’s name lol.

    ‘Oblivious’ I enjoyed listening to, one of the few songs I liked as a kid that I didn’t have.

    Cake are definitely alternative indie rock, not my fave genre to be honest. Certainly a much less melodramtic version to be sure. Didn’t realise there was swearing in the original, but their version really showed that lol.

    ‘When The Deal…’ has a country feel to it, certainly the best Dylan tune I’ve heard so far, though country is not a fave genre of mine either (I bet I’m sounding really nit-picky now huh? lol).

    Re. your earlier comment about Ryan Adams, I guess your interest is in the lyrics, whereas I look more at how distinctive the music is (unless the tunes have some nostalgic value for me, which is especially a possibility for older stuff!!).
    For me, the lyrics may be well written, but if the music is predictable or bland, or I don’t like the singer’s voice, or it’s in a genre I’m not fond of, I’m not likely to like it.

    Lest you think I’m too picky, out of 7,500 songs that I’ve rated out of 5 stars in my collection, about 6,000 rate 3 stars or more.

  • Steve

    Aww, Sadi, you’re such a sweetheart…

    Re. Suede, I did listen to it before and I think their stuff from 1999 that you mentioned is better than the stuff I had of theirs previously from 1996.

    I’m gonna check on those other tracks you mentioned now. Thanks so much.

  • Okay Steve –

    For you – few things, go to Take a Listen and click on what you want to hear by scrolling down the list.

    Do you know “She’s in Fashion” by Suede? I left that up for you. I figure you must know then – and thought you would like them too… Also, “Lover’s Spit” by Broken Social Scene – this is the sort of stuff we were listening to before, like Talk Talk and The The etc, only now it’s current, so in my humle opinion, give it a shot….why not?

    I also put up there for you:

    “I Will Survive” by Cake
    “When the Deal Goes Down” by Bob Dylan

    please listen to both and give your opinion. If you also listen to the other two i just mentioned, esp. She’s in Fashion, which i think you would love, then let me know…

    I’m curious now…

    okay, sweets..

    for now,


  • Hey Steve – would you like a listen to Cake then? If yes, just let me know in next comment and i’ll build in a link that will take you for a listen.

    re: Ryan Adams – he’s not really your cup of fur, so to speak, because he’s less pop i think for you (you seem more into the stuff that was into a while back, but i’m broader, i think – or in a different way than you – we split at some point, tho i’m not sure where since we generally agree, lol).

    Adams can be great; La Cienega Just Smiled is a beautiful song. No, you can’t dance to it, and yes, it’s sad, but it’s bittersweet and it’s a good sort of friendly parting song in a way. I think it’s worth a shot. I wouldn’t go and buy the whole album (if i were you, that is – i obviously own all of Adams becaues i like him a great deal), but he might be worth a listen

    Again – want to hear some Cake? I might put in a few other things for you to listen to… in fact… i’m just gonna do it and put link up here. Hey, you might even like some of the new Dylan (hey, come on, give it ONE listen is all i ask – one song, one listen – yes, i know – his voice has changed but i rather like it and this one song, well, any song by Dylan, but i think this one will appeal to you.

    Let me go build them in.

    Write back – meanwhile, i’ll go build them in…

    ; )

    okay babe,


  • Steve

    Re. Cake, see my comment #8 above.

    Re. Adams, it’s okay, I think I’ll pass on him. There are very few male singer-songwriters I really like, simply because alot of them aren’t that distinctive usually.

    I’m very familiar with Ace Of Base stuff myself, a staple of 90’s radio to be sure, I have about 6 of their songs including ‘The Sign’ (from various artist compilations).

  • hey Steve – am back…

    you about… wondering if you ever listened to the group “Cake”and their version of “I Will Survive” – if not and you want to, let me know… or any other song for that matter, via the regular link that I can build in.

    Just a thought. The only one I can’t seem to find right now is The Ace of Base..

    Do you know the Ryan Adams song? That one you might really like – it’s not pop, really, more mellow, but you might like, esp. after a few listens… he’s really talented in my view. I like a lot of his stuff. Not sure if it’s up your alley, but maybe worth a shot… whaddya think?

  • Steve

    Cool, Sadi

  • hey steve –

    books – i’ve contributed to a lot of anthologies (and done so far one of my own books) but now i’m doing two of my own and one that is contracted so a sure thing, so that’s a certainty plus teaching (which is fun and i get to teach some music stuff – Dylan actually – which is interesting – and then book editing) but mostly book writing is research before you actually do any of the writing.

    It’s a lot of reading other people’s work then writing. LOTS of reading… so i’m in the process of that. My other books so far (as i said, one was just only ME, the others were in anthologies – which meant that i was a contributor in an anthology (books on writing or editing if you’re interested, but likely not).

    Anyway…. that’s totally OT.

    My computer is giving me hell today. Not happy.

    See you tomorrow if I’m not having connection issues…. durrrr…..

  • Steve

    Thanks, Sadi, I enjoy our banter too. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your next List.

    I’ve had to rely on other reference books to put together my own album track listing of every song in my music collection (chart history, originals, covers etc.), it’s been a fascinating experience over the last year or two. The document now stands about 700 pages, with almost 13,000 songs listed. Just have to decide on font size (probably 5.5-6.5), which will determine the length (650 vs. 750 pages approx.) and I think I’d like it to be printed on legal size paper.

    I enjoy writing (actually I prefer typing lol…you know what I mean!), but, though I have often considered writing a book, I can’t imagine what topic it would have to be on to make me want to write one lol. I think fiction would be fun to write, only problem is, you need a good story lol.

    Probably going out for supper tonight in an hour or two, not sure how late I’ll be. Might be online tomorrow after lunch for a while, if I’m not on again tonight.

  • I thought it was right – but haven’t heard the song in a while. The Dylan song I know well (too well) but the ABC song I haven’t heard in yonks… I really should prepare the next list.

    Right now I’m trying (“trying”) to prepare a syllabus for next semester and write this book which is due (in a year and half, which seems like a lot of time but is not. You realize this the minute you sign the contract after the initial happy/shock wears off… eeks)

    But… Will def. try to get next list together. Over all, i haven’t been writing much lately as I have been reading and researching (before i write) and then it will be only on the one subject, so it’s strange for me (as a writer) who wrote every day to now be researching the work of others every day, but all part of the process.

    In any event, the List is a welcome relief actually and if I can eke out the time, it’s not too hard a task and I really enjoy chatting with you and a good banter and learn all the time as well…

    i’m probably off for the night or a while…

    around tomorrow likely – be well – cheers,


  • Steve

    The ABC line is correct, I recall ‘The Look Of Love’ very well.

  • Hey Steve,

    yeah, the Dylan song lyrics are from JUST LIKE TOM THUMB’S BLUES and they say:

    “And negativity don’t pull you through”

    whereas i believe ABC’s lyrics are along the lines of,

    “And gravity won’t pull you through”

    Is that right? From The Look of Love…

    So The Look of Love sort of borrows from Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues.

    Just a little factoid.

    I would think they would have been aware of it because the lyrics are so close, but hey, Dylan is known for copping old tunes for his tunes, so all’s fair… i think everyone who knows Dylan knows that he took a lot of old folk riffs and Celtic songs and played around a bit and changed the lyrics to make them his own. He’s admitted as much. Doesn’t mean he didn’t make them his own. He did, but he certainly borrowed – at least, initially he did. I think he’s moved on from that more, but in the beginning sure… That said, I’m obviously not dissing his talent; how else could i run a Dylan site and feel that way? Never.

    Funny tho about the cross-over. Just thought I should tell you…



  • Steve

    Speaking of cross-overs, apparently, it was Horn’s work with Dollar, that interested the lead singer of ABC to have Horn produce their debut ‘The Lexicon Of Love’.

    Didn’t know that about the Dylan lyrics, interesting.

  • hey again,

    thanks for the info. on Frankie….

    we’re on the same page with pop… i didn’t know so much about Frankie tho… i’m trying to imagine the covers… which sound sort of funny; hard to imagine a Dionne cover… ; ) but hey, maybe good.

    Right now i’m into some covers by Cake… next list…or did i put on this list? eeks… i’m too busy to even scroll up.

    must get back to this tedious book…


    ABC tho — some of their lines are sort of changed from Dylan, did you know – Dylan “negativity won’t pull you through” — ABC “and gravity won’t pull you through”
    that is… if i remember the lyrics right, and i’m pretty sure i do…

    funny… some cross-over there… who knew…

  • Steve

    whoops, sent my comment twice by mistake, sorry, got interrupted here lol.

    Frankie’s other UK hits were “Two Tribes” (#1 there the whole summer of 1984!), “The Power Of Love” (no connection with Huey Lewis or Jennifer Rush/Celine Dion tunes of the same name), “Welcome To The Pleasuredome”, “So Hard”, “Warriors Of The Wasteland” and “Watching The Wildlife”. They also did a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born To Run” and Dionne Warwick’s “….San Jose” on their debut album.

    ABC are definitely an all-time fave, I have all of their albums, except for a few compilations.

    I’ve got 3 tracks by the Furs (“Heartbreak Beat”, “Love My Way” and “Heaven”), and two or three Billy Idol albums.

  • oh Steve, you been reading my mind, babe… ABC is on my next list. Funny too; i was just thinking the other day of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and their hit that I know “Relax” which is the only one I know, i admit… but ABC – my god, i could tell you stories about that – but not here – (college recollections) – but their hit, Be Near Me – I remember that song well.

    I’m amped for the next list with also some Billy Idol, which I find on my playlist lately and the Psych Furs of all things… i seem to be regresssing.

    Of course, none of this has knocked Dylan off the list. I listen to way to much Dylan; it’s becoming a problem, i think when one starts to speak in Dylan-eze — gaaaawwwddd

    see ya, babe..

  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, if you like pop, you’d probably like Dollar (a male/female duo), some of their songs were produced by Trevor Horn who’s produced Yes, Frankie Goes…, ABC etc.. They had UK hits between 1978 and 1988 (their last hit was a cover of Erasure’s ‘Oh L’Amour’).

    If you like salsa, you’d like Modern Romance (all male group – they did a cover of ‘Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White’). They had hits from 1981-1983 or so.

  • Soleil – hey – will have to check out what you list… i’m downloading some stuff, so will add. It often takes a while to download, but maybe it will make the next list. I’m a bit absorbed in research for something else right now, but will certainly check out – hey, thanks for sharing!

    ; )

  • hey Tom:

    that’s the ultimate irony. Rich isn’t it?

    “Rich Girl” written by a rich guy… well, maybe who better? He ought know the type, eh?

    thanks for chiming in… be well… s.

  • hey Steve – i never heard of that group — and i thought i knew… eeks!~ sorry, babe… they any good?

  • Soleil

    List of the moment includes:

    Rodgrigo y Gabriela self-titled album. Great instrumental rock band from Ireland. Def worth a listen…

    Quiet Drive’s cover of “Time after Time”. I just can’t get enough of that song no matter who’s singing it.
    Gomez – How we operate…a very eclectic song.

  • Tom

    You’re right on the money about “Rich Girl”. The song was actually written about a rich guy, however….

  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, thanks for your kind remarks, there’s nothing I like more than being helpful.

    I was wondering, do you recall a couple of groups from the early 80’s called Dollar and Modern Romance?? They just had really good compilations released this year, both with hits that hadn’t been released on compilation before. If you liked either group, they are well worth getting, part of Warner’s new ‘The Platinum Collection’ series.

  • hey Steve,

    did not at all mean it as to stop writing…truly, not at all…only that i can’t respond as quickly since i’m just not at keyboard as much since i’m reading a lot for research and doing less writing. But do write for sure, since i always have to check my email and i always respond to comments when i see them, so no worries. I’ll really make a concerted effort to not let the list slide.

    i really enjoy doing it… so while i’m doing all this research, it’s a nice little break in a way… so there you have it… and thank you! you were the impetus!

    don’t stop writing! heavens no! not at all what i meant! ; )

  • Steve

    Oh, OK, Sadi, thanks for the info, much appreciated. Don’t worry about delays, I know your life is busy (there are even times when I can’t be at my keyboard!!), so not to worry, I understand.

  • hey steve, pardon my delays here… i’m trying to write a film review as well as edit other stuff…

    Stop Smiling does all sorts of stuff… film, music and books… maybe you could look it up on the web… they’re pretty small, but i hope they last. A good mag. They just interviewed Billy Bragg.

  • Steve

    No, I haven’t actually. What is the mag’s focus?? Music, politics…???

  • Yes, do check out Maria Maldaur on Amazon (link i think i provided) i think they probably have a Listen thing… i don’t have the album yet, tho i will…. but try it….

    Billy Bragg – rocks my world… and will be on next list…. I just read a great interview with him in a magazine called Stop Smiling….

    have you heard of it?

    Small magazine, but i hope it lasts… smart and good writing…

  • Steve

    Wow, yes, Billy Bragg, very English indeed!!

    I think I may have checked out “Northern Sky” by Nick Drake on your site if memory serves, it was okay I think, but not spectacular.

    The only Cale tune I have is a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” by OMD.

    Don’t like Dylan covers, huh?? Not even by bands you like, eh??

    Maria Muldaur??…have to check her out…

  • Oh, just saw your comment re: Cake – as to what category. I’ve never been big on categories, as you can likely tell. I wouldn’t really know how to categorize them. Maybe ask someone else (anyone feel free to jump in and say here, if the spirit moves you).

    But really Steve, i don’t think you’d like them. I’m happy to give you a listen on Tant Mieux but i don’t think you’d like…

    As to Nick Drake, have you given him a chance?

    Have you heard Pink Moon? Hazey Jane (his spelling)? Cello Song? Northern Sky? Or John Cale “Paris 1919”? If not, i think it might be worth a shot… you might find yourself surprised.

    Again, always happy to upload a listen… so let me know… i’m your wish genie… ; )

  • hey Steve – i think the Scottish thing you note re: Jimmy Buffett may actually be astute. It may well be that he is simply an American phenomenon that we cannot connect with – a cultural thing, which makes sense. I’m more into Billy Bragg… he would be my Jimmy Buffett… you know?

    Dylan covers! Quelle horreur!!! I can’t stand other people singing Dylan… It just never sounds right to me. The only person who can do Dylan, in my book, is Dylan – who, by the way – i am going to see tomorrow night, so expect my review in the next few days (i know you may not be into it, but you may be curious… no?)

    The only good cover i ever heard of Dylan is the recent album by Maria Maldaur. She was pretty big on the folk scene in the village at the same time as Dylan and has an amazing voice (was always quite beautiful, especially when i see the footage of her when she was young and so young… god… But she is good. You might want to check her out… She just put out a new album of covers of his song, and if I like it, and as i said, i normally hate Dylan covers, then i think that may say a lot (or maybe not, but i think you would like her.) You can find the album dylan love songs
    I plan to buy it as well. I heard some of it and am taken with it, really.

    Not a fan of Cale or Drake! Eeks!. I should have known, but i say no more. I realize not your scene but eeks!

    Rich Girl – yes, the lyrics are a real kick in the ass. Still a mystery as to why any rich girl that i ever knew or know would sing along to this song happily as if it were somehow complimentary. Duh. What an idiot. Yes, do check out the lyrics.

    As to Cake – i really prefer their version of “I Will Survive” but i don’t know that you would… I like it because it’s rather dry, and i like that… it’s not dramatic like Gaynors and to me, the end of the relationship doesn’t merit the drama that Gaynor gives it. it’s almost too much.

    Cake’s version essentially says, “i’m bored… i’ve moved on… you really don’t affect me that much… i’ll survive. you bore me…” At least, that’s what i get from it and i find that a more accurate feeling of how i have felt at the end anyway…

  • Steve

    Re. Cake, what genre would you say they fit in??? If it’s alternative indie rock, I might give it a pass, but otherwise I would be curious to see that song done differently.

  • Steve

    Well, re. ‘Baby…’, when I said ‘insipid’, perhaps bland would have been a better word, by that I mean musically, though lyrically the song is harmless enough…remember, I focus more on the music than the lyrics, whereas I think you’re the opposite of me. I would be quite happy to express those sentiments to the woman I loved…just with different music lol.

    I can’t say I enjoy Jimmy Buffett much myself but I also have a somewhat Scottish background, I think maybe he is ‘too American’ for me also, for lack of a better word, just like some British bands are too Brit for America (e.g. Madness, though they did have one hit there I suppose, but that’s nothing compared to the 27 UK Top 40 hits they had!). I don’t have any other Peter Frampton myself, he’s a bit before my time and was bigger stateside than in the UK.

    Re. Dylan, I have 10 songs in my collection written or co-written by the man himself but all covered by various other folks! I must say, your interest in Dylan reminds me a bit of Rosie O’Donnell’s fascination with Barbara Streisand!! But hey, if you can make a career out of it, more power to you, I firmly believe it’s important to love one’s work, whatever it is.

    Re. Adams, yeah, not really a fan of Cale or Drake either, so I guess that explains that…I just find them a little bland musically, that’s all, good songwriters though they may be.

    Re. Rich Girl, I think some folks just listen to a few words and the music (like me maybe lol), not all the verses etc. It’s been an eyeopener recently going thru my old music and listening to the lyrics as if for the first time, ’cause I hadn’t paid much attention to them before.

  • oh, Ace of Base, I Saw the Sign – an ex put that on a tape for me as a rather nasty message. It rather backfired because i liked the song too much. Quelle idiot. Whatever. I found it funny…

  • I also have only that song by the Neville Brothers… I love the live version best, which i found on the soundtrack to The Big Easy film…

    As for Ryan Adams – he’s pretty great in my view. I like his work a lot. I also like John Cale, Nick Drake, and a lot of work that he sort of reminds me of. I said sort of…. not entirely but “sort of”

    La Cienaga Just Smiled is a great great song. Maybe just befitting my mood just now… If you want to hear, again, i can use same method. Let me know.

    Christmas list may work out… not a bad idea…

    Sounds like Themetime radio by our Bob D.

    Ah, you glide over the Dylan song, of course… i expected as much. Of course, to me, it remains the most important song on the list, but then, you know me… a huge Dylan fan. I’m pleased to say that this section of tantmieux>tantmieux is getting a ton of traffic and great comments. It’s also endorsed and getting a lot of pick-up from Expectingrain and Google News, which is great.

    I’m seeing Dylan (again, and i saw him just a few months ago… ) this coming Sunday, so you can expect another review next week… so that is forthcoming.

    I’m also interviewing D.A. Pennebaker, the filmographer who is amazingly talented and who made the Dylan documentary (among so many others that you would be interested in – Google his name) but did “Don’t Look Back” which is a great Dylan documentary and some parts of Eat the Document, tho not all…

    I am just formulating my questions.

    The list has been not so active because i landed a book contract to write a book about Lewis Carroll, so i’m sort of in disbelief, but yes, the contract is official and with a rather big publisher, so i’m still reeling… good news. Hard work does pay off … sometimes… so not a waste of time after all. Who knew.

    As to other comment, whatevernevermind.

    okay babe… i’m here.


  • Hey Steve: Freeze Frame was a good song (is) but Centerfold always made me laugh, hence it’s there.

    Blue Monday and True Faith are great songs as well, but i have to say at this point in my life, Bizarre Love Triangle is sort of appropriate and uplifting in a way, especially the line, “everytime i see you darling, i get down on my knees and i pray… you’ll say the words that i can’t say.”

    Baby i love your way – you found that stupid! eeks! Not me, babe. I always found it rather wonderful. The reggae version is TERRIFIC i agree. But that said, i do prefer “I’m in you.” I also like by Bread, “Sometimes” which is similar in some ways, or reminds me of anyway… that will probably make the next list… But i can’t imagine not like Baby I Love Your Way. That’s a very visceral reaction, Steve! Like my reaction to Jimmy Buffet, who i just can’t seem to ‘get.’ I know so many people just adore him and i’ve truly tried but i just can’t connect – i don’t get the fans and i don’t get him. Maybe because i’m not American? Do you need to be American to get Jimmy Buffett? I don’t know. Only an American can answer that and i welcome any and all thoughts on this… i seriously wonder about this all the time since he is such a big deal… and i just don’t get it .. that said, i love the very American Willie Nelson and listen to Johnny Cash all the time, so it’s odd… Help!

    The Gloria Gaynor version of I will survive is too over the top for me. I like the Cake version because it is rather straight-forward and although it is more spoken, it is in a ways, nastier. Gloria Gaynor’s version may be, and i hate this word, “empowering” but Cake’s version is more true to reality – it’s like, “I’m so absolutely over this crap and i love that. It’s a real slap in the face, and in that way, it rings more sincere. I think you should take a listen. I’ll put it on tant mieux for you.

    so visit and give me until tommorow and then go to list of the moment, tant mieux>

    Hall & Oates were always fun and take me right back to a time in my life. Rich Girl is an interesting song to me because i always saw it from their point of view. But i know a woman who is rather rich and sings it all the time (or rather, she comes from money) and yet sings this song as if it applied. I find this weird. It’s hardly complimentary. Weird. Why would anyone do this? Any insight, Steve?

    Rest in next post…


  • Steve

    By the way, Sadi, good to hear you’re keeping busy with what sounds like very worthwhile work.

    Sadi, have you thought at all about putting together your List of favourite festive songs this Christmas by any chance?? (Judging by your workload, it may be Christmas before your next List huh?? lol).

  • Kitty

    This guy needs to get a grip. Too much time on his hands.

  • Steve

    Nice to see you back at last, Sadi. Interesting List, as always…working from the bottom up…

    “Centrefold” – This song was in one of the first UK Top 30 singles charts I started collecting from the newspaper in 1982. Definitely a song designed to appeal to younger males lol. I preferred their follow-up “Freeze Frame” myself. Yes, I have had a few ‘fairground experiences’, as it were, over the years, though I can’t think of any songs I heard while there (which is unusual for me!).

    ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ – This reminds me that this is one of many songs I only have on cassette. I recently decided to transfer my tape collection to my computer as I know my tapes don’t age well beyond the 15-20 year mark!! A tedious process I know but I’m impressed with the sound quality of most so far, so it seems worthwhile (not to mention money saving lol). The only New Order tunes I have on CD right now are ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Regret’ and ‘True Faith’.

    ‘Rich Girl’ – I have a 3 CD set of Hall & Oates, really enjoyed some of their stuff. More familiar with their 80’s stuff than 70’s, I have lots of memories of listening to them on BBC Radio 1’s ‘American Top 30’ (they rarely had hits in the UK charts). I guess I’ve never been around rich girls, so can’t say I’ve noticed your observations re. this song, though it wouldn’t surprise me. Just think of some other examples of this phenomenon…The Police ‘Every Breath You Take’ and lovers, or Springsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ and Republican politicians!!

    ‘Baby I Love You Way’ – More familiar with the 80’s and 90’s versions by Will To Power & Big Mountain, I always found this song to be a bit too insipid for me, though the latter’s reggae pop version was a bit more bareable.

    “I Will Survive” – I have the original of this, a great tune, overplayed perhaps, and a bit melodramatic, but powerful nonetheless.

    “Tell It Like It Is” – Funnily enough, this is the only Neville tune I have in my collection, not a huge fan of his, but this was one of his better tunes to be sure, though thankfully, being something of a novice with regard to the opposite sex, I can’t say I’ve experienced the topic of this song.

    ‘The Sign’ – Not a huge fan of Ace Of Base, though I did like their UK 1998 hit “Always Have, Always Will” which had a 60’s feel to it, and didn’t sound as clunky and stilted musically as most of their pop hits (though I generally love synthesizers, they usually made them sound awful, IMHO). I always felt their songs appealed more to teenage girls than anyone else.

    I am vaguely familiar with Ryan Adams music but he doesn’t stand out from the crowd for me, I have heard of Cake but that’s all, and I don’t know Tabitha’s Secret, period.