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List of the Moment, Volume No. 17

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Most weeks, a playlist has been just that — a playlist of songs that I’m listening to, and that is that. I suppose this week's is no different in that regard – it is a list of songs that I, yes, happen to be listening to, but probably for more poignant reasons than ever before – or at least, since I began the List of the Moment.

To see a friend in crisis is to suffer. To see someone you love, a family member, a true friend, someone you really, really love and to be unable to do a damn thing about it except stand there and shuffle your feet like an idiot or stand there with your palms loosely at your sides like two blank opals is the worst feeling I have experienced in a long time.

Yes, we cannot play savior. We cannot save, no matter how much we may want to. We cannot undo what has been done, nor can we predict the future or stop what the future has in store for us, for the future is what it is and though no Calvinist I, I do know that there are just things – perhaps illness, for instance, that will take its slow or not so slow and steady course – that will leave us all careening down that mountain and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it; but as if watching some horrific nightmare, knowing that when we can, if we can, we will do what we can to help. Perhaps just knowing that someone cares enough to write this makes some small modicum of a difference. One can only hope so.

This week’s list, I offer up to my cousin.

"Tiny Dancer" by Elton John: Yes, it was on the soundtrack to Almost Famous and why not? It was a fabulous film and the song remains a fabulous song at that. In this case, I can’t help but think of someone I know who must weigh, what, not more than a hundred pounds, if half that, and who could fit on the top of a jewelry box and dance there as a small ballerina, pink-skirted and sweet. Yes, this list is a personal one, if you didn’t read the prologue, now you know. So if some of the songs are repeats, then this week’s list is a sentimental one for how could it not be when I see a friend in real crisis and reach out. So read on and know that every song here, on this list anyway, has special meaning this week – perhaps for you too, but this week and perhaps forever, for me, this week is particularly poignant.

"You Were Always on My Mind" by Willie Nelson: I used to really hate this song. The thought of just being “always on someone’s mind” just wasn’t enough for me. It seemed almost insulting. You either were there or were not. Now, perhaps as I have grown older, I have a different understanding of the song, that no matter what happened during this relationship – even perhaps awful infidelities, which to me are the worst – that perhaps just being on someone’s mind would not be enough (not for me anyway, so Willie still loses me there) but this week, all I want to say is that you are right now always on my mind. Every minute of every day. You are there. You are just in the forefront, and there is nothing I can about it, no matter how much I may will it so not to be, it is you and it is she, in dreams and in waking life.

"Mirrorball" by Everything but the Girl: Perhaps it’s the September birthday mentioned here and that we share this or perhaps it is something else, I can’t say, but the lyrics here just ring true. As she sings, “Well I guess some boys adored me, but the ones I loved ignored me.” Isn’t that life — a. chasing, b. chasing, c. all around the garden path? I’ll let most of the lyrics do the talking here, since I think that particular part may or may not apply, but certainly, the rest of the song does apply, or to my mind it does.

"Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones: Well, you could not drag me away from this situation or many situations for that matter (my marriage for starters) but this one as well, simply because it and the people in it mean far too much to me. So no, wild horses couldn’t drag me away and he’d do well to remember it, so in case he’s forgotten or did not or does not know, then I suppose I’ve outed myself here for the first time and in public at that. Ah well, sigh, tant pis as they say. I do not keep secrets very well and why should I?

"Through My Tears" by Neutral Milk Hotel: This I’m just listening to. No special significance here, I just really like this song a lot and if you’re willing to give Neutral Milk a chance, then you’ll really like this one, too. Yes, it’s live and he’s goofing off a bit, but there is something incredibly romantic about the way this song is sung, and more, there has always been something romantic about this song, amen.

"Do You Realize" by the Flaming Lips: Well, I doubt very much either person realizes here, but the truth is, sometimes or at different times, the expression on someone can be so beautiful and perhaps that can be borne of exquisite pain or exquisite joy. Either or. In this case, I would say a mixture of both. "Do You Realize" is a great, great song and it ends great as well because some day we all will die and perhaps this person will have to deal with that sooner than the rest of us and this much, kids, breaks my freakin’ heart – I can’t even spell out this kind of remorse, for how do you spell out the remorse you feel when it's someone else’s loss and you are helpless to help the person you love? It’s a conundrum. You’re stuck. Truly stuck. There are no easy answers, and no song will provide that, perhaps it will at least send the right message, or perhaps every song on this list sends the right message. I pray so.

"Slave to Love" by Bryan Ferry: Well, again, here is another that I just happen to have on the playlist because I’m a nostalgic bitch and these days, I do feel a bit like a slave to love, even if not a romantic love and a different kind of love, because I feel helpless and there are few things worse in life than standing about and wanting to save the day and knowing damn well that you just can’t. This is my position. This is where I live. In the in-between days of twilight, shuffling my feet and kicking at the sand, not knowing anymore quite when it is right to reach out and when it is wrong. One feels stuck. So I suppose then there is more than just my nostalgia here and so, this song too makes the list for the same reasons as the others.

"Time after Time" by Cindy Lauper: I know this song has made the list before, and even recently, so you need not remind me. In this case, it’s on the playlist and remember, this is the List of the Moment and I’m not about to lie about what’s on my playlist so deal with it – if not, skip this part and move on to Bob Dylan or read above. For this one, just the lyrics tell the tale:

    Sometime you pictured me, I'm walking too far ahead
    You're callin' to me, I can't hear what you've said
    You said, "Go slow, I fall behind"
    The second hand unwinds…

    If you're lost, you can look and you will find me,
    Time after time
    If you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting,
    Time after time

    I turn, my picture fades, and darkness has turned to grey
    Watching through windows, you're wondering if I'm okay
    Secrets, stolen, from deep inside,
    The drum beats out of time…  

"Oh, Sister" by Bob Dylan: I have a friend who calls this one of Bob Dylan’s sleazier coercion songs, but I totally disagree. It may well be a song about trying to get a girl into bed in some sense but what the heck is wrong with that? Since when did making love become a crime? I don’t mean sex, I mean making love. Or did our BD never do that or not mean that at this point in his life? Okay, I’m willing to buy that maybe he didn’t mean it then, but it’s a sweet melody and it’s on my playlist this week and hence, it’s on yours as well.

"Le Ciel Dans Le Chambre" by Carla Bruni: This French singer Carla Bruni really hit it out of the park with Quel’qun Ma Dit which is just a beautiful song and was the running background theme of Le Divorce, but if you ask me, this is a far more intense song of hers and beautiful. The lyrics, though in French can be loosely translated…first in French:

Quand tu es près de moi,
Cette chambre n'a plus de parois,
Mais des arbres oui, des arbres infinis,
Et quand tu es tellement près de moi,
C'est comme si ce plafond-là,
Il n'existait plus, je vois le ciel penché sur nous… qui restons ainsi,
Abandonnés tout comme si,
Il n'y avait plus rien, non plus rien d'autre au monde,
J'entends l'harmonica… mais on dirait un orgue,
Qui chante pour toi et pour moi,
Là-haut dans le ciel infini,
Et pour toi, et pour moi

Then loosely in English:

    When you are close to me,
    This room does not have any more walls,
    But infinite trees yes, trees,
    And when you are so much close to me,
    It is like if this ceiling,
    It does not exist any more,
    I see the sky lean on we… who remain thus,
    Abandoned just like if,
    they were nothing, either
    nothing other in the world,
    I hear the harmonica… but one would say an organ,
    Which sings for you and me ….

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  • here is the new List of Moment, Volume No. 17 for anyone who is looking for it, Steve, Scott, Chantal, Zing-Zing, and so on… anyone who’d like to chime in, you’re most welcome here… ; )


  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, sounds like you are in a tough spot right now, always hard to be in a situation where you want to do something, but can’t, or are not sure what to do. Is it the same cousin you mentioned in another article you wrote some time ago?? (the more I read your article, I’m thinking perhaps not). Reading your article, it sounds like your cousin has a terminal illness (or someone close to your cousin??). Anyway, whatever the situation, you and your cousin will be in my prayers.

    Re. your music list…
    I do have that Elton John tune in my collection, along with about 150+ of his. What did you like about the film “Almost Famous”, Sadi?? I haven’t seen it yet.

    I much preferred the Pet Shop Boys version of “Always On My Mind” myself!! I’m just not a fan of Willie Nelson’s voice, I guess.

    I have a couple of different songs by both Nik Kershaw & by Gino Vanelli called “Wild Horses” and the latter one has those lyrics but I don’t know if the Rolling Stones’ song is the same one.

    I do have the Everything But The Girl track you mentioned, along with about 17 others by them.

    Cyndi Lauper’s song is a classic of course, I have about 30 of her tunes.

    I also have the Bryan Ferry tune you mention, I have about 30 of his solo songs.

    Alas my French is probably not good enough to translate a song! I did 2 years of French in high school, but 20 years later, I can only recall meanings of certain words, I’m not very good as far as constructing a sentence goes in French.

  • Steve

    Well, it looks like those 3 versions of “Wild Horses” you and I mentioned, Sadi, all have different writers so I guess 2 of them had similar lyrics because it’s part of a popular saying I guess, just a coincidence.

  • hey Steve,

    yes, same cousin — and not sure about illness. but suffice to say, not good. i have same illness but mine is more under control so i’m blessed in this regard and lucky. it’s actually my niece (his daughter ) and i feel totally helpless, so the best i can do is silly and small things like this and send things thru the post etc and be generally supportive.. and thanks for yours…

    Willie Nelson – yes, i know what you mean; i know the Pet Shop Boys version, which is a great great version. I’ve sort of grown into Willie Nelson and it took me a long time to like his voice but it’s smooth as molasses once you get into it….

    Cindy Lauper we just love – time after time is a great song and apt here, and i would catch him in a heartbeat, so the lyrics here really seemed (seem) applicable, hence i repeated them all.

    The Carla Bruni song in French is just beautiful; even if you don’t speak a word of it, you can just download it and listen and get the gist of it and it’s beautiful; just her voice is heavenly; i think the rest is in Italian or perhaps Port. but i can’t tell – either way, it’s just beautiful… really see if you can find some of her stuff. her most popular is Quel’qun Ma Dit, which is lovely also… so you might want to try to find that fist if you like.

    Mirrorball, i put b/c my cousin and i are only one day apart in birthday and about (at most) an hour apart in the hour of our birth, even tho the years may be distant, the actual dates and hours are remarkably close (like our eyes, which are almost exactly, eerily similar, or, in fact, the same – which i have never seen before and kind of freaks me out a little bit some times, but in a good way; it’s like looking at yourself but not in any vain or arrogant way — just a familiar way that feels good and i like the sadness of that song, the melancholy of it… it’s quite a beautiful song, really. I love EBTG. I cannot understand those who don’t really get into them very much or give them a chance because they have such a broad range that there is something for everyone pretty much….

    Gosh, you don’t know the Stones song Wild Horses! Wow! it’s a beautiful song – i wish i could just send it to you right now as an mp3 – it’s beautiful…. you’d love it. It’s mellow and soft and honest and true and everything you’d hope for in a song that would be fitting an article or list of this nature….

    I’m glad you found things here you can relate to ….

    I don’t know Vanili or Gino (?) you said… never hear of them..

    Try Googling “Wild Horses Rolling Stones Lyrics” and you’ll see what i mean. You won’t get the melody but you’ll get the words at least…

    Let me know what you think….

    What is on YOUR play list this week – anything i’d like? Surely there is…

    thanks for all good wishes; i’ve been having a rough time with my own epilepsy, but nothing like her own, so it’s a tough thing… to feel so helpless…


    love, as ever,


  • Steve

    Thanks for clarifying re. the illness, I will pray for you/him/her.

    Re. EBTG, I must confess I didn’t like them when their first single hit the UK charts around 1984 (“Each & Every One”). I started to warm up to them some by 1988, they had had a big hit with a cover of the old Rod Stewart 70’s classic “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”.

    However, it wasn’t until the dance remix of “Missing” came out in 1995 that they started to creep onto my ‘fave top 20 groups’ list.

    I’ve been giving 80’s music to a friend of mine to listen to for the last year or two, and he said, of the 75 plus artists I’d directed him to, EBTG and Jimmy Nail were his favorites so far.

    Re. Gino Vanelli, he is a singer-songwriter from Quebec. His biggest hits in Canada have been –
    “I Just Wanna Stop” #16/1978
    “Living Inside Myself” #5/1981
    “Black Cars” #6/1985
    “Hurts To Be In Love” #14/1985
    “Wild Horses” #10/1987
    He came out with an album last year called “These Are The Days” which consisted of old tracks like the above, with the other half being new compositions.

    Re. MY playlist…hmmm…here’s a remixes playlist I just put together this week for… my nephew I think, I haven’t given it to him yet, supposed to be going to see “Superman Returns” this month with him…if he can spare the time anyway!! (I’ve put together almost 50 playlists so far for myself and others) –
    Title (Remix) by Artist (Yr. of original, yr. of remix, if different from original).

    Dreams (Tee’s Radio Mix) by The Corrs (1997, 1998)
    Earth Song (Hani’s Club Mix) by Michael Jackson (1995)
    Electric Avenue (Ringbang Remix) by Eddy Grant (1983, 2001)
    I Can’t Dance (12″ Version) by Genesis (1991, 2000)
    I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That (12″ Single Mix) by Elton John (1988, 1990)
    I Don’t Want A Lover (2001 Mix) by Texas (1989, 2001)
    I Will Always Love You (Hec Hector Mix) by Whitney Houston (1992, 1998)
    Missing (Todd Terry Club Mix) by EBTG (1995)
    One Thing Leads To Another by the Pet Shop Boys (1993)
    Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul (1990)
    Star People by George Michael (1996, 1997)
    Sun Is Shining by Bob Marley vs Funkstar Deluxe (1978, 1999)
    Power Of Love (Rob Searle Club Mix) by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (1984, 2000)
    Wild Boys (Wilder than Wild Boys Extended Mix) by Duran Duran (1984, 2000)

  • Steve, thanks, first of all, i mean that – that’s important to all and i’m sure that means a lot – it certainly does to me… and having / or being in the situation myself (or much the same) then i can totally empathize with theirs, so it makes it that much harder to put a spacer in there, if that makes sense.

    I know exactly what you mean about EBTG – i didn’t warm up to them until “Missing” also – which i really liked a lot – that album really hit with me, the whole thing (same one with Mirrorball and Single – Walking Wounded anyway is the one i’m thinking of, which is a really great album, i think). That first cut, Walking Wounded is amazing and the tune just goes with the lyrics incredibly well…

    Your Playlist is great and takes me back a decade or two, which is fun for me… i often to the same though i admit i am experimental so a lot of my Play Lists of the Moment lately haven’t hit home so much because the stuff is newer and fresher and so not as ‘known’ yet or is a bit more obscure – either that or is just not liked or is totally loved (either/or, no middle ground it seems) by any contingent – I don’t know the Duran Duran song you mention, though i like Duran Duran but don’t know too too much of their stuff; just enough to be ‘fluent’ i suppose.

    Gosh, Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Relax!) Amazing! i had totally forgotten about that… thanks for reminding me – i should downlaod that one soon.

    George Michael can be great fun and just reminds me of the Wedding Singer, which i think, overall, just had a great soundtrack (like Almost Famous did, just different genre of music and era);

    Paula Abdul i don’t know at all, i must confess – i’m just, for whatever reason, really turned off by her. Maybe b/c of her performance on American Idol? I’m not certain, but i do not seem to care for her too too much.

    I hear Alicia Keys is really big (in fact, Bob Dylan mentions her in the first cut of his new upcoming album, Modern Times, so that’s interesting and will be interesting to see how it’s received.) I hear she’s endorsed by Spike Lee etc etc as a great brain and maybe she is – i don’t know enough about her yet to say one way or the other and truth to tell, i’ve never heard a song by her or even heard her speak so i cannot say either way. I love BD so i must, on this, just trust his judgment i guess… Maybe i’m a tad jealous? Yes, that’s it… (*sigh*)

    Elton John is always great – but as a person he has changed lately, have you noticed this or is this just me? he seems to have become somewhat nasty or perhaps he always was and i just never noticed before ~ ? Do you know? I love his music and always have, so it seems odd and contradictory to me that he should be so different in person than he is in real life, but again, as a friend said to me today, “Sadi, you’re an unreliable narrator…” which is likely true, meaning, i do not always see things as they are and instead, i see things as they appear to me (but then, doesn’t everyone?) – how confusing.

    I like your playlist tho – it’s interesting and takes me back – yours goes back a ways and mine is more sentimental this week, i admit, but for reasons stated.

    I’ve been having some of the same troubles but they are more under control with the right doctors and the right hospitals etc. but sometimes even that is not enough — in this case, clearly not. The best we can hope for is that she somehow manages to hang in there and hang tough or pray for some miracle (truly a miracle is needed here if ever – i’ve never heard of anyone surviving what she survived – so i cannot imagine. And i thought my seizures were bad.) Life can be hard, but as my grandmother always said, If we all walked into a room and put down our cross and could pick up any cross and walk back out, we’d pick up our own again and leave the room.

    I’m not so sure that’s true in this case, and i’ve never ever said a thing like that. And trust me on this; i’m not a drama queen about illness. This be the straight dope …

    But the play list itself – do you like the songs here?

    Will you check out the French one by Carla Bruni if you can download it or buy it on Amazon.com (Quel’qun Ma Dit is the name of the album and it’s really mellow stuff, but i would suggest taking a listen if they give you that option first) or downloading a few tracks.

    If you want advice, just ask – i’d be happy to guide … i just think you especially would love French pop.

    The band you would LOVE is Autour de Lucie – you would just LOVE LOVE LOVE them…. i swear Steve, from what i know of you – i’d be amazed if you did not… i wish there were some way i could not just write my play list but also have the click here option and give people a chance to hear the songs… ooo, maybe there IS a way… that gives me some ideas.. to redirect through my own site where people can listen to WAV files that would change whenever the list changed. A lot of work, but perhaps worth it.


    do you think it could work? I’m sure there is a way i could do it. It’s easy enough to uplaod an MP3 for people to listen to… and that’s all we’re talking about here – not downloading, but having a listen…

    at least to a few select songs.

    apologies for such long entry, next time i’ll divide it up.



  • Hey Sadi…..Great List!! I love it, and I love songs that appeal to more than just our ears, but to our emotions too. For whatever reason, I’m really in this place where the things around me need to have a deeper meaning—music, books, Art, my photography—if it doesn’t move me, then whats the point?

    This List is doing that for you, and the songs you chose that I am familiar with do it for me too.

    I think I’m going to pick up the soundtrack to Le Divorce. I love the movie, and noticed how great the music sounded.

    I hope things get better for your cousin….my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

  • HI Chantal! long time no see — ! Am really glad you like the list – yes, songs, like any art form, i think, appeal to our emotions as well and that’s key — photograpy, painting (esp. Cy Twombly, Henry Miller, Van Gogh, Joseph Sudek, Certeszh (sp?) do this for me). And yes, if it does’t really move you then there is little point.

    I tried to choose songs here that are all indeed on my play list but are all there for a reason this week and that is simply because they are applicable and befitting my state of mind…. as is the song New York State of Mind by Billy Joel (perhaps that is because where they live?) that i can’t seem to get out of my head these days… i can even see driving down the Henry Hudson.

    Perhaps i’ll make a little road trip with a friend sometime soon ~ that would be nice, as long as my friend gets better soon!! (seems like everyone around me is getting sick these days and i’m feeling a bit stretched, but not in a bad sense, just in the sense that i wish i could span the distance a little better – do you know what i mean)?

    be well – sade….

  • OH, and Chantal (and anyone else,) yes, buy the soundtrack from Le Divorce, but honestly, i’d just buy the whole Carla Bruni Album Quel qu’n Ma Dit because every song on there, pretty much is pretty great, esp, the one on here that i note, the main soundtrack song from Le Divorce, so that’s two for one, and Le Toi at le Moi, which is also a great song = et le ciel dan le chambre… i mean, whether you speak french or not is totally irrelevant really in some ways b/c you just get the idea and her voice, GOD, that voice! it’s been YEARS since i heard a voice like that…


    what else can i do to convince you? i tell you what. I’ll upload one of her songs to my Website and build in a link here and you can listen to it… that way you can decide whether or not you like her voice — sound reasonable?

    Let me know….

  • Steve

    Wow, lots to reply to, where to begin!!…

    Re. Duran Duran, their 1998 best of album called “Greatest” would be a good place to start looking into their catalogue as far as hits, though they have had some memorable album tracks too. I think they were the ‘rockiest’ (excuse my poor English lol) of the New Romantic pop bands, so if you like harder rock music and can stand their lead singer’s distinctive though limited vocal range you would enjoy them, I think. Frankly, if I hadn’t grown up during their heyday, I do wonder if I would like them at all to be honest, but they were all-pervasive back in the day, a bit overhyped in my opinion. After all, they never had a US #1 album and only one UK#1 album…definitely more of a singles group. Anyway…

    If you like “Relax”, then you really should consider getting FGTH’s debut album “Welcome To The Pleasuredome”, it really is a trip of an album to listen to. The title track is 13 minutes long, and they go thru an amazing variety of songs, some covers, some originals. The album is so long in fact, that I notice the CD excludes 2 of the songs that were on the vinyl and cassette versions (“Do You Know The Way To San Jose?” and “Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey”). The CD does include covers of Springsteen’s “Born To Run” and Edwin Starr’s “War”, and, of course, the original singles from it (“Relax”, “Two Tribes”, “THe Power Of Love” and the title track).

    There are actually 2 soundtracks to “The Wedding Singer” and I discovered thru my music cataloging in the last year or two that I already have 23 of the songs on those soundtracks (which I don’t have) without knowing it until recently lol!!

    Re. Alicia Keys, if my memory serves correctly, I believe she was a child prodigy as far as music goes, a classically trained pianist as well as a R&B singer I think, and has had some big hits in the last 5 years or so. If you like R&B, you’d probably love her. Very talented. I don’t have any of her stuff myself at the moment.

    Alas, I’m not a computer geek, Sadi, not sure how MP3’s work vis a vis your own website, I don’t have a website of my own.

  • hey Steve – i should check out the Greatest as you suggest b/c i really like Duran Duran (i even the really dumb video of Hungry Like a Wolf !!!) ~~

    Funny about Alicia Keyes- did i mention that she is in the lyrics to Dylan’s album? (new album, that is?), i must have mentioned it…. i think i’m just jealous – lol – Do i like RB, not sure – i like Marvin Gaye, but that’s soul, right? so who else would be R&B do you think? I mean, i have no idea of this stuff…

  • i used to have, Welcome to the Pleasuredome …. but can’t remember what was on it now, that was a dog’s age ago, but we seem to like the same music, only i moved on to newer stuff these days but my next list may be more nostalgic;

    so there are TWO soundtracks to The Wedding Singer ???? Who knew… I should check it out…

    As to computer geek stuff, you need not be, but i can be and see what i can do if you think you’d take a listen….

  • Steve

    oops, I forgot to mention, I have 2 tracks from the movie “Almost Famous”…”Tiny Dancer” by Elton & “Every Picture Tells A Story” by Rod Stewart.

    Re. Elton, Sadi, I agree with you about his behaviour but I do wonder how much is because of the media attention he gets these days. After all, he doesn’t have to worry about money or success now, being closer to retirement, so he is more free to say what he likes than ever I would think. I doubt media attention is something that you ever really get used to…I know I wouldn’t lol.

    Re. “New York State Of Mind”, yep, great song.

    Re. R&B…examples include Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Amerie, Ashanti, Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Bobby Brown, James Brown, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, Gabrielle, Stevie Wonder, New Edition, Prince…though of course, some of these artists have songs that also fit in other genres too, so not all are exclusively limited to R&B necessarily (e.g Jackson and Carey).

    Re. Alicia Keys, yes you did mention about Dylan and her, like I say, she is a talented lady for sure.

  • i love those two songs ~ by Elton John, the ones you love as well. I just don’t know when or where his personality went wrong (well, not went wrong, but became so aggressive, you know).

    But i’m not sure i’d like Alicia Keyes, given the names, but i do like Toni Braxton and her voice ~ I loved that song “unbreak my heart.”

  • Steve

    I have listened to songs that way before, Sadi (World’s Tallest Thing I think), so if you want to do that, by all means…

    Re. new music, Sadi…there’s a female Canadian artist I think you might like called Feist. Mellow pop sound, almost like a throwback to the 70’s or 80’s really, I was shocked her song (“Inside and Out” I think it’s called) was a new song!

    However, as far as newer stuff goes, I like to keep my eye on the UK…right now I’m listening to…
    Girls Aloud
    Hi Tack
    Pet Shop Boys (new album “Fundamental”)
    Charlotte Church
    Kelly Clarkson
    Deep Dish
    Geri (from Spice Girls)
    Roll Deep
    Gwen Stefani
    Rachel Stevens (from S Club)
    Uniting Nations
    Will Young

    along with a bunch of older stuff of course!

  • Steve

    Alicia Keyes first big hit, Sadi, was “Fallin’ (In and Out Of Love With You)”, it was on the radio alot a few years back.

    I have 3 Braxton songs –
    Another Sad Love Song
    The Christmas Song
    How Could An Angel Break My Heart (with Kenny G)

  • Sadi….I’ll go to your website and give the song a listen….

    As for Alycia Keyes, I had no idea about her and the Dylan album (although now that I think about it, sounds vaguely familiar).

    Anyway…..I’m really not a huge R&B fan, but I LOVE her…she has a great voice and a great vibe…she sorta falls into the “Neo-Soul” category, which I can get into. If you like old R&B and Soul music, like Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder…then the Neo-Soul sound would more than likely appeal to you.

    Alycia Keyes’ first album was good, but didn’t do much for me. Her last album (am I old for still calling them albums? We’re all about the same age here lol) was nothing short of AMAZING.

    When I first bought it, I was taking a road trip from Ohio to Wisconsin with my 3 kids (which turns a 9 hr trip into 14 hrs, btw)and I played that CD the entire trip over and over….I couldn’t get enough of it. (kids got tired of it though)

  • HI Chantal, hi Steve….I’ve arranged on my web site so that you can just go there and listen to the songs that you don’t know… let me know if you have any special requests and i’ll add those to the list – these will change as the list changes, but at least you’ll have a listen…

    you want to click here

  • note, once you’ve clicked on the link, you’ll need to scroll down on the LEFT NAVIGATION until you get to List of the Moment – take a listen and then a list will appear with some songs on it. So far, i’ve only put on a few that you all really didn’t know, but i will put on more by request any time, so just let me know….

    thanks all… click on the link above or here it is again

    love to all,


  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi, just thought I would ‘re-ask’ a question from your List Vol. 16…which Paul Weller albums do you have and which one do you like the best??

    Re. the music clips, that’s very sweet of you, Sadi. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

  • Steve

    Re. Sia…the beginning reminded me a bit of Midge Ure’s “Breathe” from 1996. A bit sad lyrically, but musically and vocally very good. I may have to look up her albums, sounds promising.

    Re. Nick Drake… a bit like Chris de Burgh meets Cat Stevens. Quite pleasant. Maybe just a little dated sounding (1970’s) for me to rush out and buy, but I can understand his appeal.

    Re. Carla Bruni…very pleasant also, musically, though I do prefer music where I understand the lyrics!! lol

    Re. Autour de Lucie…ditto here too, very nice music, though. Great production. Just thinking of another French tune my mother used to love…”Chansons D’Amour” by Manhattan Transfer from the late 70’s I think. Do you like that one, Sadi??? Sure brings back memories for me.

    Re. Bob Dylan…hmmm…well…I must say, everything about this song rubs me the wrong way I’m afraid. I’ve never liked that kind of acoustic guitar/harmonica combo in any song by anybody! His vocals kind of remind me of a American version of Billy Bragg, whom I’ve never been a fan of either, to be honest, more of a spoken word voice rather than a singing voice. The song sounds very forced, not natural at all.

    I wonder if perhaps he wrote a book in a conventional narrative about the ideas in his songs, I might find him more interesting. But his vocals and music really turm me off, at least in this song, anyway.

  • steve, hey, glad i could upload some stuff for you to listen to… this is a good way of doing the list so thta any uncommon songs you can just go to my site and check out…. don’t you think?

    I should do this every time… i think it would help and turn people on to more music… in the interests of breveity , rest to follow in separate comment….


  • Sia – she is one of my current favorites, and Unbreathe me is a great song, so if you like that one, you’d likely like her other stuff. Try “Rewrite me” and see if you like that… it’s in the same vein except the words are more more…. comprehsible i guess that’s the word i’m looking for..

    Drake – i can see what you’re saying, though he remains a favorite For me, Drake has always been really cool, so it pissed me off when VW suddenly used him for their advertisement (the song Pink Moon), which then raised his popularity, such popularity he never saw during his lifetime, brief lifetime i might add and maybe suicie and maybe not suicide – i think it was left undetermined and still is, but if anyone knows, feel free to chime in…

    Of course i now Chansons D’amour, though i can’t relate that to any of the French music i listen to … i think this stuff is just so much hip. I think Autour de Lucie has so much potential for you STeve, if i have a good read on your tastes and i think i do, then i think you’d really like this band. Great stuff… i can uplaod some more if you want to hear more… just let me know…

    Carla Bruni has the voice of an angel and that one song, among her many others, is just beautiful. I suppose if i didn’t speak French at all, then i might find it a bit frustrating, but i manage well enough to get the jist and to understand it… so i’m fluent enough… but regardless, the tune itself and the way she sings it, gosh, who cares what she’s singing about – it’s just beautiful…. !

    An amazing talent so well-worth it to me, but soem things aren’t for everyone. Did i post Quel’qun ma dit – if not, i’ll post that as well, so you can hear her most popular song…

    any requests?

    Bob, oh, bob oh, bob… you just don’t like him and i accept that. i keep trying to concinve you but it won’t work – i know that… but i post a song anyway just in case one day i can make a convert of you or someone… you never know! stranger things have happened.

    cool that this is working out — i knew there was a way to make this work… !

  • hey: re: Paul Weller – do you mean w/ The Jam or W/out the Jam?

    Without the Jam i’d have to say “Paul Weller” (simply that, the “white album cover’ i call it…. (boy do i have a paul weller story for you – remind me to tell you….)

    In terms of the Jam, i like best Compact Snap!

    *Note, i don’t include Best of albums… as ‘real’ albums in the sense we are speaking of now.

    For Bob Dylan, because i know how much you care (lol) it’s either Bringing it All Back Home or Blonde on Blonde…. both are excellent… but really i prefer the bootleg versions, like the Philharmonic live at in 1964 – that was a great Dylan period, though so many have been that it’s a tough one to choose…

    let me know if you want anything else to listen to. Happy to uplaod for you or anyone else from this or backlists provided i still have the MP3 – which likely i do….

    — wasn’t it your mother who loved the song “She” as well – she reminds me of my grandmother, who raised me who loved much of the same music as it sounds like your mother does….
    funny… are you American in Britain or British like me? and what are you doing there!!! (besides generally having fun…)


  • ok; steve, i just posted Quel’qun ma dit by Carla Bruni and a song i thought you’d like called Lover’s Spit by a group called Broken Social Scene…. it’s a great song; let me know what you think….

  • Steve

    Wow, lots to reply to…I’ll take it one comment at a time then…

    re. #22, I think you’ve struck on a great idea. Thanks again.

  • cool — thx. Steve…. when i can meet requests i will.. prob. on the more obscure stuff…

  • Steve

    Re. #23, any more Autour… or Sia would be welcome.

    I think you’ve only posted the one Carla song thus far.

    Re. Bob Dylan, I think I may have liked a song from his “Time Out Of Mind” album that I saw the video for on TV a few years ago. So I am open to more of him, as long as it sounds nothing like his WWIII song lol.

    Re. Weller, yes, I meant the solo stuff. I have some of his singles but none of his albums. If the album you mention was his first, I’m thinking that may be my fave too, his later stuff isn’t doing much for me to be honest (at least what little I’ve heard any).

    Yes, my mother did like “She” as well. She was Scots, moved to Canada with my dad in the fifties. She fell in love with the French language then I think, Canada being bilingual and all (officially at least lol). Anyway, long story short, I was born in Canada, then lived in Scotland from 4-18 yrs. old for the most part. Been back in Canada ever since. Hope that clarifies things for you.

  • Steve

    Re. comment #25, ok, Sadi. I’ve heard of Broken Social Scene recently but have no idea what they sound like so I will check that out.

  • uploaded some more autour de lucie and also, uploaded It’s Not Dark Yet from Time Out of Mind — i hope you’ll like.

    Report back!!

    hey, do you like the site…? i really think this is a good idea…

  • Steve

    Thanks so much, Sadi. Yes, I think it’s great. I will report shortly…

  • Steve

    Re. Dylan, that was definitely better musically, his voice is still not great but somewhat improved at least. Anything of his with a similar sound but cheerier lyrics by any chance??

    Re. Sia, it was ok, but I found the drumming in it to be a little scattered, kinda distracting a bit.

    Re. BSS, sound like a cross between Coldplay and New Order, would be looking to see if they had some variety in their sound though, a whole album of a song like that might put me to sleep lol.

    Lamb sound a lot like Bjork, music was great, but I tend to prefer more conventional sounding vocals I think.

    You seem to like 6+ minute long tunes alot eh, Sadi?? That’s unusual. Still I guess a few of my faves are that long too.

  • broken social scene are great, i think – and i love this song… so we’ll see what you think. i think you might like it but could be dead wrong….

    so glad you like this idea… it seems to work really well; i just put the newer more obscure ones up every week…

    tell me what you think of the Dylan one i posted… i love that one…. it’s sad, melancholy, but beautiful….

  • steve, oh yeah,i can find Dylan with cheerier lyrics and see what you think of that. One song comes to mind immidiately and as soon as get back i’ll post it for you to listen to…

    Sia – funny; i just love her stuff…. can’t get enough of it, but we all have our own tastes, thank god….

    You’re bang on the money about BSS – funny i never saw it that way, but you’re right….

    Lamb i love, but i suppose i like these whirling dervish’s of songs that just swirl out the music and you’re into it…

    yes, i guess i like longer songs, i never thought much about it before, but now that i think of it, even the jesus and mary chain write long and i love them (i’monlyhappywhenitrains)is on of my favorites… so is justlikehoney…

    funny. i never noticed.

    will upload more uplifting Dylan when i get back…

    for now, enjoy — i think this was a good way of sharing the music, without just describing it… i’m glad it worked out and this way you get to see my page as well… so feel free to hop about if the spirit moves you ….

    cheers — s. (p.s. where did Scott B. go… i haven’t seen or heard from him in a dog’s age…. i hope he’s okay…

    if you know, let me know – he’s always invited unless i said someting to piss him off…. weird….

    anyway.. really must dash…



  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi, it was fun. Thanks for all your hard work. Have a great time, wherever you’re going.

    Re. Scott, I don’t know, haven’t been elsewhere on this site that much the last few weeks so I haven’t seen him.

    Re. J&MC, I must confess, because of the multiple electric guitars in their music (or that’s how it sounds to me anyway), I don’t listen to them myself, though I do have a few of their tunes from various compilations. One electric guitar is more than enough for me in songs as a rule lol.

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,
    I know it’s only been a week, just wondering if you had any idea when the next one will be out.

    I do hope things have improved for your cousin.

  • hey Steve, sorry i missed your last comment. And htanks for asking about cousin; i think things have settled down a bit, but this is a long-term illness and rather intractable so it’s going to be off and on; this time was just really scary — i think for all of us, but esp. for him.

    We do our best, even if it is a silly list and some kind words, i have no doubt that it means a great deal to him…

    Next list will be soon. I have some real kickers of songs that i thought i had forgotten about, but have refreshed my memory – and of course the ones that are more obscure you can visit tant mieux and take a listen (a great new feature, i think that should drive more traffic to the column since you can actually listen to the song instead of just taking my word for it…

    Everyone seems to like that – and i think it’s great that i managed to pull it off (she says gloating)…

    so, next list soon – promise. Hopefully a good one for all, and of course, i’ll throw in one Dylan song — maybe i’m on a mission to convert you to Nick Drake – you’d like him more. I’ll upload some of his stuff for you; it was never popular until VW started using it in their ads – sort of sickenig but nice that he finally got his due, even if he is dead. Ain’t that always the way – Sylvia Plath proved that long ago…

    ah well…

    thanks again for all … if you seee Scott around, tell him please i haven’t heard a peep from him. He emailed me a few times but after that nothing… so i’m not sure… if you see an article he writes, tell him we miss him!

    Ta ev, as we say….

    you’re a gem.


  • Steve, i just put in the new list of the moment, so it should go live pretty soon. I had it up in my browser and suddenly i think i hit hte wrong button, so a link may be out of place. I’m hoping it took, but if not, maybe the Ed. will catch it (please, it was built in, so it shold be there.) As ever, let me know if there are any songs you’d like to hear….



  • Steve

    Thanks so much, Sadi. Nice to see you gloating about your accomplishments, you deserve some happiness.
    I will if I see Scott, but haven’t yet. Maybe away on holidays being a teacher, huh?

  • Hey Steve, so the new list is up =- so you should find it no problem, i hope…. and thanks! not accomplishment really, just sorted out how to upload songs to site so you could all take a listen; requests most welcome….Thanks about the happiness factor, even i am beginning to feel it — it’s been a rough few months, mostly for my cousin, but for me as well (seizures), but otherwise, my spirits are bright.

    As i say, i am a pessimest with hope; or did my cousin say it first. Someone said it… and i quite agree. Hope is what hang onto…

    hope you like the new list!



  • Scott Butki

    I’ve been awol due to a weekend job that is intense and taxing.
    I’m printing this list out to read later and will write some comments on Monday (no net access at this weekend job with a special needs adult)

    I l

  • hey Scott!!! Number 18 is up so start the thread there and pick up there….

    glad to see you back and hope everything is okay – you can ansewr on new thread of LIst of the Moment. Found a way to help readers listen to music as well, which is cool… so nobody left in the dark…

    see you at other list (new list) – comments for songs you want to hear are most welcome and i’ll upload them for ya’ll to hear.

    see you there then,


  • Steve

    Sadi, I can’t seem to find your #18 in the usual spot (under “List Of The Moment”)…is it posted under something else??

  • Steve

    Sadi, did you read my #43 above??

  • i’ve put it through twice and for some reason it’s not taking – the list was done days ago, so i’m not sure what the problem is… i redid it again just now and re-submitted. I”m sure it just got lost in the midst of all of the other submissions of something; who knows. But in any event, it’s done and should be up by today or tonight at the latest, i should think… Maybe an Ed. will let us know or EO knows – who knows… But we’ll see.

    Either way, it’s done – if it doesn’t come up as List of the Momemt for some reason, i’ll straight post it… though it should come up! I never got a confirmation that it came up either, but figured that was just a glitch..

    gotta dash

    let me know when it’s up…


  • Steve

    Thanks, Sadi, will do.
    God bless.

  • thanks Steve – you rock the house – and god bless as well… list should be up soon.. let me know if you see it, and start new thread…

  • Steve

    ok, cool, Sadi, will do.

  • hey Steve, was totally my fault; the editor got in touch and told me i had left the Browser window open, so they could not access the file.. so i’ve closed out now (or should have) and now they can just check it out and put it up …

    Sorry about that. I didn’t know that if the broswer was still open that you couldn’t publish. Thank God for Lisa…!!!

    ping me when you see it…

    as ever,


  • Steve

    ok, Sadi, sounds good, will do.

  • thx. Steve — see you there. should be there soon…. hope the others come back soon – it’s been quiet without Scott and the others – has everyone disappeared!!! in any event, the list is what it is…. hofefully stuff you’ll like and again, i take requests for what to upload to the site for you to listen to .

    over and out. see you over there on No. 18…

    ; )


  • steve, just got note that the list is up… so there you have it… list is up and all is well… see you over there; now if i could only rememeber what i put on the list? seriously, i can’t remember right now… funny… first sign of losing one’s mind, perhaps? next thing you now, the newspaper will be glowing a la John Nash …. eeks!

    see you there – & thanks for all in this thread…


  • Scott Butki

    I hope you and your niece are doing better.
    I love Everything But the Girl, especially their acoustic covers album and Walking wounded.
    I also really have been getting into the Flaming Lips lately

  • Scott, hi!!! you sort of vanished off of the radar for a while and i wondered where you went…

    i too love the Flaming Lips – Do you Realize is one of my favorite songs, as is, even better, Flight Test which is just a phenomenal song..


    Steve, if you don’t already know them, you would like them, i think, so let me know… i can turn you onto them… great great group. I loved them from the minute i heard them… which is rare. It usually takes a few listens….

    Scott again – nice to have you back!

  • Scott, btw, list number 18 is up, in case you didn’t see it there – the thread is running on there for now, but okay to meet you here as well!

    Hope you are well…