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List of the Moment, Volume 9, Part One

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Welcome to the 9th List of the Moment, the First Part –

A varied list here and one that I hope you’ll find some songs you can relate to. Songs old and others newer and others that relate further back to our youth or to our parent’s generation and then remind us then of our own growing up and become a part of our own personal history and thus, a part of us and are carried forward.

The list here spans several generations, so it will be interesting to hear all thoughts on this list for all of you who know these songs and if you don’t, as ever, if may be, or I think it is anyway, worth the time to download a few and check them out and I’ve stated my reasons why and I’m sure in the comments you’ll read the pros and the cons, since folk don’t seem to hold back here.

So, that said – here we go – the Ninth List of the Moment Part One…

“English Rose” by Paul Weller — Because I’m English, I’m biased. Because it’s live and the crowd goes crazy, real patriotism, love of one’s girlfriend and of one’s country, I’m going to assume this recording is from a British concert though I cannot find out where as this particular version is bootleg, though I tell you, all version of this song are excellent, though personally I prefer any live version of almost any artist’s songs. Real patriotism seems apparent here, which is sort of nice to see that our British men value their English roses. Awwww.

“I’m Not in Love” by 10 cc — This was a toss up between this and “The Things we Do for Love” (ooh, sneaky, I just slipped both into my List of the Moment by a mere mention two songs .) Back to it – who hasn’t been here? Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt (terrible joke, really but irresistible in this moment) (Menagez-vous votre americanismes…) If he’s not in love, he sure does a very convincing rendition of running down the list of things that everyone in love would do… the picture on the wall “just because” like everything else he does. Of course, that’s the whole point of the song though, right… For us to know he’s in love while he, of course, typically denies this and lies even to himself – or has us going or wants to. Why do I associate this with a past boyfriend or are most men like this about the early stages of love? I know even my own husband resisted those initial and visceral feelings and I don’t understand why. Why resist. Just fall backward. You will be caught.

“Fight Test” by The Flaming Lips — For the lyrics and the tune for being a great song to drive to. I don’t know what else to say. I think it’s just a great song as is “Do You Realize”, but this one seemed to have more depth about someone really going through something in his life and having to learn something critical in the hardest of ways — this is my read but what he hell do I know. We project our situations quite often onto the music of the time.

“Cosmic Dancer” by T-Rex – So easy to choose “Bang a Gong” (and predictable so no, as good as it is) a more obvious song but this one packs more of an emotional wallop and has an eerie melancholy to it that just works for me… it worked wonders in the film “Billy Elliott” (which I thought a great film, not only about growing up in Ireland but growing up gay and being poor: a film that hit on so many levels). This song too hits on so many levels about growing up, changing, evolving, “dancing out of the womb, dancing into the tomb”… heavy samsara, baby.

“Voices Carry” by Aimee Mann — Pretty much anything by Aimee Mann is great if you ask me and the fact that she lives in the same town as I and I see her out and about doesn’t hurt because she’s a genuinely nice person and not in the least affected in that gross way that those who have made it often are. How truly refreshing. “Voices Carry” is obviously about an affair and while Alannis Morissette did a pretty good job with “You Oughta Know” (which became a great anthem for the time, I admit), it still didn’t pack the emotional wallop as “Voices Carry”. Or it did but in a far flurried and less controlled deeply furious way. It lacked the fierce sorrow that Mann’s “Voice’s Carry” has inherent in it.

Mann’s song is clearly about someone about whom she is still sort of in love with and who may be trying to extricate himself or at least, clearly does not respect his mistress (as the song would seem to indicate is her role, unless I grossly misread). To me, it’s far sadder than Morrissette’s mostly because the couple seems older somehow and more mature and if anything, they “oughta know” and while the words may not be as angry and fierce, they have a longer shelf life. Morissette had the shelf life of yogurt and while I genuinely like her and even like her new work, I simply cannot say that “You Oughta Know” outranks “Voices Carry”, albeit their subtle differences (which no doubt will come out in the comments section, so I’ll leave that discussion for there).

“Dancing in the Dark” by Bruce Springsteen — Added to the list made the list because a dear friend could use hearing this song and listening to the lyrics as could many of us, because you “can’t start a fire w/out a spark.” which bears repeating, as tiresome as it may be to hear, I don’t care. It’s true. Where is Bruce these days? Last I saw of him was on PBS fundraiser (old footage because he was playing with Roy Orbison, may he rest) and making that funny somewhat simian face he makes when he plays his guitar… But I haven’t heard much about him lately. I’m out the loop, but this song — lord knows I get tired and bored with myself…hey there baby, I could use just a little help…”

“She” by Charles Aznavour and covered by Elvis Costello for the film Notting Hill — The original surpasses the more contemporary or it does for me anyway. That said, Costello’s cover is pretty great when you consider what he was up against with what song. It made the list this week for being for my grandmother (who raised me) her song from my grandfather and for Steve whose mother had it as her song. Besides all that, it’s a great song and the lyrics may be old-fashioned but they hold and that makes it lasting in a way that songs like “Heya” much as we loved it at the time, is pretty much destined to go out of fashion. Give me something to hold on to that will last more than five minutes.

“Everybody Here Wants You” by Jeff Buckley — One of the sexiest songs of all time, in my view. I think if this is the right song at the right time then the deal is done. It should be re-labeled “songs to melt to.” Too bad he pulled he’s not here anymore to dish-up what he served so very well…

Part Two of The 9th List of the Moment later this week … Thanks, as ever, for tuning in.

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  • Great list again that inspires memorories: Still have some 10cc albums, fan, your mentions good especially “Things We Do” which is perfect pop, so why is the relativey annoying “Life Is a Minestrone” going thru my head?
    T-Rex–better song thru head: “Jeepster”!
    Aimee Mann–huge fan, have a personally autographed CD (she says “I Love You”)–waiting for the restraining order to be lifted. Since you later mention my God Costello, I will mention absolutely beautiful Mann/Costello song “Other End of Telescope” which is on Til Tuesday’s second LP. Seek it out (also on later Costello)

  • Steve

    Wow, Sadi, nice list. Hmmm…where to begin…

    I have a best of 10CC & Godley & Creme from 1987, liked stuff by both, especially the tunes you mentioned, “I’m Not In Love” is a five star song in my collection. Can’t say I’ve ever denied being in love, so can’t speak to the lyrics of the song, but I love the tune because it is just caked in atmosphere for lack of a more elegant way of putting it lol.

    Re. patriotism, us Canadians severely lack that quality, at least as far as music goes, can’t think of a single ‘Canadian patriot’ kind of contemporary song, though I must confess I find the Canadian music scene kinda boring, so there may be some out there I don’t know of.

    Re. Paul Weller, I should say I do have his hit singles “Peacock Suit”, “Broken Stones”, “You Do Something To Me”, “Out Of The Sinking” & “Sunflower”, though I much prefer his Style Council stuff.

    I remember “Voices Carry” by Aimee’s old group Til Tuesday. Not a bad tune.

    Thanks for putting “She” on your list, Sadi, I do prefer the original because of course, Costello’s voice is not that great and I found his version seemed a bit rushed, though I guess if it has to be in a movie it must be shorter, I suppose.

    “Dancing In The Dark” is among the few Springsteen songs I really like, a fave of one of my sister’s too.

    Didn’t know you were raised by your grandparents, Sadi, I was raised mostly in a single parent family and it was always great to be around my grandmother (who had been widowed in WW2).

    Roy Orbison was a fave of my Dad’s.

    Anyway, interesting list, as always Sadi. Thanks so much.

  • Hey Steve — Glad you like the list – i have to agree, i prefer the original version of She as well but had trouble finding it.. if you can find it… do post the link, that would be great ’cause i’d buy it as well…

    As to Weller – i do like his STyle Council stuff a great deal (EVer Changing Moods and Long Hot Summer are two of my favorite all time songs) tho i think he’s great solo and that the song Sweetpea is one of his best (tho i seem to have lost it these days… grrrr, the hazards of getting a new computer, ugh)…

    Have to agree about Dancing in the Dark, tho I’m On Fire runs a close second, which i happen to love … a great song and One Step Up and Two Steps Back is also pretty great…

    Rob Orbison just rocks my world — i’ve long loved him — was he on my list or did you just intuit that? gosh i can’t even remembe what i wrote…

    Aimee Mann is just great and everything Alannis Morrisette wanted to be at that time in her life, tho i think she (Morisette has vastly improved … that’s just my opinon) —

    10CC – nice to know all men don’t deny being in love; i think that i have done this, so perhaps, likely, most likely in fact, i’m projecting my own stupid ways of being…

    cheers as ever – so odd about the grandparents connection … things get spooky here… sad about being widowed during WWII – we lost a great deal of our family in London during the German airraids. With one bomb they took out half our family… pretty awful and sad story.. this is not the place for it though…

    rock on… s.

  • Gordon ~ just found YOUR comment after i saw Steves — not sure why that happened… my email showed his first… weird how that happens. But anyway, Yes i will seek out that Costello you note. Do you know the song She and the original? the original is pretty amazing but perhapas i like it for sentimental reasons more than anything… that much would make sense… so what can i say…

    Jeepster was on previous list so couldn’t include on this list (repetive, redundant, etc etc but yes, i agree w/ you – a superior song which is why it made an earlier list… a much better song tho i like this one as well… totally different vibe…

    Surprising diverse T-Rex i think — aren’t they connected to Mott the Hoople (pardon my feckin’ ignorance and don’t flame me here (whomever) – i believe they are/were but not positive…

  • Steve

    Sadi, Roy Orbison came up in your list re. Springsteen who had been on Orbison’s last recorded concert before he died (“Black & White Night” I think) which was on TV again this week.

    I loved those Style Council songs too Sadi, also, “You’re The Best Thing” and “Speak Like A Child” and “It Didn’t Matter”.

    “I’m On Fire” was great, also liked most of the “Born In The USA” album, plus a few others, “Human Touch”, even the more recent “Lonesome Day” (which I don’t have), “Born To Run” (Frankie Goes To Hollywood do a faithful version of that on their debut album), “Streets Of Philadelphia”, and yes, “One Step Up” was good too, though I don’t have that one either.

    Not a huge fan of Alanis, though my niece is. I did like “Thank You” and maybe one of her more recent tunes that escapes me right now (“Uninvited” maybe??). But I don’t have any of her stuff.

  • Steve

    Forgot to mention, the only original song I have of T. Rex is “20th Century Boy”, but I do have covers of “Children of the Revolution” (by Gavin Friday & Bono from U2), and “Get It On” (by The Power Station).

  • Steve

    Sadi, sorry to hear about your family’s loss in the WW2’s airaids, my grandfather was in the engine room of a converted trawler when it was hit by a German U-Boat in the North Sea around 1941. No survivors. Just saw “The Chronicles Of Narnia” recently, that mentioned about the children being shipped off to the country to be with relatives or whoever would take them in to keep them away from the heavy bombing in London at the time. Tough days…but like you say, not the topic here.

  • thanks about my family steve — they all worked in the same bell foundry when a bomb hit… it’s pretty gruesome story… the only reason my grandfther survived was that he had just left to go home for lunch and hte others said they would meet him there…

  • oooohhh, we like the same Style Council songs… it didn’t matter is a great song, and so is It Didn’t Matter which i had forgotten about…

    you also name some good Bruce songs… again, some others i had forgotten about… just not on my playlist at the moment.. which is, afterall, what this list is about…. ; )

    Alanis – Some of her stuff can be pretty good. I wasn’t slamming her b/c i think she can be pretty tough and i like Thank You as well – but i think for YOu Oughta Know, an anthem in its own right, just can’t hold up to Voices Carry. Then again, maybe the comparison is moot and was never meant to be… you know… so it’s a tough one…

  • Steve

    Sadi, you’re welcome.

    Did you end up buying that China Crisis album by the way??

  • i didn’t get it get… tho i plan to. Do you remember the title…

    and oh,

    speaking or rather thinking, of music in that genre and of the time ( i take it your a GenXr ? oui?) what about The Fall– do you remember them?

  • Steve

    The title you were looking for was…”Working With Fire & Steel”.

    Yes, I am a GenXer, 36 actually. The Fall…well, I only remember one of their rare UK hits from 1987 called “There’s A Ghost In My House”, but I must confess, though they were faves with the UK critics, I could never really get into them myself. Still recording apparently after almost 30 years, pretty amazing really. But I haven’t heard anything of theirs in almost 20 years.

  • yeah, Steve , had you pegged, like me, by your musical taste, among other things… all good… 🙂 .. I think the song you name must be the one i’m thinking of. They use one in the flm The Silence of The Lambs which is REALLY creepy – i think that must be the one, b/c i can’t think of any other with a more applicable title.

    I was never a big fan but did like that one song, if that is indeed it… They were a bit too goth for me and i was never goth. I was / am more Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music (God help me) but i just love Avalon, More Than This (possibly the most depressing song ever written of all time) and others by him/them. I even like Slave to Love (ugh, see… i’m really putting myself out there for you, lol).

    Remember Duran Duran… i’m listening to Hungry Like A Wolf as we speak… i even remember the damn video and the haircut of the lead singer. I recall more than anyting thinking how sexy it was that his hair flopped over one of his eyes and how cool that was… gosh, how foolish and naive and how wonderful we are in our youth… you gotta love it.

    I admit, for as much as i love my present and try to look forward, i am still nostalgic for those days; i only wish i knew then what i know now and that i appreciated them more and realized how quickly they would pass and took the time to drink of them deeply…

  • Steve

    Yes, I hear you about Goths, was never into that stuff much, though I did like a few Sister Of Mercy tunes at the time because they made me laugh so hard.

    Didn’t know there was any contemporary songs in Silence of the Lambs, though it’s been about 15 years since I saw it.

    I did love the “Avalon” album as well, perfect pop for me, liked some of Ferry’s solo stuff that came after too, all those tunes you mentioned I loved.

    Yes, I did enjoy Duran’s stuff too, including that tune, I remember watching the video on a show called “Friday Night Videos” back in the 80’s. I have a double disc of remixes of their hits called “Strange Behaviour” from 2000, as well as 7 of their 80’s albums, they were unique for sure, their lyrics were a bit weird at times (“Union Of The Snake”????), but they had a harder, rock-edged pop sound than almost anyone else big at the time.

  • Steve

    By the way, what did you think of Duran Duran’s comeback album from 2004, “Astronaut”?? I loved the singles from it.

    Re. nostalgia, I had some fun times back then, but I was always Canadian at heart, never really felt at home until I came back here to live.

  • God, fifteen years since Silence of the Lambs – how scary is that..,. sheesh.. Avalon was and remains a great album. I never understood the title video with the falcon thing on his arm on the balcony and Jerry whathername (Mick Jagger’s then wife) in the back ground but whatever – went straight over my head…)

    You’re right about Duran Duran’s sound – they were unique for their time and harder too and they rocked. They were just a few steps or perhaps a step or two below Def Lepard (sp?) or The Tubes (who i also liked actually)… but Duran Duran were a great group. Whatever happend to them…

    total non sequitor.. is Sting up to anything these days? I”ve been listenig to him singing in French (Ne Me Quitte Pas – great song, download it if you can… amazing, i promise)…

  • Steve

    Funny how you think of “More Than This” as a depressing song, I never think of it that way…shows you how little attention I pay to the lyrics huh? LOL.

  • Steve

    Sting’s last album was 2003’s “Sacred Love”, which I have, some good tunes on there. I’ve got about 45 songs of his, mostly from his first 2 albums and his last one, plus a best of Sting & The Police. He generally releases albums of new material every 3 to 4 years, I wouldn’t expect anything new from him till next year probably.

  • Steve

    I would say Def Leppard was more heavy metal, or maybe pop metal is the word, I liked their stuff at the time but am not a fan these days really. I only knew The Tubes from that one song I mentioned before – “She’s A Beauty”.

  • exactly -tirt Sting will do as he does, but he generally comes out with something worth waiting for, in my opinion anyway. I actually like and liked Desert Rose, and the commercial didn’t turn me off of it — i still like it, esp. the Arab Remix, which i think is excellent and has made this list in the past…

    She’s a Beauty by The Tubes (right?) is the one song i like in that genre – so we’re in line here… that’s the one i like as well… i remember being in Maryland ocean sity city with my brother and being on the fast rides on which they played rock n roll and them playing that song… perfect boardwalk music…. ya know…

    you canadian?

  • Steve

    So, Sadi, when did you get to the US??

    And yes, thought I’d mentioned that before, I am Canadian.

  • Steve

    Sadi, Here is a copy of my comment #12 or 13 from your List…volume 8:

    “I’m in Canada, Sadi, for the first 4 years here after I was born, then 13 out of the next 14 in Scotland, been back here now for 19 years almost.”

  • Steve

    Sadi, here is another one, my comment #36 from your List Volume 4 –

    “Well, my story is a long one, ummm….the Cliff Notes’ version is…lol…parents moved from Scotland to Canada around 1952, had me and my two sisters, then had marital troubles, moved back to Scotland (around 1973 actually I think) but ultimately separated a year later. Dad moved back to Canada, I stayed with my mother in Scotland. Around the age of 12, I decided I would stay until I finished my schooling in 1987, then came back to Canada to live, because I hated the climate over there, cold and damp most of the year!!! Lived in a fishing and oil rig town called Peterhead…if you’re not into fishing or oil, I doubt you would have heard of it lol, about 20,000 pop. I think, back then anyway. It’s about 30 miles from where Annie Lennox was born funnily enough!”

    I hope this answers your questions regarding my origins anyway. I guess you are muti-tasking alot while posting your comments, huh?? No wonder it’s difficult for you to keep track of everybody, being married with a family and all, lol. Anyway, always nice chatting with you, Sadi.

  • Steve – your life isn’t so so different from my own apartment from teh Canada connection, i moved to New York from Great Britain; most of my family is still in scotland, but i spent most of my life in London in Northeast London in a small part called Tottenham and then Finsbury Park – both Northeast… But again, we all hail from Paisley, which is a small town.. sorry i forgot your details. i’m really bad at remembering things like this, esp. when overwhelmed as i’ve been lately with my book etc etc and other work that i need to do… I came to the states for university ~ it seemed like the best opportunity so my grandparents shipped me off here w/ my mother and so here i landed and here i’ve been. i’d like to move back to Europe, hopefully FRance at some point.

    For now, i’ll have to settle for going every year… that’s as close as it will be for a while, i’m afraid. Things are just too rooted here.

    ah well, c’est la vie…




  • Steve

    I see, Sadi. No problem. I thought you must be a busy gal.

    Never been to France, heard it’s expensive there…would you say so, or is that just Paris??

    Only ever visited London once about 20 years ago for a few days. Checked out the usual sites. It was nice, quite warm, in July, so much so in fact that our rental car overheated in the middle of downtown London traffic, yikes! Lucky the car rental place was just a few blocks away lol.

    May go back to the Isles for a holiday one day, but right now, happy to be here.

  • chantal stone

    Sadi, i always love your lists. we seem to have a lot of similar music tastes.

    my husband and i are planning a road trip this summer and we’ve been downloading a ton of 80’s music for the trip. he plans to make a few compilation cd’s for the car! i’ll have to remember to tell him to get “Voices Carry”, i really love that song.

  • Hey Steve — sorry , i’ am way over-booked these days and had trouble getting onlne this morning… argh… Yes, Paris is wickedly expensive unless you live in one of the outer arondissments, which is what i would do, we would do… Can’t imagine a rental car overheating in the middle of London traffic, quelle nightmare… my mother actually crashed her car into a stone hedge in Cornwall b/c the roads are so darn narrow. The whole front of the Renault fell off… nobody hurt thank god, but it just goes to show how we adjust to such wide roads in America and SUVs etc etc England and FRance are not cut out for such things…


  • Chantal – chime in sooner girl!!

    would love to hear from you… compilation CDs, tapes are the best and that’s why the List of the Moment came to me from making CDs for friends , myself etc etc…

    Speaking of Aimee Mann and Voices Carry, you may want to check out, if you dn’t already know, her song “coming up close” which is an amazing song… i always follow it wiht a Dylan song b/c of her refernce to Dylan in the song… (just an idiosyncrasy and i love Dylan so any excuse really) My personal life motto — “What would Bob Dylan Do?” I plan to get this engraved in a bracelet… rules to live by, lol

    be well,


  • Steve

    That’s okay, Sadi, just got in myself.

    Yeah, the roads there are narrow, there were a few times we had to go thru a tunnel under a hill, and wondered if a car coming in the opposite direction might just hit us coming around the corner lol.

    re. arondissments…is that French for ‘suburbs’?? I just took two years of French over 20 years ago in high school, don’t remember that word lol.

    So what is it about you and Bob Dylan, you seem very connected to him somehow, what’s the story?? (other than the fact you thought he was hot in the 60’s…or is that it??? lol).

  • Steve

    Hey, Sadi,

    Just found out that female artist you referred to a few lists back called Sia, is actually a niece of the Australian 80’s group Men At Work!! Small world huh??

  • How weird is that about Sia — nutty business… i can’t get over that… nice she had the connection, tho she’s also incredibly gifted in my book.

    Dylan – i run a Dylan site (sort of) from my own site and that is picked up by http://www.bobdylan.com and expectingrain.com so i get their approval and syndication when i write a piece since i write a lot about Dylan – so i write a ton about him (check archives) or visit my own site and you’ll see the section (Bob Dylan – durr).

    Yes, he was totally hot in the 60s, but it ain’t just that, babe… but that said, that might just do… ; )

    For the record though, no, i’ve long adored his music, followed his career, written, analyzed etc etc… check it out if the spirit moves you…

    cheers and ta for the Sia information. How on earth did you unearth that factoid?????

  • Arondissments – Paris is divided into arondissments (so that’s central Paris pretty much and close subarbs that would still be considred Paris) after that, you get into the real suburbs…. so the 6th, for example, is pretty close to central…. the Eiffel Tower is in the 7th, i believe.. so near the 6th – i believe the 7th but don’t quote me on that…

    does this help?


  • Steve

    Re, Sia, I found the info here –


    I was just updating my music collection list and this site is useful for top ten hit singles and albums.

    Thanks for clarifying re. arondissments, learn something new every day I guess lol.

    Still not sure what it is about his music that makes you write about him so much, but anyway, nice to get syndication for it I guess, thanks for the info.

  • hey , thanks for the great link; i’m sure that will come in useful in the future… who knows… maybe will make list of the moment…

    Dylan? How can you not love Dylan??? I’ve always loved his stuff… what can i say…

  • Steve

    Well, I guess a key thing for me is the artist’s voice…if I don’t like it, then it doesn’t really matter how good a songwriter he is (and I grant you, Dylan is a good songwriter), I just wont be able to listen to his songs…now get someone else to do his songs whose voice I like…well…that would be a whole other story. I have a similar issue with Van Morrison too, actually, good songwriter, but I am just not that keen on his voice. Must be the wax in my ears I guess lol.

  • Steve

    By the way, seeing as it’s Friday…will we have to wait for the next list till Monday now?? Just wondering, Sadi.

  • You’re right – you have to like Dylan’s voice…. first and foremost.. and if not, then he’s kinda cooked for ya…. i happen to love all iterations of his voice, even the present… (tho i admit the former was preferable i still like him and go and see him in concert)….

  • ahhhh… friday….next list….


    computer problems accessing the site today (my end, not BC end…) so now that this is resolved i can get the list up by tomorrow afternoon pray pray… i can’t even remember what i have on it yet.., pray it’s good!!!



  • Steve

    Cool, Sadi, looking forward to it. It’s always fun and interesting.

  • cool cool… i’m glad you comment. i know a lot of people read and check in but not all do comment, and i do wish they would chime in negative or positive…. thoughts are welcome as is info… yours is extremely valuable.. you know a great deal and we have much in common…

    tomorrow afternoon. i’ll try to post in the morning so the eds can get it posted by the afternoon, but that part is out of my control, alas… but they’re usually pretty fast…

    have a great night…


  • Steve

    Well, thanks so much for your kind words. I should have plenty of time to check out the new list over the weekend. I usually alternate between a busy weekend and a quiet one, and this weekend looks like it might be the quiet one unless something changes at the last minute. Just one of the luxuries of being single I guess lol.

  • cool, well, let’s hope the list meets up to expectation… i hope it’s a good one and maybe even with some stuff you don’t know mixed, as ever, with some nostalgia….

    i honestly can’t recall right now except for a few songs…

    still – should be pretty good…

    over and out for now.. i’m off…

    til tomorrow… – sade

  • Scott Butki

    How do you come up with these lists? Is there a theme?
    I’m just curious.

    I prefer Weller’s Jam songs but he is always pretty good.

    The Springsteen pick is one of my least favorite songs by him because it seems so.. well, poppy.
    I prefer his grittier stuff.

    Aimee Mann… I like her spunk and independence and enjoyed seeing her live after her second solo album… but it seems like she’s been in a rut for the last few albums where she’s hitting some of the same musical and lyrical territory.. or maybe I’m still mad at how much Magnolia – based partially on lyrics to some of her songs – sucked.

    Flaming Lips- I really like them.

    And it’s funny you mention Jeff Buckley because I’m headed now to a party where I’m going to settle a debate from last nite about who originally wrote Hallelujah – Leonard Cohen or Jeff Buckley. Five bucks is on the debate.

    Wikipedia settled it… I think.
    We’ll see. Either way – multiple versions of it exist and it’s a helluva song.

    Maybe it’ll make a future list.

    While you’re busy writing about music I’ve been busy writing about tv programs.


  • Hey Scott – Your five dollar bet – i hope you chose Leonard Cohen – because he would be your guy, tho the song is one of hte most covered songs around, including one cover by Dylan.

    I know what you’re saying about Mann but The List is purely a song by song basis generally…

    so how do i make the list – just as the title says… it is The List of the Moment – so whatver is moving me at any given time – the zeitgeist of the moment, in other words…. so i hope that helps some…

    i do the list twice each week b/c it became so popular and there are so many variety of songs on here so usually something for everyone.

    Hallelujah has made the list already in the past – once it has been on, i can’t put it on again unless it’s covered (you can check previus lists for the types of songs etc that i’ve covered)

    New list coming out tomorrow

    have a great party and hoping you won!!



  • Steve

    Yay, I got the Leonard Cohen answer correct…uh-oh… I didn’t bet anybody on it…oh well…

  • of course, Leonard Cohen… glad you won… who else would it have been… come on.!!!! Leonard was The Man… have you heard his rendition???

  • Steve

    ummm, actually Sadi…I’m not a fan of Leonard Cohen either (the voice thing again)…I vaguely recall hearing the song…once…maybe…or at least some of it.

    How’s the next list coming??

  • i’m not LC fan but i give credit where credit is due and that’s a great freaking song…

    next list is up… pending… just waiting for editor approval which i hope won’t take too long since it should be simple once over….

    hopefully pray pray… hope you like it!!!

    cheers to you


    ping me when hte list is up… 🙂

  • Steve

    Am I a picky guy or what??? LOL.

  • Scott Butki

    Well, Cohen wrote the music first and then
    Buckley covered it and improved on (according to some) the lyrics and then Cohen rewrote it and..
    oh its complicated.
    I think they decided to cancel the bet

    Here’s the official Wikipedia explanation that I’m mangling since I’m way hung over. How wild did I get? well, I have no musical talent and have no sense of beat but they had me playing bongo drums last nite.

  • Steve

    Oh, I thought you were a fan of LC, OK, lol. Yes, from what I recall, it was a powerful rendition. Looking at the covers that have been done of it, I only recognise K.D. Lang & Kevin Max, bet they would do decent reditions of it.

  • Steve

    According to Wikepedia, Bono (U2) does a cover. However, I don’t think it’s the same tune, the subtitle is (Here She Comes)…does that fit with the Cohen lyrics?? I have my doubts, especially since I have it that U2 wrote the tune with that subtitle, not Cohen.

  • Scott, you Ninnyhammmer– getting drunk and playing bongo drums is not sage, sayeth the Buddha… but hey, it’s still fun, so what the hey….

    I don’t think Buckley changed a word… he may have changed the chords (perhaps) but not a word of the original… Also, Rufus Wainright does a version that is pretty darn good in my opinion (though i’m not usually a big Wainright fan, he almost made the list this time…) Pretty good stuff…
    But seriuosly, really do not think that Buckley changed the lyrics; on what auhtority does wikipiedia have this? weird….

    look for next list later today… version 9.5


  • Steve

    Apparently, Sadi, Cohen wrote 15 verses of the song, so different versions may have different verses…but no one added anything to my knowledge, though of course, there are a few different musical arrangements of the tune.

    Only been drunk two or three times in my life, all as a teen (on New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay [spelling??] as they say in Scotland), can’t say I miss it, I don’t like alcohol really.

  • you’re right on all counts about Cohen from what i know… and like you, i’m not a big drinker.. i like an occasional Tanqueray and tonic, but very very very very infrequently, so it’s almost hardly worth mentioning….

    but there you have it… next list should be up sometime this afternoon, pray pray…


  • Steve

    Looking forward to it, Sadi.

  • Scott Butki

    I’ll go find the lyrics and compare them.

    I just wrote up my own music list in which I link to this list.
    That should go up later.. after yours, of course

  • Scott Butki

    Start of the version by Cohen:
    Baby, I’ve been here before.
    I know this room, I’ve walked this floor.
    I used to live alone before I knew you.

    Yeah I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch,
    But listen, love is not some kind of victory march,
    No it’s a cold and it’s a very broken Hallelujah.

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, (Hallelujah…)

    Start of version by Buckley:
    Well I heard there was a secret chord
    that David played and it pleased the Lord
    But you don’t really care for music, do you?
    Well it goes like this:
    The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift
    The baffled king composing Hallelujah

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

    The links go to the full lyrics for the two songs.

  • the verses are just turned around… are you sure this isn’t just a mistake? this is weird… now i need to listen to both versions. something here seems awry…

  • Steve

    I heard Cohen had two versions one from 1984 and the other from 1988. But I think they both utilised at least some of the original 15 verses.

  • right, i think … and also, he changed around the lyrics himself so it’s hard to pin down… kinda like Dylan… same thing.. what his LYrics books say and what he actually sings/sang are two different things entirely….

  • Steve

    LOL, contestants get booted off American Idol for not remembering their lyrics.

  • Steve

    Your 9.5 list is now up Sadi. Thanks, very interesting

  • then Dylan would lose American Idol — and he’d relish every second of it… ; )

  • Steve