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List of the Moment, Volume 8

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Ask and ye shall receive; the second List of the Moment in one week. We’ll see if there is enough to say biweekly and how it works out. This week there are a lot more. The prior list was brief and didn’t include enough of what is on the list this week. And so, here are a few more samplings.

Rock on,

“Kinder” by David Garza – a truly perfect and sexy as hell song. What can I say about it? It has a thrashing background sound that makes it just perfect. It suits the tone so well and it’s not harsh, but just hard and thrashing enough that the real confidence of Garza’s voice shines through as if he just knows he’s all that and more… Utterably desirable.

“Motortown” by the Kane Gang – the ultimate summer song. It does and will always remind me of driving down to the beach at night to meet my husband and go for a walk with him there. You can find this through Amazon with relative ease, though I haven’t met too many people who knew it. I’ve seen it spelled both Kane Gang and Kanegang. It’s happy, light, summery.

“Heart of Glass” by Blondie – I’ll never forget seeing a video of twenty-something Debbie Harry (at the time that was her age) singing “Heart of Glass” during a recording at Studio 54. The camera showed a close up of her face and I realized how incredibly beautiful she was, and this is a close up video as well. Her skin is like porcelain and while I have no doubt that Debbie Harry, though I haven’t seen her lately, is pretty great looking still, I don’t know if anyone could top that “Heart of Glass” video that I saw. Her mouth, her eyes, wow! Just incredible, and the song is unforgettable. Generally everyone I know associates this song with some point in their life and with someone they knew during that time period. I suppose all songs do to a greater or lesser extent, but this one even more so seems to evoke memories (not necessarily of love, just memories).

“Sexual Healing” by Shaggy and Marvin Gaye – I’m not sure how to categorize this song, only to say that the original “Sexual Healing” practically knocked me out when it came out. It is such an honest, frank song but done so well that you don’t feel like you need a shower after it. (Like I do when listening to Prince’s “Do Me Baby,” which makes me feel dirty every time I hear it. Maybe a parochial school thing? Can’t say…) But anyway – this is a remix and has more of a reggae sort of thing going on that makes it fun. Though, it’s not really reggae – I can’t describe it. It’s like “Caribbean rap” or Jamaican rap, though I’m sure it has a proper name. If you now it, please do list under comments section and correct or fill in the void of my ignorance.

“Gibraltar” by World’s Tallest Thing – a beautiful and rare song and hard to find. A relatively newish band, you may be able to find it on Amazon under WTT or World’s Tallest Thing. But this song, in particular, is here breaching, reaching, and yearning. It’s desperate, resigned, and all of those other difficult, painful, and let’s face it, icky words that we apply to a heart-wrenching, ripping your heart out break up. No doubt the person or victim of this lilting lullaby deserved this song, but still, one feels for both parties here for it’s not all. There is still a great deal of palpable love here. That it sounds like a lullaby of sorts is a brilliant move. It seduces you into the song, allowing you to believe you will hear a love song. As P.I.L sang, “This is Not a Love Song, This is Not a Love Song.” – that said, in the right person’s hands, it could be.

“Let’s Move to the Country” by Smog – this reminds me in some ways of Nick Drake. Perhaps it’s the whole pastoral theme of the song, but I’m sure it’s Drake-influenced somewhere back there (maybe two or three generations back but somewhere)

“Almost” by Sarah Harmer – laugh if you want, but I really like this song. First, I’ve seen Sarah Harmer live – not live but live on TV. She was incredible and has this incredible presence. I was glad to see a shockingly kick-ass female vocalist with pretty much all male back-up. Not sure why this surprised me so much but it did. “Almost” is great for its candor and clever lyrics (okay, a very small sampling:

And if I am a sailor,
then you are the warm gulf wind,
and you’ve blown into this little port
and roused my dreams again.

A great chorus, great lyrics, and catchy chords. I like it and it makes my List of the Moment, mostly because it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out.

“Tempted” by Squeeze – Squeeze was always a good group and you could count on them to put out a reasonably, if not great, album. Tempted is a place where everyone has been, and this song pretty much lays the groundwork for those accused and those who have (the have and the have nots?). I could have picked another great Squeeze song, but I’m rather into this one at the moment.

“Don’t Look Back in Anger” by Oasis – I’ve always always always loved this song, mostly for the lyrics, though the thrashing music works for me too. I love the lyrics in this song and the message – that we should just move on, just “walk on by” and don’t worry about it. It’s all very “wu-wei” to just let it flow over you or through you without acting on it: so easy to say, so freakin’ difficult to do. To just not look back and say, “fuck it, that was then, this is now.” I couldn’t agree more.

“Solaar Pleure” by MC Solaar – yes, more French rap, but if you listen enough times you’ll make out the words which are pretty great and the sound effects are, too. It’s different from American rap is that there is more of a song to it, I think and even though they speak, it’s somehow less talky. I like pretty much anything by Solaar Pleure and perhaps even prefer Gangster Moderne, which I also love and you should check out if you are into rap or foreign music or speak French or just want a damn change.

“This Charming Man” by The Smiths – This is like the Brideshead Revisited of songs. Evelyn Waugh would have loved this song. It paints, for me, such a pastoral image. All this stuff about broken bicycles on hillsides, etc, etc. I can just see Brideshead in the distance. Either way, whether you really care for the Smiths or don’t, and frankly a lot their stuff is too “Stadium Self Pity” for me (waahmbulance please….) that I am surprised to find that I am putting it here. But, this one along with “How Soon is Now” would make an album worth buying or time worth spent downloading anyway.

“Heroes” by David Bowie – Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just be heroes, just for one day, if not longer. I love this song, mostly for the lyrics, although the tune is also great. It’s catchy and stays with you. And although Bowie sounds a bit grim at times here, to me almost a bit undead (really), that voice seems to fade in and out to a voice that is at once loving and lyrical.

I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
We can beat them, just for one day
We can be Heroes, just for one day

Just the very notion of making the two lovers king and queen (and isn’t that what it feels like in the first blush of love?) is so full of hope and possibility that you can’t help but want this – or I can’t anyway.

We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
Maybe we’re lying, then you better not stay
But we could be safer, just for one day.

Yes, we could be heroes just for one day – king and queen with the world tumbling down, but so what. They’ve got the safety of the door frame as the whole world crashes down around them. I still like and I still HATE Nico’s version of it, though it’s fine for amusement purposes, but more like an older version of that chick from The Concretes, who actually, I rather like so, go figure.

So that’s the SECOND installment of the List of the Moment, Volume No. 8, because I felt that the last list may have ripped you off by being too short. And hey, you asked. I aim to please.

Rock on and thanks for reading.

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  • Oh my goodness! I haven’t heard or thought of the Squeeze song, “Tempted” in years, but as soon as I saw your mention of it I had to go download it. While I was there I also picked up my Favorite Squeeze song, “Black Coffee in Bed.” I currently have them on a loop, such great memories and songs. Thanks for reminding me of them.

  • i’m glad Connie; black coffee in bed is GREAT song as well, though not on my list of the moment, alas as this one is… glad i could remind you of something …. 🙂

  • Sadi–your mention of a couple faves recalled a couple lyrical snippets:
    —Squeeze–“Up the Junction”:
    Alone here in the kitchen
    I feel there’s something missing
    I’d beg for some forgiveness
    But begging’s not my business
    And she won’t write a letter
    Although I always tell her
    And so it’s my assumption
    I’m really up the junction.

    —And Smiths (“Is it Really So Strange”–
    I left the South
    I travelled North
    I got confused – I killed a horse
    I can’t help the way that I feel.
    I’m really up the junction

    (cited in my “Favorite Rock Laugh Lines” BC article a while back)
    Thanks for the reminders–Gordon

  • (oops–forgive the Smiths “I’m really up the junction” cross-pollination of a Squeeze line above)

  • these are great lines — how did you manage to assemble such a list – amazing… can you shoot or build in the link; i’d love to read your article about it….cheers,— s

  • Steve

    Ah, Sadi, found your list at last lol. I’ve been out for the evening.

    Anyway, I must confess I’ve never been a fan of The Smiths or Morrissey, but I did quite like “How Soon Is Now” and “What Difference Does It Make?” by the Smiths, and “Everyday Is Like Sunday” by Morrissey.

    As far as Squeeze go, I enjoyed “Hourglass” and “Labelled With Love”, can’t recall much else of theirs (except maybe “Pulling Mussels from a Shell” or something).

    I have found Bowie’s stuff to be rather patchy, especially his early years, but “Heroes” was a great tune.

    I have about a dozen Oasis tunes, IMO they’ve had some great tunes and some duds, but I do think “Don’t Look Back In Anger” is one of their better tunes for sure.

    Thanks for the list, Sadi.

  • Steve

    Ooops, forgot about Kane Gang and Blondie!

    Yes, I vaguely recall “Motortown” from 1987, the year I moved back to Canada to live, that was a good one, I also liked their tunes “Closest Thing To Heaven” and especially “Gun Law” from 1985 I think, shame they didn’t last longer as a band.

    And “Heart Of Glass” by Blondie, yep, that was a good tune too. I think their tune “Rapture” is considered a forerunner to the rap music genre.

    That’s the trouble, once you start writing a comment, you can’t see the article you’re answering. Oh well…

  • Sadi: sorry I’m computer un-savvy, but if look up my name in the right-side “see all blogcritics” index, go to #21 (“Ho ho ho, hee hee hee…”) I think you’ll be entertained. Includes “Tombstone Blues” by Jokerman, Waits, Westerberg, Costello, and if you haven’t encountered Nellie McKay, this is absolutely mandatory. Let me know what you think.

  • I really like Squeeze a lot – am surprised that you’re not so keen but hey to each his own. Yes, Bowie’s earlier stuff could be patchy to be sure but heroes is great – ever hear Niko singing it? Pretty damn funny IMO… but worth a listen — is it on the banana album? i can’t recall of the top of my head.. but Bowie’s is irristable

    (interject – why are all the comments italic now and my article half italic – some code error somewhre.. not sure how this happened… odd.)

    Kanegang or Kane Gange have that one great song – Motor Town is such a happy song i think and reminds me of going to the beach for summer and for french fries and walks along the beach front promenande not far from our house….
    i don’t know too much else by the Kane Gang but will check it out… thanks for the song titles

    Blondie – God yes… too many good songs to list and i know i choose the most obvious but mainly b/c i can’t get over how freakin’ gorgeous she was in that one video, very old video by now, for Heart of Glass – such amazing skin and eyes…

    Did you know (mark interjects) that Femme Fatale was written for Edie Sedgwick — supposedly… iteresting factoid if true… based on comment by Warhol who said, Don’t you think she’s a Femme Fatale so bitchy femme fatale?? So Lou Reed, being Lou Reed and too clver by half, wrote the song — all supposedly true and certainly believable to me, but hey, what the mcfuck do i know…

    Intersting stuff now…

    Yes, scrolling back up to read about what you are writing is frustrating b/c you can’t remember the substance of the entire article and have to keep scrolling up and up and up…


    but hey… i’m going to check out your piece if i can sort out which one it is…

    Gordon what is your full Blogcritics name so i’m certain to find you… for the article…

    cheers all –

    any thoughts on the Warhol/Reed/Sedgwick front are welcome as are thoughts about all.

    does everybody hate Sarah Harmer??? Okay, so it is one good song and fifteen minutes perhaps but still a great song. Maybe too chick-like for you boys… eh? dunno.. but i like it anyhow…

    My favorite song by Oasis and i’m perhaps predictable here is “Maybe” (just some bitterness there… mixed with optimism) as well as Champagne Supernova, on which Paul Weller plays the lead in guitar… did you know that??

  • Steve

    Actually, no, Sadi, I have never listened to Nico myself so far, though I do have covers of
    the Velvet Underground & Nico songs “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Simple Minds and Japan and “Waiting For The Man” By OMD.

    Only Lou Reed solo that I have is a cover of –
    “Street Hassle” by Simple Minds
    and samples of “Walk On The Wild Side” in “Can I Kick It?” by A Tribe Called Quest and “Shout” by Ant & Dec feat. lead singer of Erasure.
    Also, a remake he did with various artists for charity of his song “Prefect Day”.

    I also loved “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis, no I didn’t know that about Paul Weller, interesting. I should probably get that album
    “What’s The Story” sometime!

    I can honestly say, don’t think I have ever heard Sarah Harmer’s stuff.

    What is your definition of chick-like Sadi? Would you call LeAnn Rimes that? I like some of her stuff, even though country is not my fave. Or Celine Dion? I like her stuff too. Am curious as to what you mean lol.

    This is fun lol.

  • hey – i love OMD – i forgot about them… wow! thanks for reminding me…

    chick music – i guess sorry i think of celene dion to some extent, mariah carey, etc etc…britney spears, NOT that Sarah Harmer is anything like that; she has a toughness a bit and a cheekiness to her that i really like; sort of reminds me of some better folk singers but more contemporary. Hard to describe. Listen to a clip called “Almost” on Amazon… i forget the album name but there can’t be many of them….

    “What’s the Story Morning Glory” is a great album.. you’d love it… it’s amazing, i nmy view, anyway. But yes that’s Weller at the beginning which i’ve known for years but i tend to check out whatever Weller is up to, having seen him several times… did i tell you how i got his autograph at the show? surely i told you about the Valium script? If not, remind me to tell you… funny story…

    you in the U.S. or G.B. – i’m from Tottenham (well, finsbury first, then Tottenham…)

    but wow, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark… “i crosed every ocean, for the sake of locomotion…”

    crazy…. thx. for that…

  • Steve

    Re. OMD, yeah, I have their 1988 “Best Of…” and all of their albums until their demise around ten years ago. Apparently, the primary lead singer was a songwriter for British all-girl group Atomic Kitten from 1999 until they split up last year. I remember “Locomotion” being a UK hit in the summer of 1984, the only year I DIDN’T spend my summer holidays in Canada between 1978 and 1985. Happy memories mostly.

    Re. Chick music, I have Mariah Carey’s Greatest hits and would like to get Celine’s too, though I have a few of her songs on compilations. Will keep my eyes open for Harmer.

    No, you didn’t tell me about your Weller autograph etc., you really should look for one of those “Later…with Jools Holland” DVD’s, I’m sure Weller would be in concert on at least one of them.

    I’m in Canada, Sadi, for the first 4 years here after I was born, then 13 out of the next 14 in Scotland, been back here now for 19 years almost. You mentioned you’d spent some time in Scotland and are now in the US but your typing style seems more English, I was wondering about that lol.

  • Steve

    Well, here’s an OMD lyric I recall from 1991 lol –

    “‘Cause I’m so in awe of you,
    And I don’t know what to do,
    And I’m sailing on the seven seas so blue…”

    I know that’s not alot, but that’s all I remember off the top of my head lol. It was their last UK Top 3 hit.

    Remember the name of that one?? I would give you a hint but then it might be too obvious lol.

  • Funny you would think of that lyric…. no. 3 hit eh?

    Christ, i do not remember the title of that song.. durrr..

    you should get out World’s Tallest Thing – parts of the album are a patchy but Gibraltar is great as is Lollipopup and etc… Highly recommended…

    check it out. it’s on amazon…they may even allow a listen; i’d listen to Gibraltar…

    cheers –s.

  • Steve

    The OMD tune was called…wait for it…”Sailing On The Seven Seas”!!! It was their first single after a three year break following their 1988 best of…

    Thanks for the tip re. WTT.

    Oh, re. chick-like music, a fave of mine is Alison Moyet, formerly of Yazoo (or Yaz here in N. America).

  • Steve

    I did look up Sarah Harmer by the way. Notice she did the soundtrack to the 2002 Canadian movie “Men With Brooms” with Leslie Nielson, it was a comedy with some drama, wasn’t bad as I recall.

  • God i remember Alison Moyet — i used to love her when i was younger (ahhh age is catching up with me and i’m a freakin’ Genxr and feeling old –

    Thanks for the OMD stuff – my download thing is not working right now for some reason, so it’s dodgy for some reason; telling me to reboot (forget it)

    Am now listenign to some song called “fuck off baby” but don’t know the name of the band– mihgt have to put on next week’s list of the moment as it’s damn funny and a great song… gotta love it…

    over and out… 🙂

  • Steve

    Yeah, I know what you mean by a GenXer, not in the young adult category anymore myself as of last year lol.

    Re. Moyet, I have her “Singles” collection, only 3 songs I don’t like on it out of 20!! She came out of ‘retirement’ in 2002 with an album of new recordings, which wasn’t bad, then followed up with an ‘old songbook’ kind of album, kinda like Rod Stewart, but hardly any American tunes…songs like –
    Windmills Of My Mind
    Cry Me A River
    Almost Blue
    God Give Me Strength
    and a couple of French songs I’m scared to attempt to spell lol.
    A classy album anyways.

  • Steve

    Speaking of funny songs, here are a few from long ago!! –

    “Living Doll” by Cliff Richard & The Young Ones (remember those Brit comedians? They were hilarious on this 1986 take of the 1959 classic!)

    “Doctorin The Tardis” by The Timelords (1988)(obviously re. Brit TV series Dr. Who lol)

    “It’s Grim Up North” by the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (1990)

    not to mention “Justifed & Ancient” by Tammy Wynette & the KLF (1991)

    “Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy” by Kid Creole & The Coconuts (1982)

    Madness and the Pet Shop Boys had some funny tunes, names escape me at the moment.

  • god i can relate to the age thing..

    i DO know Dr. The Tardis which is a wonderful song…. i love it… are the other songs anything like that? if so, i’ll adore them…

    French music: autour de lucie are increble and you should try to download “je reviens” and Les Promesses” and Salon – all great songs.. reallly realy good also Carla Bruni

    non sequitor – why are the comments now bold AND italic? is it only our thread or what????

    whatever – but yes, we like very much the same music… try spelling the French bands– i’d love to hear more since i’m really into French pop and could turn you onto more..

    speaking of, did you listen to An Innocent Child by BAD II?

    Amazing song like “Lamb” by Gorecki… also an amazing song…

    and Breathe Me by Sia – both of which have made my List of the Moment at various times….


  • Steve

    Well, try 1991’s “The White Room” album by the KLF, I don’t have it, but have a few songs from it. It’s fun, like the singles. It made #3 in the UK and #11 in the US. For more novelties, try “The History of the Jams” album by them also, from 1988.

    Having trouble hearing anything at Amazon.com for some reason, so no, no BAD II yet.

    Sia, I should have heard of, but the chart magazine I subscribed to went out of business and I was without UK charts for about 18 months, when she was having hits, hence my ignorance of her.

    Re. French tunes, I must say, I have very little, I generally prefer my songs in English truth be told lol (hence my dislike of opera, for example). As far as French artists are concerned, I have enjoyed Supermen Lovers, Daft Punk, Modjo, Deep Forest, but my all-time fave French artist is muti-instrumentalist Jean Michel Jarre. Oh, and “She” by Charles Aznavour from 1974 was a fave of my mother’s. I have the Elvis Costello version of it which was featured on the “Notting Hill’ soundtrack.

  • Steve

    Oh, and regarding the bold and italics, I really don’t know.
    I sometimes use the shortcuts on my keyboard accidentally, I wish I could turn them all off, really annoying sometimes lol, that’s how much of a computer geek I am…NOT!!!

  • Steve

    oh, just realised I didn’t tell you the name of that Alison Moyet album with the few French songs on it…it’s called “Voice” from 2004.

  • Steve – omg – you love “She” as well – damn baby, are we separated at birth or something… how weird is that and it was my mother’s song as well… that’s is so weird…

    If you want Sia or any music go to my Website

    http://www.tantmieux.squarespace.com (link above) and use the Contact Me link and i’ll email you MP3 Files in exhange for yours… sound fair?

    Now it’s just italic comments – maybe they’re meant to be italics…hmmmmm

    lemme knwo what you think of my music exchange. i do this with a friend in Paris and it works wonders… great way to tune in, turn on.. .etc. etc…

  • heard of “voice” think i had or have that on vinyl…but then, where the mcfuck i put all of my vinyl, though i noticed that Amazon is starting to put out some newer stuff in Vinyl – or maybe that’s the record companies themselves…who knows. would be cool if they do it… i have my record player and Dylan albums still… Dylan still sounds better on Vinyl, i don’t care what they say…

  • Steve

    Sadi, I’ve actually never music shared before, so you’ll have to fill me in on how that works, like I say, not a computer geek lol! Just gonna make supper shortly right now, but maybe catch up this evening at some point.
    Re. “She”, wow, that is funny, it was a huge hit everywhere in Europe I guess, including #1 in the UK, my mother had the vinyl single of it back in Scotland. This is really chuckle-worthy, oh my!!

  • I should be on later, though it all depends on variety of factors so if not, then tomorrow for sure.. so let’s find each other then…
    in scotland where did you live or are from?

    We’re from a small town called Paisley – and have family in Glasgow and Edinborough, but mostly from a very small village. ONe time, while there, we met some American students and asked them what they werer doing there… they told me, “a study in economic deprivation..”

    lovely… my home town! We mostly lived in Tottenham and Finsbury Park though. School in finsbury, lived with grandparents in tottenham (long long story about that) went to nun school (ugh) and so learned to be a good girl with rebel streak — the best kind, bien sur…

    more later… seriously contact me via my site and that way i’ll get a message from you and can send you my email and send you MP3s all legal and stuff… so cool cool. up to you sweets…


    ; )

  • Steve

    Aww, that’s sweet. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see which way the wind blows tonight, and if not, maybe tomorrow then.

    Thanks so much,

  • either is cool — i’m on and offline often… which drives my husband crazy (he’s not the computer mindset, so fails to comprehend the trauma of disconnecting (laughs)… ah well.. you can’t choose who you fall in love with. You just do…

    maybe later.. def. tomorrow…

  • Steve

    Before I go, re. my hometown, I did post it a few of your lists ago. Can re-explain when I have more time.

  • Sadi–my full blogcritics name is “Gordon Hauptfleisch” (the tradional spelling), my real name–would I make something like that up? (well, yeah, but… formerly GoHah–maybe I should’ve gone with my first inclination: “Neanderthal Hawthorne.”)

  • Hey Gordon – i’ll look you up: i knew GoHah but not you, or i knew you but i didn’t know it was you… right? better with first names, lol – last name = not quite… 🙂

  • steve np — whenever is fine… sorry i forgot or didn’t see it; i’d love to know. tomorrow then…

    ciao for now..

  • Scott Butki

    Man, once again you’ve picked some of my favorites.
    Get out of my brain!

    Heroes is my favorite Bowie song due to the lyrics you list.

    The Smiths choice is a good one – I used to love them but when I realized their music could put me in a funk I decided
    it was easier to change the cd selection than alter my meds.

    Squeeze, for a time, were putting out the best albums bar none. That time is long gone.

  • Hey SB — Nice to see you – I can’t get out of your head, babe- must be of the same generation. Great minds and all that… right?
    Heroes is a great song and i listed the lyrics here b/c they are so important and i know they wre long but that’s okay – they seemed important to me at the time…

    Smiths yes, i totally understand what you’re saying… far easier to change music than change meds, LOL.. they can be a bit of a downer (gross understatement, sort like the Cure, who i love also..and yet…)

    Squeeze were great, but you’re right… now no more…

    some bands carry on, change, morph etc = many infact do…

    anyone know what has become of Oasis these days or did they break up and become someone else etec etc. (pardon ignorance factor here) – but am curious… help!!

    cheers and Steve, hey , as Bob Dylan said, “I”l let you be in my dream if i can be in yours” vis your “get our my head” statement… lol…


    rock on..

  • Steve

    Hi, Sadi,
    Yes, Oasis are still around, taking 2-3 years for each release, their last album “Don’t Believe The Truth” came out last year, made #1 in the UK, as did their singles “Lyla” and “The Importance Of Being Idle”.

  • Wow, god am i out of the loop – i need to check those out… need to buy.. which would you say is the best — sounding more like the “older ‘ oasis for lack of a better way of putting it… like champagne supernova, don’t look back in anger, etc etc. those songs… that’s really my thing…

    any thoughts…


    cheers… and thanks…


  • Steve

    Don’t feel bad Sadi, for being ‘out of the loop’, easy to be in N. America regarding British music.
    Re. Oasis, I don’t have any of their albums, only 13 of their hit singles. I didn’t like their first album’s singles, loved the second album’s, the following albums were a mixed bag really, at least their singles were, and not having heard their more recent album tracks, not sure which album would be best for you Sadi.

    Gonna pop out for a while but be back soon.

  • will have to take a listen on Amazon re; the best album for me… it is harder to be in N. America nad not keep up so well on the UK scene as you say, but i do try. i’m more up on the French scene , oddly but then i go there a lot and have a lot of French friends etc etc and so many other connections (hey, the French Connection… !) – bad joke, sorry – but irresistible..

    Will listen, pop out. I just had another stick shift lesson (i drive great standard – variable Mini Cooper but suck pretty much at stick, so my husband is trying to teach me the stick which at this point i would say is hopeless but hey… who knows… i’m a good driver regardless..

    working on next week’s list already.

    later on then…

    rock on


  • oh, and check out World’s Tallest Thing on Amazon – great band and well worth a listen. i really liked the song Gibraltar a lot — very different in parts and they’re coming out w; a new one soon but worth the buy, in my view… for a new band esp… s.

  • Steve

    I did check out WTT at Amazon, surprised they just have an EP from 1999, good to hear they have new stuff coming out you say, finally, after 7 years, wow. I see they have an explicit lyric label on that Amazon page…that’s a bit of a red flag for me actually. I’ve never been a fan of swearing and stuff in music.

    Anyway, off for supper, catch ya later.
    Oh, and good luck with the driving, Sadi!

  • weird – i can’t think of a single explict lyric on that album but maybe i’m missing something, either way, the lead singer i like, Ian Baker, is pretty great and his stuff is pretty mellow – Jeff Buckley-esque and not at all explicit.. so you might want to check him out…

    thanks for the vote of confidenc.. vis the stick shift! i’m alredy a good standard driver – really good, so it shouldn’t be too too hard…

    rock on – go eat… s.

  • RogerMDillon

    is the number 7 bad luck? I noticed you skipped it

  • Steve

    Well, Sadi, that’s good to hear, will look them up again when I have more time, maybe in an hour and a half or so.

  • Hey Roger – total accident — lost track and didn’t mean to… so now am back on track. sorry ’bout that..

    Hey Steve- yea, the lyrics thing is a bit misleading on that album, and do check out that one song. i’d love to know what you think…


  • Steve

    Did you say WTT had a website, Sadi?
    No tracks are available for listening to at Amazon.

  • i think so… let me try to find it for you.. tommorrow.. of to sleep now.. je dor

  • Steve

    Let us know when your next list is up…looking forward to it, Sadi. Hope you had a good sleep.

  • are samples of the song Gibralter… for anyone interested… two totally differnt versions by World’s Tallest Thing. I hosted it since Amazon didn’t have it… check them out. They’re good and in the process of cutting a new album…

    cheers all… new list shorting…


  • Steve

    Hmm, interesting, Sadi, thanks for that. It was quite good, think I prefer the acoustic guitar version. I’ll have to watch what I download in future, though, my limit is 20MB on this provider lol.

  • The Bowie and the Oasis are two of my favorites. “Heroes” is the first song I tried to learn on guitar. Shockingly bad, I was.

  • Steve

    Speaking of funny songs as we were a few days back, I was just reminded of a comedy group called The Firm, who had UK hits in the 80’s like “Arthur Daley (He’s All Right)” inspired by the UK TV series “Minder” (starring Dennis Waterman I think) and “Star Trekkin'” a reference obviously to the US TV series. Both can be found on their 1987 album “Serious Fun” which may be hard to find now.

  • Steve

    Yes, DJ, I experimented with an acoustic guitar as a teen for a while but quickly got bored with it!

  • Steve – yeah, acoustic i prefer also — so i would go for that one…. it’s a better one. spread the good word. you can download if you like from tant mieux… (oh, and my bad typo above, should have read New list coming shortly, not shorting… durrr…)…

    I love acoustic guitar!!! What is wrong with you guys.. is this a guy thing? i love electric too… but i must say, i’m kind of a Nick Drake girl, though i also like the Velvets so i can go either way, though i’d swing toward acoustic if i had to choose…

    cheers all…

    s. (glad you liked Gibraltar and thx for taking a peek – i love their album cover of the crazy cliff jumper… i have NO idea whre they found that or if the guy landed okay or what … insane… )

    new list coming on Thursday…did we decide that? When was this list? anyone remember?

    damn – it should be Tuesdays and Friday’s i think… if i missed today i’ll post it tomorrow…

    cheers all…s.

  • Steve

    You said the list may be biweekly, but you didn’t mention specific days, Sadi. Whatever is convenient for you Sadi, two lists a week are fine, days don’t matter.

    I actually prefer acoustic to electric guitar myself, but prefer synths over both usually (unless it’s a very simple tune using a drum machine or something tacky like that).

    I can think of a number of powerful acoustic guitar songs however..even a few electric guitar ones lol.

  • cool about days then…i just don’t want them too close together, ya know… that would be too repetitive in some weird way ….

    i too prefer acoustic, and i actually like synths – a left over of the seventies maybe? not sure…. weird… but yes, true what you say. poweful acoustic and then powerful electric. there are bound to be good in any genre though. jsut a fact of life. the best inbetween to be is Don’t Fear the Reaper and i cant’ figure out if that’s really electric (cause it’s not harsh like) or more plugged in acoustic (or is that the definition of electric?) lol LOL — duh…

    Help!!! I’m totally spinning deeper and deeper here… lol…

  • Steve

    Don’t think I’ve heard “Don’t Fear The Reaper” so I can’t say.

    I think ‘plugged in’ is electric lol.

    Yes, Sadi, music can be confusing to explain which is why I go to the experts if in doubt lol. I almost wish I knew someone who could teach me to read music, then I might be able to figure out the sub genres better.

  • yes, hence the term “unplugged” – god i’m thick sometimes….

    Don’t Fear the Reaper is a must hear tune.. it may even make the list of the moment you need to hear it and don’t let the band name turn you off; it’s not really typical for them…. great freakin; song; i’m surprised you don’t know it…

    rock on… (unplugged)

  • Steve

    Two of my fave electric guitar tunes –
    “Black Cat” By Janet Jackson (1989)
    “She’s A River” by Simple Minds (1995)

    Two of my fave acoustic guitar tunes –
    “Through The Barricades” By Spandau Ballet (1986)
    “In Your Soul” by Corey Hart (1988)

    Sorry these examples are so old lol.

  • Steve

    Looking forward to your next list, Sadi.

  • Rodney Welch

    Thumbs up on “Tempted,” “Heroes,” “Heart of Glass,” and “This Charming Man.” I don’t associate the Blondie song with a point in my life so much as an era: late 1970s, when the mythic wet-dream California cool of American Gigolo seemed to have temporarily infected the psyche of the so-called me decade. There’s a terrific novel about that time, written not long afterwards: Falling in Place by Ann Beattie. “Heart of Glass” plays in the book’s background.

    Can we do something about these italics? It makes every comment look as if it’s dripping with sarcasm.

  • Steve

    Oops, forgot to mention Marvin Gaye in your list, I have Cyndi Lauper doing a cover of his “What’s Goin’ On” tune, both versions are great I think.

  • Rodney is damn right — thanks for that… it’s true… i love ‘dripping with sarcasm’…. you’re funny…

    Steve… never heard the Cindy Lauper version though will try find, b/c i like both artists so should be fun to hear…

    hey, glad you’re looking forward to my next list… will be very soon, since i’ve already got it ready to go.. just needs some tinkering…

    Spandau Ballet – swoon- wow, i almost forgot about them… i still love “True:” (yeah, i know… the typical stuff.. but i do) You know i love… China Crisis, but i can’t find a good download anywhere of Working With Fire and Steel.. If you have it, let’s work out an email exchange… that would rock…

    thanks and next list prob. very very soon…


  • Steve

    Sadi, Lauper’s version is on her 1986 album “True Colors”.

    “True” was one of my mother’s favorite songs, I have Spandau’s “Singles Collection” and 2 or 3 of their albums.

    Re. China Crisis, I just have their 1990 “Collection” album, so I only have the singles from “Working…” –
    “Hanna Hanna”, “Working With Fire…”, “Wishful Thinking” and “Tragedy & Mystery”.

  • ahhh!!! YOu ahve Working with Fire….!!!! My God… use the Contact link on my site and email me and send me the MP3 if yo would . i’ll trade you for a song that maybe you don’t have…. let’s talk… that would be great… i can’t find that song anywhere…

    any chance?



  • Steve

    I’ve never sent an MP3 before, you’ll have to instruct me on that.
    If you wanted the whole album of “Working With Fire…” you can buy it here I think…

  • ahhhh, okay Steve — it’s easy, but that’s cool . You just go “Attach File’ then you select “Browse’ and then you find the file and hit “okay” and then the file will show up in the email. It’s really easy. I have a download program already but they don’t have it so i’m trying to avoid paying again from somewhere else.

    Is allmusic a subsription service or a onetime fee? Just curious since i might switch over if they have a better selection and their downloads are reliable and it’s easy to use and intuitive, good quality, etc etc. that would be cool…

    new list of the moment tomorrow, i think…

    thanks…. 🙂

  • ahhhh, okay Steve — it’s easy, but that’s cool . You just go “Attach File’ then you select “Browse’ and then you find the file and hit “okay” and then the file will show up in the email. It’s really easy. I have a download program already but they don’t have it so i’m trying to avoid paying again from somewhere else.

    Is allmusic a subsription service or a onetime fee? Just curious since i might switch over if they have a better selection and their downloads are reliable and it’s easy to use and intuitive, good quality, etc etc. that would be cool…

    new list of the moment tomorrow, i think…

    thanks…. 🙂

  • Steve

    Actually, Sadi, the site gives you the option to ‘buy’ under the album cover, if you click on that, it will take you to Barnes & Noble to buy the whole album. Maybe catch you later this evening.

  • cool cool, thanks Steve -=- over and out for now…

    * }

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


  • clueless

    Hey what is this book or whatever it is about? (Not like I really care)

  • JP

    Garza is a personal favorite, discovered him on Yahoo Music. The guy’s a guitar prodigy, voice somewhere in the vein of Jeff Buckley or Matt Bellamy, amazing body of work. Just released a box set on his own label; he’s regionally known in the southwest, but tours nationally on occasion. Saw him once here in Atlanta..

    Anyway, for anyone interested in an undiscovered treasure, This Euphoria is his major label debut and his best major label output. Wide in scope, very cleanly produced and emotionally moving. Pick it up!

  • Steve

    I forgot to mention, Shaggy’s form of music is described as being ‘dancehall’ and ‘ragga’ (both forms of reggae) and reggae pop.

    I am familiar with the Marvin Gaye song, unaware that Shaggy had redone it though.

  • Shaggy’s remix is rockin’….. am working on next list i swear to god. i’ve just had too much on my plate, but i have a list, just needs to be filled in…. but tis coming… this too shall pass..

    the shaggy mix is almost better than the original… i love it, tho honestly, i do have a love for “keep gettin’ it on” which i like more than “let’s get it on”; i know, totally diff. song, but speaking of Marvin Gaye…

    Sexual Healing, just when you thought you couldn’t beat it, along comes Shaggy and Kaboomi… pretty great stuff… oooh, you’ve ruined it for future list…. damn baby, why you gotta be that way…. ; )

    ~~ s.

  • Steve

    Looking forward to it, Sadi.