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List of the Moment No. 15

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A mixed list, with hopefully something for everyone, at least something to keep all of us happy and to turn you on to some new music as well (or in this case, old music, but what is The List for if not to turn you on to both new and old music and to remind you of what you really loved in the first place and why you came here to begin with?) This time, we went all the way back to Robert Johnson with the blues of “They’re Red Hot” and then back again to ABC and “The Look of Love” and everything in between (no Dylan this time though he is mentioned offhand, bien sur).

“They’re Red Hot” by Robert Johnson – Go back a way to the early blues tradition and you’ll find Johnson seated there. “They’re Red Hot” is one of his most memorable songs, one of the easiest to dance to and the sort of thing you would expect to hear in a gin joint. Likely you don’t know this song, but it is well worth your time to look up this simple number. It’s worth looking for. It takes a while to appreciate early blues -– or it took me a while anyway -– but once I got there it wasn’t long before I found Johnson and really got into his riffs and his lyrics most especially; simple though they may be, they seem to pulse with a sexuality that is blatant and come-hither. Give it a chance; you just might like.

“Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie – I couldn’t find much on this album that I liked, though this one song appealed to me so much that I went through a phase of playing it over and over again. “Transatlanticism” is a classic love song (“I need you so much closer” is the line he repeats again and again as the song builds and builds on itself). You think the whole thing will come tumbling down as it keeps building but miraculously it does not – it is a gentle letdown. A summer song, or at least for me it was, and even though a few years old now, what on this list isn’t old, and isn’t that sort of the point? To refresh us of what was and to bring it forward and perhaps make it new again? This is our hope. You probably know Death Cab for Cutie. If you don’t know “Transatlanticism”, find it and take a listen. It’s a long song – probably about nine minutes in all,; it certainly feels that long and could even be longer, and although the lines are repetitive, a lot of this is made up for by the fact that the song is so musically interesting.

“Before Today” by Everything but the Girl – A plane comin’ in to land. This is what she tells us she feels like at one point and this is what this song sounds like. It had all the force behind it of a jet engine and all the pop of a Friday night with the promise of first love. It’s everything we expect from Everything but the Girl and then some.

“Just Like Betty Page” by Jazz Butcher – Difficult-to-find album, so it is highly possible, perhaps even likely, that you have never heard of the The Jazz Butcher anywhere but this column. Search for them through Amazon. Search for them through used record venues. Search for them period. They’re worth it. They’re that good. “Just Like Betty Page” is about being “roped and trussed just like dear Betty Page” but really it’s a song about a date or assignation that went well and we get the sense that the boy just does not want it to be over (“and I’ve no wish to disengage… oh, girl what you’ve done to me….”). In a funny way, on the surface although it may sound like a song about sadomasochism, it’s a rather sweet song and I wouldn’t take the lyrics at face value and would take them one step or two deeper than the surface. To take them at their very surface level would be naïve and show a profound lack of understanding of this song, at least in this review’s opinion. Yes, the lyrics will support sadomasochism in some form, but again, it’s really just a song about a boy and a girl and him being willing to do pretty much anything to stay with her – that’s my take.

“Me and Bobbie McGee” by Janis Joplin – Feeling good was good enough for me, she sang. We all know that was true and sadly all too true – that is, if she felt good at all, or conversely, if Joplin was so miserable that she drank and drugged herself into an early death because she was so miserable. Or perhaps she was feeling good and that was good enough for her. Regardless, the sweet memory she sings of here –- of “me and Bobbie McGee” — is a trip down memory lane and a lovely song about youthful love and lust and all of those good things that we remember well.

“Take California” by Propellerheads – Was not just an iPod commercial with a geeky guy dancing about with his iPod. It happens to be a great song by Propellerheads, a label that applies to so many songs by this band (“Velvet Pants” among them). This is a song without much in the way of lyrics and what lyrics do exist are sampled from older clips that blend well with the music. Excellent music to drive to and especially good if you like stuff by Orbital and the like, then you’ll probably like Propellerheads. Frankly, I can’t imagine anyone not liking them, but that’s me and everyone has their own thing. You could give it a shot.

“Thirteen” by Big Star – This is a beautiful song and an older song and if you trace it way back then you’ll eventually get to the origins of The Replacements, but that is a whole other story. “Thirteen” is a beautiful tribute to very young love and about carrying school books and walking home from school. It is sweet and lilting and lasting and it never goes off, unlike many songs today which, like so many books, have the shelf-life of yogurt. The late Elliott Smith did a great cover of “Thirteen” that is relatively easy to find as a downloadable version and like most covers that Elliott did, is true to the original. Although it’s not quite the real thing, it is good in its way. If you know the song “Alex Chilton” by the Replacements, then you know the line, “I never travel, too far, without a little Big Star.” I would recommend that this be true of all of us. Big Star should become part of your musical repertoire. They have a lot to offer besides this one song.

“Tempted” by Squeeze – Remember Squeeze? Remember the whole album being good, and remember playing it until it was practically in shreds like I did, or did you not, in which case you missed out on more than a few great songs. “Tempted” is but one, and “Black Coffee in Bed” (which should make The List soon) is another. “Tempted” works simply because it’s hard to say who among us has not been ‘tempted by the fruit of another.’ What made every Squeeze song was that it was immediately identifiable as a Squeeze song. You couldn’t mix it up with something else or anyone else’s music, it was clear that it was Squeeze and that was that and that was always a good thing – provided you liked the band, which most people did. Again, great lyrics to this song and although you know them already, for those who do not, I’ll post a few here:

    I bought a toothbrush,
    some toothpaste
    A flannel for my face
    Pyjamas, a hairbrush
    New shoes and a case
    I said to my reflection
    Lets get out of this place
    Past the church and the steeple
    The laundry on the hill
    Billboards and the buildings
    Memories of it still
    Keep calling and calling
    But forget it all
    I know I will

    Tempted by the fruit of another
    Tempted but the truth is discovered
    What’s been going on
    Now that you have gone
    There’s no other
    Tempted by the fruit of another
    Tempted but the truth is discovered

“Open Arms” by Journey – Okay, I had to throw in at least one heavy metal rock ballad because that’s me and this is a good one. “Open Arms” is the quintessential rock ballad, along with “Don’t Stop Believin’”, which is also a great song. All remind me of high school, it’s true, and I know all the words, which I take as a plus and which my husband takes as a minus, and who can blame him really? Even I don’t like the fact that I like rock ballads – it is the stuff of the guys next door who are putting the shingles on the house and ogle me every time I go to my car. It is what they play on their radio and so, by association I am learning to not like this type of thing — and yet it has made The List. Go figure. I’ll leave it for you to debate. You know you love it.

“Sweet Melissa” by the Allman Brothers – Not just a Cingular commercial but a great song, “Sweet Melissa” is an all-time favorite by a band that I really don’t like and that are totally off-track for me. (I’m more of a Jam, Style Council, Propellerheads girl and so on.) But here again, the melody and that strum of the guitar combined with the lyrics are irresistible and I admit there is something irresistibly romantic about a guy traveling or running to his “sweet Melissa.” I love the guitar in this song and without it, the song wouldn’t be the same and wouldn’t have much going for it – yes, the lyrics are good enough, but it’s really the guitar riff that makes this song. But the lyrics, because they are not always clear are here, or partially anyway – because we know that “he won’t stay without Melissa.”

    Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah.
    The gypsy flies from coast to coast

    Knowing many, loving none,
    Bearing sorrow havin fun,
    But back home he’ll always run
    To sweet Melissa… mmm…

    Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same.
    And no one knows the gypsy’s name

    No one hears his lonely sigh,
    There are no blankets where he lies.
    In all his deepest dreams the gypsy flies
    With sweet Melissa… mmm…

“The Look of Love” by ABC – I can’t remember being at a club that didn’t play this song. I also don’t remember being at a college party or even my own dorm room and spinning this song and also UB40s “Red, Red Wine.” He does almost cop a line from Dylan here which is when he says “and gravity won’t pull you through,” which is similar, though not a mirror of Dylan’s “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” with the line “And negativity won’t pull you through.” It doesn’t seem plagiarized to me simply because the latter makes sense – gravity could or could not pull you through. If it did not make any sense then it might seem copped. That said, Dylan’s song has before that line “and your gravity fails/and negativity won’t pull you through.” I’ll leave it up to you to sort out whether or not there is any funny business that went on there though if there was, I’m sure we would have heard about it (assuming Dylan heard about it). Check out the lyrics from ABC;

    When your world is full of strange arrangements
    And gravity wont pull you through
    You know you’re missing out on something
    Well that something depends on you
    All I’m saying, it takes a lot to love you
    All I’m doing, you know its true
    All I mean now, there’s one thing
    Yes one thing that turns this grey sky to blue
    That’s the look, that’s the look
    The look of love

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  • Scott Butki

    Hooray for a new list. I was starting to miss you.
    Did you ever figure out how to email me so we can talk by email sometime?
    Try just going to my fotolog

  • Hey Scott – let me try again, i wasn’t able to find it the other way i tried; let me try my fotolog and see if i can find it that way…. let me check it out… glad you’re happy new list is out…

    if you get a chance, spread the word, not sure the others know… i should post a note over there… just time and i’m working on a new list already (how time flies and i don’t want to be late blah blah). Let me see if i can find your email address…. xo – sade

  • great list Sadi!! “Tempted” is one of my all time favorite songs, and I wore the hell out of that tape back in the day…..now I have to go dig out my Squeeze: 45s and Under CD.

  • Scott Butki

    ABC and Squeeze were on my turntable a lot… back when people had turntables.

  • hi Chantal ^_^ ~~ 45s and Under is the best Squeeze album in my book. I only have it on vinyl but i like so many album on vinyl. i love that song and then i also love Black Coffee in Bed, which i’m certain will make the list at some point in the not too distant future, so keep an eye out.. there may be stuff on the list you don’t know, but try to get into it if you can… i realize it’s eclectic, perhaps more so that usual, but i wanted to turn ya’ll onto some new stuff, especially Robert Johnson becaues it all goes back to the Blues and Robert Johnson is one of the places if not the place where it al starts…. They’re Red Hot is a great, great song… see if you can find it to down load or listen to on Amazon… it’s a fun fun song to dance to in your kitchen … seriously, i do this all the time (should i admit this??? probably not) … nice to see you! ~~ sade.

  • SB – I still have a turntable (three actually) and i still spin my records on it all the time…. esp. Bob Dylan who just doesn’t sound the same on CD as he does on vinyl… some artists just sound better on vinyl than they do on CD and he’s one of them… others would be Joy Division, old blues stuff which lends itself naturally to vinyl – oh lots of stuff… i’m sure you could fill in the gaps… don’tyou still have a turntable? did you get my email messages via msn and yahoo? join MSN If possible if you want to IM… it’s great and easy to download… i finally found your email address… and i’m better wiht IM than i am with email… with email i’m terrible at answering since i get so much every day (about 60 per day at least) IM is better… lemme know what you decide to do…. ; ) – sade…

  • Steve????? You here????

  • Sadi….
    I still have a turntable too….. my husband and I use it all the time, in fact. And you’re absolutely right, some music just sounds better on vinyl.

    I inherited my Dad’s old jazz collection—about 150+ old albums dating back to the 50s. Most are in great condition, but some have a lot of the crackles, which, depending on the music, actually can sound pretty good.

    I love to listen to some old Billie Holiday, Cole Porter or Oscar Peterson on record. We’ve also updated our collection over the years, ranging from everything to the Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel and Carly Simon, to Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, to a LOT of disco and even as recent as Prince and U2.

  • zingzing

    on the robert johnson=sexy idea, check out “come on in my kitchen.” you damn right. rj is a good way to get into early delta blues. he works within an aesthetic that people can understand. from him, go check out “blind” willie johnson, son house and charlie patton. mmmm, mmm, mm.

    ahh, big star. one of the greatest. did you ever get third/sister lovers? thirteen has always been one of my favorite songs off that first album, but i think it was their second where they really took off into beatles-like levels of the stratosphere. just too fuckin good for this world.

  • zingzing

    oh yeah, i meant to write that i think it’s strange that you picked “red hot” as an example of robert johnson, as it is pretty much a novelty in his recorded output. i think it is interesting, and i’ve never heard anything quite like it, but it does stick out like a sore thumb on a cd of his stuff.

  • Chantal – yes, you’re right – there are just some tunes that are made for turntables, esp older stuff… old blues on a turntable sound perfect as well… you gotta check that out as well… i just love old blues stuff… which is why we have some here this week… i think next list i’ll have some stuff from Dylan’s Basement Tapes from Big Pink (to go completely off=topic) but that too sounds better slightly muffled tho hard to find and i’ve only got on CD and never seen on vinyl, alas… sounds like you have quite a collection…

    Billie Holiday *sigh* which reminds me of Nina Simone who i also love who sounds great on a turntable as well….

  • zing zing – i know “come on in my kitchen” very very well, of course… ! i know most of this stuff, and old blues you and i could rap all day about, i’m sure b/c it sounds like a shared reference. it just hasn’t made the list before b/c not so many people know about it so that’s why i haven’t included it but i decided to amuse myself and from now on to do what the point of the List is, which is to turn people on to new stuff that i’m listening to right now (hence List of the Moment, title) — I know Blind Willie Nelson, i know all the greats….

    You don’t like They’re Red Hot? Yes, it’s different from so much on teh rest of the collected works but it’s a fun fun song, i think and damn fun to dance to and sexy in it’s way i think but yes, Come On In My Kitchen is far sexier , we agree….

    what else… hmmmm…

    you like Robert Johnson by any chance, Nick Drake (to go off on a total tangent here and a bit OT) just curious….

  • Scott Butki

    I’ll check and let you know, Sadi/Sade/Miss S.

  • Scott Butki

    I don’t see any emails but my computer may have rudely dismissed you as spam. Do you recall either the subject heading or what name it would list you as?

    Getting us back on topic, have you listened to much Christine Lavin or Jonathan Richman?

  • zingzing

    i like red hot. but… i don’t think it’s very representative of johnson’s (recorded) output. it’s so completely different than the rest of his recordings… if people go looking up johnson based on liking only red hot, they’re going to find something completely different. which will probably be a nice surprise. it’s good, but i think it is one of his lesser songs.

    i love nick drake, although i have to admit that pink moon is the only one i currently own. i liked its stripped down qualities. but, i’d bet you are comparing their guitar styles, aren’t you? i find them very similar. both of them have this strange ability to sound like 2-3 guitarists at once, picking out melodies and rhythms note-for-note… i don’t see how they wrap their mind around it. it’s amazing.

    blind willie nelson? that’s a funny one. i’m sure you just fucked up there. just to make sure, i went and tried to look up this blind willie nelson… and came back with blind willie johnson and willie nelson hits… still, as far as slips go, i got a little laugh out of it.

    yes, old blues is one of my favorites. i love the solo acoustic stuff. mmmmmmmmm.

  • Steve

    Yes, Sadi, I am here now lol. Took me a while but anyways…
    Never been a big blues fan, I only have about 50 Blues songs in my collection of over 12,000 songs!
    I have all of ABC’s regular albums, my all-time fave of their’s is “All Of My Heart”, but “The Look Of Love” is great too.
    I have the Chicane remix of “Before Today”. I enjoy Chicane as much as Everything But The Girl, so it’s a great combo!!
    We’ve discussed Squeeze and the Propellerheads before, so I’ll not comment on those again.
    Journey were OK, I have a couple of their tunes.

    Gonna post this now, before I lose it, like what happened earlier today lol.

  • Hey Scott = no idea = essage would hae been from MSN most likely …tbat would be my guess. there must be some easier way of doing this grrr.. i’ll just email you direct somehow. build in your fotolog link here again and i’ll go there and see if i can find your address… or i think i have it actually, i just prefer IM to email… so hopefully you’re on it.. i get too many freakin emails….

    don’t know the two you speak of.. what genre?

  • Yes Zing Zing You’re right, Red HOt isn’t rep. of Johnson’s output at all.. he’s stuff is different from that and in a way more sultry, more typically bluesy in some ways, i would say… but amazingly so…. Funny about the Blind Willie Nelson slip – ooops! and i saw Willie Nelson perform with Bob Dylan a year ago and it was an amazing show (i was there mostly for Dylan, i have to admit, but wow, both were pretty amazing)….

    Yes, the strumming, picking, the way they play the guitar – Drake et al, they do make it sound as if more than one person is playing and i can’t quite suss out how they do that. My husband can play like that. I think Robert Johnson can play like that too (though Drake i’ve long loved since before he was popular…. )(ugh)… but yes… this is why i brought it up… so i’m not crazy… you noticed this as well…

  • Steve

    I must say, though I have heard of Death Cab… and Jazz Butcher, I have no idea what they sound like. Never heard of Bigstar either, actually.

    I have one song by the Allman Brothers (“Get On With Your Life”, from 1991), though I can’t say I’m a fan of theirs.

    I only have the Mariah Carey version of “Open Arms”, and the only Journey songs I have are “Only The Young” (from the 1985 film “Vision Quest”, which I never saw!) and “Separate Ways”.

  • Scott Butki

    My fotolog page is here and my myspace page is here.

    Lavin is folk. Richman is folk rock, I guess. he was in the modern lovers. Think King Missile but done 10 plus years before.

  • Steve

    Just checkin’…did you see my comments (#16 & #19) Sadi?? Been a while since we chatted, just wondering…

  • Hi Steve ~ sorry took me so long to write back = thought you might like EBTG – great group…

    Jazz Butcher and Big Star you should check out.. Jazz Butcher are hard to find but i really think you’d like them a lot… they’re a great group and fun too…. so worth looking into …

    Journey, god, i put that up there for auld langs ayne as they say….. why not… right…

    just for fun…

  • Steve

    Thanks for the tips, Sadi.

    Looking forward to the next List.

  • hey Steve; you’re welcome.. hope you’ll check them out… or some of them. Check out “13” by Big Star. I think you’d like that song a lot…

    next list to come soon. I’m away for two days this week on biz. in NYC so i may have to do it in the car on the way down and then put it up when i get back home… but i can at least write it out…

    cool cool…

    i’m trying to make list more eclectic to give people more choices and other things to think about like Robert Johnson and so on… old blues stuff… just because there are a lot of people who do connect with that and i hope they will find hte column at some point and join us here as well, so we have a real mix/medly of folk… that said, i want to keep ya’ll here as well.. so let’s see what’s on the next List…

    Til then, i’ll try not to space them out so much…

    love etc to you – s.

  • Steve

    Wow, Sadi, just did some research on Big Star, they sure do back a long way, my goodness! One of the founding members was in the Box Tops from 1967-1971, before Big Star started (who lasted from 1972-1978). All news to me to be honest. Funnily enough, the Box Tops had hits (especially in the US) before they folded, unlike Big Star. How did you get into them, Sadi?

    I listened to “Thirteen”. They kind of remind me a bit of a 70’s version of Wet Wet Wet’s “Goodnight Girl”…are you familiar wih them?

    Re. the List, I think regularity is more key to readership than frequency (e.g. the same day or two of each month rather than weekly), Sadi (though I would be happy with more, but I know you’re a busy gal!). Eclecticism is a good idea also. I would suggest you date your bands so folks who are unfamiliar can tell if they’re new bands, old bands or defunct ones.

  • yeah, Big Star do go back a long way indeed… check out Alex Chilton on his own too… sort of boozy and silly but fun regardless…. he’s just silly and i like him a lot.

    haven’t heard of the groups you mention but can look for them, tho as you know w/ me time is always a factor which blows, but is just life…

    but still… i can do what i can do..

    your idea about regularity and dating are both very very good ideas and i’ll take them both… i think they both make sense.. rather than trying to rush to get something out when it’s virutally impossible for me to do it once a week so it’s more realstic to say every third week etc… of the month or second week… something like that (i’ll sort out my schedule and see) and then take it from there…

    but great ideas !!! thanks for that … u rocque ….


    really glad you listened to thirteen by Big Star…. great song, isn’t it…


    i love it personally… think it’s super…

    much love to you ,


  • My first question on seeing the inclusion of “Open Arms” was “What’s happened to my Sadi? Is this the same sophisticated transcontinental babe who loves Betty Blue and Bob Dylan? Has someone stolen her — brainwashed her? Messed with her mind?” Luckily I noticed you also included “Tempted” and “The Look of Love,” so I’ll assume this is just a quirky lapse in your otherwise estimable taste.

  • zingzing

    actually, chilton was only in the box tops til early 1970, after which chilton bummed around for a while in nyc, before he joined big star in late 1970, and they stopped recording in 1974, after which chilton bummed around for a while before he started up a solo career in 1975, then was bumming around in nyc for a while in the late 70’s before moving back south again.

    big star only had three albums, and each one is better than the last.

  • zingzing

    augh. chilton joined big star in late 1971, not 70.

  • Hey Rodney – too funny – but you gotta have some variety, and i’m trying to offer that up… but you’re a sweetheart. I’m sure The List will have a mix of this and that, but yes, Dylan will almost always make the list just because he’s my freakin’ Dylan and nobody can argue with that – yes i know, i share in this, but that’s fine… he’s an amazing talent…

    you’re comment is sweet, funny, endearing….

    you’ll have more of what you love.. promise.

    ciao for now, and thanks….


  • zingzing, no worry on the date… i don’t think anyone was going to kill you tho i know what you mean…. i love Alex Chilton. Him singing “Got a Thing for You” is unbeatable, IMO… and quite funny… in fact, that whole album is funny, tho name eludes at this precise moment, it’s pretty great… I really like Alex Chilton a great deal; can’t imagine the scene i like w/out his influence, actually….

    question for you – ever hear of Neutral Milk Hotel? Whta do you think of them?

  • zingzing

    yeah, chilton is one of my favorites. a nice mix of pure genius and lovable human frailty. he’s a total prick with a heart of gold and a good sense of humor.

    yeah, heard nmh. they float my boat in the same way as chilton: amazing talent, but just one step away from total self-destruction. in an aeroplane over the sea is one of those albums that just sneaks up on you… kind of blahblah the first couple of times you hear it, but eventually, it grabs onto something… i bought the album, but then didn’t really get into it until years later… it’s kind of like the album approached me, not the other way around… it’s an album that gets into you, not the other way around.

  • zingzing

    not the other way around. sheesh.

  • Scott Butki

    Sadi – I got an email from you about doing chat via msn. I’ll download that in the next few days

  • Scott Butki

    Actually can’t you just do gmail or yahoo messenger chat like the rest of us?:)

  • Nope, hate Yahoo messenger, it crashes all the time… makes me insane… i have an account but refuse to use b/c it always crashes… use MSN it’s far superior … in my opinion.. others may disagree, but i’ve never had a problem with it…. whereas i’ve had many problems iwth Yahoo… sorry…. up to you …..s

  • Steve

    I agree with you on that one Sadi, MSN is great.

    By the way, re. comment #26, you’re welcome, Sadi.

  • Steve

    By the way, Sadi, any idea when the next List will be??

  • hey sweeets – sundays seem to be the say, so i would say Sunday; i’m not yet sure if it is every other or every sunday.. so i’ll have to see how it goes for a while, but Sunday is the best day b/c it gives me more time to work on it… and make it more crafted etc etc..

    i’m trying to keep the list more eclectic and as i do so, i seem to piss some people off and draw in some new people = so you just can’t win. i have very eclectic taste. If it were entirely up to me, it would include some opera as well as a lot of Bod Dylan (go figure that combo)… but again, even my own taste is very eclectic. but the whoel point is to turn people onto new stuff.. but i’m sensing some resistance on some ends and i think there needs to be an open-mindedness on some part (not yours obviously or most others, but a few) to try new things, or be willing. There will always be the usual suspects, but every now and then, yes, heaven forfendstuff you do not know.. and that will broaden your horizons… To me, that’s always good… nothing wrong with that…

    always good…

    so look for it Sunday night or early monday morning – midday at latest barring any major job offer or some crazy business like that.. in which case i’ll let you know but even then, the column wouldn’t slide because i love what i do too much to let it slide off the charts so to speak…

    thx for asking Steve… yo be the bomb and the ever constant kick in the arse i need.

    ta ev ; )


  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, I’ll keep my eyes open for it on Sunday/Monday then.

    My dad was into opera (especially Pavarotti)…my dad was a singer (though not an operatic one, more like…ummm…Perry Como maybe!) with a local UK big band back in the 50’s before he got married, so he loved folks with big voices (Sinatra, Celine, etc…).

    I’ve never been into opera myself, though I suppose I have a few songs that might fall into a weird opera sub category of some kind…take for example, “Madame Butterfly” by Malcolm McLaren, or “Barcelona” by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe. Those songs I can listen to lol!

  • Steve

    Hey there, Sadi, how’s Volume 16 coming??

  • Hey Steve, As ever, you’re the guy to keep me on my toes ! (and i’m grateful) – i’ve been interviewing for jobs (and got a great new one) so i’ve been really busy and as you know i just finished my book so things have been nutty and then i got sick blah blah blah….. but YES the list is made out (for the most part) and needs fleshing out. The trouble is, you can’t make all of the people happy all of the time… ya know… and i have two very different audiences and love them both and both types of music, so tihs is a tough one …

    so, as someone once said, Can’t we all just get along? — lol… yup…

    will post here when list is up.’

    as ever and promise.


  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, looking forward to it

  • Steve

    How would you categorise the ‘two sides’ of your audience, Sadi??

  • Hey Steve: Well, good question – there seem to me to be those who just want the late or mid 80s or 90s (?) pop stuff (Squeeze etc and the new wave stuff) and then others who like more the Alex Chilton/Replacements/Nick Drake/Dylan etc etc stuff of that ilk… does that make sense… the more folksy stuff…. could be dead wrong… or there could be three diff types, but so far, it seems there are two that i’ve identified and then the audience of one which is the stuff that only i like…


    let me keep working on this list, typing up the descriptions is really the bitch…

  • Steve

    OK, Sadi, can’t wait for the next List.

    Re. folk music, I must confess, out of 12,000+ songs in my collection, less than 600 are in the ‘Folk’ genre, compared to over 2,000 that are New Wave, and about 2,500 that are 80’s Pop.

  • Hey Steve and all… the next list was posted just now (ie, submitted, so should go up sometime tonight = so tonight is Sunday, at 5;pm, i expect it will be up soon enough…. ) Let me know when you see it…

    ta ev…

    hope you find something on there you like and some things you don’t yet know as well…. i’m trying to keep it diverse…



  • Steve

    Thanks for letting us know, Sadi, I will look for it tonight then.

  • it’s up….