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Lisa Marie Presley appearing on Oprah Monday and Tuesday.

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Lisa Marie Presley will be appearing on Oprah, today (Monday the 28th) and tomorrow. Good Morning America and Larry King will also feature her on Tuesday the 29th. She will be on Letterman April 1st and Ellen April 5th. Jimmy Kimmel will also be graced by her presence on April 6th. A&E’s Biography will profile Presley on April 8th. The hard-working Presley is touring in support of her new CD Now What. The tour begins April 26th in St. Petersburg, FL and continues through May 15th (so far) to Asbury Park, NJ. The single from the CD is “Dirty Laundry,” the Don Henley/Danny Kortchmar song. You go girl.

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  • Pam

    PLEASE help me find missing family.
    Did anyone see the Oprah show today?
    Does anyone know WHERE Lisa Presley was…which shelter…..I saw family members there and need to get in touch with them. I feared they were dead.
    Please help.
    Thank you, Pam

  • Pam

    Lisa was in Memphis….just need to know the Shelter…sorry forgot that detail.
    Thank you

  • shelia burtron

    I do know if this information will be where Lisa Marie Presley will ever see it, but I would like to personally thank for all the help she gives where is so needed. To me, this young woman is not only unselfish, but beautiful and has a wonderful voice. Belive me, I am an older woman who grew up listening to her father’s music. I hold such a respect for her and her mother.

    Should the oppportunity arise, that she actually sees this e-mail, which EPE enterprises keep as much private as possible and it should be that way, I would her to know my son was in New Orleans and made it out safely and I as a 57 year old mother have her music and I think she is a blessing to all of us.

    All I can say is Lisa you are truly a great person, continue your music please. Don’t let shyness get in your way, your voice and love you give should never be suppressed. Thank you.

  • shelia burtron

    I should have checked my spelling better but I meant to say I did not know whether you Lisa would ever see this comment. I just wanted you to know how much I think of you. I know I am just one voice but you are truly one person and so many young people should relate to. Many people don’t understand the world today for celebrities. You, your mom, all celebrities, deserve privacy too. It is great for you to have fans, I’m one,however you also as a human being deserve the right to walk down the street without the worry of harm, or people after you. I feel strongly you have rights and when no one respects them, your rights have been violated.

    Once again, let me just say, you and your mom are both great moms. I don’t generally write e-mails but I can only that just once, you might actually see this, because you are the only one I have ever written to.

    God bless you always.

  • lisa sutherland

    hey lisa. guess what!!! my name is lisa marie too. but my last name is sutherland. my parents named me after you. yew!! how would ya feel? i am 12 though and your like 30 or something. well i have to go now luv lisa xoxo mwa!!!

  • boogle bum

    hey im boogle bum…. like my name aye? laterz lisa marie presley! from boogle bum