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Lisa Marie: Hints But No Allegations

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You know that Lisa Marie Presley got a very generous binding offer to shut the hell up about her life with Michael Jackson when the couple divorced. In an Australian TV interview she hints but doesn’t doesn’t reveal anything in particular about their life together:

    Presley said she felt powerless during her 1994-1996 marriage to Jackson, who faces child molestation charges, but she refused to elaborate in the interview with Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s respected “Enough Rope” talk show.

    ….Presley said she felt “powerless in a lot of ways, in terms of … realizing that I was part of a machine, and seeing things going on that I couldn’t do anything about,” she said. “And don’t ask me what sort of things, because I’m not going to answer. But just stuff.”

    ….Asked by host Andrew Denton whether it was difficult to be in a relationship where she felt powerless, Presley said: “It was, that’s why I left.”

    Lisa Marie Presley was in Australia promoting her own singing career.

    Asked how she felt about Jackson now, Presley replied: “It’s really bizarre, I feel nothing.” [AP]

This would not seem to indicate an abundance of passion within the marriage.

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  • sungoddess

    Why would her feeling nothing now, mean she didn’t feel anything then? I just don’t buy that. I know in my own life, there are people I had great passion for and now I have no feelings at all. The opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s ambivalence. Not that I’m saying that’s what happened in Lisa Marie’s case, it’s just your comment struck me.

  • Eric Olsen

    Just my impression, nothing authoritative, and it happens to coincide with everything I’ve ever heard about the relationship, but I don’t mean to imply that I have any special knowledge. I could even be …. …. …. wrong.