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Lisa Edelstein on the House Season Finale and Huddy

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House, M.D.’s fifth season wraps up with this Monday’s episode “Under My Skin” (written by Pamela Davis and Lawrence Kaplow) and the season finale on May 11 (“Both Sides Now,” written by Doris Egan). Over the past two episodes, and since Kutner’s (Kal Penn) suicide, House (Hugh Laurie) has been unable to sleep and has been having increasingly prominent visions of Amber Volakis (his former fellow and Wilson’s girlfriend, killed in last year’s season finale, played by Anne Dudek). But even finally getting a decent night’s sleep at the end of last week’s episode could not rid House of his hallucinations, and in the two finale episodes, House continues his downward spiral as the visions intensify and disrupt his work and his life.

House’s two anchors, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) are there for him, as are his teams old and new; but as we know, House is so private and guarded, helping him will not be easy. Laurie, Edelstein, and Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Cameron) each give their take on the finale episodes and their characters in the studio-provided interview clips on the last page of this article. Click and enjoy (but not if you are a spoiler-phobe).

In addition, Edelstein took the time from her busy schedule to speak with television writers from print and electronic media to talk about Cuddy’s relationship with House and to tease us a bit about the end of the season.

Of course, first on everyone’s (okay, well, not everyone’s) mind (at least as far as House is concerned) is the highly anticipated hookup between Drs. House and Cuddy. Refusing to say whether the hookup is for real or a dream/fantasy/hallucination, she teased that we would all need to wait until the episode airs. She did, however, admit that she highly enjoyed shooting the scene with Hugh Laurie, wondering who wouldn’t enjoy working with her “sexy” co-star on such an… important scene. “It was great! I wouldn’t complain,” was her enthusiastic reply. “He’s sexy, so who could complain about kissing him?”

She told reporters that the director did five takes. “They wanted the cameras to capture a lot of different things,” she explained. “You’re not going to see me get naked, but it was a pretty hot scene.”

Commenting on the rumor generated by Michael Ausiello’s “blind item” in Entertainment Weekly that Cuddy might be pregnant (with twins) due to whatever might happen between her and House, Edelstein laughed that this was the first she had heard of it. She really doesn’t think viewers would want to see Cuddy walking around the halls of the hospital carrying twins. Although she thought it was a pretty amusing rumor.

The relationship between House and Cuddy has changed and grown over the seasons. Asked how much input she has had into how her character is portrayed on the show, Edelstein commented that at first, it was really primarily the writers. “Then you insert some of your own personality into your character and the writers write to that, rather than to only the original concept, so it’s a marriage of the two.”

Edelstein was able to give some nice insight into the relationship between House and Cuddy. As viewers, we’ve only be given their backstory in broad strokes: she’d heard of him in college (he was a legend at the University of Michigan); they’d had a one-night stand; she hired him when no one else would). Edelstein thinks that Cuddy probably got a bit obsessed with the legendary House when she was an undergrad and maybe audited a class she knew he was in (maybe as a “brush up class” to “check him out,” to know him better), she explained. "I relate to her taste in men,” explained Edelstein. “Intelligence and taste in men have little to do with each other — and the partner we choose for ourselves. For Cuddy, it’s House and always has been."

And, whatever happens between them in the two final episodes of the season, Edelstein doesn’t feel that House and Cuddy are simply a “passing comfort” for each other. “I don’t think it’s a passing thing. I think it’s been going on for a long, long time, whether or not they’ve acted out on it,” she noted. “ I don’t necessarily think it’s going to be a satisfying relationship. Cuddy has a complicated relationship with men. She likes the screwed up kind,” Edelstein laughed. She revealed that the impact of House and Cuddy’s hookup will be addressed in the finale, but she said no more, lest she spoil us too much.

The season finale also features the comedy legend Carl Reiner. Reiner developed and played Alan Brady in the original Dick van Dyke Show and has been the genius behind a generation’s worth of television and film comedy. Edelstein loved working with the 87-year-old Reiner. “He’s 87 years old and he’s showing up to work and he’s hilarious. Great to work with him and get that kind of experience. It’s something to talk about for the rest of my life.”

House is seen Monday nights on FOX at 8:00 p.m. (ET).

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  • Bertha S.

    I hate CUDDY and HUDDY and I hate the idea that the juvenile HUDDY will replace the boring FORETEEN in Season 6. I think LE needs to stop believing her own hype. I plan TiVo right past the HUDDY-UCKFEST.

  • Eloise

    I think the backstory Lisa came up with to explain when and why she met House is kinda creepy but that explains the stalkerish behaviour her character’s been displaying this season, saying that House is that partner and always has been right after she says that Cuddy got a bit obssessed with him 20 years ago is disturbing.

  • Laila

    Believing her own hype? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Lisa answers the questions she is asked and she isn’t the one writing the Huddy storylines. Tivo past those scenes all you want, but don’t confuse the character she plays with the actress herself.

  • CuttingOnions

    Lisa answers what she is asked.
    And PLEASE skip your tivo, I don’t get why people watch House if its only to complain, there is other thing son TV on the same time.

    I’m SO looking forward for Monday, only with the clip that FOX released I’m already feeling frisky, lol.

    Lisa is the cutest person on earth! I love the fact that she and Hugh are great friends?

    Is monday yet? ๐Ÿ™

  • sdemar

    Bertha, if that is how you feel, it would be better that you don’t even bother watching. And what exact hype does LE need to stop believing? Take a listen to Hugh’s interview and he seems to agree with her on the fact that these two characters really like each other. As he said, “let’s be honest”. Sounds like LE has a very good grasp on what is happening on the show and she should since she plays a central role.

    Barbara, thanks for this wonderful article. You know my love for House/Cuddy is a very strong one and I am so happy they are exploring their relationship and that it will be a part of episode 23 and 24. Great way to end the season that has been a stellar one at that. Although I do worry about House. I’m excited to see how they all come around to help me.

    Enjoyed the 3 interviews you posted. Weird no RSL. I guess interviewing is just not his thing and yet he is so much fun to watch. Jennifer is a very bright young woman. Love that she says if anyone can handle House it would be Cuddy. And it goes without saying the interviews by Hugh and Lisa are exceptional. Lisa is very poised and comfortable interviewing.

    Thanks again for everything.

  • Stuart Stuart

    Bertha, while you hate “CUDDY and HUDDY(…)and juvenile HUDDY (…)”, I simply hate juvenile comments.
    I think it’s correct, that Lisa is enjoying every second and probably is a sort of Huddy shipper. So much is visible for me.
    But if you can’t put up with it, please simply don’t watch. I’m personally not interested what you TiVo or not.

  • Grace

    I understand not liking a character. There is never, ever any need to make such remarks about the actor. Disgusting.

    Barbara, thanks for the article. I know so many of us are extremely hyped up about this and the excitement both Hugh and Lisa talk about the upcoming episodes with make me even more excited!

  • Pat

    Laila, Lisa E. came up with the idea that House and Cuddy had a sexual relationship in the past before they both worked at PPTH, which Shore wrote into the Vogler arc and Humpty Dumpty. She also came up with the idea that Cuddy tries to get pregnant through AI which was a long arc on the show. So yes, she is writing Cuddy’s story lines to some extent. Other actors have come up with story lines and backstory for their characters (e.g. Jennifer Morrison suggested a professional storyline for Cameron) but none of those have made it to the show itself as far as I know.

    Good interview, Barbara. Thanks.

  • Janine

    What the hell is wrong with people? Lisa E is one of the most down to earth actresses around. I honestly don’ know how anyone could bash her. Further, Cuddy is a fabulous character and the House/Cuddy hook up is going to be sexy. So Hamerons/Hilsons swallow the bitter pill and move on.

  • cj_housegirl

    Wow. All three were really great interviews & oh my God is Hugh Laurie hot, although I always think that! And, that accent! We just don’t get to hear him speak enough. I loved what he had to say about Season Five and I agree with him totally. I also love what he had to say about the final two episodes. He is a rather cautious man and I know when he was promo-ing Season Four’s final two episodes he was nervous about it and called it “ambitious.” I’ve learned to trust this man’s instincts so I’m really looking forward to the season finale.

    Great article too Barbara. Thanks for writing it and getting it online so quickly.

    I’m very much looking forward to this Monday’s episode and I’m hoping to see House at least half-naked. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jair

    Lisa Edelstein told the producers she might be getting pregnant in the near future when they hired her. David Shore came up with a storyline to accomodate that. Hardly writing her own storylines. Lisa E didn’t say anything different than Jennifer Morrison did in Barbara’s excellent interview with her. JM said she doesn’t write the storylines but at this point she does have some control over how she portrays her character in her scenes. The actors round out the characters and the writers react.

    Nice interview, Barbara. I’m really looking foward to the next two episodes. I hate to see House on a downward spiral but it does make for good television.

  • barbara barnett

    thanks for reading guys. Jair–my thoughts exactly when LE was responding to the question about how much input she has. I asked JM the same question (that question wasn’t mine in this interview), and the response was very, very similar–and it makes a lot of sense.

    Hope you like all the goodies. Those interviews were a fantastic gift from the powers that be.

  • Manu

    I see the bitter fangirls with their unfounded remarks are everywhere tonight. Newsflash: it is not going to make a difference. Find yourselves another show to watch, write to FOX and the producers but don’t come here – a place where most are usually polite to each other and are actually enjoying the show – with the sole purpose to insult an actress because your “ship” of choice is not actually a choice at all.

    Thank you so much, Barbara, that was a lovely article, as usual.

  • Luisa Borges

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you so much for the interview and for the interview clips supplied by FOX.

    I really love Lisa Edelstein, she brought so much to the show and to the character of Cuddy. It’s nice to read how they get to work and how much input they get get into their characters.

    Loved, loved, and then loved some more, the background info into Cuddy and House’s relationship, it’s just so good to know that. And it brings more light into their interplay. Season 5 has been great so far and I’m sure it’s about to get even better. I’m so looking forward to the next episodes.

    Conference calls with many people are not always an easy endeavor so I thank you Barbara for bringing this to us with your special insightful eyes (and ears as it were) behind it.

    All the best to you!!

  • barbara barnett

    Thanks for that reminder, manu! All ships (or non-ships) welcome here, of course. But the tone of the conversation must remain civil and respectful. Nothing personal towards another commenter or any of the cast, please!

  • blacktop

    Barbara, thank you for this balanced and thorough report on the interview with the admirable Lisa Edelstein. There are bitter and insensitive people everywhere and sadly a few of these sorry folk have emerged in the House fandom recently. They are best ignored. I am really looking forward to the final two episodes of this excellent season. Lisa’s insightful comments about the show and the relationship between House and Cuddy indicate that the darkness and rich complexity of this season will be carried through to the finale. I can’t wait for Monday!

  • JL

    Thankyou for this article, Barbara. In the past, you’ve occasionally provided complete transcripts of your interviews (I do realise that this one involved lots of people) – any chance of that this time?

    I’m also really looking forward to your coming interview with Doris Egan. Here’s to filling in the INTERMINABLE wait between episodes…

  • Grace

    HELP!!! The videos won’t work for me.
    Could someone please give me the important points? I sure would appreciate it.

  • Mel35

    Bertha S. : Stop watching. Everyone will be happier.

    Thanks for Lisa’s interview, it’s always a pleasure read her ideas on new episodes. I usually share her feelings and I hope to do the same this time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sjoes

    Thanks Barbara. It’s nice to read about LE’s interview through a renowned fan of the show. Why people specifically click a link to an interview with Lisa Edelstein just to leave (a first) comment stating that they hate Cuddy/Huddy is beyond me. Edelstein is over 40 yet beautiful, kind, talented, grounded, successful and liked by peers and TV bosses alike. To me, a woman of her age, she’s an excellent role model and she shows younger women life doesn’t end after a certain age. I’m a proud Huddy because of the layered relationship acted out by two excellent actors whose sexiness and attraction are not superficially based on youth and skin deep beauty. Growing up with Fry and Laurie, Blackadder, Jeeves and Wooster I never thought I’d look forward to see HL having it off at nearly 50 nor fancying an American actress but I do now.

  • sjoes

    Ehm, that last sentence ^^^ I meant I never thought I’d be fancying an American actress.

  • maya

    LE is a beautiful and talented lady and I think she’s done a marvelous job of portraying Cuddy. Her performance in “Joy” is Emmy nomination worthy. I hope to see Cuddy on the show till the very end.

    As far as the interview goes, Lisa was answering questions that she was being asked and as usual, she did a great job.

    I am looking forward to the last two episodes of the season and all the wonderful acting by HL, LE and RSL.

    Thanks, Barbara.

  • Shaz

    I can’t work out why people get so worked up on a Huddy hook up. ..as for who’s stalking whom, its clearly it is House as can be seen in his pussuit of her in Insensitive.

    I for one can’t wait for the next 2 episodes just to see how the clearly long simmering sexual tension (that only the blind and those who are in total denial would fail to notice) will play out. It is about time it was dealt with, whether the end result is them ending up being in a relationship (which everyone knows will not include a garden, dog and picket fences)or them having closure so they can embark on a relationship with others (in which case I do hope they do not destroy their friendship).

  • silentsnark

    I don’t comment here as often as I should… I just wanted to thank you for the interview. I always enjoy your articles.

  • ctch23

    barbara i love your take on the show. I stumbled on house earlier this year and looved it! And ever since I came across this site I appreciate it even more.
    As for the impending huddy action and Lisa’s interview – twas great to hear thoughts on it…most of it anyways.
    The back story part of it left me feeling a little …er how should I put it – deflated i guess. This is the first time we’ve gotten any solid details on it and while I didn’t have any solid ideas as to how it should be ( the writers by and large do such a wonderful job that I don’t even
    kid myself into thinking that i’d have a better idea that what they’ll come up with) – this story we were presented with doesn’t do anything for me.
    I am really hoping to hear the House folks say something like ‘oh LE was just kidding when she said that.’

    Am looking forward the DE interview.
    I wish there were more interviews with the writers and not just the actors. esp the writers who wrote the last episode that aired.

  • Val

    Barbara, I always enjoy your interviews and the extra treat in the way of videos.

    I think LE is one talented, classy lady and love her take on Cuddy. Looking forward to your upcoming talk with Doris Eagan (sp?) and am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get an interview with the wonderful Hugh Laurie! I know you’d do it justice!

    Thanks for the extras during our wait for Monday.

  • barbara barnett

    ctch23–I think every actor makes up some sort of backstory in their minds to make their character work. We know what we know (and that is the only “canon”). My question was aimed to find out if she had any ideas on how they might have known each other. She described it very much like my own fascination with an older student (interestingly also in pre-med). He was brilliant and had at one time been a high school drop out. I had a huge crush on him, and even registered for a class I knew he’ be in (an upper-division class I really had no interest in) because it was a very small class for chem majors and I’d get to know him a bit better. I totally got what she was trying to say, becuase it’s oh, so true. I certainly wasn’t stalking him, but absolutely wanted to get to know him much better, and what better way…

    For Cuddy to have known House in college it would have to have been something like her taking a class where he was a TA or doing a class to “fill in” what he was studying as a grad student (My personal fanwank is that he took a Masters Degree at UMich before going to Hopkins for med school).

    It’s not exciting, and I doubt the writers came up with it (it’s an actors’ device more than a writer’s device), but something LE needed to help her fill in the blanks for proper motivation and playing the role.

  • ctch23

    @ barbara
    oh I see… well thanks for the clarification. I am a new to this kind of thing – i’ve never loved a show so much… let alone analyze it.
    thanks for sharing that lil tidbit from your college days – made me smile.

    waiting for monday….

  • Orange450

    Barbara, thank you so much for this wonderful article, and three terrific interview clips. What a treat to hear these intelligent, articulate actors speaking with such great insight about their show and their characters!

    I have only one complaint: I took mild exception to LE’s concern about her hair in S1 “making her look fifty”. HARUMPH! Some of her most devoted fans are over fifty (like me), and think we’re doing okay so far. In fact, I’m always amused when I read comments on various forums (fora?) to the effect that isn’t it great that she’s over forty and still looks so good, is so sexy, etc. I want to laugh and reassure people that life *really* doesn’t stop at age 35! Or even at 40. Or even – gasp – at 50 ๐Ÿ™‚

    And besides, I thought her hair looked great in S1.

  • Donna

    Hey Barbara- As others have already said, thanks for all these neat between episode goodies in our House stockings this week! I found Lisa’s take on the House/Cuddy relationship to be very plausible. She’s a wonderful actress to watch.

    Can’t wait to read any of your upcoming interviews w/House cast, writers, etc. I know Egan is next (after finale).

  • Melissa

    I LOVE Lisa Edelstein. She’s not only gorgeous and hilarious, but also such an awesome role model. The work she does for animal rights and AIDS awareness is really inspiring.

    I cannot WAIT for Monday. I’ve been waiting for Cuddy and House to get together forever. I just hope he doesn’t hurt her too badly. These two have the most fascinating, layered relationship and I cannot wait to see how it continues to evolve.

  • carolyn

    thanks for this Barbara – it’s definitely helping the long wait until Monday : )

    I just have to say that I loved Lisa’s take on the House and Cuddy relationship . . . “I think she’s in love with who House is” and that House wouldn’t have to change for them to have a relationship – it wouldn’t be a happy one, but they’re “not really happy anyway.” perfectly put!

  • Jaim

    I think it’s great that LE feels that Cuddy has always loved House and probably always will. This makes me think that there will be hope for these two eventually. I don’t think it would be bad for them to have a real relationship at least in the final season. I don’t want them getting married or her having his twins, but I’d like to see them finally getting passed all their insecurities and doubts, and have a committed relationship. I mean they act like a an old married couple anyway so I really don’t think it needs to be put in writing.

  • simchasd

    Thank you so very much for all the goodies and the continued insights.
    It seems to me, on a personal note that Jennifer Morrison is sporting an engagement ring. Is there anything to that?

  • sandra

    I agree with Eloise. Especially this creepy stalkerish behaviours Cuddy displays this season doesn’t suit her at all. I was never a fan of Huddy, and never will be, but I used to like Cuddy very much. In season 5 she’s unfortunately more like an immature love-sick teenage girl with a silly crush (even Cameron’s crush in season 1 was more mature than that) than a grown up, self-confident and independent woman – all traits she used to have and which I liked so much about her.
    I think it would be better in general – for both, show and characters – if the writers would not focus that much on ships and get back to the roots. It’s nice to see lovely LITTLE shipper moments (for every ship and not just one), which means every shipper gets something to look forward to, while non-shippers don’t mind, and nobody needs to complain. What they are doing right now is simply wrong, but that’s not the actors’ fault.
    I will most likely skip the upcoming episode (the first time in five years), mainly because I don’t have time this week but also because Huddy is creeping me out too much, but I can’t wait to see the finale and what will happen in season 6 (hopefully with less relationship drama and more medicine).
    BTW of course, ALL comments are supposed to be polite whether pro-ship or not. But posting comments like “I see the bitter fangirls with their unfounded remarks are everywhere tonight.” or “Stop watching. Everyone will be happier.” (NO, if every non-Huddy would stop watching, there would be nothing left to watch soon!!!!) doesn’t really help for that matter, on the contrary, it’s only provoking. Ever heard of “We reap what we sow”?
    Anyway, I wish all the Huddy fans a lot of fun on Monday, enjoy while it lasts ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Flo

    Nice interviews thank you Barbara.

    Actually I found the video interview more interesting than the canference call. On the other hand, what she said about House and Cuddy background history is interesting too.
    I think that’s one theory that the actress needed to play her role. Cuddy said in “Humpty Dumpty” that House was already a legend back in a days and I totally can see Cuddy being curious and check him out. Maybe they actueally met after that, but I find it believable that Cuddy would take a class just to see him from afar.

    I really like how she described this relationship in the video interview.
    “Who he is, is what Cuddy loves. I don’t think it is necessary for him to change for them to have this horrible relationship”.
    I know some people think that Cuddy is trying to change House but I never believed it was true, so it was great that she finally said it. I think it is a very well spot-on comment.

    “These are two really shut down, afraid people who get under each other skin no matter what.”
    There is not a better way to put it, IMO. great description.

    She may have struggled in the beginning of the show but she knows her character and House’s very well now and she has great perspective on them now.

    That was good. I’m looking forward to your Doris Egan interview, Barbara!

    ps: about that, do you think it is possible for you to ask her questions which are maybe just ‘technical’. As a cinema studient, I am interested on what she has to say about the process of scriptwriting. May I summit a couple of question? If it’s not possible I understand.

  • barbara barnett

    Thanks for the great comments. And Sandra, I agree with you about the civility of the comments. Everyone needs to be respectful. And for the most part everyone is. When people are snide (not saying you are at all :)– and you aren’t!) others do react to that and that’s where it falls apart. Sorry to be so “meta” but…

    I, too, really liked the taped interview. One of the problems with conference calls is that they’re not organic. Writers come in with specific questions and don’t really follow a line of questioning, so it come out a bit disjointed with no real opportunity “to talk” at any length.

    The studio interview was a much better interview because it was an interview, not a press conference.

    I do plan on asking DE about her process, as I’ve asked the writers before. I imagine the interview will be driven by the finale and what happens in it.

  • Orange450

    To simchasd re #34:

    I noticed the engagement ring too, but I’m pretty sure the actors were in costume (I also noticed that HL’s blue shirt was very wrinkled :-)). I think that’s the ring that Chase gave her.

  • Jair

    “I think it would be better in general – for both, show and characters – if the writers would not focus that much on ships and get back to the roots. It’s nice to see lovely LITTLE shipper moments (for every ship and not just one), which means every shipper gets something to look forward to, while non-shippers don’t mind, and nobody needs to complain.”

    I think this approach causes as many people to complain, because then the shippy moments aren’t really part of any story, they’re just there to pander, and that tends to annoy everyone over time.

    To me, if the writers are going to explore House’s romantic feelings, the exploration should be organically part of the storyline, which precludes writing shippy moments for everybody concurrently.

    I think they’re doing an interesting job with this storyline. It’s certainly surprised me, not always in a good way, but these are two flawed people. I think by the end of the arc, we’ll see the shape the writers envisioned and we’ll have learned a lot about both characters along the way.

  • barbara barnett

    I agree with Jair. This season has really been more of an exploration of House’s feelings, the emotions he carries with him, which are so deeply buried people think he has none at all.

    A variety of things have happened to him this year that have rocked his emotional life so much that they have to be expressed. One of those is are whatever feelngs he has for Cuddy. And whatever has stirred them up this year– whether the death of Amber (and the fact that she was there for him during that crisis); the death of his father, the loss of Wilson’s affection and/or the realization that Cuddy was moving ahead with her life while (as wilson said) he stayed in the eighth grade.

    Despite what people think, I’m not a “Huddy”-or die shipper. I’m a House person. I’m there for the ride, and Cuddy’s a big part of House’s life right now (and she has been, but not overtly).

    I was not averse to Cameron and loved the scenes back in seasons one and two (and adored her in Merry Little Christmas) with their flirtation. But I really do think that whatever House may have felt (or still feels) for Cameron, she’s not right for him in all sorts of reasonable and valid way. He has an affection for her. But that’s it.

    Anyway, enough of the “ship” stuff. Just as I found the exploration earlier this year regarding House’s feelings about Wilson, I’m loving this. I think the writers and DAvid Shore have done a remarkable job this season exploring House’s psyche. And I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the final two episodes.

  • areader

    Great interview, can’t wait for the last two episodes (and then s6!) I love the way the writers have developed House & Cuddy’s relationship over the last five years (and everyone else’s) this is one of the few shows I can think of where the writing & acting from all parties has remained steller throughout the shows run.

    HL, LE, RSL & PJ should all be nominated for Emmy’s for this season.

  • Kim

    Hello everybody!

    Thanks Barbara for another great article! I love Lisa Edelstein, who she is and what she does, and because of that I cannot get enough of her.

    Less than 30 hours for the next episode, then the season finale on 11th of May and then Doris Egan interview….and more to come..yeeeaaahhhh

    P.S.: Here comes my dumb question of the week..What M.D. of ‘House MD’ stands for?

  • Ella

    GOD I hate Ausiello.

    That’s all.

  • barbara barnett

    Kim–M.D. is the professional degree granted physicians. Medical Doctor. PhD=Docotr of Philosphy, DD=Doctor of Divinity, etc.

  • Flo

    37 – barbara barnett
    “I do plan on asking DE about her process, as I’ve asked the writers before. I imagine the interview will be driven by the finale and what happens in it.”

    Okay, thank you very much. I am very interested in how she writes a script, in how long she does it (I spent like a year to write the script of my next short film looool) and how she works with David Shore and all when she writes.
    I am glad not be the only one to be interested in these ‘unrelated to the story’ questions!!!!

    All the writers have all my respect!! They manage to write something deep and make all the characters interract in an interesting and true to themself way for 24 episodes!!!!! It’s absolutely fantastic!

    Totally agree with you and Jair about this season being about House feelings.
    On that matter, it was said that this season didn’t have a real arc (like the Vogler, Stacy or Tritter ones). It is true but I wonder if the arc of this season isn’t loss.
    Loss of a friendship, of a father, of the power a person supposedly has on his/her life, loss of a colleague/friend/employee, of a gift, of the certainty you may have etc.

    Anyway, great, exciting season!!

  • barbara barnett

    Flo–this is the process on House as I understand it (based on what they’ve told me): story idea is brought to Shore (i.e. the medical/procedural story). He assigns one of the exec producers to work with and flesh out the story, and add the character elements with the writer. shore sees it again. It’s a really, really collaborative process from what I’ve been able to pick up from my chats.

  • Val

    Flo–I agree with your assesment of this season and an arc or even theme of the different kinds of loss and how it affects someone. It affects us all in varying ways …particularly someone as complex as House…and it’s been wonderful to see this season develop.

  • Manu

    We reap what we sow, indeed, Sandra.

    Can not wait for Monday night and Barbara’s take on the episode.

  • Flo

    okay thank you again Barbara!! (#46)

  • Bertha S.

    Laila, you’re confused. LE has been pushing for Huddy and a baby momma drama arc since the beginning of the dshow. Read and watch her old interviews. Huddy is extremely juvenile unless you know you’re a 12 year old viewer. And the baby – Oh Lord just make it go away,

  • Bertha S.

    Mel35, I happen to love one of the characters on the show so I will continue to watch until they leave. And I’ll keep on voicing my opinion. I’m sure sure you have sufficient self-esteem to enjoy House characters I can’t stand.

  • Meik K.

    Great article! Really! I loved reading it…just seen the latest episode and I have to admit I just CANNOT wait for the finale. I have chatted with some friends and we are all very eager to see what cliffhanger we get this time.
    Please keep up the great work! I hope to read more interesting articles and interviews soon.

    Greeting from Germany!

  • SK

    How come Robert Sean Leonard never gets interviewed? He’s an amazing actor and plays a central character… This fandom need more Wilson-Love!

  • evan

    Lisa, we love you so much. Donยดt listen to the bitter ones

  • Jonie

    HOUSE ACTORS ARE THE BEST ON TV.–WE LOVE HUGH LAURIE–& THE ACTOR THAT PLAYS ”WILSON IS A GREAT ACTOR-Lisa Edelstein also–plus she is beautiful–House is the only thing on tv worth watching–HOPE IT GOES ON FOREVER-