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Lisa Edelstein Leaving Role on House

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Lisa Edelstein will not be returning to House, M.D. for its eighth season. Edelstein, who plays Dr. Lisa Cuddy, House’s (Hugh Laurie) boss and love interest, said through her publicist, “After much consideration, I am moving onward with a combination of disappointment at leaving behind a character I have loved playing for seven years and excitement of the new opportunities in acting and producing that lie ahead.”

Just days ago, Katie Jacobs told me that “Lisa is such a valuable member [of the cast]. I challenge any other actress on TV to do what she is so—does so, you know, seemingly effortlessly. She goes between drama, comedy, intelligence, sex appeal. It’s certainly not my plan or David’s plan or the creative team’s plan to not have Lisa in the show, and I can just say that I will not rest until I figure it out.”

The series was just recently renewed for an eighth season, with budget cuts that will mean fewer episodes for some returning characters. Edelstein’s contract was among those up for renewal.

Edelstein’s departure will present a huge challenge to the series’ writers and producers, trying to fill a crucial void in the cast of characters surrounding Dr. Gregory House. A large part of the series narrative depends on the personal and professional relationship of Cuddy and House, and House’s best friend Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard, who is signed for Season 8).

Edelstein’s announcement was greeted with shock as word got out on Twitter that she was leaving the series after seven years. “I don’t even know what to think. I feel shattered,” said one fan on Twitter. Those sentiments are shared throughout the fan community.

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  • Jacquelyn

    Thanks, Barbara. I was feeling hopeful after last night’s eppy, depressed after the promo, and now just sad.

    I admire LE for sticking to her guns and not taking a lesser offer (and did I hear correctly that only she and OE were given a pay cut?), but this is still heartbreaking news.

    I don’t watch House only for LE, but I can’t imagine House without her as part of the cast. Very sad.

  • Laura

    This is devastating news. It’s almost like Katie Jacobs knew.

  • Eileen

    Now who do we watch? The BEST couple on TV was just “murdered”. Is there any other TV couple out there that I can be a fan of? I am so sad.

  • MusicandHouse

    I am sad about this but I respect Lisa’s choice to leave the show. And actually I am surprised that I am not as upset about this news as I was when I thought RSl would be leaving.
    As much as I would have liked Lisa to stick around for the final seasonk I definately see some storyline potential in her departure. I just hope that they give her character some closure and create a good and interesting reason as to why Cuddy has left. I am hoping that the finale may set something up (although unlikely) or at least be open ended enough to give her an out (after all she did seem pretty upset with House in the promo)

  • 60 plus

    As much as I will miss her, Cuddy and the dynamics of the multi-layered House-Cuddy relationship, I can see why she made this move. And I am certainly disappointed and angry that the FOX/NBC negotiations could not cut the budget in ways that would have allowed her to return.

    In trying to find something positive about this, I realized that House will now have to face a greater loss, especially on an emotional level, and more angst, than he has ever dealt with. If Cuddy is dead, then, as we know, dying changes everything. And if she is only out of the picture, the loss will still be devastating. This development could force him to come closer to understanding that he can’t depend on Vicodin, reckless behavior, Wilson, Cuddy (either professionally or personally) or therapy to “save” him. He has to look within himself to be able to change what he can and come to terms with the rest. The old cliche comes to mind…If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.

    Another thought…it occurs to me that I (and I don’t think I’m alone in this) have had to deal with a lot of “losses” when it comes to the show. As invested as I have been for seven years, it has definitely been a journey. I have had to realize that I had to “come to terms” with a lot because the enjoyment I received from watching so far outweighed what I disagreed with. The first loss was not sharing House with my family and friends, who became disillusioned when House’s journey became a more obvious part of the show, in contrast to the procedural aspect. (Then I found online places such as this one, and have not felt as lonely. Other things…some large, like missing House’s introspective moments; some, like the loss of clinic patients, less important. Just a few: The Tritter arc was too long. I didn’t like Foreteen, although I do like 13. I found the dead husband’s sperm bit ludicrous. I loved Huddy, and I, too, was disappointed that it wasn’t explored more fully and that it ended the way it has. But I have always trusted TPTB and the writers, even though I disagreed with some of what they did, and they have consistently continued to keep me intrigued and connected to the character of House and his journey. And so, much like House, I remain committed to my own journey with the show. I know what I can’t change and have long ago come to terms with that. The alternative is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    David Shore once said (paraphrased) that he always wanted the viewer to feel what House was feeling at any given time in the show. So, at least with me, he has succeeded. I am certainly already experiencing the loss of Cuddy. I can only begin to imagine what it will do to House.

    Of course, if TPTB decide to recast the role of Cuddy, heaven forbid, forget what I said.

    And, on a lighter note, maybe we’ll see Domenica again. I have to admit I liked her character. Maybe she’s in disguise and is really a classy gal in exile because of some false charges or running from a determined stalker or…well, pick your own scenario. lol!

  • Leah

    Deeply sadden by the news. Maybe somehow they can still come to an agreement. The show does not work without Lisa Edelstein/ Lisa Cuddy.

  • Kate

    You gotta be kidding… House without Cuddy might not even make it till the mid-season replacements. I guess the producers have long known about it. The finale apparently paved way for her departure… Now I am really done with the show.

  • Celia

    Who do we contact at FOX and how ? Fans must have a voice. LE is not disposable.

  • tauwja

    I am devastated. I honestly don’t know how the show can continue without her, and how they could possibly make sense of the House/Cuddy storyline now 🙁
    There goes my favourite female character on TV 🙁
    And I just don’t get it. She was SO keen to return just WEEKS ago. She was the most enthusiastic of them all! What happened to make her change her mind so completely and so suddenly?

    Sorry to say, but I won’t be watching without her. The House/Cuddy dynamic is absolutely CRUCIAL for me, it’s what got me hooked. It just won’t be nearly as interesting. House/Cuddy/Wilson is a three-legged stool, and with one of its legs missing, it just won’t work.

    Lisa, you’re a sweetheart, but you just broke my heart 🙁

  • rjw

    Very sad and shocked to hear of Lisa’s leaving.She will be sorely missed.

  • Eve

    devastated and stunned…

    but in hindsight..good for her. Lisa Edelstein deserves better than to be treated like just a foil for the main character. The writing of the character of Cuddy could have been handled better.

    I wish Lisa all the best and good luck for her future projects. I will be following her career.. not so sure if I’ll be back for season 8, I’m afraid not.

  • carpenter

    It’s the first time that I’m crying about House.
    The END of HOUSE MD is in sight!

  • natrobo47

    When Cuddy is absent from an episode, i miss her… I can’t imagine a whole season without
    this wonderful character. I’m sad L.E took that decision, she must have her reasons though, but she by her great talent as an actress made Cuddy irreplaceable.

  • tauwja

    If only they’d done a better job on the writing this season….. none of this would have happened. Congratulations TPTB. Hate to say we told you so.

  • Madfashionista

    I will miss her, and the show will be the worse for her loss. Obviously this announcement was weeks in the making,and perhaps Lisa has some better offers out there (the way Jennifer Morrison has a new series). However, for an older actress, circumstances are tougher. RSL is coming back at his old salary, as is Hugh, so it was Omar Epps and Lisa being asked to take the pay cuts, and all of them being reduced to 18 of 22 episodes.

    I can’t begin to imagine how the writers will deal with all of this.

  • tauwja

    God, and here I was still desperately clinging to hope that season 8 would be better again. Can’t believe how disappointing everything has been this last year 🙁 There’s just no cleaning up this mess now.

  • LadyA

    The best female character on TV gone. No more Lisa Cuddy except for next episode…I can’t begin to imagine it !
    As someone said, the heart of the show is gone.
    Really Sad 🙁

  • Orange450

    Of course I’ll sorely miss her, but the truth is that core and apparently indispensible characters do come and go on long-lived series. Many viewers were similarly devastated and felt the same sense of loss when Diane Chambers (Shelley Long) exited Cheers. Yet that series went on for many more successful, albeit different, seasons. I think it’s the abruptness of Ms. Edelstein’s departure – knowing as we do that the contract renewals had been a nagging issue – that makes this announcement so hard to process. We’ve had no time to prepare.

    I remain committed to seeing this show out to its end. I’ve been too loyal a fan until now, (and am much too curious to see how TPTB plan to bring it to rest) to stop now. In a way, I feel that the portrayal of House’s journey through life might even become more rewarding (although not necessarily more satisfying) to watch. As House would say – “Bring. It. On.”

  • snowflakesister

    it’s a shame. for me this show is started to sink with season 6 and she was the main reason I kept watching. her last day at House will be mine as well.

  • Jillian

    Sadden by the news, but not suprised. This has been hinted for a while now. I really wish Lisa E all the best in her future endeavors, but as the saying go’s. “The show must go on”. And I am sure it will. This will be another blow to House in his journey, and I am sure that this team that has amazed us all these years, through all its up’s and downs, will countiue to do so. Especially with Hugh Laurie in the lead.

  • Well that’s it. I can’t see how the show can be any good without her. The proverbial shark has been jumped. Too bad.

  • Julia

    Bad news!!!
    But Lisa ROCKS! She is so talented actress and simply AMAZING person, she deserves better storyline than Huddy. LE has millions fans in different countries, that’s why any her new project will have a huge success (not only in USA).
    Lisa, Europe and Russia admire you! we’re waiting for your new job on TV or in a movie!

  • Oo

    Am really shocked and saddened by this news as the character Cuddy is one of my favourites.
    will find it boring watching House without her but wishing her all the best..still deciding whether to keep on watching House or thats it for me

  • Laura

    The thing is, season 8 is viewed by many to be the last season (although that isn’t confirmed yet).

    Believing this makes it all the more devastating. I understand the reasonings, and good for Lisa – we all wish her the best… but House without Cuddy? That’s not a House I want to see. I need some happiness (and perhaps a stiff drink).

  • sunnysea

    I am almost without words. LE is not disposable (nor is RSL)in my opinion. I don’t blame LE at all for her decision but I’m very sad! I’m also done & it makes me incredibly sad also.

  • Celia

    2590.104 in reply to 2590.101

    Wow. I feel like House watching Cameron work through the stages of Grieving in record time.

    I ask again. Is there not some route fans can use to let ABC & FOX know how displeased they are ? I’m thinking the media is the best approach. No one likes bad press. So I’m thinking the Entertainment Shows, should be getting emails from unhappy LE & House fans.

    Goggle ‘Entertainment Tonight’ and go for it.

  • Mars


    I’m sorry I’m still in the lash out phase! Somebody has to be blamed. These people are professionals…Fox is a multi-million billion company, and UMS has made a billion dollars off this show alone. David Shore should have had people working and negotiating on this for over a year. They knew the ratings were lower and the economic downturn was hitting TV. More stars are having to leave hit shows (Criminal Minds) and shows have been getting cancelled faster then ever. Something had to give! And he and TPTB procrastinated…it blew up in their faces. I AM COMPLETELY DEVASTATED!!! No words can explain the shock right now.

    I said this in twitter like an hour ago, ratings were up 20% and the key demo almost a full point from last week. Soley, b/c Cuddy and Huddy fans came back for the week to see if they could get resolution for their beloved characters. The show needs Cuddy…I can’t even imagine the show without her, just mindboggling.

    Good job for LE sticking up for herself. Just so sad sub-par writing/producing makes the ratings low as the acting stays above average, and the ACTOR gets the short end of it. Truly, a sad day for our show.

  • Just came back to the article after being in a frenzy all afternoon tracking stuff down regarding this. I will be speaking with the writers of last night’s episode tomorrow (who are also EPs). Obviously this will come up in our conversation.

    I’m going to write my opinion later in a new piece after I digest it a bit and clean my slate of some other obligations. But I wanted to get this news item up ASAP (esp. since Michael Ausiello was quoting me in his breaking news piece).

  • Switman

    Lisa’s leaving is terrible news. Shame on the producers for not finding a way to accommodate the best actress on tv.

  • n

    Sheesh, now there’s basically nothing left to watch on TV.

    I feel like going out in the yard and breaking something.

    Dagnabbit, that cuts the heart out of the show. The House-Cuddy relationship, romantic or not, anchors the titular character’s relationships with everyone else, not to mention himself–and reality, for that matter.

    Anyone want to start a petition drive? (Fat lot of good that’ll do, but at least we can feel like we tried)

  • Heather


    Did the writers know Lisa was going to be leaving a while ago and therefore deal appropriately with her absence?

    Or is Cuddy not going to get a proper send off?

  • Committed

    @33 – Heather –

    I bet something was up quite awhile ago. Why the 23rd episode?

    I have to say the timing is a bit peculiar. Didn’t they announce the line-up to the advertisers yesterday? I wonder what they are thinking now.

    Good luck Lisa – our loss is your gain. I hope you find a great project to work on.

  • Mars

    @33-Heather: This is my question exactly! I’m now scared to watch next week’s SF. How embarrassing for them if it is a Huddy reunion. Did they leave it open ended for this reason? The whole thing’s just ridic!

    My question is have we gotten official word from Fox? UMS? Is this a power play by LE to show her support? Is she trying to Charlie Sheen them lol? I guess I’m searching for some kind of hope here that maybe there’s still wiggle room for negotiating. Does anybody who knows anything about high stakes negotiating have a take on this?

    I’m still so devastated… I need to get off the twitter and google realtime, and take a break 🙁

  • tauwja

    I don’t think they knew she’d be leaving…… I think she didn’t even know herself until recently. Which means we won’t even get a proper send-off or some closure 🙁 This fails so much there’s not even words for it 🙁

  • tauwja

    @Mars #35:
    Frankly she doesn’t seem like the bluffing type to me. But who knows. I really really hope there’s still a way to get her on board for next season 🙁

  • I think this is a huge blow to the series. This show is still the most watched television series in the world and to see it go the way it has this season is beyond comprehension. It’s not bad acting that has brought us to this point for the acting is brilliant. It was just bad decision making higher up.

    Everyone asked Shore when he embarked on the House-Cuddy relationship if he was worried about the show going the same route as others (downhill) by introducing the two leads into a romantic relationship. He promised they wouldn’t do that. He said the show wouldn’t make that mistake. They would keep House as House and Cuddy as Cuddy. That was his first big mistake. By not letting this dynamic duo of Hugh and Lisa do their thing and bring the relationship to life (with the aid of course of some good scripts)in such a way that would have easily intertwined the relationship into the show and allowing it to really play out in a House and Cuddy manner (which could have been done while maintaining character integrity and interesting POTW stories), TPTB essentially began the decline of the show.

    The second big mistake was not writing challenging stories and not playing out all the fabulous potential storylines–not just with House and Cuddy as a couple but with House and his dysfunctional background, and even with Wilson. There are so many questions about these characters that have never been answered. There was so much material there which could have been easily written into the episodes so as not to look forced in, but just a natural part of the characters growth.

    The third major mistake was vastly under-utilizing two of the three key players–Lisa and Bob. We missed them very much this season. These are brilliant actors playing brilliant roles. We’ve seen them at their best, and they deserved better.

    Lisa LOVES playing the role of Cuddy, she did NOT want to leave. She felt she had no choice. I hold out hope that Fox Broadcasting will come to their collective senses and make an offer to her and ask her to come back on HER terms and that because she really loved the role, she will accept. I am angry that they do not see the value of this talented woman. She has always been there supporting the show for seven years, with a smile on her face. To be treated in this manner, it’s just wrong.

    The show cannot survive the loss of Lisa Cuddy. Cuddy is a major part of House’s world and he cannot make it without her. House is at PPTH and remains there because of Cuddy. Without Cuddy he has no job. It is because of their longtime history together that Cuddy is able to keep House in line. House challenges Cuddy to be better and he pushes her to her limit, which in fact, she needs and in turn Cuddy gives House the boundaries he needs. They balance each other out, without one the other just can’t exist. And let’s not forget that Wilson and Cuddy are each other’s sounding boards. Wilson needs her too, they need each other.

    Without Cuddy, House is going to be lost and by that I mean the character and the show. She is a part of Greg House’s history all the way back to college. They will not adequately be able to explain her departure and the loss will be devastating to the show. Of course now we will get to see House go downhill more, which we were hoping would be reversed next season.

    If Lisa doesn’t somehow miraculously return (and I hope that she will because the backlash and fear of early cancellation or bad ratings could certainly force TPTB to ask her to come back on her terms and she could accept since she loves the character)then I am done with the show. This has NOTHING to do with Hugh or Bob, nothing at all, I love them and think they are brilliant but…Lisa Edelstein is a vital part of this series too and her character is just as important to the dynamic of the show. I can’t watch my favorite show without the dynamic, I can’t watch with one of the three vital characters missing, I’m sorry, I just can’t do it.

  • Heather–I do not believe they knew. I think this will be jarring to everyone at the show.

  • tauwja

    @Jessica #36:

    As usual, I couldn’t agree more with you. Perfectly stated.

  • Wow

    Don’t worry, she’ll be back for the finale in one year, House can’t end without Huddy.
    And mainly, I want to see again the little girl who plays Rachel, she’s very cute.

  • Christina

    I learnt to expect the worst with House MD, especially after that completely hideous breakup, not to mention how they murdered the Huddy relationship. But this??? No. I did not expect it… I feel like I’ve lost a part of my family.. I feel like someone died, because something did die inside of me tonight. Tonight was supposed to be a good night. A night to remember all the joy that last year’s finale gave us. Instead we get punched in the face once more from those B@STARDS!!! i can’t accept Lisa leaving. I just can’t. I stopped watching the show after 7×15, but deep inside i kept thinking that there would be some hope for it to get at least a BIT better again.

    I’ve lost all hope now. Hugh can be the best actor in the world, but without Lisa…It’s like they cut House’s leg at last. The one thing he never wanted for himself. Cuddy was like House’s damaged leg. A part of him that he loved the way it was, a part of him that he fought to keep no matter what. Now it’s cut… I just… I can’t deal with this….

    This show signed its demise with what they did tonight. I hope in that those who bear the fault come to suffer one day as much as we have been suffering all this time, secretly hoping, only to get the worst closure the world could possibly see.

  • Val

    Two words: Disappointed, sad.

    Last night’s promo wasn’t to hopeful and now things are more disappointing. I am a long-time fan, but really going back and forth on whether to consider viewing next year…

  • Visitkarte

    I don’t like what the TPTB have done to the character of Lisa Cuddy, actually less and less since the middle of the season 5. It doesn’t mean I disliked the show, because that’s not it at all. I loved most of the show no matter what. But I am shocked how disposable they think Lisa Edelstein, the actress, seems to be for the TPTB. They don’t seem to have fought all that hard to keep her, because if they did, she’d have stayed. I still hole they can manage to win her back, but I’m really scared for the show.

    As for me, I’m with House every step of the way, because I watch for House.

  • fatolady

    Since this is David Shores “Novel” or “his story to tell” I hope he is man enough to own the mess he has made. There are now millions of people heart broken because of his flair for the dramatic. Monster trucks, prostitutes, green card wives, sarcasm and indifference to a damn good love story brought the “novel” to this point. What’s the point?

  • Vel

    @36 Jessica aka JLCH

    Took the words out of my mouth.

  • Olivia

    This is effed up.

    Completely unacceptable.

  • Jane2

    I support Lisa 100%. Cuddy is a core character and very important to House. In terms of promotion she was the hardest working cast member they had and this is how they repay her?

    I’m officially done with House MD .

    Good Luck to Lisa, I can’t wait to see what she does next! THAT is what I am interested in watching.

  • Eileen

    Without Cuddy/LE on this show, it is over for me, too.

    RIP House MD

  • Jane E

    This will ruin the show and what the story that has been told to use over the last 7 years. House does need Cuddy and this has been proven. As a view of this show you cannot move on without House, Wilson and Cuddy. The other characters can be done away with. How could you have Peter Jacobson’s character locked up for next year without having Cuddy and Wilson secured.

    House is the number 1 show world wide. How can you not reward your good employees? Lisa has give that show 7 years of great preformances in all different varities.

    I find it penny wise and dollar foolish not to sign her. Hugh, Robert and Lisa should be rewarded and what type of business mind can’t recognize this. I have lost all respect for the show and it’s producers for nothing securing this deal.

    I wish Lisa all the luck in the world and thank her for her many years of enjoyment. I only hope if someone get a brain at fox they will give her a raise and secure Cuddy for season 8.

  • ruthinor

    I’m curious about who made the initial announcement about LE leaving. Did it come from her or TPTB. It just seems strange that this is coming a week before the season 7 finale. I don’t know how others feel, but that makes me LESS interested in what happens next week, or next season.

  • Oo

    Jessica #36 you hit the nail on the head

  • tauwja

    @ruthinor #49: me too. I was really really excited for it, until this news came out….. now I hardly care anymore. I’m still a little curious, but that’s it.

    @Jane E #48: ditto 🙁

    All the fun is gone 🙁

  • Visitkarte

    It was Ausiello who announced that. He is a hard core LE fan.

  • Alex

    I’m so happy, I won’t to see Cuddy and her parents anymore and above all the asinine huddy is over for good!

    Best wishes to LE, it’s the character I can’t stand not her.

  • Flo

    It just occured to me that it is just not the fact that LE is leaving the show that sucks so much (even if it does big time) but it’s the timing.

    How will the writers deal writing the show without Cuddy and explain her departure? especially now after all what happened? Right now, Cuddy has a quite important role (she always kind of had but I mean especially now) in the show. Especially related to House so what now? Will her disappearance – as dramatic as it will be for House the character and the show – be really consistent and logical? Will this be good for the show ultimately? Not sure right now.

    Cuddy was always written as the one craziest enough to have hired the guy after he was fired from 4 hospitals and the only one who could deal with that kind of employee. She created this new branch of medicine for him. They have a whole past together. The fact that they know each other so much explains in part why he still has a job.

    No matter what happens now, this past won’t get anymore exploration, and this relationship no more depth. And no matter what, House can’t have a job without her in the Dean’s chair (again according to the writing). So season 8 will have to deal with House unemployed or it will be highly inconsistent.

    In terms of really bad timing, since season 8 will probably be the last, no matter what will happen between House and the new Dean, it won’t have and the same deep exploration and depth as the H/C cos of the lack of time (seasons).

    I can’t imagine a season without Wilson or Cuddy cos the three of them (with House) made a good balance; they all knew each other for a long time and it was very important to the show. House but also Wilson need Cuddy in their lives in a different way.

    Depending on the season Finale we will see how bad this news is for the show itself but no matter what it sure as hell is no good news.

  • Exfan

    I wonder if hugh knows about this and what his thoughts are.
    They are supposed to be good friends & he’s a producer?? Of the show.

  • Liz

    @ Alex, number 53.

    How about using proper grammar while you gloat? It might make you seem more legit.

    Regarding LE, I’m heartbroken but supportive of her decision. If only the powers that be weren’t asshats.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    This was what I feared most. And now it’s a reality. I will no longer watch House, and I’ve been a dedicated fan for years.

    I’m truly, deeply sad to hear this news.

  • Andreina

    Of course Hugh knew about the belt tightening. He is a producer and being HOUSE he has a lot of power. He should have insisted that his co stars be treated with respect. RSL, OE,JS, and LE, should not have had to agree to pay cuts. The show makes lots of $$$$ worldwide. TTPTB would have listened to him. I have lost some respect for Hugh 🙁 and I will watch his interactions with his co stars next season with a jaundiced eye.

  • trackemtigers


    Not sure if you have any access to any more information that we have at the moment, but do you think, without an official statement from either FOX or NBC Universal at this time, that it is possible that an agreement could be reached in the 11th hour?

    Is it possible that Lisa announcing she was leaving was just a way of calling their hand, showing them that she isn’t afraid of walking away when she saw they weren’t budging on their current contract terms?

  • Alex

    @Liz #56

    1) English is not my language

    2) I don’t gloat, I’m just express my opinion, if you don’t like it because you’re a Cuddy/huddy fan then don’t read it.
    I don’t like Cuddy, I despise huddy because I think is stupid and asinine and I have the right to say so. If you don’t like my opinion it’s your problem, not mine and I could care less.


  • sunnysea

    I think the salary negotiations were with the networks only and not with TPTB on the show however the show has lost a lot of it’s clout. The negotiations were long and difficult for the renewal. It’s not as though the show runners are in a position of power as they were a couple of seasons ago. It’s really too bad for everyone.

  • Jillian

    #58 with respect! Hugh is an executive producer. He does not have as much power as you appear to think. Besides the belt tightening came fom the networks and not anybody on the show. The PTB on the show now have to work with the budget they get from the network for S8. Lisa E has decided she does not want to resign. Its her decision to make. We really do not know the reasons behind that decision do we, only speculation.

  • Alex

    And I’d like to add how funny is to see you huddyfangirls act just like the hamerons when JM left, really, replace Cuddy, huddy, Le with Cameron, hameron, JM and yor posts are the same. Tell me, are you going to spamming just like some of the hams did? Lol, karma is a bi***, isn’t it?

  • Kate

    If the producers (or the network) didn’t know about this, why did we end up with the 23rd episode while After Hours was originally planned as the season’s finale?

    They have been changing the initial order of episodes more than often anyways. That doesn’t really make sense. Still, we know nothing about the road trip planned for the second half of this season. They ended up bringing David Shore back on board to re-write instead of going for the planned road trip. Enter the re-written season premiere. This complicates things a bit more.

    This season was hectic in every way and the overall writing was miserable. The way Huddy relationship was written was even worse.

    I have trouble getting a grasp on the whole situation. How can such a good show be ruined in a single season? And here goes David Shore’s dream about going for the ninth season…

    So, Barbara, I was wondering your insights on the whole course of events. I am hoping that what you say can help me get some meaning out of this disastrous 7th season.

  • spoilerchicka

    Is there ANY chance, Barbara, that the contract negotiations can be revisited and the network stop screwing over Lisa Edelstein? A pay cut? Less screen time after 7 long years of crazy things they’ve asked of her including nudity? Seriously, is there any chance they can get her to change her mind? I’m so annoyed by this news and totally on LE’s side. Loved Cuddy’s character and have no interest in watching the show without her ying to House’s yang. What the hell??? I hope this is decision is reversible. And thanks for the Facebook page. We need to get it going!

  • BrokenLeg

    27 @Mars

    30@ n
    I added myself to your petition. What to do? We can go to the Show Recaps web part of FOX [H]ouse MD, to the “After Hours” comments part, and send millions of messages asking to return back Cuddy and LE, and give her the money wasted on stupid stuff expensive to produce.

    36 @ Jessica aka JLCH
    Your thoughts are my thoughts too.

    37 @ Barbara Barnett
    I do think TPTB knew. KJ knew that too. So the late born of that 23 ep. that stole all H/C that was given on 22th (first season ending). So the immediate preview of the kind of episode we’ll seen (supposedly) with Cuddy asking the police to put House on jail ( so incredible after 22th). And if they do not know, they demonstrate such a big incompetence. Or live inside so secluded and self complacent world. And LE knew it was difficult to continue on the show, so her sad face on it.

    53-60-63 @ Alex
    How sad, dude. What are you doing watching this actual [H]ouse? And writing about it?
    Yours died long time ago.
    And English is not my language too, but I try not seem so bad-mannered and pathetic as you.

    54 @ Flo
    We’ll miss a well explored and written relationship, between two of the most attractive, special, uncommon, troublesome, lonely, tortured and broken characters of the TV world, as I’ve said repeatedly

    55 @ Exfan
    I ask myself the same. If not as the leading actor he is also an executive producer of the show, and if he support and campaign on behalf of LE, everybody will accept, both FOX and Universal (without him sure there will be no House).

  • Annie

    Wow. I can deal with the breakup, I can deal with the occasional floppy episode, but to me, there is no House without Cuddy. This has probably been quoted many times already, but Wilson once said that House needed Cuddy in his life, even if they weren’t sleeping together. Either the network compromises and gets Lisa E back, or the show dies, and completes its eight years with a pathetic, unpopular last season.

    It’s so sad to see what my favorite show has been reduced to.

  • spoilerchicka

    Is there ANY chance, Barbara, that the contract negotiations can be revisited and the network stop screwing over Lisa Edelstein? A pay cut? Less screen time after 7 long years of crazy things they’ve asked of her including nudity? Seriously, is there any chance they can get her to change her mind? I’m so annoyed by this news and totally on LE’s side. Loved Cuddy’s character and have no interest in watching the show without her ying to House’s yang. What the hell??? I hope this is decision is reversible. And thanks for the Facebook page. We need to get it going!

  • Sam

    I am absolutely devastated. Cuddy was the reason I starting watching the show, and the reason I was still watching – and now there is only one episode left with her, which I’m not sure I will be able to bring myself to watch. I wish Lisa all the best and support her in her decision to leave. I will miss Cuddy and House the series, as I won’t be watching in season 8.

    I am beyond disappointed with whoever is responsible for letting this happen as she always seemed to love her job and keen to see it out to the end.

  • Jaim

    So, I’m not watching the show next year. LE was treated poorly here and FOX/NBC and dare I say, Hugh, should have gone to bat for her. He, most of all, is the lead and has a ton of leverage. I’m beyond pissed. Olivia Wilde is allowed to stay on this show and get paid the amount she wants but the veteran actress who has been there since day one is expected to take a pay cut? The suits at FOX are a bunch of fucking morons. Kudos to you Lisa, for not settling for less than you deserve. If they want a show centered on adolescent stupidity and the mind-numbing vacuousness of OW than they got just what they ordered. Next week will be my last episode. Fare thee well.

  • Flo

    I think this news surprised a lot of us and that we need to sleep on it. It needs some more thouhgts.

    I’d like to say that I am French and therefore I’m sure I also make faults in English (grammar and vocabulary). I’m always stunned to see posters being criticized for their English while we all know that people from all around the world post here.
    @Alex shouldn’t be disparaged for his lack of English grammar, no matter what he/she (?) thinks of the show. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion and we write in English in the best we can.

    However @Alex, I wouldn’t make the comparison you made in your last post. A lot of people here also liked Cameron (I’m one of them) and Barbara already wrote about the weird (and quite unfair) way she was suddenly written off. Cuddy and Cameron didn’t have the same role on the show and it is considered (for simple reasons as the past the characters of H/W/C shared and C being the Dean) that Cuddy has a key role in the show that Cameron didn’t have. So, in that regards, it can be understood that people view her departure as more damaging for the show than Cameron’s was.

    Personally I liked both characters and I think that for it’s final season “House” should have Cuddy and also bring Cameron back for, at least, a few episodes. It will only be justice.

  • Susan

    I’m in shock. When I read the news, around a minute ago, my heart started racing and my head is pounding. I’ll echo what Sam #70 wrote- I’m devastated and I won’t be watching in Season 8.

    I always had my hope even through all the bad times. I can’t believe it. My heart is broken.


  • rjw

    I will miss Lisa,but I’m still with the show.I have been a fan for years and continue to be.It will be interesting to see into House’s world now.

  • Fe

    Really felt this was coming. The picture of them dancing on set with the mariarchi band looked totally like her “last day in the office”. Have to say, I don’t know if I will watch Season 8 without her – the writers had better pick up their game seriously if they want me involved. I hope she moves onto something great. She is a fantastic actress and deserved her own show.

  • Belle0308

    I agree with those that say they can’t watch anymore. If I am honest, I watched from the first night and Huddy was a factor to me and it always will be. After “Bombshells” I tried to swallow my thoughts and deal with the nagging feeling that they hadn’t given Huddy the chance I felt it deserved. I stuffed all the comments about how Huddy was through. I tried to hold out hope and now…I just can’t hang in there anymore. My favorite show of all times just took a route I had hoped wouldn’t happen, but for me its over now, not a year from now.

  • Alex

    @BrokenLeg #66

    So now I’m pathetic because I don’t like a fictional character? And care to explain how my grammar makes me pathetic? I’m just learning english so I’m still not able to write it proper. To tell you truth, I think you are bad-mannered for graping to my grammar and sure I’m not pathetic for saying I don’t like a stupid fictional character. Pathetic is whining about LE departure accusing her coworkers, the producers and starting stupid petition online.
    I won’t waste my time anymore with you guys, but I understand why you huddyfangirls are called ‘huddytards’

    @Flo #72

    Thanks, it’ not like I can learn a new language ina blink of an eye. And, see, I’ve never liked Cameron but I used to tolerate Cuddy when she had only few lines per episode and I don’t think she is a key character, just like Cameron she is now totally useless for the show and I’m glad to see her gone. Obviously, this is just my opinion and I can’t see how this makes me pathetic, according to #66, but I realize that #66 is just bitter now and I forgive her/him for being so rude.


  • trackemtigers

    Quick Google search netted the following number for the FOX Broadcasting Viewer Comment Line:

    FOX Broadcasting Viewer Comment Line:


    Not sure if it would actually change things but at least people can let their feelings be known if they are so inclined.

    Just a word of advice, though.

    Be respectful!

    No matter how upset you are a hate filled rant will do more harm than good.

  • Veresna

    Nothing but the best wishes for Lisa. Do wonder if it was because of the money, her own unhappiness at how the Huddy storyline went, or if in fact if this is all a smoke screen for the fact that Cuddy leaves or dies in next week’s finale, and they’re looking to boost ratings.
    As for House (the show), I have been fast losing enthusiasm for the only network television show I faithfully watch. I am going to watch the finale, wondering if it does indeed kill off or otherwise already show Cuddy’s departure, something I would not put past TPTB after the surprise finale endings of the past few years, despite Katie Jacobs previous protestations.
    The “Survivor” arc was horrible, I don’t want to waste more hours of my life watching them try to find a solution to the sudden loss of “the only person who could handle being House’s boss.” I also really don’t care about watching Taub take on the role of being a daddy, or watch Thirteen fall into another relationship with one of her coworkers. I can’t even see Wilson handling House without Cuddy being there as the third corner of the triangle.
    The show is also losing one of it’s most enthusiastic supporters and promoters, but of course they already did that with Jennifer Morrison’s departure as well. Now the only female is Olivia Wilde, who will be out of there as fast as she can whenever she gets offered another movie role.
    Months ago, Greg Yaitanes tweeted “RIP Huddy”. Sorry, but with this announcements: “RIP House”

  • BrokenLeg

    78 @trakemtigers
    And a mail adress for US foreigners?

  • Sasha

    I can’t tell you how upset I was when I got the news. I’ve always felt that Cuddy was my window into the show, the one character I could identify with.

    House is not an easy character to like, much less love, but Cuddy loved him, he drove her crazy but she loved and respected him and that made it easier for me to love and respect him (Wilson is the other side of that coin.)

    But I don’t identify with Wilson, I can’t see House through his lens the way I could Cuddy’s (not that RSL isn’t great I just can’t identify with the character he plays) SO I probably won’t be able to watch after the finale of S7.

    I’m going to miss the show, I wish I could hope that TPTB could find a way to make the contract work for Lisa, but frankly… the fact that some actors were required to take a cut in pay and others were not… just feels ugly to me.

    I have to stop drinking the House cool-aid

  • Pame

    I am so sad, I watched House for seven years and now that Lisa is leaving I am leaving the show, it’s over 🙁

  • BrokenLeg

    Dear Hugh, although your portrayal of such a complex role is one of the best ever, if not the best one in TV history and you deserves every dollar they paid you, and we must be grateful to your family for accepting those difficult years of “not living” together, specially your children for having an absentee father while growing, the 8 season must be a poor one. Probably the worse one.
    I suppose you may know yet, but Lisa do not accept her pay cut ( curiously this always happen to women) and quits.
    So, if things goes as today seem they’ll go, your character have lost his counterpoint, and will become more lame than usual, and not only due to your painful leg. So, be free yourself to leave this rudderless ship too.

    That worthy end you’ve spoken about, will never occur. Suddenly all have changed. Explodes (and not the tweeted “bang” of the season end, this is a real one) Do not waste your immense talent as an actor in a show in which actresses resign at late time, Executive Producers talk with journalist so naively not knowing what really happens, the creator, yes that being with such a God complex, goes on his own way hoping actually for a 9 season. Companies that earns billions worldwide treat that way their employees, specially that ones that work “after hours” travelling on behalf the show as Lisa has done.
    We’ve seen your happy face just landing to your adored UK. And seen your delivery of such series of beautiful concerts. And seen you showing freely the really one who you are. So, feel free to leave [H]ouse and enjoy your new bluesman career. I will follow you.

    And if not, please, make “the phone call”. That one call that only someone able to be heard can do. For friendship, for seven years fellowship, for be the leader, and for advertise someone out there that ratings will collapse next year, and this pay cut is a bad thing that surely turns against them ( short term vision). And for your ownself. You do not deserve to be a part of that falling.
    Always yours faithfully

  • trackemtigers


    Here is an address that I found.

    Kevin Reilly
    President of Entertainment, FOX
    10201 W. Pico Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90035

    Also, there is an email address I’m assuming that would be worthy of trying.


  • cj_housegirl

    I’m waiting to see what happens in the finale before deciding whether this is a permanent move or something that can be corrected. Afterall, if Cuddy dies then it really is over, but if she just leaves then there is always the possibility that she can come back.

    Considering everything that has happened between House and Cuddy this year the two could probably use a real break-up maybe as a precursor to House finally “saving” himself rather than relying on Cuddy to do it.

    The latest example of this being this latest episode. What will happen to House if his last resort, the one who always saves him – not just his life but his medical career too – is no longer there? It certainly has story appeal.

    It is my hope then that Cuddy comes back mid-season and that there is some kind of re-establishment of the friendship, trust and loyalty that made these two a wonderful and wonderfully complicated couple.

    I have to believe that Lisa Edelstein is leaving because of the contract dispute, which is a sad situation, but one that I support her in.

    I enjoyed Huddy so much and I loved LE’s portrayal. As an original character, I had hoped she would be with the cast in its final season.

    I wish Ms. Edelstein the best of luck in her future endeavors. She is an excellent dramatic actress with even better comedic timing. She and Hugh Laurie really played off each other well.

    I will miss her on House.

  • Marcia

    I feel bad. This is the end of the show. I won’t see it anymore.

  • fatolady


    I Think LE leaving the show is not the new information like we think. A few weeks back there was some info leaked that LE was leaving the show. No one took it too seriously back then but that part aparently was true. It was hinted that Cuddy was going to be killed off. Now it has been suggested (no proof) that both Cuddy and Rachel will die in an explosion. I think Mondays epi is one I WON’T BE WATCHING? Again this is not verifed information and should be taken with a grain of salt, but I would hate to be blindsided by this kind of suprise if it is true.

  • Susan

    #78 trackemtigers – I just called the number you gave for Fox viewer comments. Thank you for finding the number. I am so “antsy” and upset now I need concrete things to do. Calling Fox and asking them to keep Lisa E, helped.

    Everyone who wants to keep the hope alive for House and Cuddy, please contact Fox.

    On House Facebook, a lot of comments – people are unhappy and shocked.

  • BrokenLeg

    84 @trackemtigers
    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Heloise

    Sad even sadder I’ve never watched House.

  • CJ_Housegirl (haven’t seen you round here for a while). I can imagine a story line next year, which will see House grieving for Cuddy and trying to put his life back together. This appeals to me because Cuddy will be there hovering as a presence in the background for the entire season.

    I’m not sure how they will finesse the dynamic between House and a new Dean. Who will they make Dean? If it’s Wilson, I’m not sure that would work. House and Wilson’s best dynamic is comedy. They are great together. But in a power relationship like that, I can see it devolving into a Hogan’s Heroes situation if not handled extremely carefully.

    If they bring in another dean, it will be interesting to see a chastened House trying to “fit in” or completely come to pieces.

  • trackemtigers

    #88 @Susan

    You’re very welcome!

    It may not do any good in the long run, but at least we can let our opinions be heard.

  • Susan

    #87 – FOL – If she is going to be killed off, why announce now that LE is leaving the show? Are the TPTB STILL screwing with us?

    And if she does die, is that all the closure we’ll get for their relationship?

    It boggles the mind that this hand-wringing of so many of us has gone on so long, and it keeps getting worse, even though we thought we were through the worst.

  • tauwja

    So many of us were hanging in there through a very disappointing season because we were hoping things would get better eventually — now it seems all hope is lost. Time to give up, because it’s officially just not worth it anymore. If I’d known this, I’d have saved myself the frustration of trying to get through this season and trying to remain hopeful against all odds. 🙁

  • fatolady

    That’s why I am finished. Everyone, it has been fun getting to know you all, but getting ultcers from a tv show is not my idea of entertainment. I hope I never hear David Shores name again as long as I live. Someone who can inflict mental anguish on people all over the world for months, just because he can, is the very definition of sadism.

  • fatolady

    Lawrence Kaplow just announced on twitter he is leaving the writing staff of House as well. Looks like without a viable ship everyone is jumping ship. Parden the pun.

  • Ivette

    Since this latest development is not even a day old, I’m going to wait and see what happens next between now and the airing of the season finale next week. I honestly doubt the back-room negotiations are officially over, given the mammoth efforts – and subsequent headaches – it would take to fundamentally re-calibrate the show’s dynamics in the wake of Cuddy’s absence during most, if not all, of Season 8.

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara, Hello, all.
    I have stayed away from commenting on this site for a long time.
    I have not watched House since “Bombshells”. No, it made no difference to TPTB, but it was my personal rebellion.
    I had a feeling, and may have even stated months back, that I thought they were going to write Cuddy out. I am so sorry to have been proven correct.
    This is no longer the show I love. It stopped being that at the end of epi 15.
    The only reason I came here today is that friends told me there were some really touching moments between House/Cuddy and Rachel last night. I didn’t think they would reunite them, but I had hoped there might be a way to bring them back together as friends, (and yes, I admit, perhaps more in season 8.)

    Something has just felt off this year, especially since Bombshells. Someone wrote on a previous post that it seemed odd that there were no joint interviews (except TV Guide) promoting the Huddy relationship. I guess I never really thought about it, but that is peculiar, not having the stars out talking up such a pivotal storyline.
    Anyway, I love LE, think she is terrific and has only gotten better in the seven years of the show. She was a cheerleader and supporter of the program, never failing to talk it up and praise HL, the cast and the writers at every interview and event.
    They say that show business is a rough profession (sometimes ruthless and cruel), I think that has been demonstated again. There is no loyalty. I doubt that LE would have made this decision if she felt she were being treated fairly. Again, every interview stated that she loved the show, was hoping to be back for season 8.
    Again, what a waste from this once amazing show. I feel like I am watching it die from neglect and incompetance.

    Of course, I have no way of knowing why this decision, to cut her salary and screen time, was made, nor why TPTB chose this crucial actress/character to demand a sacrifice. They continue to trumpet OW, however. OW is a fine young lady, I’m sure, but she has neither the history with the show, nor imo, the talent of LE.

    I love HL, also, and agree that he is worth every dollar he is paid, but the man makes almost half a million dollars an episode! Why don’t they consider shared sacrifice? Remember when House went to Vogler and suggested they all take a pay cut to save the team? Ah yes, the good old days.

    I know this is a long rant, but I have saved up a lot of anguish and anger over the months.
    I will probably check back over the next few days, but I will certainly not be watching the finale.
    How tragic, from the joy and hopefulness of “Help Me”, to whatever stupidity they have planned for “Moving On.”

    Just a last ‘hello’ to my old friends, Eileen, Susan, fOlady and others. It was fun while it lasted.

    Barbara, thanks for this site. For 3 years, it was a wonderful place to visit.
    Continued good luck to you in the future.

  • ShellShocked


    That’s all I have to say. I know some of you and Barbara are trying to find the greater good in this situation, but millions just can’t.

    Feels like someone had punched me in the stomach when I found out. Everything became silent to the point where you hear that weird ringing in your ears. Just the saddest news ever. HouseMD is not just not HouseMD w/o Cuddy. Monday’s episode will be my series finale… 🙁

  • Eliza


    I completely agree! Honestly, I will not believe that Lisa E. has left until they start filming without her. I don’t think she’s bluffing, but I hardly think this is the last we will hear about her contract negotiations. And I really hope the people at FOX realize they can’t let her slip away. I mean, she’s the freaking female lead and practically the only female on the show since OW is off shooting movies for 2/3 of a season. Maybe I’m just naive, but I think this will all get worked out eventually. And even if it doesn’t, I’m sure she’ll do a guest stint if Season 8 is the last season. It’ll be the only episode I’ll watch.

  • Brain Child

    I think a lot of you people are forgetting THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF HOLLYWOOD: MONEY MEANS EVERYTHING! You can sign all of the petitions you want demanding LE’s return; however, if you don’t cough up the bucks to pay her, fuggitaboutit! Even Barbara Barnett will back me up on this one. I haven’t seen a write-in campaign work since Star Trek, The Original Series in 1967.

  • Reality Check

    Ah, how fickle is fandom! If L.E. ain’t on board, you ain’t gonna watch? Yeah, right.

  • MuLderOne

    @ Ivette / @ Eliza – From your lips to God’s ear!

    Part of me thinks the same thing. I surely hope that this won’t be the last we hear of it, and that attempts to fix this screw-up will be made.

  • Jamie

    I honestly can’t imagine how they are going to pull next season off. Not only in terms of writing, probably some seriously contrived mess will happen, but also in terms of attracting viewers. The show had already become a sinking ship. So, in that regard maybe it makes sense to jump while you can. That said I did have hope they would come up with a compelling final season. Obviously given the state of affairs lately that wasn’t a guarantee. It could have been more ridiculous stories with short glimpses of Cuddy.

    While I’m certainly not going to watch next season, I am curious to see what happens in the finale. Was LE happy with the show otherwise and it just came down to getting offered a horrible deal? Or was this the final straw sort of thing? Sometimes you can be less than pleased with a situation but willing to stick with it until something completely cements your inclination to move on.

    Generally speaking the most unbelievable thing in all this, including the decline in the quality of episodes, is the inability of the creators of the show to understand what made the show so great and made people want to watch. There has been a stubbornness to stick to failed ideas, preconceived notions and their world view to a fault.

    What was the character’s name in “Mean Girls” that was trying to get the word “fetch” to become popular? And then finally one of them gets irritated and says that fetch isn’t going to happen. I think the writers/creators have been that girl for the past 2-3 seasons. OW as a popular part of the show bringing in viewers isn’t going to happen. 13 as a compelling character isn’t going to happen. Viewers dying for more of Taub and his repetitive BS isn’t going to happen.

  • Betty

    I would be interested in knowing if episode 23 was written because Lisa had decided to leave the show, or if the execs had decided to write off the character. I thought something was up when it was announced in March an extra episode was ordered. I thought it had to do with the possibility of the show not being renewed. Bombshell indeed. Money also played into it I’m sure.

  • Susan

    #97 – SeraG – It’s so ironic that you’re here because I was just thinking of you and that you jumped ship at the right time. Before it got worse. Glad you’re still around reading this. And you would like the parts from last night with House and Rachel – but now it’s more bittersweet….

    #96 – Ivette and #99 Eliza – I hope you’re right

    #98 – ShellShocked – besides the other physical symptoms I had when I read the news – “punched in the stomach” also fits the bill.

  • I wonder if they will be able to have her back for an episode or two next year to round out the story line?
    Now, maybe people will understand what’s been going on there, and perhaps not be as angry at poor Greg Yaitanes, who is, I think, a great director.

  • SR

    I’m absolutely devastated. Lisa Edelstein brings such a depth and strength to the character that many are unable to do. For me, no Cuddy = NO House. I will no longer be watching the show, no matter how much I love Hugh Laurie. Lisa Edelstein deserves better than what Fox/NBC gave her. The sad thing is, she was clearly happy on the show and wanted to continue, it’s really Fox’s loss. I hope Lisa goes on to bigger and better things.

  • Sera G

    Hi, Susan,
    I have really missed commenting. I don’t watch anymore, as I said, and it would be stupid to write when I haven’t seen the episodes. I was ready to crack and watch last night’s after my friends talking about it, but now, I think it would break my heart all over again.
    I will come back here from time to time to see what is new.
    I wrote to Mr. Reilly, pres. of Fox. As you said, who knows if it will do any good. I really doubt it.
    I go back to my earlier stance, they are trying to kill the show slowly and painfully, after they take as much money as they can.
    I hope they(Fox/TPTB, whoever) reads or hears about these comments and tries to reopen talks with LE. That is probably a futile hope, as the finale is already filmed, of course.
    Remember the rumors from Ausiello that someone was going to die, but not in the finale, sometime next season. Perhaps we were to wonder all summer if Cuddy would survive. Guess we have the answer to that now.
    Hey, just like Cuddy’s dream in “Bombshells” she dies, and House and Wilson raise Rachel. Har, Har, Har. What a laugh riot.
    No, better they both die horribly. That will make for riveting televsion as we watch House cope with the grief and misery. Nothing like death to make for fine viewing.
    This is why I can’t watch or comment, I get bitter and angry all over again.

  • Oma

    I’m not going to lie, I’m still curious about the season finale and even the series, but I can’t stand the thought that, if the promo is accurate, this wonderful relationship between House and Cuddy will end on a bitter note.

  • cj_housegirl

    @Barbara Burnett I’ve been around and I’m still watching House. Work, other life complications and the general emotional destructiveness of the House fandom has seen me vastly pull back on my House activities online over the last two years.

    I did really like the Cuddy character and the Huddy dynamics although I haven’t been thrilled about how things played out after Bombshells. House has been super, super destructive since then and I find it emotionally wearing at times.

    I feel like House has lost himself. When is the last time he had anything to do with the POTW at all? I am worried about where David Shore is taking this character now.

    I was not crazy about the Fox promo for next week’s episode. I am worried that House’s destructiveness is going to affect Cuddy or Rachel in a direct way rather than in an indirect way as it did with Amber.

    If House is implicit in a death, especially to Cuddy or Rachel, he becomes – for me – an irredeemable character and unwatchable. House has always had qualities that made him interesting, unique, lovable, and sympathetic. I hope they don’t do anything next week that changes that dynamic.

    Despite his outward aggressive personality, House is not an aggressive person, he backs down, retreats, isolates himself. Those were qualities we saw in this past episode, but I fear what will happen with this character in the finale because I am sure he will be heavily involved with whatever happens with Cuddy.

  • Chronic

    Can someone explain to me what the Hell Ausiello is trying to pull with the following statement:

    “Question: How shocked were you to find out about Lisa Edelstein leaving House? —A.

    Ausiello: What on earth are you talking about?” May 17, 2011 04:43 PM PDT

  • Susan

    I’m so confused – does she die in the finale and then all this writing and calling to get Fox to renew her contract is ridiculous, or does all this speculation about the extra 23rd episode have nothing to do with Cuddy at all. If they filmed the episode because they knew Cuddy was leaving, that was months ago. Then all this time, the questions about her contract were moot. And is she announcing she’s leaving because they killed her off, but again, why even bother? The questions are running around in my brain.

    Barbara, do you think Katie Jacobs was unaware of Lisa quitting?

    #94 FOL – this isn’t worth getting an ulcer over. It is indeed “mental anguish and sadism”.

    If she dies, the better ending would be for her AND House AND Rachel to go together. That’s the only kind of closure I could see.

  • JuliaB

    I feel devastated! I read about it when GY’s tweet popped up on my phone in a text message today and I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. This was my worst fear for the show.

    I wasn’t sure if I would be watching S8 anyway. I was waiting to make that decision until after I saw the finale but now I just don’t see it. I hope they don’t kill Cuddy off Monday night. At lease that way maybe they could bring her back.

  • Betty

    I actually don’t think Cuddy will be killed off. It wouldn’t make sense. Resigning perhaps? Or Cuddy’s future up in the air somehow? But I also heard that Lisa was asked to appear in reduced number of episodes plus a pay cut while Robert was offered the same pay with reduced episodes. Can’t really blame her if this was the reason. Wish her well.

  • KPP

    Well I am incredibly sad 🙁 . Season 7 finale will be my last episode then……I cannot imagine House without Cuddy. Lisa’s actress skills was one of the main reasons why I watched. Farewell House.

  • Susan–she didn’t sound like she was aware of it, although what she told me (and what Michael Ausiello quoted from my interview) sounded like things were maybe not going well.

  • Jillian

    You know reading some of these comments make me think. WHY did you start watching this show, was it for House or Cuddy? It is Lisa Edelsteins decision to leave the show. I respect her decision. It will NOT stop me watching the show, because this show is about the journey of one Gregory House MD, not Lisa Cuddy MD. The show will go on, I am sure the writers and producers will do a fine job in creating a storyline as to why Cuddy leaves. House will face a new dean of medicine. That can be so filled of great story lines in itself. It has not been stated that S8 is the last season of House, its only because Hugh laurie is contracted for only one more season. What if S8 is a huge hit? Hugh may decide to renew. Nothing is certain here.

  • Mrs. CoCo


    In your opinion, do you think Lisa’s decide to quit the show is definitive, as in there is little chance of her changing her mind and/or TPTB deciding to offer her better terms? I honestly can’t imagine how [H]ouse’s final season will play out in the absence of such a fundamental character.

    As Ivette (#96) pointed out, this news is barely a day old. Until Shore David or Katie Jacobs officially announce that Lisa has left the cast, nothing seems to be set in stone at this point.

  • Reality Check

    @Mrs. CoCo: I think the fact that Lisa Edelstein, herself, announced that she is leaving (is, in fact, already gone) is definitive enough, don’t you?

    As I stated previously, unless someone comes up with the extra money required to pay her what she feels she is worth, she’s out. Think about that. And then think about our lousy economy and how many people there are out there who can’t feed or shelter their families, whereas TV stars are so grossly and unabashedly overpaid.

    However, keeping this on a purely “Hollywood” level, why isn’t our hero, the great Hugh Laurie himself, kicking back part of his VERY high salary (the highest on television, from what I understand) for the betterment of the show as a whole?

    The long and the short of it is this: the PTB don’t CARE about how attached a group of fans may be to a particular character (especially a supporting character). All they care about is making money, period. Lisa Edelstein, in their estimation, is a liability, not an asset. Think: payroll, payroll taxes, union dues, insurance and perks. Because, I promise you, that is ALL that the PTB are thinking about.

    One last thing: a couple of you have mentioned this possibility and I agree: I believe this whole deal of her departure was worked out months ago when the mysterious 23rd episode was ordered. Its just too convenient that this announcement occurred the day AFTER the penultimate episode (which should have been the season finale). This will drive ratings up for the 23rd and final episode and serve as an invitation to revisit the show in Season 8 for the 10 million or so viewers that took a powder after “Huddy” rolled into town. And it will probably work.

    One thing about Fox and House, they are masters of manipulation and publicity. Brilliant, actually.

  • No more Cuddy, so what? The character had no depth and she’s not hot.
    Poll: What will happen with House without Lisa Edelstein a.k.a. Dr. Cuddy? My vote is that the show is better off. Good riddance!

  • Hugh Fan

    I only watch for Hugh! Cuddy didn’t act too nice after 7×15 in my opinion. They should have made this break-up differently.
    Too bad she’s leaving. I’ll miss her. I’d rather seen 13 or Taub gone.
    ‘Bring Cameron back now’ (Chase needs his girl)

  • ncismelanie

    We need a real closure, i really hope they ‘ll make her come back for at least one or two episode for that.

    I still can’t believe it guys…

  • Eloise

    So LE would accept a handout if Hugh said here have part of my salary? I think not, why are people turning on him? It has nothing to do with him, he may be an exective pro but that does not have that much influence. This show is called House Md, I just dont understand this fandom!

  • dvbfan

    Shocking news. I do not know how producers want to continue the series without Cuddy .
    I am so sad .

  • Suzy

    I must say I’m shocked that Lisa is leaving, cause I really thought she would be ok with a cut in salary, (I’m not saying that I think she deserves it! No one does!!!) especially since it’s most likely the last season.

    I think House can survive without Cuddy but this is all a bit sudden. Or so it seems to me. Everyone has pretty much said they expected her to sign so that would mean there is no plan/explanation done to Cuddy not being there next season. That would have to be explained without her.

    Going by the promos it does look like a clean break between Cuddy and House will happen but that remains to be seen. If done correctly I would be very interested in seeing how House will deal with this next season.

    For me these news is not the end of House, in fact I can see this going just about anywhere now and that is exciting IMO.

    I wish Lisa all the best in the future. She will be grreatly missed though.

  • Bea

    I don’t know what to say anymore. One part of me admires her for sticking to her beliefs and not settling for anything less than she deserves in life. She a professional and she’s been lovely to the fandom already and that counts a lot for us. Another part of me though just wished this wasn’t happening and they could still find a way to sort it out.

    One word striked me of her announcement: disappointment. And this is why I don’t think all this business is money related at all. It’s anything but IMO, which is sad to say the least.

    Lisa has been a joy to watch througout all these years; apart from her interview which always brought a smile to my lips, her character has grown with her as an actress and a woman and she made the show better. I won’t ever get over these flawless seven years of amazing interactions with Hugh. Ever. And I can’t believe this is the way it all ends. Seven years….the best show ever on television history suddenly ripped off and deprived of what had become a crucial storyline for the evolution of the main character due to unrelated collateral issues FOX hasn’t the guts to sort out differently, disappointing fans who have been loving and supporting this show by bits day after day.

    I wish Lisa all the best and I don’t want to see my show suffering an horrible shipwreck. Hugh and the crew do not deserve this. But it’s inevitable. Next year won’t and can’t be House anymore without her. If Robert had left it would have been sad but not just as devastatingly nonsense. House is the journey of a troubled man ok. But Lisa was the soul of the show, just as much as Hugh is the sun around which revolves it all as a journalist once said. They shined brighter together. With Lisa been written off, the light is gonna slowly die out I’m afraid.

    I’m a European viewer. I count nothing. Less than zero for FOX ratings. But if I were from the USA I’ll turn off the TV and ask the House folks to not just come back next season and that’s it. I’m ready to give up on my show just like that. For me House….”my show” ends next week. I’ll keep following Hugh, ’cause he deserves nothing less, but on to the rest I just can’t. It’s a pity really. FOX screwed up big time this one.

    Ultimately shattered fits quite perfectly I guess…

  • Dee

    Man…this is royally effed up!

    @123-Eloise: I agree w/ you that the people turning on the great HL are wrong…but they are just angry. Many do not understand this happens everyday sadly. Sports being the biggest example. A team wins 3 championships in a row, then after getting knocked out of the playoffs the next year it’s; goodbye starting point guard…good buy coach, by the team execs/owners.

    However, the fandom is justified in their anger for LE basically being low-balled here. RSL gets the same pay and less episodes while LE is being forced to take a pay cut and less episodes…as well as OE. Hmmm??? Sexist or racist much UMS??? Just a horrible and sad ending to my favorite show. Monday’s season finale will be my last as well. I’m backing my girl LE on this.

    Damn…my work always plays the House Sleuth channel marathon on Wednesdays in the break room. So sad…I can’t bring myself to watch an epi and see Cuddy in it yet.

  • espejoses

    I write from Spain and unconditionally loving the series since day one, and me there are many around the world who deny what happened with Lisa Eldestein.
    Probably our voices fall on deaf ears, and not even be read, is more, they think they are ridiculous as the things that happen in the world, we bother to complain, but not I’m going to stop expressing them.
    Television how cinema is an art and entertainment, and for this reason we have it, but for us consumers, it is also an outlet for shit like in the world.
    I always thought that this series deserved to have a final agreement to its quality, as we say in slang bullfighting through the front door, but I do not think that this happens with the departure of Lisa Edelstein. Terrible mistake to let her go and all put in the position to do so. You have done the economic calculations are not artistically. May reduce costs but will reduce a lot of profit. For my have miscalculated, the series is the top seller in the world. Lovers of the series, are also independent amamtes Cuddy shipper. His character is transcendental and a pillar in the House that day by Katie Jacobs, producer of the series. He is the heart of the House but Lisa Cuddy is the spine.

  • Susan

    I woke up this morning depressed, I went to bed depressed.
    What’s worse – if they kill Cuddy next week, or if nothing can be worked out with LE’s Contract and she really leaves the show? I was just imagining watching House next year and they’ll find new love interests for him, or he’ll fall for Domenika…….I can’t watch that.

    #126 Bea – you’re right – It’s not House without Cuddy. The light will go out.

    FatOLady – where’s my hug?

  • sandrine

    French fan who discovered the series last year but immediately fell in love with his characters, their interactions, the chemistry between H and L Edelstein Laurie! And like many other I can not imagine the series without it!

    This season 7 was a true disaster, very few medical cases worthy of the name, characters that are no longer recognizes a Huddy storyline very poorly exploited, the relationship between our characters practically nonexistent!

    And then finally the massacre of our favorite couple, a house that is ours worse before his treatment in Mayfield (wondering if he really incredible intelligence) and finally the departure of L Edelstein!!

    I am devastated and I think I can safely say that you signed the final death of House, there would have been better to stop at the end of 6 see 7 on a high note rather than having us out this pile of nonsense! !

    I hope that Miss sincérment Edelstein reverse its decision and that you producer and owner of large chain stop taking your fans for fools!

    A fan disappointment and anger against the stupidity of human boss who only see their wallet rather than quality!

  • fatolady

    SUSAN – big Oklahoma bear Hug to you……and anyone else who needs it.

  • BrokenLeg

    Only simple Maths: LE was paid +/-175.000 $/ep, on bad negotiations seems was offered more or less 145.000 $/ep in a pay cut offer. Making a 22 season, the difference is only 660.000 $ total amount/year. Such ridiculous one in front of the production costs by episode ( a well written series does not need raise costs with monster trucks, by the way…).
    Making a slightly short season, only not doing ONE episode next season ( a 20/21 one has been made yet other times), the production cost saving involved in that, it would be enough to pay full salary to LE, RSL and OE .

    But both FOX and NBC-U wanted a 22 one, because they want to earn same money ( due to commercials, outside US selling it to foreign TV worldwide, DVD, etc…). To that I call GREED and short term envision ( studios, please be aware of the boomerang effect)

    119 @Reality Check
    I think also all this LE stuff was cooked months ago, during filming lasts episodes. So the new 23th was ordered. So it seems so barely connected with the almost sweet ending on 22th ( Rachel & Mom letter). So all this timeline of the news, with the preview of the final only one day after airing the 22 ep. So LE quitting announcement the very same day.
    But I do not agree with you, but doubt seriously that this new darker and lonely Greg House will appeal old viewers to return to the series. And do not forget that outside US, there are a lot of viewers in Europe, South America and Asia that are fond to H/C dynamics. And that storyline needs a worthy closure.

    127 @ Dee
    The same old sexist cliché that we’ve seen on the writing of the female characters of this show. Cuddy until “Unwritten” was the exception. After that nor that.

    128 @ espejoes
    I’m from Barcelona. I totally agree with you.

  • BrokenLeg

    Lawrence Kaplow is also quitting and moving on other ABS show. It seems everybody is abandoning the sinking ship.
    Mr. Laurie, feel yourself free to leave this rudderless ship too. Your immense talent doesn’t deserve nor another year of travelling, family sacrifices and absences, nor a worthless [H]ouse ending.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    ***GROUP HUG***

    My greatest fear at the moment: Cuddy dying in the finale. Think about it; how else can they write her out??!! Cuddy would NEVER leave PPTH, unless House turns psychotic and she’s scared he’ll hurt her. I mean, I honestly don’t see a positive end to this season, and I’m now scared to death to watch the finale. This is honestly what I feared most.

    And what if OW is getting a hefty paycheck for Season 8, but they asked LE to take a cut??? In the Evil we call Hollywood, I could see that being the cold, harsh truth. And kudos for LE for storming away from that injustice. Her departure is going to hurt the show terribly.

    Yes, it’s a show about Greg House. But without an interesting supporting cast, who cares? I learned to love House the character through Cuddy and Wilson. I won’t be watching a loser, sad character no longer surrounded and supported by the ones who used to love him.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Regarding this latest, devastating development, the following line keeps repeating in my head:

    “This is beYOND a$$hood!!”

    I really need to focus on reality…

  • Heather

    Greg Yaitanes tweeted a few weeks ago that they (paraphrasing slightly) “Go out with a bang.”

    Now that it has been reported that LE is leaving, he tweeted: “Ka-boom!”

    Certainly sounds like he has known for a while (or is trying to create that impression.)

  • Susan

    Various thoughts and then I ‘m turning off this computer:

    Amber died in a finale. Would they do the same thing with Cuddy? Too cliche.

    To answer my own question of a few hours ago- it would be worse if Cuddy dies than if LE leaves in real life. If she’s not dead there is a chance that LE can be persuaded to return to the show. I don’t think she’ll get a better role than she has on House.

    Can we take up a collection to make up for the reduction in her salary?

    FOL – thanks for Oklahoma hug, and Sneaky Microbe ditto for group hug.

    I just saw an e-mail, sent by my friend at 3:57 am. He sent me links to reports about LE quitting…….My husband, son, brother, everyone seems to be shocked – haven’t told my daughter yet, she’s on a school trip. House Facebook fans still negative about LE leaving, as are commenters on other sites.

    I can’t believe we lose Cuddy, but get to keep 13. What a farce. And if Taub had to get someone pregnant, couldn’t it have been his wife? Foreman is boring, Chase is boring, Wilson is repetitive, what’s left to watch? New team members are a dime a dozen, but there’s only one Cuddy.

    Sorry, Barbara, for using your blog to ramble like this. My sympathies are with you having to read through all this!

  • While Cuddy is a great character, the creative team of the show has already demonstrated that no character (other than House himself) is essential to this show. Long live House!

  • Heather

    Also, and to all you saying that LE won’t find another prominent role on TV: this is as may be, but reading recent interviews with her, I’ve gotten the impression that, while grateful for all the opportunities the show has given her, she’s unhappy with the direction the character of Cuddy has gone in. If that’s the case, then the decision is totally understandable combined with the fact they were asking her to take a paycut.


  • 08joanna

    The show is titled “House,” not “Cuddy,” and House is truly the only indispensible character. It’s his story, and I’ll gladly watch it until the very end, because he’s the one I’m interested in. Maybe without Cuddy around he’ll finally grow up a little, take some responsibility for his actions, and maybe even find love and acceptance somewhere else (he had great chemistry with both Stacy and Lydia, and I believed those relationships much more than I ever believed House/Cuddy). It’s LE’s decision, and I’m fine with it. I doubt she’d be doing it if she wasn’t also fine with it.

  • CathyB

    I’m sad that LE and Cuddy are leaving House but many shows have survived the loss of lead characters. I remember growing up wondering how MASH would survive the loss of Henry Blake, then Trapper, Frank, and Radar. It came out fine. NYPD Blue did fine without David Caruso, Cheers did fine without Shelley Long. Bewitched even had two Darrins (although I always liked David York better). It’s just TV,

  • Lucy

    I respectufully disagree @08joanna. The whole journey he has made so far, the way they have been adressing Huddy then makes no sense since it’s doomed to remain a loose end. And allow me to point out there have been some weird inconsistencies going on this season I had never witnessed on this show, which speaks for itself. Add the fact that Shore was asked to rewrite part of the second arc of the season and IMO you get why an outstanding show like House suffered from some unexpected deficiencies, as much as I have enjoyed large chunks of it. Some episodes just sounded off after Bombshell and as much as the writing is still very good I think the reason was that the development of the characters wasn’t meant to be the one we watched. I can’t believe it really….after such a good episode like the last one…

    BTW the show is called “House” yes, but things evolve and change also according to the audience’s wishes and tastes. It’s the beauty of it: they have a chance to interact with their audience and, taking into account what they love, makes their product even better. It’s ironic really: they usually release a Pilot which they are very worried to show to a focus group in order to “test” people’s preferences but when the fandom grows stronger and people get attached they are ready to dismiss us all with a little shrug for a few money issues (if that’s the case). I don’t think House is just House anymore since when they decided to focus on Huddy, at least from season 5…and they meant it to be endgame, we know they did. The first half of the season was so different…and in a Housian kind of way this could have been the best TV-Couple of all times.

    Side Note

    Of course, just my opinion.

  • Joe

    Look, gang, lets face it. Cuddy is either going to quit PPTH, or even be killed off. Either way, House is going to blame himself.

    However, with Cuddy gone, House will be left to finally face his own demons and move to that next level in his growth as an actual human being. Everyone that complains about the House character being frozen and never learning from his mistakes should understand this.

    You have to bottom out before you can recover. House was very near that bottom during “Help Me” and the relationship with Cuddy was an 11th hour (as some have said) ‘pause button’.

    Once the relationship is truly at the end (whatever that means) then we can hit ‘play’ again House can truly bottom out and either fix his life, or fall over the cliff.

  • Heather

    ‘However, with Cuddy gone, House will be left to finally face his own demons and move to that next level in his growth as an actual human being. Everyone that complains about the House character being frozen and never learning from his mistakes should understand this. ‘

    Cuddy never needed to be gone to tell this story. Maybe the writers COULD go in that direction, but I don’t see why the magical disappearance of Cuddy would prompt that change any more than anything else.

    If Amber’s death, Kutner’s death, being shot, hallucinating on Vicodin and detoxing, a relationship with a woman he’s loved for year doesn’t change him, why should Cuddy’s disappearance/death/whatever?

    It COULD, maybe, but I wouldn’t be nearly as certain about it as you are. My expectation would be more of the same where there would be some angst, but House goes back to being House. People don’t really change, remember?

  • bbt

    I don’t believe that the House people didn’t know before that LE was going to quit. Had they told us earlier, it would have ruined the episodes for us, the viewers. LE was probably asked to keep it confidential. As far as the pay is concerned, even if you round it up to 18 x $100000.00 it still is a HUGE amout of money, and most of the cast do not have to work every day. And don’t forget all the LONG breaks they get. At least 4 months of vacation a year. Where else can one get a job like that.

  • Heather

    “As far as the pay is concerned, even if you round it up to 18 x $100000.00 it still is a HUGE amout of money, and most of the cast do not have to work every day. ”

    Which lends credence to the opinion that Lisa Edelstein leaving was not about the money.

  • Joe

    “Cuddy never needed to be gone to tell this story. Maybe the writers COULD go in that direction, but I don’t see why the magical disappearance of Cuddy would prompt that change any more than anything else.”

    Well you’re right, in theory. But I think with Cuddy in his life (and Wilson too for that matter) House is sheltered from reality. They are the duct tape and bubble gum that hold him together and keep him functional. I always thought of them as surrogate parents in a way. Remove either of them, and things go bad pretty quickly. He HAS stood on his own apart from them (Mayfield). But…he always falls back into his comfortable destructive pattern sooner or later.

    Also, the reality (LE leaving the show) sort of forces things in that direction. The writers have to account for her being gone. You can’t recast her character. You CAN bring in a new Dean of Medicine, but that’s a tall order at this point. I mean, you can put someone in that job, but they won’t be able to do for House what Cuddy does.

    Especially in what is, by all accounts, the final season of the series. They certainly have their work cut out for them.

  • 08joanna

    I agree with Joe, basically. With Cuddy out of the picture, there’s finally a chance for growth for House in a way he couldn’t achieve with her around. In much the same way that a child must ultimately leave its parents in order to grow up, House’s continued reliance on Cuddy was preventing him from developing, in some ways. I don’t see Wilson in quite the same way, because Wilson, in addition to being House’s conscience sometimes, has also been his partner in crime, his buddy, and someone he can really laugh with and enjoy.

  • Amy

    Finally the HUDDY NONSENSE IS OVER, bye bye huddies, you were so full of yourself when the hams insulted tptb, the actors and everyone involved with the show and now you’re doing the same! What a bunch of hypocrites!
    Huddy and the Cuddy overdose ruined the show, now LE realized that her role was going to be marginalizated thanks to the huddy fiasco and she called out. And I’m so glad, I’m not sorry for the huddies because your behaviour has always been obnoxious when no-shippers like me dared to say they despised the huddy crap.
    I also remember the huddy’s words: “this is House’s journey and now Cuddy ia part of it, we’d watch the show even without huddy”. All I have to say is: LMAO!

    Bye bye huddies, and don’t let the door hit yor a** while you’re leaving 🙂

  • Heather

    “And I’m so glad, I’m not sorry for the huddies because your behaviour has always been obnoxious when no-shippers like me dared to say they despised the huddy crap. ”

    I’m so glad you’re above all that obnoxious behavior.

  • Barbara,
    In your opinion, do you think Lisa’s decide to quit the show is definitive, as in there is little chance of her changing her mind and/or TPTB deciding to offer her better terms? I honestly can’t imagine how [H]ouse’s final season will play out in the absence of such a fundamental character.

    I’m actually not sure. I would say yes, but stranger things have happened, so I’m not 100% convinced–but I’m 95% convinced that it’s definitive. It will be incredibly challenging for the creative team to pick up next season (I haven’t seen the finale, so I don’t know how it ends this year). But I also believe that the narrative presented could be interesting, since Cuddy, whether she’s there in person or not, will weigh heavily on House’ mind and the minds of everyone else at PPTH.

    How will House function with a different dean? I can’t see them making Wilson the Dean to manage House–that’s not their relationship. Wilson needs to be House’s friend. So… We will just have to see what they come up with.

    I have always watched for House, his journey, leaps forward and backslides. I’ve also enjoyed the House-Cuddy relationship in whatever guise it’s taken since the very beginning. I do hope they can ultimately work something out with her to come back, even as a guest star for several episodes, if not for an entire slate. They will desperately need another female character on the show as well. I would not like to see the female character, however be his Dean. For several reasons.

  • However, with Cuddy gone, House will be left to finally face his own demons and move to that next level in his growth as an actual human being.

    Yes. I think the possibilities are very interesting, and as I said, no matter what, Cuddy will hover in the background all season, even more than Amber did at the end of S5.

  • Suzy

    I never was a “Huddy” fan per se but Cuddy is important to House no matter what way you view their relationship.

    While I’ll miss Cuddy I will choose to see this as a new challange for House. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

    But if LE leaving is totally news to all involved I hope the writers manages to write a fitting end to her character regardless of how season 7 ends. Cause I’d really want that closure.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I can clearly see why there’s a bullying epidemic in the U.S. Some people like to make others cry, and that’s sad.

  • The problem with introducing a new Dean is that we have been told ad infinitum that no one else can control House. Given the state he is in and the fact that Cuddy will be completely gone from his life, how on earth am I supposed to believe that someone else can serve in that role? Talk about lack of continuity and discarding canon.

  • Heather

    I guess part of the disparate reaction is due to how you view House as a show. If you view House as the primary character and everyone else as ancillaries, then the news, while possibly upsetting, won’t affect your basic enjoyment of the show.

    If you viewed “House” as an ensemble, with House-Cuddy-Wilson necessary to develop the action, you can’t imagine how the show will move past this without fundamentally changing itself.

  • I keep thinking of M.A.S.H. and the loss of Trapper John, whose character had been fundamental to the series, and also the loss of Henry Blake, and then the loss of Frank Burns.

    And then there was Cheers, which lost Diane.

    I recall back then people wondering how on earth the series would survive and even go on to greater seasons. We can’t see now how the creative team will finesse this terrible loss for the series, but it will. If they do it right, House wil survive and even grow stronger. Adversity sometimes does that.

    I don’t for a minute minimize the loss of Lisa Edelstein. There was clearly a line she would not cross during the negotiations, and I respect that. I think the network was misguided, but none of us know what went on behind the scenes in the 11th hour.

    So I am intensely curious to find out how the very gifted writers on this series are going to respond to this terrible loss to the cast.

  • Heather

    I don’t know that the comparisons to Cheers and MASH are particularly apt since, correct me if I’m wrong, but both shows were at the height of their popularity when said characters left and perhaps better able to weather these storms with an interested and captive audience. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but both Trapper John and Diane were replaced after 2-3 seasons, not 7 (less time for the audience to become as attached to the character.)

    If anything else, this reminds me somewhat of CSI when Grissom left. Is the show still ongoing? Yeah. Is it what it was, in terms of storytelling and popularity? No. (Of course, YMMV.)

    Now, heck, maybe Lisa Edelstein leaving will lead to a renaissance for House, and the show will be more popular than ever. But I think other possibilities are equally, if not more, likely.

    FWIW, I don’t blame Lisa Edelstein at all. Certainly she has a right to work under whatever terms she deems fit, and if they’re not met, more power to her for exercising her rights.

  • Heather, I’m just saying… We don’t know why those shows were better able to weather the storm. They will absolutely have to get immensely creative to make it work and build back the audience if there’s any more loss.

    It’s possible. We just don’t know.

  • Amy

    @Heather #150
    I’m treating you huddies just like you treated all of us who didn’t like the stupid huddy soap. Oh, wait, actually I’m treating you better, by far.

    I’m looking for the season 8 with so much interest now that I know that the huddy crap is buried.

  • BrokenLeg

    157 @ barbara Barnett

    MASH and Cheers was so long ago. The TV was not as it’s now. Not even the society.

    Now we live in some kind of “zapping” society that disregards quickly those thing that do not like. That change the channel. That flies low cost arriving to the airport asking what is the next free seats flight, no matter destination . It’s a kind of immediate kind society ( I do not if I can make myself understand properly due my bad English).
    And the same, or even more intensely happens in the TV world.

    So I think that the Cuddy leave must be overcome worse than the others you say.

    And frankly, scripts this year has been mostly bad and childish ones to be confident in next year ones.
    Kaplow is also leaving. Who will be the next?

  • BrokenLeg

    160 @ Amy
    Can you be polite and well-mannered? I think this is not that kind of site to be that way
    Why are you so angry? Why your rudeness?

  • Broken Leg–I don’t know. None of us do. Larry Kaplow has left before (and returned).

  • BrokenLeg

    83 @trackemtigers
    Easy and quick
    And a new experience!

  • marie

    You could save one salary by getting shut of 13, the show was better without her last season , it has gone down again the last three episodes because she is on screen more than even HUGH , and she isnt anything like good enough to carry it … give Lisa what she wants and bring her back , she is a fantastic actress and can carry the scenes when given them , but ever since 13 came on the show others have had less screen time , what has she got on the hierarchy that she is getting all this screen time and they let the likes of Jennifer Morrison , Amber Tamblyn , Anne Dudek and now Lisa go , all far better actors. its a travesty . Marie

  • Amy

    @BrokenLeg #162

    Angry? No no, I’m just happy because I’ll be able to enjoy the show again 🙂

    And I’m not rude, have you read the posts made by the bitter, angry huddies here? The one against HL, DS, the ptb etc. Now you are the rude ones and I’m more than happy to leave you all whining and complaing.
    This show was great when Cuddy was just a secondary character and I’m sure season 8 will be great with her out of the way. If you don’t like what I wrote than don’t read it.

  • Susan

    #136 Heather – why is that disgusting Greg Yaitanes tweeting about booms, bangs and kabooms – unless that means there is a car explosion? Can someone take away his cell-phone or whatever he tweets on?

  • emma


    I wish her all the luck she seems like a nice lady. I doubt it was about the money I think the conservative network that was fox didnt like her supporting pro abortion and being more out spoken than they liked.

    To be honest Ive seen this coming for a while my feelings are that poor cuddy will be biting the bullet in the last episode .

  • 08joanna

    I don’t see that it’ll take “immense creativity” to find a believable way to write Cuddy out of this series. I can think of lots of valid, believable reasons why the character would want to leave Princeton, especially if she’s finally resigned to the fact that she and House are history. Finding a new Dean of Medicine that can handle House is the tricky part, but others have mentioned some great actors who’d be wonderful possibilities — someone like Alfre Woodard. I could even see them giving the job to Foreman (he’s ambitious enough to want it), and that would make for a new dynamic. He’s been on House’s team long enough, and it would give them a chance to replace him with a woman and not have such a male-dominated team.

  • ruthinor

    I don’t think LE’s politics had anything to do with this decision. Have you ever seen shows on Fox? Family Guy? the gay-friendly Glee? And many others as well. Many shows on Fox are far from conservative in their outlook. All Fox cares about, all any network cares about is the bottom line. If a show does well, it stays. Don’t confuse Fox news with the rest of the network!

  • emma

    She did mention she got a warning call from fox when she did the planned parenthood ad. Not sure I seen a Fox show where they had an abortion

  • 08joanna

    emma — House itself had an episode about abortion, and he encouraged a woman who had been raped to get one. She wound up agreeing with him and terminating the pregnancy. House has also dealt with a lot of anti-religion storylines, as House is an unabashed atheist (proud of it, in fact). Faux News (as I like to call it)is indeed very far removed from much of the content on other Fox shows.

  • Heather

    “@Heather #150
    I’m treating you huddies just like you treated all of us who didn’t like the stupid huddy soap. Oh, wait, actually I’m treating you better, by far.”

    I know it always makes me feel better to paint an entire group of people with a broad brush. Oh yeah, and blame my boorish behavior with the excuse that I was treated worse.

    What will you do for your encore?

  • ruthinor

    The best thing to do with people like Amy is ignore them.

  • Laura

    Good riddance, huddy and Cuddy proved to be a failure no wonder tptb are letting her go. I’m one of the millions who stopped watching because of the huddy soap opera and I’ll be back for the next season

    @Amy ITA with you and I also notice that the huddys are ignoring what you wrote about their nasty comments towards the actors and the producers. Good thing they’ll leave and we won’t have to deal with them anymore but I feel they’ll keep spamming and spreading their hate even during the next season. Oh well, let’s ignore them and let them be bitter and angry, they can join the hamerons

  • Maria

    #169 – 08joanna: She would leave her hospital, her *baby*, because things didn’t work out with House? Do you seriously believe that? She spent all these years in that hospital, gave it a huge part of her life and you think that there are valid reasons why she would leave? I don’t think that it can be explained. If someone had to leave the hospital, that would be House, not Cuddy. Then again, what I’m saying makes sense and this is House. So, yeah…

    I wish I could be as hopeful as the people who think that House will have to face his demons and what not, but HAHAHAHAHAHA, no. The fact that TPTB are too afraid to make any changes and would rather trash characters and ruin relationships and storylines they took years to nuild, just so they won’t have to risk something is the exact reason why it has come to this.

    I didn’t think they would make it until the end of the season, anyway. Lisa Edelstein just confirmed it by leaving. I really wanted House to go out with a bang, although it became obvious over the last 2 years that it wouldn’t happen. So, I am sad about that, but at the same time, I’m happy that I won’t stick it out to the bitter end. All this misery and dissappointment and misogyny and, just this pathetic thing that the show has become and all the ridiculous things TPTB have done over the years, both in the show and behind the scenes, it’s behind me. It’s weird to realize and I really didn’t expect it, but it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, like I’m free. I hadn’t realized that it was this bad. I guess I should thank Lisa Edelstein for giving me an excuse to quit.

  • Bea

    I see some around here are some attention seeking ones….@ruthinor agree with you. How’s that supposed to be constructive I really don’t know.

    @Barbara thanks for your replies. As usual you’re very careful with your words and reading them makes me feel better. I just don’t believe it’s worth going on. I really don’t feel like watching a struggle keeping on endlessly when it was crystal clear it wasn’t meant to end like this. It’s like reading a book wonderfully written when suddenly the author changes and you end up wishing the new one gonna be just as good, but truth to be told, you really just wanted to stick with the one you’ve come to love. Some team just works and that’s it. RSL-HL-LE was a winning one for life.

    I understand the creative challenges you can’t wait for and I wish I had your enthusiasm. But I can’t be like that, like just thinking of it as “a product”; TV Shows, especially the ones like House IMO (is there anyone people are so passionare about around?) they push people to develope a peculiar attachment to their characters and it’s just fair on their behalf to respect that. It’s not just the character, but the actor behind it you see, and LE was special for real, the hell of a promoter for this show, a wonderful person and a joy to watch on and off screen.

    I don’t think it’s Lisa decision. Again, I don’t see why using a world such as “disappointment”; I could never imagine Lisa quitting just for some money issues, it’s just not her. Besides there had been no sign whatsoever on her behalf, so I highly doubt it. And Katie’s interview spoke volumes to me. But those are just assumptions I can’t expect others to agree on. Just my outlook on this matter.

    That being said, I’m waiting for this finale with a mix of curiosity and denial, excitement and deep, devastating sadness stirring up inside me already. I just hope, as a Huddy, they won’t leave us killing her off. That would be too much to take. And this season has been horribly sad already, as much as I couldn’t help loving it too. It had its flaws but all in all this is just my Show. Always will be, till next week…

    And we thought, as Huddies, this would be finally a good year on House…how ironic…bombshells everywhere

  • Christine

    The only hope I have in regards to the silence from Lisa’s co-workers is that they too are waiting/hoping that this will be resolved and Lisa will be back. Was it really just yesterday we found out? Seems like longer…

  • Norris

    A lot of people are scattered all around doing their own things — Hugh in UK or Europe, RSL in NYC, Olivia is apparently in Haiti, who knows where Jesse has gone off to, so I’m hoping that may account for some of the silence. I don’t think saying something like “What an amazing actress she is and we are very sad she isn’t coming back” would get anyone in trouble. Of course, I’d like even more, like “I can’t imagine PPTH without her” or such.

    I still wonder about how the negotiations went — if you give a lowball offer and it’s rejected and/or countered, then the other side makes a counter offer? If she is announcing publicly then I’m thinking that they refused to make a counter offer and that’s how we are here. It would have been better if everyone was negotiating together. I’m still almost in denial that this can stick, but I’m trying to stop obsessing about it.

  • Richie

    @Christine –

    I’m sure the other cast members knew of Lisa’s departure before yesterday. After all, half of them were just in Israel together – I can’t imagine it didn’t come up at some point. Them not saying anything might not be a sign of anything more than just them being all over the world and not being aware of the announcement going out at that particular time.

  • MHM

    I am shocked and deeply saddened and a bit angry.

    Best of luck, Lisa. You deserve better.

  • alsa


  • Sadest[H]fan

    As much as I love HL, no man is an island. This show doesn’t deserve to survive if TPTB @ Fox/NBCU treated LE as it appears they’d been doing.

    Also, what a bunch of f’n bigots…asking the black actor & 40+ lead woman to take a pay cut? WTF?! R U kidding me in 2011??!!!

    I’m going to record the finale & pay attn to the ads b/c I will not buy from any of the advertisers on Fox. Speak their language $$$$$$$ & don’t purchase from their advertisers. I’m gonna send emails & letters to them too for supporting a channel that is sexist & racist.

  • fatolady

    If I wasn’t so possitive this was going to have an devistatingly sad ending it would remind me a bit of the House epi 5 to 9, where Cuddy threatens the insurance company with a PUBLIC announcement if they don’t give PPTH a 12% increase. The magic was from the bad PR the insurance company got (sound familure Fox & UMS) and her resolve that she was right. In that example, (even though it was scripted) she got what she wanted……really wish it would happen this time.

  • Sadest[H]fan

    My “no man is an island” remark is that House needs Cuddy & Wilson. All the others are the disposable ones IMO

  • Frustrated

    I’m perplexed that the other actors have not commented on LE’s departure. We live in the information age, not in some cave. So if they are scattered, all over the globe, it only takes a wifi access and a tweet. Will everyone be silent the way they were silent when Jennifer Morrison was fired? It looks like everyone man for himself and I think these actors should feel ashamed that they can’t even do one supporting tweet for a former colleague that they worked alongside the past 7 years.


    Cmon, its obvious, before they start to shoot the last season, the hoax will be revealed, its Advertising, seriously, havent you notice that after every last season ep. something last this appear, she might abandon cuz of the payment, once they properly change their minds, will just pay her more, problem solve, everybody happy, and plus, a full expectation last season…


  • I hope Lisa E. will agree to at least some episodes next season to round out the series — so in that sense, I hope you are correct,writer above who believes it is advertising. I’m not sure that’s true, but I hope she will be willing to help with “closure” for the fans.

  • It is odd there have been so few comments from the showrunners and from the other actors. Maybe they are still working on another solution; maybe they are shocked, too.

  • Jaim

    Thanks for bringing up the blatant racism and sexism involved here. I was very pissed when I saw them singling out OE and LE. I’m also pissed that Hugh didn’t stand with his costars and use his pull to get the Fox/NBCU people to take money from other areas. House M.D. is worth billions in merchandising and advertising so for them to take money out of someone’s salary is completely ridiculous. No actor’s salary needed to be cut nor anyone would have had to leave.

  • Jaim

    I’m not surprised no costars have commented. I think when it comes down to it most of them are out for themselves. Unlike on Three’s Company where John Ritter and Joyce Dewitt stood together, I don’t see this cast doing the same thing unfortunately. I still can’t believe that OW was allowed to get a better deal than the female lead that was there since day one. That is utter bullshit.

  • housemaniac

    A couple of points: I hardly think LE’s departure is about her politics. Simpsons, anyone? Fox Entertainment is about making money through popular (and often risque) shows, not about ideological purity.
    If LE’s character is killed off in Episode 23, then that means that it was already a done deal that LE would not be coming back, as that episode was shot quite awhile ago.

    Assuming that is not the case, my guess is that LE left because what FOX was offering was not enough. And I don’t just mean not enough money. Her character had become uninteresting and much less important to the show. If House and Cuddy were going to be in the kind of tense relationship we saw in “After Hours” then I doubt TPTB contemplated all that much screen time for Cuddy next season. So my guess is that LE leaving was about her feeling undervalued — in every way.

  • Take Five

    For those of you who keep missing the point:

    Money, money, MONEY!

    Of course LE is leaving because of money. And of course the powers that be can probably “find” the extra cash to pay her, but why should they? That would mean LESS money for THEMSELVES! And LE is not willing to take LESS money for HERSELF to stay with the show.

    In Hollywoodspeak, “LESS money = an infinite rip in the fabric of space and time…” I think the concept of “less money” actually makes people like LE and the PTB quite dizzy and disoriented.

    So take your philosophical and even spiritual theories on her departure and pack them away in your hope chest. The cold, hard facts are that it always boils down to cold, hard CASH. LE is an actress, but first and foremost, she’s a businesswoman and there ain’t NO way she’s going to take a pay cut that will result in a devaluation of her one and only commodity: herself.

    And after giving the ungrateful sons of bitches a few million dollars’ worth of free publicity over the past year by the sheer force of her constant yammering about the show to any TV camera pointed in her direction, I hope she flips the PTB the middle digit and tells them all to shove it.

    Hollywood Rule #1: When you stop being useful – when you stop making MONEY – you’re out.

    Tell them to go to hell, Lisa, and give them directions.

  • MHM

    I’ve commented on Barbara’s blog here so many times this season about how I’m so disappointed with the writing and overall quality of S7 but will watch until the finale because I just can’t help myself. I think this is the last straw. I’m really angry.

    I can’t believe the intelligent, compelling show I loved so much, SO much has come to this. I honestly didn’t even like “After Hours” that much (obviously watched before I knew about Lisa E not coming back.)

    I think TPTB are a bit delusional at this point. I was and am a huge fan of Michael Jackson’s music, but I was not blind to his delusions at the end of his career, about how he believed in his own hype. I think House’s TPTB have the same problem. I think they believe their own hype and are a bit delusional about it.

    I think Lisa Edelstein made the right decision because honestly they turned Cuddy into someone unrecognizable this season, but I had hoped that the writers would bring some semblance of her character back in S8. Whatever reasons motivated her to quit, and from my limited perspective as an outsider, I am still bothered that they asked her to take a pay cut when RSL didn’t have to take one. What could have been the rationale? That her increased screen time this season made the ratings drop? That doesn’t make sense because ratings started to drop dramatically AFTER the breakup and when she had LESS screentime. I think “The Dig”, where she wasn’t present at all, had really low ratings, for example. I’m not a blind House-Cuddy worshipper here. I’m just saying, when looking at the facts, it doesn’t make sense for certain people to blame Cuddy as a character for the show’s downward spiral.

    If anything, the unbelievable (in a bad way) plot lines, heavy-handedness and lazy construction, bad writing should be blamed. There were plenty of sensationalist plotlines before on House, but they were written in such a way that made the audience drop their jaws in astonishment (in a good way). Yes, HL, it is about the “How”, and I think S7’s “how” has failed miserably.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The show really ended for me with “Help Me”, the last great episode, IMHO. NOT because House and Cuddy got together, but because the plot was compelling, the writing was great, the performances were awe inspiring. I’ll watch the 1 episode left of this season because in a twisted way I think I owe it to myself to see the finale of a season that gave me more heartache than joy, but after that, yeah. Moving on. Is there anywhere we can discuss old House episodes and how awesome they were? Those episodes, even upon repeat viewings, still hold the test of time.

  • Livelylivy

    I’m so gutted that she’s leaving the show will not be the same without her. Next week is her last episode so she isnt even gonna get a good ending!. Wish Lisa the best and can’t wait to see what she does next but for the show it sucks!

  • BrokenLeg

    183 @Saddest[H]fan
    About sexism and racism on this show, myself, @ 2 lighworker and others, have posted here before. So at barbarabarnett.com. It’s not new. Mocking political correctness as this show use to do is funny and attaching, but there are some limits that can be overstepped as lately has been . And the writing of female characters, Cuddy lately included, are old cliché ones.

    About not buying any product of announced in commercials and advertisers on FOX, is difficult to be fully accomplished but possible. I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, a country and rich community with own language and culture, but a country-in-a-country that is Spain.Four years ago, one very known and famous worldwide milk derivate products company was stroked by offending catalan people. Nobody here bought their products. They finally readdressed, ask forgiveness, even found a plant here, but was never forgiven. Barely sell anything in our almost eight millions people community. This is the power that we, the weak ones have.

    187 @DONT YOU SEE
    Hopefully, you are right. And this is only a “Distraction Manouver” or a “Marketing orchestrated campaing” to rise up attention on [H]next season.
    I’m quite sure Cuddy role will not die next episode ( we’ll see). If she does not die, as this episode was ordered later the season fully programmed ( orders from superiors?), was only filmed with the intention to leave ways opened to next last season, make people talk, and talk all the summer, and raise attention on the show worldwide. A kind of smoke screen?

    194 @MHM

  • Eloise

    190@Jaim you dont know whats going on behind the scenes any more than I do, Hugh could be talking with people and trying to help! Not that it is his responsibility anyway.

  • alena

    I don’t understand why some people come here and blame us huddy fangirls. I don’t want RSL leaves the show – so I am hilson? It’s not about huddy, it is about whole situation, bad writing first of all.
    Sorry for my English.

  • Kate

    I am not that optimistic about her return. If Katie Jacob’s Ambery Tamblyn pilot gets picked up, I think we will see Lisa Edelstein’s name among the list of executive producers. She might even end up among the cast of that show.

  • Cecilia M

    Hi, first of all sorry for my English, I’m from Argentina.

    I’m so sad about the news… This is the first time I write here but I’ve read you Barbara since last January.

    Well, I’ve got some theories I’d like to share with you:

    I think LE leaving is not a 11 hour decision. Possibly the low rating push the crew to make her quit. Why? I’m a Huddy fan, but as usual after all the flirting stuff when a couple which so much chemistry become together and in such awful writing it turn boring. So that the rating went down ever more and the cut of money make the crew to think about LE is not indispensable one. At the middle of the 7 season they talked with her and she decided to quit. So that they made Bombshells and all the break up stuff in such forced way. Come on, Cuddy is a clever and rational woman!!! She loves House, she would never give up the relationship for the first Vicodine!!!! That make me crazy…

    So that they continue writing Cuddy’s character so mean and heartless, superficially. That’s why they create a 23 ep. Where may be Cuddy dies (I hope not, but…) or at least goes away from House and the Hospital.

    LE announced it yesterday to increase the expectations for the 7 Finale…

    I also have possible Finales for the 7 season and the Serie Finale:

    1)House becomes really angry and pushes her for a reasonable explanation for the break up, he turns violent and she is afraid of him. So that, the promo scene with the police, but I think we all forget that in one of the last ep, a serial killer was at hospital… Could it be possible that he is the one who make Cuddy and Rachel hurt? And House tries to defend her for the killer and that’s why he crush his car into Cuddy’s house…

    2)House becomes violent because of a tumor in his brain caused by all the new drugs… Cuddy and Rachel go away and next season House finally begins to change. LE appears for a couple of ep and to the finale…

    3)Cuddy dies or leaves, House become really depressed (not like during all the seasons, really really depressed) he gets ill, just wants to die, Wilson helps him but not enough and finally he kills himself (sad but not so illogical).

    4)The new drugs continue development tumors and his leg must be cut off, he is depressed, he accepts, a new life begins for him…

    What do you think?

    On the other hand, I think that LE/Cuddy leaving is really bad for House journey. Among their relationship we could discover lot of House personality, the way he really tries to change for her, his deep need to be happy. Being in love would be a good way to reflect how he feels. But the writers made a soap opera instead… I’m angry. I’m a writer and I think they didn’t make any effort to go inside the characters and show us who they are… Last chance, now the show sucks…

    Well, that’s all. Big hug for Cuddy’s fan, I will miss her so much. LE is really great and gives Cuddy a perfect balance between tenderness and bossy manners. They were the best couple ever, so much chemistry, sexual tension. So sad.

    Regards, sorry for my English.

    Besos y abrazos desde Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro (where I actually leave).

  • Cecilia M

    Sorry, again, Besos y abrazos desde Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, where I actually LIVE.

  • 08joanna

    #176-Maria: Yes, I really do believe there are several believable reasons that Cuddy would want to leave PPTH. Think about it — she’s supposedly a very well regarded hospital administrator, who could easily find a comparable job somewhere else. She knows that House has a reputation (as a genius diagnostician, yes, but also as a difficult maverick) and would probably have a harder time (since most other hospitals don’t even have a comparable department). She also must feel some guilt (even if she hasn’t shown it much) over the fact that she’s the one who initiated the relationship and she’s the one who finally ended it. She knows she hurt him in doing so, and that having both of them continue to work in the same place would be very hard — for both of them. I wouldn’t want to continue working there if I were her, and it would be an act of kindness and generosity on her part to move on.

  • Elisabeth

    One of the photos for the finale shows Cuddy wrapped in a blanket outside of, presumably, her house. Wrapping oneself in a blanket happens AFTER some accident, so it seems as if she will survive whatever happens.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I read a fan post on another website yesterday that reduced me to tears (first time I’ve cried about all this mess). In short, it was a “goodbye-and-thanks-for-years-of-fun-and-friendship” letter. It summarized how powerful this TV show and House/Cuddy relationship has been to people. It’s brought people together from all over the world and diverse cultures. For years. Now, there is anger, tears, and hatred for the thing we call “Huddy.” It brought many together and is now driving many apart.

    I can now see that LE’s departure has been planned. I’m seeing light through the fog, and my gut has been warning me that this was coming. My gut tells me that Cuddy is going to die Monday. And I predict that Season 8 of “House, M.D.” will suffer big time. The show is about to lose a huge percentage of its fan base. For those of you happy about LE’s departure, I wish you the best. But no matter how you look at it, a huge army of fans is retreating and leaving you alone to watch the final year. I am one of the angry ones, and I will not be watching.

  • Joe

    “Finding a new Dean of Medicine that can handle House is the tricky part”

    I agree. However, it might be interesting to watch another Dean fail miserably to control house and see things go horribly wrong. Could be fun to watch…for awhile.

  • 2 lightworker

    @183 Sadest [H] Fan: THIS!
    “bigots…asking the black actor & 40+ lead woman to take a pay cut?”

    @187 Don’t You See, @190 Jaim, @193 Take Five, @194 MHM, @196 BrokenLeg, @204 Sneaky Microbe–
    YES! to all your fine ruminations.

    On Barbara’s comments after her “After Hours” review, I mentioned the money issue, as in “Follow the money,” and that seems to have been a key issue. BUT I think there is far more here than meets the eye, and if we ever know the behind the scenes politics, it will take a while for that to be revealed.

    There has been so much confusing information starting with the two versions of Season 7, Episode 1, as well as a long string of damage control interviews about the writing (which IMHO did not succeed in persuading me that it was good), and the most peculiar change in the characters, that I feel I am watching a less interesting version of Mayfield. Something is “Broken.”

    There’s a hidden agenda and with all the insights expressed here, it’s still a mystery to me.
    As to HL and other cast rallying to LE’s situation, I mentioned on the other comments page that this sounds like a non-disclosure agreement, which is like a gag order. Have seen it, it’s ugly and sad, and usually the person involved fades away.

    Being by nature a glass half full person, I hope the idea that this is all part of the hype to gain viewers and will be resolved is true.

    Time will tell.

  • Betty

    #194 MHM Very good points you made. Agree that tptb believe in their own hype and are being a bit delusional about the quality of their show at this point. It could also be they’re being defensive which is only natural when you get a lot of criticism. It’s almost too bad that it did get so successful worldwide b/c its success seems to have contributed to a lackluster season or two or three or even four some would argue. For me the series ended w/ “Broken”, just my opinion, others obviously will disagree and of course there is one more season left. In any case, hope to see Lisa back for at least one ep next season.

  • Michele1L

    I think House can survive without Cuddy. I don’t watch because of Cuddy. Her relationship with House has been like a gaping wound since “Bombshells”, which, in my view, has damaged the show. Their whole relationship arc was mishandled, in my opinion. At this point, I’m ready for things to move forward. I just hope all of the budget issues behind the scenes don’t lessen the quality of the show in its eighth and, presumably, final season.

  • BrokenLeg

    I do not know if this a correct place or if anyone is interested, but surfing the internet, I find a letter addressed to FOX/NBC-U: “Help Bring Lisa Edelstein Back To House For Season 8” hosted on the web.

    One of the points of the letter deals with the unfair quitting/firing a 40+ actress ( sexism) and also the appreciation worldwide of the rare role of a strong professional woman in a world dominated by men. A role that can represent all modern women.

  • bluehue

    Dearly Disappointed,
    (Thanks for the b.b. blog space & many comments shared),

    Like the worst kind of surprise, this news just feels so
    “sudden” to fans, A dynamic shift. With little information or time to reflect, I can imagine (H)ouse & House surviving the departure of Cuddy’s character IF her loss is understood to
    be profoundly meaningful to the story..especially if season 8
    is the final arc. Cuddy in her absence must remain..a vital part & inspire what may come. (A crisis/catharsis challenge? Yes. However, I do have some faith in the “creative spirit” to write a way through this storm). P.S. We will really miss Ms. Edelstien’s portrayal of Lisa Cuddy, but send only love & respect..to this strong w-o-m-a-n!

  • em


    Im thinking that she more than likely not a push rather than jumping, she doesn’t seem like the type to jump ship over something to do with money. I think your interview with Kate Jacobs pointed in the right direction she said It’s certainly not my plan or David’s plan or the creative team’s plan to not have Lisa in the show, and I can just say that I will not rest until I figure it out.”

    I think its was in the networks plan to get her out the numbers are down and they probably see her leaving as the best way to inject new life into the show. Im sure the finale on Monday will be wrote with this in mind, my bet is there is a cliff hanger to whether Cuddy lives or dies meaning we would find out in September depending on if she signed.

    The line about the girl pirate on Mondays ep also seemed fitting I think they knew back when they filmed the finale that she wasn’t coming back, that coupled with the statement released through tvline which is a fav with Shore and Co and the fact that she spent her holidays in Israel with the cast points to me that this was a done deal months ago.

    I know people have strong opinions on the show going down hill recently but I still think its one of the best shows on tv, everything ages and looses viewers its a shame that the network could not treat the show and actress with more respect.

  • bluehue

    =o.o=ps..MY spelling error, of course it’s..Edelstein.

  • housemaniac

    em #211: I think you have got it exactly right. LE was effectively pushed out. She was not much of a presence the last third of the season, to the detrmiment of the show, I might add.

  • blacktop

    Two days later, I continue to be distressed and angry about the departure of Lisa Edelstein from “House.” I feel the role of Cuddy was crucial to our understanding of House as a misanthropic genius operating outside the boundaries of his profession and of normal human interactions. Along with Wilson, Cuddy created the support for House’s world by setting limits, expectations, boundaries, and expressing frustrations and most importantly love.

    I can easily imagine a hundred scenarios for how House might cope with the departure of Cuddy and negotiations with a new boss. The trouble is that I have zero interest in seeing it all play out.

    The House/Cuddy relationship was part of the essential DNA of this great show. It can’t be ripped out of the very fiber of the series without doing unfathomable damage, I believe.

    I wish Lisa Edelstein, a great and classy lady, every success in her future endeavours. She was treated poorly by the corporate creatures of Fox and deserved a better send-off than this tawdry and stained ending.

    The prestige of the show is severely diminished by the despicable manner in which they have treated one of its key players and primary voices.

    My stomach is churning with bile as I contemplate the upcoming season 8. It will be a hollowed out ending to a once great show.

  • Susan

    #209 BrokenLeg – Thanks for the petition info. It’s another concrete thing to do to try to correct this “travesty of justice”!
    Everyone, sign away.

    P.S. My cousin is getting married Monday night (finale night). What nerve! I’ll be thinking about the show and wondering if they’re killing Cuddy instead of enjoying the wedding (well, maybe not, if the food and music are good).

    #194 – MHM – IF we all end up not watching next season because, God forbid, our worst fears are realized- then I hope we can have a place to discuss old episodes. Ask Barbara.

  • BrokenLeg

    214 @ blacktop
    I agree totally with you

    @2 lightworker
    I agree wiyh your comments about the situation of the cast about LE’s situation.

  • Susan

    Greg Yaitanes has a 16 second video on Youtube with a scene from the crash. (I hadn’t seen this season finale spoiler scene before).

  • 2 lightworker

    216 @ BrokenLeg
    214 @blacktop

    I agree with all the comment from blacktop,and know full well that it’s a fiction, but the way it has been presented has made it very existentially alive to me.

    BrokenLeg, interesting now that Omar Epps has commented, although in a discreet, apolitical way. Why are there no other responses? Aside from fandom and bloggers and reviewers, this seems almost to be happening in a vacuum. It doesn’t even matter whether there were good feelings among the cast, as some have implied; this was a long-time colleague and this calls for an honorable response. Unless there is a whole scenario beyond my imagining.

  • AML

    First, I’d like to thank Barbara for her insightful reviews, interviews, and comments over the last few years. It’s been fun, but with this news, I don’t think I’ll be watching House anymore. I haven’t quite yet decided.

    I’ll preface everything by saying I’m not particularly partial to “Huddy”. I enjoyed the characters apart as much as I did when they were together. There was no rooting for a happy ending, no upset when they were broken up. It was their banter, their frustrations, and their friendship that I liked watching. Cuddy and Wilson’s friendship with House have always helped me understand House more than any of the other characters, and they have helped me find redeeming qualities in him when I felt he’d gone too far.

    When Jennifer Morrison, Kal Penn, Anne Dudek and most recently Amber Tamblyn were written off the show, I never questioned the writers or the show. I trusted that they had exhausted the characters, and that the storylines that would follow were part of the greater story of House. That’s not to say that I wasn’t moved by all of their last episodes, or didn’t miss their presence on the show. But, I always knew that it was for the greater good.

    I’ve always trusted the writers, and I still do, but with Edelstein bowing out unexpectedly, I can’t move past the fact that Cuddy’s sudden departure from the series is not a creative decision and therefore, not part of an original storyline. To me, after next Monday’s finale, we will be seeing a series that was forced to scramble to regroup and redirect their intended storylines. I can’t help but feel, that what we’ll get is not House anymore, not really.

    Edelstein leaving the show like this has unfortunately done her character an injustice. I feel like the show is suddenly incomplete, in spite of what these writers may cleverly come up with. I feel like I’ll always know in the back of my mind, that this wasn’t the way it was supposed to be. I don’t know how it was all supposed to pan out… maybe they would have written Cuddy off the show next season… But I would have been fine with that, because it was a thread woven into the fabric of the show. But this… this is a door suddenly being closed.

    I wish the show, the actors, and especially their writers, the best. I also wish Edelstein the best. I don’t pretend to know what happened during the negotiations, and I’m not even going to speculate here. So I’ll just hope she left in good terms with the people who matter, (the industry is small) and that she’s at peace with her decision. I imagine it was anything but easy.

  • BlenkinsopIsUgly

    LOL@ all the drama queens on here, the world and House MD won’t come to an end simply because one supporting actress is leaving

  • Danielle

    @193 Take Five : hear, hear!
    Can’t say that I’m broken up about LE leaving, and with one season left and bought by the network I doubt anyone at the top offices is losing sleep. Money makes the world go ’round.

  • SuperFly

    Did any of the other cast members comment on LE’s departure? I follow Olivia Wilde on Twitter and she is obviously ignoring the issue even though she follows LE…Meow!

  • Larry Potter

    Finally good news about House! All the best to Lisa Edelstein, but Cuddy had to leave. Huddy (what an awful “relationship”) completely ruined the direction the show was supposed to take. If money was truly the issue they should have dropped Olivia Wilde first.

  • Partially Allowed

    Sad day for the show!

  • BrokenLeg

    219 @AML

    How true are your 4th and 5th paragraphs!!

    221 @ Danielle

    So if money is the only question that guides all, we will not regret after the global crisis, mortgage failures, housing bubble, bank failures, etc..Not all can be ruled only by money rules. Not always through the human history “money makes the world go round”. There are also values. And in XXI century is simply unacceptable that the pay cut was required to both a black actor and a 40+ actress.

  • Paul.s

    225 @ BrokenLeg

    You are forgetting (or too naive to know) that production companies know color nor gender when it comes to their bottom line. They looked at their list,found what can be discarded and has little to no leverage and cut it off. It’s a shame that it happens to be LE which I personally like, but if Taub would have been a liability to the show, they would do the same thing. I doubt anyone would have called foul play and pull the “Jewish” card haha. I’ve worked with New York based production companies for the past 18 years and can tell you first hand, all they care about are ratings and profits, while actors have one thing – self. I think she should have taken the numbers offered her, it would be difficult for her to headline a tv show especially after this, the best route for her would be producing.

  • Simon

    @ Paul.s : agreed, agreed, agreed!
    I never watched House for the romance, the medical mysteries and House’ personality were interesting to watch. shame about LE having to leave but everyone is replaceable in show business!

  • BrokenLeg

    226 @Paul.s

    I’m not naive, maybe I’m forgetting as you say. Maybe I have a cultural baggage that goes back to the French Revolution time. I’m European and live in Europe. And I do appreciate another way, may be a little less successful, but long termed focused and fair to do business. And that way exists.
    If they’ve cared about ratings and averages only, maybe was better to fire first all or part of all the writing team that made a seven season so weak. That also earns production money. And provides freshness to the creative process.
    I’ve posted before that the silent of almost all 7-years colleagues means still are negations opened with LE, and after those she’ll “reconsidered” her quitting, or maybe that all this is a “distraction maneuver” to rise up falling ratings and create expectations about season’s end and next one ( someone spoke of a cliffhanger in a cliffhanger). If you have experience on that may be you know better.
    But if the quitting is finally true, and always speaking only on business terms, LE has been bad counselled, because she is too young to old roles, and too old to others, and during some time she will teke the option of the production. But I do respect her even more if she quitted because the offering terms was unacceptable. And, if so, the long term colleagues’ silence may hurt her.
    And forgive my bad English, it’s not my language, but I hope I make understand myself.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    I want to be very clear: My abandonment of “House” goes way beyond any disappointment about the Huddy breakup. WAY beyond. What I enjoyed most about the show has been ruined. The direction the show has taken is pathetic. Communication with The Fans has been lame and often offensive. And there is something very fishy about the departure of Lisa E. If you’re thinking many of us are abandoning ship because “Huddy” ended, you are blind.

  • Paul.s

    @228 BrokenLeg

    I agree with you that the scripts were awful this season, I also agree that LE got caught in a nasty situation. Everyone in the business knows that Olivia Wilde is the princess of nepotism and the decision to keep her is credited to her having the “right” connections. As an actress, Lisa Edelstein is far skilled but as a producer if you get a call from someone up high, you have to do as they ask. Fair or not, that’s the ugly truth.
    No worries about the English, you’re doing fine!

  • tauwja

    @ Sneaky Microbe #229: You said it. All of that, SO MUCH. It’s just absolutely unbelievable how the show and so many people involved with it could sink so low in such a short amount of time.

  • Addison

    I feel betrayed. The one thing that kept me happy throughout all these seasons and episodes; all of House and Cuddy’s fights; the break-up, etc was that I knew they would get together in the very end. Now that’s shattered. I’m devastated.

  • a small microbe

    i work with the mother of a producer and months ago she told me that everybody at house thought olivia wilde was such a hot movie star.they thought she was the best thing since sliced bread. maybe she is, but her character does nothing for me. i figure, this being hollywood, they kept the highest commodity younger actress and dumping- or making her leave- what ever the case may be, the middl aged one. would not surprise me in the least.
    edelstein never fought to have changes made in her character, or at least that is what she said in sever interviews. i even remember one where she was asked her opinion on cuddy and house and she didn’t comment because she didn’t think it was her position. maybe this is her lesson form this mess. be vocal when you still have clout and don’t accept the butchering of your character.
    i imagine this was not easy for her. recently she was asked if she was on board w/s 8 and she did no hesitate to say she would. she even commented on how when house ended she would probably be too old to do leading lady by hollywood standards, but to young to do grandmother.
    and look at hugh laurie: he is older-no problem, he is a man, balding- no problem, slap some hair. can you say sexism?

  • a small microbe

    and i can’t type to save my life!!

  • ruthinor

    Sela Ward is several years older than LE and she just got a pretty good role in CSI NY. Marg H. in the original CSI is also quite a bit older than LE. OTOH, both those actresses look like they use quite a bit of botox! Still, LE remains very attractive and she appears to be well liked, so I would hope that she continues to find work. She has earned good money for several years now. Hopefully she has a good financial advisor. Since I really like NCIS, I think Gibbs needs a girlfriend!

  • katerina

    Hi Barbara,hi everyone
    Barbara I would like to congratulate you on your wonderful reviews and insightful thoughts on our favorite tv show!You always help me read between the lines and recognise elements of the show.It’s the first I post here and btw sorry for my English(I’m Greek)!It’s been 2 days since I heard about Lisa’s departure and I still can’t digest it.I am SO angry about how TPTB treated her and forced her somehow to reject their offer!I’m on the other side of the Atlantic and keep wondering:”Is there anyone at Fox with a brain that functions properly?” “Haven’t they realised that all these years HL,RSL,LE are their assets and they must keep them at all costs?” “Do they watch House md?”.These people are suicidal or they have bad advisers!!Lisa is far more talented than Olivia but they are keepin her because she is younger and a rising movie star(??)with better agents!So unfair!I’m sure that this major change will really affect our beloved show and the ratings will keep going downhill..I’m deeply saddened and devastated because the House and Cuddy dynamic is that got me hooked on this show about one year and a half ago and now it’s gone forever…If only something could be done to change this and make both parts reconsider at the eleventh hour!!
    It really hearts cause House won’t be the same ever again..

  • ruthinor

    I think some of you are blaming the wrong folks. The actors contracts are with NBC/Universal (actually, Comcast has taken over and wants lots of cost cutting). The producers of the show may love OW, but they don’t sign the contracts. And if you follow House tweets, you can tell that OW is certainly extremely popular in some quarters (“House-13 relationship is the most interesting on the show”, said by a publicist, at least I think that’s his role). Also, I think some of the “Huddy-fangirls” are really over the top and have behaved badly. This is just IMO. You really do get more flies with honey than with vitriol. They have done the rest of us no favors.

  • Eloise

    OW is contracted just like HL for another year and this was done when she was first signed up. She does have a lot of fans too, mainly perhaps younger ones and perhaps male I dont know but they could just get rid of her.

  • Eloise

    Sorry I meant they cant just get rid of her whoops!

  • katerina

    I really don’t know that much about how American tv network works,so I apologise if I’m blaming the wrong people.Even though I am a Huddy(not fangil,for sure)I will keep watching because there’s still the brilliant Hugh Laurie who amazes me in every scene.I hope that the changes won’t only include actors,but writers too!

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Just throwing in my 2 cents: Lisa Edelstein is VERY beautiful, especially for a mature actress. I just think she’s light-years of gorgeous beyond the younger, “hot” Olivia W. I honestly hope that OW’s new-found star power is not behind Lisa’s departure, because that would simply make me puke.

  • BrokenLeg

    230 @ Paul.s
    OW is the princess of nepotism and have the “righ” connections? Then is all said.We’ll have next season a 13/H somber, pessimistic relationship.Her character has done all the fruit it has inside,and she maybe is an “star”, but really not a good actress.But seems now the queen of the show.
    You do not answer my other question, if you can:do you believe LE maybe is still in an 11th hour negotiation?What about the strange silence of the membersof the cast, specially main ones?

  • Mar

    @Sneaky Microbe, 241

    What makes me puke are the vile insinuations made by bitter huddys like you towards a young actress! Do you know nothing about OW or about LE’s reasons to leave or about the persons involved but still you feel you have the right to spread your venom. I really hope you guys will stop watching and posting like you’re saying because I find your behaviour disgusting.

  • MHM

    @229 Sneaky Microbe: Preach!

    I am not jumping ship because of Huddy. This show is a mess now. Excuse me while I brace myself for the shattering fall of the finale which will finally bring some closure for me personally. You just need the other shoe to drop sometimes before you finally exit the door.

  • Paul.s

    @ 243 Mar: Expressing opinion isn’t against the law , chill out, people are allowed to say whatever they want. If you don’t care for it – leave.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    @Mar, 241,

    Wow, you’ve got some issues! I simply shared my opinion. I think Lisa E’s beautiful, so you “find [my] behaviour disgusting”? Well, if that’s your opinion (though it doesn’t make sense), you’re welcome to express it. I’m sorry you’re seething with so much vile hatred. What’s the world coming to? Go off and rejoice; your actress gets to stay.

  • Mar

    @Paul.s, 245

    So for you spreading malicious insinuations and insulting people about whom you know nothing by making viscid assumptions without a single proof is “expressing opinion”? This is libel and supporting someone in this way is nasty and disgusting.
    So don’t worry, I’m leaving because I don’t want to be be involved with people like you.

    Are you proud of what these poeple are doing here? I didn’t think you’d allowed this kind of behaviour here but obviously I was wrong.

  • Mar

    @Sneaky Microbe, 246

    OW isn’t ‘my actress’, I don’t like 13 and I think she has lot to learn but i’d never insult her and I’d never support one person by criticizing or dragging someone else into it. That’s the difference between me and you. Also I wasn’t only addressing you here, you should read what your fellow huddys are writing.
    And now I’ll leave you to your bitterness and small-mindedness, don’t worry I won’t waste my time anymore with you.

  • Paul.s

    Libel? LOL, learn your facts before you type, Google is your friend! First Amendment to the United States Constitution is a privilege, something you clearly haven’t been enjoying lately besides your obvious anger issues. If you can’t debate calmly and rationally use the exit and stop behaving like an immature child attempting to snitch on the kids in the playground. Jesus…

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Last time I checked, we still have Freedom of Speech in the United States. And if you re-read my post, my supposition is HYPOTHETICAL. YOU ARE CORRECT: We have NO IDEA under the sun why Lisa E. quit, but we can posit suppositions based on observations.

  • BrokenLeg

    Can we all remain polite nd well mannered?

  • Frustrated

    If the show is really banking all their money on OW attracting viewers, then they are the most stupid business people. It should be clear based on The Dig’s ratings that she does not attract the viewers who watch House. She may be this new upcoming movie star, but almost all her movies have bombed terribly at the box office. Even with those movies, she’s not the main attraction.

    What is obvious is with LE’s departure, there’s only one female character left. The sausage fest on this show has never been more obvious than now.

  • ruthinor

    Mar: Starting your thoughts by saying “what makes me puke”…kind of takes away from what you are trying to say here. You have some good points to make, but insulting your audience isn’t going to get you too far. I agree with you that some “Huddies” just don’t know when to quit. Most of the people here are NOT in that category.

    Everyone: Whether or not you like the character of 13, OW had NOTHING to do with LE’s decision. OW made a point of supporting LE’s decision to make an ad for “move on.org” in favor of a woman’s right to choose. In fact, OW is not her real name. If you do a google search you will see that she comes from a well-known, very left wing family. What this also tells you is that FOX doesn’t give a rat’s ass about one’s politics. It cares only about money. The only people who know what really happened are LE and those closest to her as well as the people she had to deal with regarding her contract.

    No one here has any idea whether or not LE has received personal messages of support. Not everyone tweets, nor does everyone want their thoughts all over the web. So, please cool it with the blame game. It gives this website a reputation it does NOT deserve.

  • zingzing

    there was some hanky panky going on behind the scene. the wife wasn’t too happy about it and threatened divorce, so something had to happen. for weeks before her death, she was acting a bit out of sorts, but no one put two and two together. it wasn’t until they discovered the body that doctors were able to determine she had been dosed with a neurotoxin only known to exist in the bellies of lab monkeys in barbados during the barrow years. the doctors immediately investigated barbados and said, “it was warm. unlike edelstein.”

  • BrokenLeg

    252 Frustrated
    I agree totally with you, and your observaions are puely objective ones.

  • Committed

    Doesn’t this all boil down to the product that is being produced? If fans like it, they will continue to buy it, if they don’t, they will walk away regardless of speculation or gossip, contracts or tweets.

    Everyone can debate all they want but the ratings will tell the story so no matter what side of the fence you are on, no matter how great or horrible you feel right now, sit back and watch the numbers. That will be the only true indicator of how this plays out.

  • Tiara

    Personally, I adored Cuddy, and I loved her and House as rivals and friends, but I believe the show ruined their relationship. Before they actually became a couple, I could have easily seen them being together. But as the show went on, it just got worse and worse. I just hope the season finale gives us the old Cuddy, the one we fell in love with, and not the weepy, mushy, House-obsessed one.

    It was really nice to have a somewhat more mature character on a popculture TV show, and it makes me angry that they’re getting rid of that, just like it made me angry that they screwed up the only functional relationship on the show- Taub and his wife- for the sake of drama.

    I wouldn’t mind if House and Wilson hooked up in Cuddy’s departure, since the writers did say it was fair game. But the show just won’t be the same without her. Lisa Edelstein, you’ll be missed.

  • To quote William Shatner from SNL, “GET A LIFE, will you people? I mean, for crying out loud, it’s just a TV show!”

  • Simon

    @ 256 Commited: I believe you are right regarding the ratings , but next season is the final one, ads slots have been sold and everyone involved is already making money regardless how the show does in the ratings next year. It would have been a different story if they had a few more seasons ahead of them , then they’d be listening to the fans.

  • I’ve been away from my computer most of the day. Please, please try to keep it civil for all opinions.

  • Take Five

    Here’s something else to consider (with a nod to Small Microbe, who touched on this subject): The “older actress” was fired from Criminal Minds (Paget Brewster; I think she’s 42), and was replaced by an early 20’s blonde bimbo (sorry for the “bimbo” sobriquet, but I’m 51 and I’m PISSED). So, how much you wanna BET that L.E. gets replaced by a MUCH younger woman (probably blonde), over whom House and all the boys (and possibly even 13) drool from the get go? Cuddy who?

  • Committed

    @259 – Simon: I don’t know if this particular group ever really cared about the ratings too much anyway but in the end that came back to hurt them.

    I would think now, since they all seem to have plans for future shows and since they will have to market them to the same group of people, they would want this to end this one on as high a note as possible.

    I sincerely hope it does.

  • BrokenLeg

    261 @TakeFive
    I do not bet anything, because I’ll surely lost. And that way of funtioning TV things is sad.
    [H]ouse audience I’ve considered once as the most cultured,prepared and educated ones of TV all over the world. The most thoughtful one. And that is on the interval of ages of the “not teen age ones”precisely.That aged ones, with all due respect have other shows. But [H]ouse one is formed mostly by people that can identify themself with same age professsionals of the show.From first years of practice until middle aged ones.
    So I find sad if these “20’s blonde bimbo”( as you say) replacement happens.
    It’s not sad only lost the talent of LE as an actress, but the lost of a character that professional women all over the world can identify with.

  • Jamie

    @254 What do you mean?

  • housefriend

    I will miss Cuddy but the show has been getting better the last few episodes.HL is great, And as far as a love story in the classic sense its House and Wilson. Unique and the most important relationship on the show, As long as medical stories/drama stay so will the audience, The boredom of the House -Cuddy story imo drove away many fans Ratings are up.I enjoy the medical drama and the exploration of House,

  • Habitusa

    This is bizarre. Or maybe I am, because I feel so much alone in my feelings. People in our lives come and go. Sometimes we don’t care, sometimes it hurts when they leave, but don’t we all remain the centre of our own universe? By the same token, House will always be a centre of mine (or the show’s), and it WILL go on without Cuddy.

  • Cardiac Monitor

    #El Bicho #258: Shatner yelled “Get a life” until the convention suits showed him a copy of his contract. After that, it was “Live long and prosper.”

    Edelstein, Star Trek. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

    Thanks for bringing back a great memory; one of my favorite SNL skits!

  • Silvia

    Took me about three days to find this thread! why is it in the video section:? Mental!

  • SO..

    At least like get them married for the last season! Then maybe it could be like she had to go off for awhile then the show could end happily. I mean it’s like so sad if he doesn’t end up with her…='(