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Liquidinformation – I have seen the future of the internet, and it is sweet

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I’m just back from exploring one of the most extraordinary websites I’ve ever visited: Liquidinformation.org.

This site was created by Frode Hegland, a researcher at University College London Interaction Center, working with Mikhail Seliverstov, a programmer in Russia.

Their goal: turn every single word of every online text into a hyperword, a word you can click and then Google, look up in a dictionary, or do any number of other things with.

But don’t waste your time here: visit the site and try the demo.

I tried the CNN one and then my own site, and I was absolutely blown away.

Awesome, jawdropping, you pick the word, there’s no hyperbole possible here.


I learned of the site via Sarah Boxer’s excellent New York Times article, which appeared on February 10.

FunFact: Hegland notes on the site that his mentor is Douglas Engelbart.

Who’s Douglas Engelbart?

Only one of the legends of computing; among other things, he invented the computer mouse.

So big, I can’t get over it, that’s the power I saw unleashed in this demonstration.

Bring it.

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  • Ernie

    Technically, maybe.
    The same “every word is hyperlink” implementation.
    But Liquidinformation is groupware, while TuneText
    a kind of PERSONALware!
    Although with export/import and “Submit to groupware
    server” functions.

  • Victor

    It’s a simplified version of
    http://TuneText.com project
    launched by Beloy a YEAR ago!

    Unlike Liquidinformation, TuneText
    is more ADVANCED and PRACTICAL:
    The same Hypermenu is a fast client-based solution applicable to
    Internet, CD-ROM, and even eBooks:


  • Not to discount your excitment about this project but personally i don’t see what all the fuss is about.