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John and I got together in Wimbledon last Wednesday to have a natter about G.o.D. and things. There was a bit of doubt about whether or not he wanted me there as he was having a bugger of a week. I needed out of the flat after the machinations of the last weekend and the on-going (but since won) battle getting the new washing machine into place. I was creatively stymied and needed to visit my “spot” at the Leather Bottle to recharge the creative juices. When arriving at the pub the only thing I wanted to do is get some lyrics down to a tune (my first original music) I came up with called ‘Whisky and Westminster.’ This was accomplished…and then some.

Not only did I manage some decent lyrics to that tune but managed to produce two plots for Sage of Wales series of short stories. Both Trollboy and Aleistair wanted me to produce something new. I am feeling rather good about the Sage of Wales series as his first staring role in a novel will soon be published. It’s called Slither Service, and it’s about bureaucrats and what they get up to in their “off-time”.

Rather pleased with my output at this point, I was delighted when I produced another song currently called ‘Year On’ which John produced a tune for later that evening. Eventually the knackered techie showed up. I bought him dinner, and he presented me with a CD of the latest mixes of our demo. It was this CD he “tested” in front of an intimate group of mates at “Camillas” in Wimbledon. The reaction was positive and feedback invaluable to our producer/musical polymath.

Speaking of music, G.o.D. contributing guitarist Mike has posted four tunes from his band Painkillers. Don’t worry, they aren’t some cheesy Judas Priest cover band. They do, however, seriously rock.

Libertarian blogdom’s bands are getting their acts together to rock the world. Who says only the left gets to have decent tunes?

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