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Lionel Ritchie gets hammered in divorce

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Final bit of gossip for the week – word is Lionel Richie’s soon to be ex-wife has spilled the beans on the couple’s spending habits during divorce proceedings. According to papers publishing by the Smoking Gun website the
couple regularly get through $300,000 a month spending $15,000 on clothing, shoes and accessories, $3,000 on dermatology, $1,000 for laser hair removal and $10,000 for plastic surgery. She adds that her monthly visits to see her son at his $125,000 a year boarding school costs between $15,000 and $20,000. Quite what Ritchie will have to hand over to ex-wife Diane after the divorce remains to be seen – but if she plans to keep the same lifestyle it’s gonna be quite a hefty sum.


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  • bunnie

    i saw lionel in conn last week and was just floored with his wonderful performance… he is a real showman. The crowd went crazy over his performance. (he is better than ever). the band was just fabulous.. I fell in love with him all over again… I had the good fortune to bump into lionel at about three in the morning with his body guard and female companion… he was so friendly and shook our hand and spoke to us with such pleasure… what a wonderful person as well as being a great performer….Lionel is the best.

  • Toni

    Ok, speaking of tickets, here are the prices per ticket
    99.88 plus $200 donation for United Way = 299.88
    329.88 plus $600 donation for United Way= 929.88
    339.88 plus $1000 donation for United Way = 1339.00
    WHOA ! Come on, Lionel

  • kathy

    I would have loved to attend Lionel’s tour “Coming Home” however, I am unable to do this as the ticket prices are outrageous. He is doing this tour for United Way and they actually have the nerve to set the donation amount. This is in addition to the ticket price.
    Who is Lionel’s fan base? It certainly cannot be those of us who supported him all those years, right ???

  • Ann

    Does Lionel Ritchie have a brother that lived in Memphis in the early 80s?

  • Chris Kent

    Lionel’s going to have to pay for every brick in that house……literally.