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Linkin Park – Musical Hybrid

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I haven’t seen a review of Linkin Park’s debut album, Hybrid Theory, so I decided to review it. Yes, I know it’s 2 years old, but I need something for my first post.

Linkin Park, formerly known as Hybrid Theory, are a nu metal/alternative rock band that fuses bits of rock, rap, electronica, and who knows what else into their music. The band has been compared to Limp Bizkit, which I would consider rather insulting. Linkin Park has an element that Limp Bizkit never had(besides talent): the duo of Chester Bennington’s heart-felt singing(screaming?) and Mike Shinoda’s swift raps make the band, lyrically, a force to be rekoned with in music.

Most (if not all) of the songs on Hybrid Theory have the typical teenage, hate-everything, depression-inspired lyrics(crawling in my skin / these wounds they will not heal / fear is how I fall / confusing what is real –“Crawling”) accompanied by thrashing guitar riffs and hard drumming that is seen in most alternative rock, but those lyrics are inspired by lifetimes of hardship, and you just have to sit back and nod your head–this stuff is addicting.

Despite the inherent loudness of the genre, there is still room for emotion to come in. The track “In The End” is one of the more ballad-type songs, with–dare I say–beautiful vocals and instrumentals. Chester Bennington pours his heart into his singing(I tried so hard / and got so far / but in the end / it doesn’t even matter / I had to fall / to lose it all / but in the end / it doesn’t even matter –“In The End”.

If you prefer easy-listening, soft rock: stay away. If you want something to take your aggression out with, or if you want something loud, or even if you just want something to nod your head to, then Hybrid Theory is for you.

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  • gage

    hi chester mike rob brad joe and phenix
    you guys rock your my favorite band your my idols my ant and cosin got to meet you guys do you remember cristiean and neil they got a poster signed by all of you and gave it to us your my brothers and my dads even my four year old sisters favorite band we got to meet you guys my name is gage im 10 years old please i beg of you come to canton in holliday park address 39464 cather sorry i have to give ya my moms e mail address

  • hi chester mike rob brad joe and phenix
    you guys really do rule, i would love to meet u ive got near enough every bit of ur merchondise including the shot glass colection with the graphic images on them + in 5 weeks time im gettin a linkin park pictur of all of u guys on my back and please come to england and put another gig on 4 me i so badly wana meet u 😛

  • hi who reads this?

  • Eric Olsen

    no one

  • Asha

    mike shinoda and chester bennington r really really H.O.T……. and they r really really good singers!!!!!!!!! keep rockin guys

  • Asha

    anywayz…….. u guys rock!!!!!!!=p

  • Rebecca

    Hi Guys
    we are really great fans (probably your greatest) but we like you, not Jay Z, and we think that you have ruined your original tracks which we love so much, and lost stacks of fans.the great thing about you and your music was the fact that it was typical rock, but clean, it was something we could relate and relax to whilst on full blast. You guys are great as you are, dont try and change, please, for all your true fans sake.
    Rock on brothers!

  • Anna G (UK)

    I ablsolutely LOVE Chester he is so hot and I would give anything to meet him,I never heard anyone so talented and unique before, linkin park rock they are my fave band and i love them so much and personally i don’t think the Jay Z mash up songs lost them fans actually they gained popularity and people like me love the new version of Numb and Faint and Papercut it was great project I watched the DVD Mike you are so cool keep rapping you have the feeling and Chester I love your voice and looks. My friend is Airies and she got your flames tatoos in blue.

    I love you so much keep releasing awsome stuff I am only 15 but I know good rock and you are the best.

  • I see that U GUYS r die-hard linkin park fans and that u all seem nice.
    So, would u like to come to my website?
    It’s not fully done yet but the first fans to come can at least take 4 lp pix.
    So, do u guys wanna come?
    Please come and have fun!

    just don’t touch the manager tools or else i’ll hack ur com!


  • Luke

    This album is very good. It’s a 5/5 rating in my case. I got a copy as soon as I heard how good it was when I borrowed it off a friend. It’s an essential to anybody’s rock/rap collection.

  • YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!
    you guys are the reason i got into rock
    i got to say something to chester

  • Miranda

    Hi Guys you are my fav band and you guys rock all the way always!!!!!!

  • Lisa

    i love mike shinoda very much!!!
    he is almost perfect!! i don’t have any word to describe how perfect he is!!


    hi chester mike rob brad joe and pheOniX

  • Luke

    Yeah i’m not a big fan of LP, i did like the song Numb however, but yeah, I don’t like at all the idea of nice typical unthreatening rock music that you can play loud and relax to and look at the picture of the lead singer on the CD case and think “he’s sooo cute” because that isn’t what rock is about, I’m not in any way saying it should be noisey and abusive with ugly band members, it isn’t about that either, it just really really s**ts me if someone complains that the band they like isn’t doing what will guarantee them commercial success, or isn’t doing what the fan base will like. I think if the band members of Linkin Park were worried about losing commercial success by butchering their songs and having Jay-Z rap over the top of it, and then decided to do it anyway coz they damn well felt like it then that’s about the most “rock” thing they’ve done so far.

    If they did it for money though (not unlikely, but then I don’t follow market trends) then that’s a very “un-rock” thing to do.

  • Robieno

    how could u break up or go in different directions??? u were my fav band….how could u let thousands of fans down????

  • Robieno

    if u(LP) read this, i want u 2 know dat i will always luv u’re music, but i don’t think dat u can go wivout each other…i have always cn u as a team…..plz still keep more songs cuming…not just 4 me, but 4 thousands of others. u guys cheer me up after a fight or wen i’m blu. plz don’t change dat

  • hi guys! you rock!love your songs alot! i lovveee chester alot. he’s hhhhhhhooooooooottt! you guys are the best!keep up the good work! you rrrroooooooccccccckkkkkkkkk!

  • ummm it s me again 4got 2 tell u… plsssss come 2 malta i really want to meet you guysssssss. i’m mad about your songssssssssss. lllllloooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee you alot especially CHESTER.samantha is so luckyyyyyyyy! send me back if you can XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Magda

    everyone (almost) write a lot of thing ’bout the Linkn Park… yeah Linkin Park are so hot 😉 i love chesters’ voice… so strong and so delicate 2 in 1 =D i like that mix or sonething like that hehe 😛 I can’t write in this language (english) ‘couse i’m not good enough, so i tell you something in mine:) muzyka i teksty są ostre, wokale … nie wyobrażam sobie innych;) buźka =)

  • avril

    hey luv ya guys
    mike n chesters r so good singers
    powerful strong rocky n out of this world songs!!
    ok im a music fan n i only listen 2 music all day n night [ecxept P.O.P] but i gota hand 2 ya
    mike n chester r really H.O.T n SEXY!!!!!!!!

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Chester,
    whats up. I think u guys r the best band there is and i dont think u guys should break-up. Ur the best band there is. I listen to a lot of music and bands all day but i mostly listen to u. I love ur voice, i think its really hott. U are the best singer there ever was… well in my opinion. Well g2g Bye,LOVE YA A WHOLE LOT!!!!!