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The tag linkedin refers to, a social networking site for professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs. It’s members are typically engineers, MBAs, CEOs, and VPs, often high income earners.

The idea of LinkedIn’s site is to grow and expand your professional network. You start by adding to your network the people you already know. Then the site connects you to the people they know. If you start by linking to 10 people and each one of them is linked to 10 more people and each of them is linked to 10, you now have access to 1,000 connections. Most professionals know more than 10 people, so networks quickly grow very large.

On the LinkedIn site, each user creates a professional profile to help them network for business or to get a job. In one’s profile, one can list all the places worked in the past and present and even the people that one has worked with. Some profiles resemble resumés, while others are more generally biographical.

Other sections of the LinkedIn site include: jobs, groups, and questions.

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Jorge Olson is an X-Generation Functional Futuristic Idealistic Geek! He wants to change the world using business and writing as his tools. Jorge is also an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author of “Build Your Beverage Empire” and “The Unselfish Guide to Self-Promotion”. He is working on two new books on beverage development and personal branding. In business he’s been CEO of public and private companies and owned two branding companies in the past 2 years.