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Lindsay Lohan Hits The Studio

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Lindsay Lohan's career is usually one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I think The Parent Trap is still ridiculously cute, Mean Girls rivals any John Hughes movie for the best-depiction-of-high-school award, and "Rumors" makes a frequent appearance on my iPod workout mixes. Unfortunately, "Bossy," Miss Lohan's latest attention grabbing device, from her yet-untitled album will not make an appearance.

Scheduled for a fall 2008 release, "Bossy" is not nearly as good or as catchy as Miss Lohan's previous musical attempts.  "Bossy" has been streaming on YouTube for four months and has received numerous hits and praise, which really goes to show how much credibility, celebrity can buy.  

The lyrics and melody are very harsh and do not blend at all.  The entire song has a generic-pop quality to it that anyone could throw together on Garage Band (and probably improve upon).  While Miss Lohan's previous music attempts were easy to accept as fun, bouncy, dance when no one is watching songs. "Bossy" leaves one with a very befuddled, irritated opinion.

"Bossy" is an obvious reflection on Miss Lohan's relationship with the paparazzi.  As Miss Lohan sings in the lyrics, she does what she wants, she controls them, and not vice versa.  Unfortunately, Miss Lohan's logic is not entirely correct–neither party has the authority to boss the other around. That is, sadly, the price of fame these days–once people want in, they want total access and exposure.  With some individual's antics, like Miss Lohan and Britney Spears, it is difficult to garner sympathy for them.

There are some celebrities that manage to do their work and keep their private life private.  For people like Lindsay Lohan, though, there is no line between public and private, especially with the launch of her mother's show, Living Lohan, the ultimate image builder and destroyer.  When people actively seek notoriety, they depend on the paparazzi to build and exploit their image. If anything, Miss Lohan should be praising the paparazzi for keeping her 15 minutes of fame ticking.

Regardless of this song's aesthetic shortcomings, I'm sure this will be a tween hit.  The lyrics convey a message to young girls that is difficult to ignore — I'm bossy, if I want it, I get it.  A horrible message to convey though because it continues Hollywood's endless manipulation and destruction of young minds.

Of course, women should be assertive and not submissive creatures.  But there is a difference between telling a young adult to be assertive versus bossy.  Assertive creates an image of power, intelligence, and wit, while bossy portrays a woman as whiny, rude, and obnoxious, much like Roald Dahl's Veruca Salt.

Will the tweens ever have a Tracy Turnblad to admire?  One can only hope.

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