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Lindsay Lohan Admits Battling Bulimia

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Finally one of the young and hip, “It” girls is coming clean. After a rumor fueled year, Lindsay Lohan sat for a candid interview with Vanity Fair‘s Evgenia Peretz.

“I think there’s a lot of pressure, especially when you lose a lot of weight and then people are telling you that you look great, you’re like ‘What? Did I look fat before?’” Lindsay said.

The teen star spent about 7 months dropping pounds and admits that she made herself sick, until finally last May an intervention of sorts was called. “I had people sit me down and say ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself.’”

A truly rare thing happened for anyone battling an eating disorder, let alone someone living with the Hollywood pressure of being thin — Lohan caught a glimpse of how she really looked. She was disgusted by what she saw in the mirror and decided to get healthy. She hired a trainer and began to actually eat again.

[ADBLOCKHERE]I happen to think that Lohan’s willingness to talk about her bulimia is a huge step towards not only her own recovery, but she is also setting an example for those young, impressionable girls who admire her. Drug use in Hollywood is common. Excessive drinking on a regular basis is pretty normal. We hear about it every single time we click on an entertainment link or pick up a magazine. When is the last time a teen girl talked openly about either anorexia or bulimia? Finally, someone has dragged it out of their own closet and is using their influence to discourage others from traveling a similar path.

Let’s just hope her fans listen and follow her lead because, for once, she is setting a good example.

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    Now if we can get her to stop dyeing her hair blonde, I will be happier.

  • Definitly better dark!

  • Baronius

    I find it disgusting that a girl admits to an eating disorder, complains about pressure to be thin, and appears as an underwear model on the cover of the magazine.

  • You had me barfing at the thought of that gawky stick insect in underwear!

  • The Theory

    agreed, SFC.. the blonde just isn’t working.

  • Sara

    Was she really sick ?
    And celebrities are, like, always in good shape.
    Otherwise, who would watch them?

    And I like her hair better red..