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Knee pain is the most common ailment among young and old. Modern medicine calls it arthritis, but the holistic medicine Ayurveda attributes this defect to accumulation of vata. Vata is a combination of air and ether. 

Well, in July 2007, I felt a shooing pain in my right knee. I took it lightly, since I am always careless while walking. I generally commit a misstep while climbing down, and have a near fall while climbing up in twos and threes. I steadied myself and tried to slip into my bed, but I could not take a step further. My leg was so tight and stiff. The pain was horrible. I stood frozen for a moment. Then managed to limp with my left leg. I took a painkiller. In a few hours the pain subsided. But my leg was never the same.

In course of the years, there was a steady deterioration . I found it difficult to climb down. I could not squat. I was not able to bend or stretch my leg. It was an absolute torture. Physiotherapy did not help. Glucosamine and painkillers were of no use. X-rays and MRI scans revealed no anomaly. I lived with pain.

As matters turned worse, I browsed the journals in Ayurveda. I read about Yograj Guggulu. The main ingredient Guggulu is Gum Mukul, that has a corrective and purifying action on the various organs of the body. It eliminates the toxins produced in the body through urine, stools and perspiration. It is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates the immune system. It cleans and strengthens the bone tissues. It rejuvenates and  strengthens the skeletal and neuromuscular systems, supporting comfortable movements of joints and muscles. Its therapeutic use helps in reducing pain, swelling and tenderness of the inflamed joints.  A dosage of 250 mg to 1 gram daily is to be taken in the morning and evening..

I started taking this pill a month back. The pain has reduced considerably. My walk has improved. The only factor that has to be taken care of is descending the stairs, which still poses a problem. My prescription is for three months.  I will surely cross over this hurdle also.

Finally my prodigal leg has gradually turned out to be a good organ. it will resume its original self in a month or two. I have crossed half way. Hope to make a possible high jump in December 2010.

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