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Limbeck – Hi, Everything’s Great

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“Simple thing tend to mean a lot to me” (He might actually say “Silver”, but it ruins the flow of my review) sings Limbeck’s singer and that would just about sum up the band overall. A brand of alt-country that is deceptively simple, Limbeck puts out a great road-trip record.

The songs are about real people and real events. This makes it easier to relate to the songs since they are concrete happenings instead of ideas or wishy-washy feelings that most bands sing about. You get to know the girl that broke the singer’s heart instead of it just being a “she” that you’ll never about.

The music is a blend of rock and country that turns into a great accompaniment for a road trip, day at the beach, or even cleaning your house. It’s great music for almost all occasions. The guitars are usually clean with perhaps a bit of dirt, but always clear. The songs have layers of these guitars, but it never muddles the song. The songs have room to breathe, which is grand, because it gives a bit of room for added instrumentation like banjo’s and a Hammond organ.

This is for fans of road-trips and 238. Pick it up today.

Mark Brandt

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